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Dear colleague, The 2014 edition of Who’s Who in Barbados Business will be published in early December this year.

2013 EDITION Who’s Who in Barbados Business is the resource for people interested in reaching upmarket consumers, senior executives, entrepreneurs and buyers in companies located in Barbados. Our current edition is shown above. WW2013-COVER-FINAL-PRINTWEB.indd 1

There are no changes to our rates this year (see chart below). We also invite your company or organisation to take advantage of the following discounts for early payment. - by May 31: 20% discount - by June 30: 15% discount - by July 31: 10% discount - by Aug. 31: 5% discount - by Sept. 1-30: standard rate of $120.00 each 1 Photo listing - The deadline for all materials is Sept. 30. 1 Logo - between Oct.1 and 31: 5% LATE BOOKING FEE 40-word profile - No bookings accepted after October 31, 2013. 90-word profile The above discounts also apply to advertisements. Corporate Box   All listings booked for the print edition will be published on our Who’s Who website,, as soon as they are received and payment is made.

1/29/13 1:53 PM

Who’s Who LISTING & AD RateS $120.00 plus VAT

Back Cover

$3,000.00 plus VAT

$120.00 plus VAT

Full Page

$2,800.00 plus VAT

$120.00 plus VAT

Half Page

$1,400.00 plus VAT

$240.00 plus VAT

1/4th Page

$700.00 plus VAT

$120.00 plus VAT

1/8th Page

$350.00 plus VAT

Introducing our new Who’s Who Company Directory! This year we are replacing our Company Index with a fuller listing, title Who’s Who Company Directory. All companies listed will automatically be placed in this section with their address, telelphone, fax, and email numbers, website and magazine page number. Additional company listings of companies not in the magazine are available at $60 each plus VAT and logos may be added at $120.00 each plus VAT. Plus, full-page Company Profiles! This year we are also offering full-page company profiles which will be carried in the centre of the magazine. The prices will be based on our advertising rates and include writing or editing of the profile and providing a standard layout for each company. We hope you will take part in Who’s Who in Barbados Business and we look forward to serving you.   Pat Hoyos Publisher

Boarded Hall House, Boarded Hall, St. George, Barbados M: 230-5687

national Initiative for Service excellence (nISe) Inc.


ing Stu Shoestr

Catalyst Con su


Kim Tudor Chief Executive Officer




l arShal Brian M irector D n io Product Cot Road ‘Valmar’, st Church Chri y, Rockle 10 1 9 2 6 2 T

Norma Shor ey Managing Dire -BryaN ct 39 Fairview He or ights St. George T 429-1308 F 429-1308

Suite 102, Bldg. 4, Harbour Industrial Park, St. michael T: 426-4186 F: 429-1257




Cynthia BlaCKman Programme Manager

er JJ Poult perations fO Director o Road Cot , r’ a lm a ‘V urch Christ Ch y, le Rock 6 1 T 836 70

Tracey auSTIn Client Service Advisor – Customer Service

sssbarba all jj@ M s n r e t The Lan


The National Initiative for Service Excellence, Cata an organization created by the Social Partners lyst Consultants specialise in change management, organisationa (The Trade Unions, the Private Sector and l developmen cust -desig t and ned training. By Government) for the people of Barbados, will om be putting people at th at the forefront of a nationwide effort to help e centre of change, we he lp you to bring out the best in your leaders, m Barbados consistently deliver Service Excellence anagers and employees an d to and be recognized internationally for this. In enhance your com organisation’s this way, an enabling environment will be petitiveness. created within which Barbados will be able to attain its vision of being a developed country by 2025.

melissa YounG Corporate Communications Specialist

Paula BoYCe Business Development Officer

Promo Tech B u


GEORGE Frederick irector gD Managin .Ch Ch Hastings, 69 0 -0 1 T 27 81 F 271-01




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Spoon’s Custom Brokers


Caribbean Tourism Organization

Hugh RILEY Secretary General & Chief Executive Officer Ground Floor Baobab Tower, Warrens St. Michael BB 22026 T 427-5242 F 429-3065

Bonita MORGAN Director of Human Resources Ground Floor Baobab Tower, Warrens St. Michael BB 22026 T 427-5242 F 429-3065 NeilSPOONER WATERS Jerry CEODirector of Finance and ResourceBuilding Management Gladstonia Ground Floor Fontabelle St. Baobab MichaelTower, Warrens St. Michael BB 22026 T 436-6099 T 427-5242 M F 435-3228 F 429-3065 231-4629









Kailash Parda Sani CEO #9 Kend al Christ C Hill hu T 420-4 rch 84 F 428-4 7 454 M 2629299

The Caribbean Tourism Organization, with headquarters in Barbados and offices in New York and London, is the Caribbean’s tourism development agency comprising membership of over 30 governments and a range of private sector entities. Membership services include sustainable tourism development, marketing, communications, advocacy, human resource development, research and information technology. Winfield GRIFFITH • Page 1 Director of Research & 1 Edition 1 0 2 s s e Information usin os BTechnology arbadFloor Boarded Hall House, o in BGround h W ’s o h W Baobab Tower, Warrens Boarded Hall, St. Michael BB 22026 St. George, Barbados T 427-5242 M: 230-5687 F 429-3065


Who’s Who in Barbados Business 2011 Edition • Page 1 Who’s Who in

Who's Who in Barbados Business 2014 rate sheet  

rate sheet and sample sizes for istings and ads for Who's Who in Barbados Business 2014 edition

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