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erizon’s Nicki Palmer

will include self-driving cars, remote-

inter-connectivity of equipment,

summed it up during

controlled thermostats and drones

industries made timelier and

her keynote at the Big

— connected to the internet. Our

more cost-effective, the economy

5G Event this month. She believes

devices will be able to communicate

from banking to shopping will be

that within the next three years,

directly with each other, essentially

transformed, improved stadium

connected devices could reach three

cutting humans out of the equation.

connectivity/ back office support,

times the world’s population.

The players at the conference

The current 4G LTE networks can’t

included: Ian Campbell, CTO for

scale to support that onslaught of

Cisco Systems; Mishka Dehghan;

connectivity - 5G can.

Sprint’s executive lead for 5G

Jason Proctor from CBC news in Canada summarises the 5G narrative quite well.

services; Nicki Palmer, Verizon’s Chief Networking Officer, highlighted location-based services; and

and factory automation. There will also be network slicing, virtualization, cloudification, the leverage of open APIs and Smart City implementation - transport and city management will be revolutionised - improving public safety,

Huawei’s CTO Paul Scanlan and

Driverless cars with 5G making

“It is estimated that by 2020 between

Joy Tan, who leads corporate

possible the superfast sending of

50 billion and 100 billion devices

communications for the company

precision data between vehicles so

worldwide are expected to be connected to the internet with the ability to communicate seamlessly with no latency. (Lag between

All shared their excitement and benefits of 5 G which included: roaming, Internet download

that they do not collide, and they can communicate with road sensors and traffic lights and surveillance drones.

speeds multiple times faster, I o T

Systems will alert police when

- communication with many more

accidents occur, traffic moves

5G will have enough bandwidth to

devices at once, the ability to send

smoothly through integrated

revolutionise entertainment, health

and receive information closer to real

signals that keep track of flows, and

care and education - it will enable

time than ever before.

emergency vehicles arrive as quickly

sending and receiving).”

the “Internet of Things,” Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality. Uses

Households will be altered through

as possible through not being held up by red lights.

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