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3 News Briefs New assistant principal named, another departs. 4 Renovation Update Find out where the English teachers went in the final phase of construction.

10 Fall Sports SchedulesFind out when Bloomingdale teams are playing to go cheer them on. 11 London OlympicsRead the highlights of the summer games.



6 Meet Your SGA The SGA officers discuss their plans. 7 Class Projects The class officers prepare for their proms. 8 Freshman Focus Get advice on how to not only survive freshman year, but be successful at Bloomingdale.

12 Coldplay A review of the concert held in June. 13 Style File Learn how to turn that summer wardrobe dress code friendly and stylish.

OPINION 15 Welcome Letter from the Editor How did Bull’s Eye come to be? Editor Kelsey Baker explains.

2 | August 2012

Becoming the Bull At the Fox 13 Prep Rally, Fionna McGarvie pumps up the crowd as the Rajun’ Bull Marching Band plays in the background. Last year, the students won an online voting contest through Fox 13 to earn a special morning pep rally hosted by Charley Belcher. Photo by Dan Boisselle


Welcome Back Schedule changes in the media center meant long lines to wait for the perfect schedule. Greeting Kyle Aebischer (12), Ms. Laura Hogg welcomes him back to school with a smile. Aebischer needed to change his English class due to conflicts with dual enrollment. Get advice on first day problems in the freshman focus special section.


NEWS BRIEFS Updates from the summer Bloomingdale Named National Springboard Demonstration School

“We are a model of how Springboard will be demonstrated in school,” said Mr. Mark West. Mr. Joe Castelli, assistant principal, helped get Bloomingdale to its new status. According to Ms. Rachel Dutch, this new status will bring more visitors to the school. “This is an honor,” she said. Teachers will be able to request training. “I believe teachers are the chief learners,” said Ms. Dutch. Anything that trains teachers, Ms. Dutch said, will have a positive impact on the school.

Danielle Shotwell named new principal of Eisenhower Middle School “We will miss her tremendously,” said Mr. West. In her absence, faculty members have been covering different duties. The earliest date a replacement will be named is September 11. Currently, Mr. Peek is in charge of athletics, and Mr. West is in charge of clubs.

SGA introduces Manners Monday Manners Monday is about ways to improve students’ attitudes toward teachers and other students through polite actions, such as holding doors open for people and saying, “Please” and “Thank you.” “We want people to earn respect for their teachers and peers,” said Samantha Peña.

New Faculty Members

Ms. Kelly Horne named new assistant principal Replacing Ms. Nia Campbell in student affairs, Ms. Kelly Horne coordinates discipline for students with last names P-Z, ISS, parking and student orientation. She has worked as an assistant principal at Giunta Middle School and as a journalism teacher at Blake High School. “Once you get all of these experiences, it is like a canvas,” she said. Though she brings a variety of experience to Bloomingdale, she would like to know if the students and faculty have any suggestions for incentives for students and faculty to do well or improve. She welcomes all suggestions in the student affairs office.

The newest class of Bloomingdale faculty brings fresh perspectives to the classroom and share interesting facts about themselves. Ms. Leena Hasbini Career and College Counselor “I can speak Arabic. I was also the 2012 Hillsborough County Public Schools [noninstructional] teacher of the year.” Mr. Dale Lewis Orchestra Director “I have lived on two coasts, the northwest and the southeast. When I was in high school, in addition to music, I showed horses.” Mr. Michael Latimer Math Teacher “My wife [Ms. Kristi Latimer] works here. I played college football for Columbia University.” Ms. Angela Cheek Science Teacher “I’m from Michigan and I just moved down here. I am a Michigan State Spartan. I like to do Zumba.” Mr. Thomas Chapman Social Studies Teacher “I used to be a disc-jockey.” Ms. Christine Moye Science Teacher “I like to scuba dive.” Other new faculty members Ms. Cortney Hackett, English Mr. Brent Wiley, English Mr. Michael Lankford, Driver’s Ed Mr. Dave Rochelle, Driver’s Ed Ms. Stephanie Haywood, ESE Ms. Christina Booth, Guidance

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By Nick Betts | @nbetts95

Renovations on schedule, expected to continue through February

Bloomingdale has been undergoing major renovations to update the facility after 25 years of wear. Construction started in 2011, and is scheduled to end in February 2013. Throughout the process, teachers have had to change classrooms and move to portables. The following areas have been completely renovated since the beginning of the project: the math, science & foreign language hallways, the west half of the first floor (by the ROTC class, photography class and other elective classes), and the media center. “It looks good,” said Mrs. Huber. “Now I’m just trying to get settled in.” The media center underwent additional repairs after an electrical fire on Dec. 25, 2011 caused damage to the wall and flooding.

