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September 2015

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A.T.O. Misses E.O.Y.

The big news this month is Australia, and it is Australia because both major parties have agreed on the initiative, announcing it will take 12,000 Syrian refugees.

The other very significant event this month was Apple, the world’s most valuable company’s multi product launch and update event in San Francisco. The launch, which is available by video on the Apple website, shows just why Apple is and will remain so valuable. The company’s relentless walk of innovation talk, across the entire range of products, was breathtaking. Few companies in history have and will so change the way we live our business and private lives. Even the digital swipe has been surpassed by the 3-D touch!

Many accounting and advisory firms will have been most disappointed by the Australian Taxation Office performance over the end of tax year period, with the electronic submission system via MyGov crashing and frustrating many. This frustration was exceeded only by that of hearing the ATO (kind of like a certain Australian mobile phone company) deny there was in fact a problem. There are now calls for the accounting and other business bodies to advocate for change and accountability on behalf of the community.

With the lucky country founded on migrants it is nice see the biblical spirit of “The Good Samaritan” alive and well. As an island country we are able to exert some degree of control over the numbers we take so as to ensure proper integration and contribution to society. On the other side sadly it has been reported that: “The six wealthiest Arab states Qatar (the world’s wealthiest nation on a GDP purchasing power per capita basis), Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Oman - have taken not one Syrian refugee, according to Amnesty International.”

Data Security The website data breach reinforced that no matter what organisations and government tells us, no personal data is ever truly safe. It is a stark warning to all business people to ensure that data security is under constant review and receives the close attention it deserves. Behaving well is also a good strategy, as you will be found out!

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Spark Magazine Issue 4, September 2015  

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Spark Magazine Issue 4, September 2015  

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