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EXCERPT #3 from the book    ‘THE BISHOP’S WIFE’ …by BERNADINE SMITH  All rights reserved ©2008 BERNADINE SMITH

The silence mounted between us. And finally, I broke it again by saying“What do you want me to do, Terrell? I don’t know if you know this. But I’m saved. Nearly three years ago God came into my life and took it over. I don’t know if you understand that. But-but what you’re asking me for I can’t do.” He stared at me for a few seconds then he slowly began to speak saying“Awh…come on, Tye. You’re not that naïve. You think saved people-ah…don’t do things? It’s just you and me. Your church’s not here, Tye. Not your pastor. Not your Bishop. Just me and you. Two adults. Two consenting adul-” “I’m not consenting to anything like that,” I said cutting him off sharply. “And…and I- Don’t insult me like that, Terrell.” “Awh… Tye, come on. I’m not trying to insult you…but there’s nothing wrong with consenting. Who will know? If-if you’re saved…didn’t you say yes to Jesus?” Not saying a word, I just glared at him.

I didn’t like being put into this

predicament. With him trying to force something out of me…which I was just not willing to do. He released another loud sigh saying“Awh…, Tye. Tye, who’ll know?” Now annoyed, I snapped at Trel saying“I will. I’ll know, Trel. I will. You’ve got a lot of simple little sayings, Trel. This is something complex. Your catchy little phrases can’t work against God. And you are not Jesus.” “I know… You’re right.”



“And yes I did say yes to the Lord. And that means something. Least ways to me it does.” “But isn’t God suppose to be all forgiving, Tye? Don’t you believe that? He created people with needs, Tye. We’re two people with needs,” Trel said beginning to puff again. Glancing up at the ceiling, Trel thought for a moment then brought his eyes back down meeting mine saying“Doesn’t the Bible say something about supplying all your needs? Well, I’m here, Tye. Consider me as God supplying your needs.” I never knew Trel to go to church. Now, here he was half quoting scripture to me, getting Biblical while trying to crawl into my bed. And I…and I… I didn’t like it…not at all.

All rights reserved ©2008 BERNADINE SMITH ***No parts of this excerpt may be duplicated either in part or in whole without the written permission of the Author, except for the purposes of review or interview.***

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