The cafeteria, lunch lines, parking lots, ISS hallway, the music wing, and the auditorium have been newly renovated for the incoming students over this past summer. The white portables located in front of the senior lot were removed over the summer. The red portables will be removed in January of 2013. The only areas left to be completed are the upstairs English hallway and the new stairwell, located behind the media center. The estimated time of completion for the entire school is February 2013.

Where did the English teachers go? P6





By the patio


P-1 Ms. Peggy Farrell P-2 Ms. Wendy Denny P-3 Mr. Stan Lelm P-4 Mr. Paul Burke P-5 Ms. Danielle Bayard P-6 PE, reading lab, storage

Student Parking Charley Harris Stadium Baseball/Softball Fields

400 Wing

By the 300 wing P-7 Ms. Gail Butler P-8 Mr. Brent Wiley P-9 Ms. Jaime Melton P-10 Mr. Mark Hart P-11 Ms. Cortney Hackett P-12 Storage P-13 Mr. Robert Carlisle

4 | August 2012


P11 P12





300 wing


The new stairwell, in the front of the school near the hallway by the media center, is expected to be completed in January. The new wall inside the entrance of the school features a showcase for the bronze bull statue, updated signage, and new tiles along the wall.

August 2012 | 5



Student Government shares plans for the year By Kelsey Baker | @KelseyBaker94

President Samantha Peña Samantha Peña, senior, has been in SGA for three years. She was a member of the executive board her sophomore year, a vice president her junior year, and was named president for her senior year.

“My ideas for the new school year are to find new ways to motivate kids to get involved and be a part of the school’s events, like sports events and different fundraisers,” she said.

Senior Vice President Danielle Griffith Danielle Griffith is the senior vice president of SGA. This year, she wants to improve school spirit and have students involved with the school. “I want to get the people who sit down in pep rallies involved,” she said.

“I want to help students have a great year at Bloomingdale by creating an atmosphere of lots of school spirit and motivation to participate in all things we have to offer. I want to make them love being a bull and love that they are a student here at Bloomingdale.”

Treasurer Jake Woodbury Jake Woodbury, senior, is the treasurer of SGA. During his sophomore year, Woodbury was part of the executive board, but he was not in SGA his junior year. “I will have to make an annual budget and keep track of funds being spent,” he said.

Junior Vice President Jenna Remmert

Historian Huyen Le

Jenna Remmert is the Junior vice president. It will be her second year in SGA. “This year we plan on making things bigger and better, such as homecoming, pep rallies, and other school activities,” she said. “Our school has amazing school spirit. We plan on doing everything we can to increase that spirit.”

Huyen Le, senior, is the historian of SGA. She is in charge of making slidehows, setting up bulletin boards, and making signs. “I have to bring my camera to every event,” she said. She would like to have a study hall period to improve Bloomingdale.

Secretary Heather Fagan

Heather Fagan, senior, is the secretary of SGA, and it is her first year in student government. “I really want to get kids more involved this year,” she said. “Bloomingdale could really reach its potential with the entire student body participating.” Fagan is excited for her chance to be a part of student government. “I’ve wanted to do it since my freshman year, but never had the chance,” she said.

6 | August 2012


Class Officers discuss projects for fundrasing events By Kelsey Baker | @KelseyBaker94




Marcus Butler is the junior class president. He has been in student government for one year. “This year we will be focusing on getting everything together to have a superb Beauty and the Bull this year as a junior class,” he said. Butler wants to improve his class’ organization so they can have a great prom their senior year. He also wants to advertise school spirit within the junior class and expand it to the entire school.

Anthony Alvarez is the sophomore class president. “As a class president, I think I’m looking forward to working with my officers the most,” he said. “We have a great group and they’ll be a big help moving forward.” Alvarez is excited about the opportunity to lead his class, and he is looking forward to collaborating with SGA.

Vincent Roth, senior class president, said that the senior class fundraiser is Mr. and Ms. Bloomingdale, a weightlifting competition. “We are going to do it in the first semester, in November,” said Roth. “It is the last fundraiser for the senior class.” In the second semester, Roth wants the steering committee to focus on senior send-off and prom. He wants to give the seniors a memorable prom. Below, Roth works with Senior Steering sponsor Ms. Katy Proly to establish the class budget before the school year begins.

Freshmen class officers will be elected soon. See the Freshman Steering sponsor if you are interested in running for office.

August 2012 | 7


PRO TIP: DON’T BUY THE PO Freshman teachers give advice for success By Alex Hartley and Morgan Routh

Ms. Ruiz

Ms. Smith

that are not afraid to ask questions.


Subject: Biology Honors Experience: 6 years (3 at Bloomingdale) Ideal Student: Honest,hardworking students

Subject: English I. Honors Experience: 24 years (17 at Bloomingdale) Ideal Student: Open to help and cares about

“Give it all you’ve got.”

