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issue no.17


 by Leslie B Watson


in every day


hat would you do

took Leadership by deciding that he

As you read through the Tools below,

with one extra

wanted to start bringing his lunch

start with simple Awareness. Reflect

hour each day?

from home four days a week. He

on your own routines and habits.

Spend more time with the kids?

spoke to his domestic partner (am

Exercise? Start a project? Sleep?

I allowed to call her a Tool?), and

Achieving Inbox Zero

together they evaluated their grocery Whether it’s for relationships,

shopping budget and routine. Their

ambition or health, getting back an

solution? When preparing dinner,

hour every day is entirely achievable.

they would ‘cook double’, packing

In fact, you can start today.

the extra portions into Tupperware ready for tomorrow’s lunch. The

There’s a model I teach in my

final piece of the Action puzzle was

training seminars called “ALTA.” It

setting up a system so that Michael

represents a four-step process for

wouldn’t forget to grab his lunch

changing habits, be they professional

from the fridge each morning (in this

or personal. ALTA stands for:

case, he set up a daily alarm on his

Awareness (of what needs changing);


Leadership (taking responsibility and taking charge); Tools (could be

What does ALTA have to do with

information, objects, technology or

getting back an hour in every day?

people); and Action (do the thing!).

Well, time is a finite resource. There will always be 24 hours in each day.

Let’s look at an example of ALTA. A

So, in order to get an extra hour,

friend of mine (let’s call him Michael)

we’re going to need to find it and

mentioned recently that he wanted

take it from somewhere else. This

to save money. After doing a quick

requires us to change some habits.

audit of his daily spending, he

Here are four time management

realised how much money he was

challenges that come up again and

spending on buying his lunch every

again for small business operators,

day. With this Awareness, Michael

and Tools you might find useful.

Does your email inbox feel overwhelming? Do you feel like you’re always on the back foot when it comes to dealing with email? Email can get out of hand, and it often seems like a mountain of a task to get it back under control. It has even become a distraction in itself, with email notifications popping up throughout the day, demanding our immediate attention. Developed by Merlin Mann, Inbox Zero is a rigorous approach to email management aimed at keeping the inbox empty— or almost empty—at all times. Inbox Zero helps to eliminate distractions, reduce the time spent sifting through email detritus, declutter your screen (and your brain), and perhaps most importantly, Inbox Zero gives you a sense of control and achievement which extends beyond the screen. There are many ways to achieve

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