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Women in leadership 

by Karen Williams


hat I’m learning is that women feel:

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There is a lack of representation of women at senior levels; That pay equality is still a tough fight; and That gender diversity is something we need to raise more awareness about.

Here’s an outsider’s perspective. Outsider in that I’m not qualified by any institution or position to have an opinion; except that, of course, I am a woman and work in the space of leadership every day. What if the number of women in leadership, the pay and awareness problems were not really the problem? What if they were the symptoms? Not merely of tired patriarchal governance, but of the unconscious resistance we as women have to being a leader in an innately incongruent system. What if, even though we’re fighting

hard with our determined minds to be recognised as equal leaders, we unconsciously don’t want to be leaders in the current structure? What if the struggle, the wrestle and the fight we are so consumed by, are all a smoke screen we continue to distract ourselves with? Also we can avoid the very vulnerability we would need to embody, to create ourselves as the kind of leaders we really want to be, and believe the world needs? Do we really think the best we have within us is to spend a lifetime fighting a system that clearly doesn’t work, complaining and pushing against it, blaming men, and the system they created, for their treatment of us?

Have we not considered that we can create leadership from a whole new paradigm?

Because here’s what I think - we are way more powerful than we are pretending to be. We behave like we need permission to lead,

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