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Creating Bibliography Cards Below you will see an example of what bibliography cards should look like. These are created so that you can correctly credit sources that you use when conducting research. Anytime you write down any information from any source, you should first create a bibliography card for that source. Use the format from the bibliography pages in your student planner so that you record all of the information required. For this paper, you are to use APA format. After recording this information in ink, code each card with a different capital letter in the upper right-hand corner so that when you are taking notes, you can code your note cards correctly and accurately. Your “Bibliography� page will be written using these cards. Remember that italicized words should be underlined when written by hand.

An example:

A Padilla, M. J., Miaoulis, I., & Cyr, M. (2007). Prentice Hall science explorer. Boston, MA: Pearson Prentice Hall.

NOTE TAKING The most practical way to write your argumentative paper is to use notes which you make as you consult your sources. If these notes are prepared properly, you will find it easy to organize your material later. They should contain a brief summary, in your own words, of the information obtained. If you intend to quote a source directly, be sure to copy it exactly, including the original punctuation and page number. Here are some important points to keep in mind: 1. Write your notes on 3� x 5� cards. 2. Write in blue or black ink (pencil can smear and fade). 3. Write on one side of the card only. 4. Include only one fact on a card unless the facts are closely related. 5. Take notes in your own words as briefly as possible. You may use incomplete sentences and abbreviations, so long as you are sure you will understand them later. 6. If you wish to quote material from a source, copy it accurately and completely, and enclose it in quotation marks. Also record the page number. . 7. Do not take down obvious, easily remembered, well known, or general statements. Record only facts which are new to you or stated in an unusual way. 8. Include the page number of the source at the bottom of the note card. SAMPLE NOTE CARD

Category Roman Number + Number of Fact Card


A Human body = 206 bones


p. 239 Page # from source

Bibliography Code

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