“Take it all in and fight through any difficult situation.” Ms. Mejías

Ms. Flaws

able, and organized.

curious learner.

Subject: Spanish I. Experience: 11 years (7 at Bloomingdale) Ideal Student: Willing to try anything, mold-

Subject: Geometry Honors Experience: 16 years (12 at Bloomingdale) Ideal Student: Prepared, participates, and is a

“Be respectful and take the surroundings in.”

“Don’t be overwhelmed. Enjoy, and make the most of it.”

Subject: Geometry Experience: 3 years Ideal Student: Highly motivated and prepared

Subject: AP Human Geography Experience: 3 1/2 years Ideal Student: Somebody who takes joy in their own successes and takes what they learn into the real world.

Ms. Sinicoski

Ms. McKee

for class. Not afraid to ask questions.

“Make a good first impression.”

“Try many study techniques and find what works for you.”

Southern Mosquito Control Services Adulticide • Larvicide • Monitoring Offering mosquito control solutions for communities and homeowners associations Serving Central Florida since 1995 888-KILLS-EM 8 | August 2012

OOL PASS FRESHMAN FOCUS Common myths and fears of high school 20

Fears and expectations As the first day of high school creeps up, harmless thoughts may become more and more of a fear. Being nervous about the first day of school is not something new, but high school might be. Mainly the fears are the same for everyone, like getting lost, not fitting in, not knowing anyone, workload, and upper classmen.


After a few weeks in high school life, it not hard to realize all these fears and expectations were a waste of time. Making friends is easier than it seems, and chances are, you’ll know at least one person in every class, and the lunches are huge so you will have multiple friends that have the same lunch as you. Use the room placards in the main hall to find your classes. The school may seem enormous, but after a few weeks you will know Bloomingdale like the back of your hand.






uirem e

s req Clas


Fittin g in

ssm en




Bully ing

Work load

at lu nch Gett ing lo st


ing a

ing a nyon e






High school: The simple thought can make incoming students’ skin crawl with anxiety. It evokes feelings of fear and high expectations. Ideas of crowded halls, swarming with giant upperclassmen, and late nights of endless homework. Freshman year may seem tough, but you are not alone. Your fears and expectations are shared by numerous teens. While you may think you know exactly how high school life will be, chances are it not as bad as you think.

But where do these fears come from? The reason may be as simple as a rumor— something made up by older friends or family members as a joke. Maybe it is because high school life in movies is all fictional—a world created just to entertain people, not scare them or be accurate.


By Allie Manley

Top Freshman Fears

Survey of Bloomingdale High School students Data by: Allie Manley Infographic by: Matthew Yeatts

Tips and advice from upperclassmen The first day of school as a freshman may seem scary, but it’s not as bad as it may seem. The first day of high school is just the beginning of what will hopefully be the best years of your school career. The best thing to relieve the pressure of the first day is to get advice and tips from upperclassmen: the ones who have survived the days as freshmen. “Be yourselves and don’t feel too intimidated by the older students: they were once freshmen too.” Haley Nahas (12) “Don’t get caught up in the hype of high school and stay focused on you future and your goals.” Julian Ossias (10) “Be open to new things. Keep a hold of your upbringings, like your morals, and find a table at lunch ASAP.” Amy Purvis


By Kenwin Durant

“Just be you, don’t be nervous, because high school seems a lot scarier than it actually is.” Megan Morgan (10)

Summer program gives freshmen taste of high school

“Find your niche, whether it be a club, class or a sports team.” George Brammeier (11)

Most kids would not even want to think about coming to school three weeks early, but it was a different story for the freshmen in the GAP program.

“Be careful in choosing your friends and put your grades first.” Dana Utley (10)

The GAP program is a summer program in August that helps freshmen get adjusted to high school and get them prepared so they know what to expect for the upcoming school year.

During the program, the students get chaperoned by upperclassmen or non-freshmen volunteers from classroom to classroom where teachers already have assigned work for the freshmen to do. Incoming freshmen get the basics of how the classrooms and classes work, like classroom rules and protocol of turning in work. The purpose of the assignments was to let students grasp how the courses run and what is expected.

