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remain unchecked, they may have

s a society we are

detrimental effects on our general

exposed to constant

health and wellbeing.

chronic stress. Business

owners often find themselves at the

“It is important that we cultivate a

pointy end of the stress arrow as they

healthy stress response and become

juggle business, life, relationships,

more resilient to the effects of stress.

tax compliance and customers.

It is impossible to prevent stress

Being overwhelmed can feel like

completely – especially for busy

it’s mere moments away, and the

entrepreneurs, however it is possible

consequences may manifest as

to decrease its impact on the brain

fatigue, brain fog and adrenal burn

and the body,” Dr Celik explains from

out. None of which make for a happy

her dedicated Amara Wellness Centre

or successful business.

in Melbourne. Zara has offered her top 5 tips for

Stress can be emotional,

self-care and lifestyle practices that

psychological, and/or environmental

can help manage stress:

and affect hormonal, psychological,

1. Practice mindfulness meditation

digestive and brain health.

Mindfulness based mediation is one The human brain is designed to

great way to increase neuroplasticity

respond to stress by gearing up the

and there is significant research

autonomic reflexes (think ‘reactions”)

showing that meditation has

and slowing down higher-level

profound effects on the brain.

thinking which can be more aptly

Mindfulness meditation where

described as ‘responses’.

people may be sitting or lying down for at least 10-15 minutes per day

Dr Zara Celik, a wellness expert who

noticing their thoughts and feelings

holds a Bachelor of Science with a

in a quiet environment can increase

major in Applied Mathematics and

the brain’s resilience and ultimately

Anatomy as well as a Masters degree

resilience to stress. Mindfulness

in Clinical Chiropractic believes it is

meditation has been shown to

important to be mindful and identify

increase grey matter in the brain,

the factors of constant long-term

especially hippocampus (though to

stress. Her warning is that if they

be the centre of emotion, memory,

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Spark Magazine - Mid Year 2019  

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