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n the last seven years I’ve

Make it easy for them to purchase

produced over 3,000 product

by collating all the important

5. The closest thing to touching the product

reviews, amassed hundreds

information about your product in

The devil really is in the detail. Data

one succinct video.

from our earliest videos showed

of thousands of views and, more importantly, generated millions

that customers kept rewinding back

retailers. I’ve learned a lot about why

3. Seeing the product in action

shoppers want videos in order to buy

Each shopper lands on a product

the most innocuous of details (for

products. Here’s my most prominent

page with a differing reason as to

the production team), ended up


why they want to buy. Companies

being what people were after. For

may not be able to answer all

these types of shoppers, having a

of dollars for Australia’s leading

1. Humanising a brand

to close ups we had of panels or buttons on white goods. Sometimes,

questions in a script or manual, but

video review with a lot of close ups

The most important lesson I learned

showing the product do its thing

of the product is the closest they are

from reading dozens of reviews

will go a long way to answering

going to get to ‘feeling’ and ‘testing’

from shoppers who had seen one

most questions prospects may have.

the product without having physical

of our video reviews was they were

People want to see exactly how the

access to it. Think of it almost like

over the moon that someone on

product will perform once they have

test driving the product from the

video had spoken to them about

it in their hands, so by showing it

comfort of their own home.

the product they were about to

doing what it does, you’ll get them to

purchase. People make connections

visualise the product in their life.

to other people a lot easier than they will to a product, so having a human

4. Education

educating your prospect about the

Educating prospects on the purchase

product they are interested in will

they are about to make creates

create immediate loyalty to your

psychological allegiances to brands.

brand. Shoppers prefer to feel like

Good customer service has, and

they are buying from someone and

always will, entice shoppers to

not a faceless corporation.

buy from companies who excel

2. Convenience

at customer service. Investing in a video review for products

In a world where attention spans

is investing in your customer’s

are short and consumers want

shopping experience. If you educate

immediate results, shoppers don’t

your prospects well enough on the

want to waste their time reading

products they are looking for, then

manuals, going through fine

it’s a no-brainer that they will choose

print and scrolling for hours to

to buy from the company that took

find the information that they are

some time to talk to make their

after before making a purchase.

purchasing journey easy.

Video is the easiest way for eCommerce brands to connect to their customers and bring a human touch that helps them sell faster. About the author

Sydney-based Michael Langdon is the founder of Serious Levity, an

award-winning eCommerce video strategy house that specialises

in increasing conversion rates for

ecommerce sites through product reviews produced at scale. He is also the author of “Welcome to

the age of Emotion: How to attract and connect with customers using video.” For more information visit

even the most challenging times.

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