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 T H E B I S H O P ’ S W I F E 


BERNADINE SMITH©2010 “I don’t mind at all. I’m just—I’m just—I’m just surprise to run into you again.” “I know. Two times in one day, right? After all these years. It’s odd, huh?” “Yes, that’s what I was thinking,” I replied. “It’s…it’s kind of amazing. I haven’t really seen you since grade school, outside of that time when you introduced me to your wife.” “My ex-wife,” he reminded me gently, coming to a halt and standing up straight. “You haven’t done any warm ups. You’re sure you don’t mind me barging in on you like this?


mean—I can-” “Oh, no,” I said rushing to set him at ease. “I-uh...I just...I just came out here to get some fresh air. I—I didn’t come out to jog or anything. I’m...I’m really not a jogger.” “Oh.” “I mean- But…but I don’t want to stop- Don’t let me stop you,” I stammered. “I-I…I just got a lot of stuff on my mind that’s all.” Wow, I didn’t really mean to say all of that. “I see,” Craig responded carefully watching me now. “You need an ear? Or do you want some space? I don’t mind. But I’ve always been a good listener. Well, that’s what they tell me. It’s some kind of curse or something, I think.” “Hmmm,” I said now almost a million miles away trying to figure out why God was doing this to me? I had spent my whole life up under the radar. Now,

for some reason...suddenly, I

felt as though I was surfacing. This guy was wonderfully beautiful, and here he was talking to me, out here on this track that was loaded with women looking for men...and particularly somebody like him. “Hmm,” I said again now trying not to stare at him. “I said I’m a good listener,” he repeated a bit louder, as if I were hard of hearing.

I looked at him questionably for a moment...then burst into laughter...and he did too. “Are you paying attention now,” Craig asked still smiling as he lowered his voice. “I’m trying to tell you that I’m a good listener. It’s some kind of natural ability I’ve adapted,


think. Or it’s adapted to me one...I’m not really sure. But women love to talk to me.” “I’m sure,” I said softly not meaning anything by it just sort of slipped out. But I was sure of it

being true nonetheless.

He broadened his smile somewhat and dipped his head

a little. I could see that he was

a bit diffident. And I found that to be interesting...that someone so good-looking like


should be a bit shy. I just stared at him for a second, and then just kind of grinned back at him like some kind of dimwit. But I didn’t know what else to do...or much less say. “Thank you,” I finally responded dropping my eyes uhm…guess…I’m—uh…I’m just going to walk

from him.


a little.”

“And you don’t mind?” “ yourself.” “Oh, you shouldn’t have told me that,” he responded widening his grin again as he fell into step beside me. “Told you what?” “Help myself.” I smiled and kind of looked away. I don’t know where Trel was. I had come home hoping to see him. But one thing was for certain, Trel was not popping up in my mind now. And neither, for that matter...was Bishop. ©2010 ALL COPY RIGHTS RESERVED YOU WILL HAVE TO GET THE BOOK TO READ MORE.... Thank you so much for taking the time to read these excerpts. And I hope that they have wet your appetite for more.

THE BISHOP'S WIFE excerpt 9  

The nineth excerpt from my book, THE BISHOP'S WIFE

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