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and the autonomic nervous system)

instrument, learning a new dance

on is the importance of movement

This helps break down the hard

or even playing a new game can

and exercise when it comes to

wiring caused by stress and make

stimulate those pathways to improve

managing stress. And this makes Dr

brain more resilient.

the brain capacity and reduce stress.

Celik’s top 5 list as well.




Learning a new skill

Get a good night’s sleep

Movement /Exercise

Learning something new, especially

Implement some bedtime rituals to

Physical activity helps improve

if it’s fairly challenging, can retrain

improve sleep quality. Aim to go to

neuroplasticity, helps the brain

the brain and teach the brain a new,

bed early 10pm if possible – and get

overcome hardwiring, improves

flexible pathway to handle change

seven to eight hours of sleep per

circulation and can induce a state of

and challenges. Consistently doing

night. Longer periods of sleep may

calm, thus decreasing stress. Even a

the same thing over and over means

be needed in case of severe adrenal

30-minute walk will improve the flow

the brain gets stuck and follows the


of blood and oxygen to the brain,

same neural pathways. So, when you

“Implementing regular sleep patterns

and in doing so, avoid hard wiring of

are engaged in stressful situations,

and bedtime rituals allows the mind

the brain that can lead to depression

this wires the brain to automatically

and body to unwind and relax.

and anxiety.

react as though everything it faces is

Ending all screen times at least

Tim Dettmann, Physiotherapist and

stressful. Then a pattern of chronic

one hour before bed is also vital to

Director of Kieser Australia explains

stress develops, and this is why

ensuring a good night’s rest,” says Dr

why he is such an exercise advocate,

people get stressed out over the


“The beautiful thing about movement

littlest things as they have literally

When it comes to chiropractors and

and exercise is that is a two-way

wired their brains for stress.

physiotherapists, they are often seen

relationship with stress and anxiety.

Exploring hobbies of interest like

as being in two separate camps. But

If you do more exercise, you are

learning a new language, skills such

one thing both Dr Celik and leading

less like to fall into the clutches of

as knitting or pottery, playing a new

physiotherapist, Tim Dettmann agree

stress and anxiety. And if you already

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