“Join a lot if clubs go the back way to classes, people clogs the halls.” Alyssa Dowling (10) “Keep your grades up and get involved in school extracurricular, like sports and clubs.” Ryan Bruseski (10)

August 2012 | 9



8/24 9/1 9/7 9/14 9/21 9/28 10/5 10/12 10/19 11/2 11/9

@ Durant Chamberlain Strawberry Crest @ East Bay @ Tampa Catholic Riverview Alonso @ Leto Wharton @ Plant @ Newsome

7:30 7:30 7:30 7:30 7:00 7:30 7:30 7:30 7:30 7:30 6:30

JV Football

9/6 9/20 9/27 10/4 10/11 10/17

Brandon Durant @ Lennard @ East Bay @ Plant City Armwood

Cross Country


9/5 9/10 9/12 9/13 9/19 9/27 10/4 10/9 10/11 10/16 10/18

@ Freedom Durant Strawberry Crest Brandon @ Alonso @ Newsome Plant @ Robinson Wharton Steinbrenner @ Plant

7:30 7:30 7:30 7:30 7:30 7:30 7:30 7:00 7:00 7:00 7:00

Swim & Dive

7:00 7:00 7:00 7:00 7:00 7:00

9/6 9/8 9/18 9/20 9/24 9/27 10/4 10/11 10/18

@ Brandon City Relays Durant, Armwood @ East Bay Spoto, Plant City Lennard Freedom Riverview @ Newsome

9/15 9/20 9/22 9/28 9/29 10/6 106 10/9 10/12 10/19 10/23

East Hills. Invite @ Newsome Ron Frost Invite @ Durant Mt. Dew Invite @ UF FL Runners @ Titusville WD Johnson @ Simmons Park Don Bishop @ Brandon FSU Invite @ FSU Fres./Soph. @ Al Lopez Park Armwood Invite @ USF County Championship @ Lake Park Sickles Invite @ Equestrian Trail


7:00 9:00 a.m. 7:00 6:00 7:00 7:00 7:00 7:00 5:00

9/4 9/5 9/13 9/13 9/17 9/19 9/24 9/27 10/4 10/9 10/11

Strawberry Crest (Walden Lake) 2:30 East Bay (Bloomingdale) 2:30 Riverview (Bloomingdale) 2:30 Durant (River Hills) 3:00 King (Bloomingdale) 2:30 Leto (Bloomingdale) 2:30 Lennard (Cypress Creek) 3:00 Riverview (Summerfield) 2:00 Robinson (Macdill AFB) 3:00 East Bay (Apollo Beach) 3:00 H.B Plant (Bloomingdale) 2:30

Check out our game score updates at At a game? Share scoring updates with us by tweeting with the hashtag #bullpride. 10 | August 2012

LONDON OLYMPICS Highlights from the 2012 Games Bolt: The Returning Champ By Kenwin Durant

After four years, Usain Bolt crossed the finish line first in the 100m dash. Bolt went from sixth place to first, completed the race in 9.63 seconds, and set an Olympic record, making him the second man since Carl Lewis to win consecutive gold medals in the marquee track event. “It’s an even greater feeling to come out here and defend my title and show the world I’m still number one, I’m still the best,” Bolt said. Bolt’s training partner and teammate, Yohan Blake, won the silver in 9.75 seconds, while Justin Gatlin, Olympic champ of 2004, took the bronze home for the U.S. with a time of 9.79 seconds.


medal count


The Fab Five By Morgan Routh

The Fab Five: One of the younger more decorated gymnastics teams ever to be produced by Bela and Marta Karolyi, the coordinators for U.S.A. gymnastics. The members of the Women’s gymnastics team include reigning World Champion Jordyn Weiber, McKayla Maroney, Aly Raisman, Gabby Douglas, and Kyla Ross. The five women brought home a total of five medals, three of which were gold. The United States is now home to the number one gymnastics team in the world and the all-around best gymnast in the world: Gabby Douglas. The 2012 Olympics were the first time since the Atlanta 1996 Olympics, where the “Magnificent Seven” brought home a team gold medal. Since then, much has changed in the sport. Countries are now limited to five members on the national team, instead of seven from previous years.

Swimming Sensations By Morgan Routh

The U.S. women left London with eleven individual medals and three medals from team events. The stars of these 2012 Olympics were first time gold medalists Missy Franklin and Dana Vollmer. The team also relied on the experienced Rebecca Soni and Allison Schmidt in securing Olympic gold. Missy Franklin, a seventeen year old from Colorado, won two gold medals in the individual 100M and 200M backstroke. She also earned medals in the relay swims. Rebecca Soni and Allison Schmidt both left London with an individual gold and silver medal accompanied by relay medals as well. Dana Vollmer, a first time Olympian for the U.S.A., won a gold medal in the 100M butterfly. She also exited the London games with relay medals along with Franklin, Schmidt, and Soni.

August 2012 | 11


CLUB DIRECTORY List from previous year gives insight to club options

The clubs listed here do not reflect the clubs or sponsors of the new school year. Ask the sponsors for membership information and club cards. Updated club lists will be online at as they are released. RED CLUB - 1st CLUB DAY OF MONTH Ecology Weber Forensics French Club/French Honor Soc Richardson/Pradieu Freshmen Steering Ruiz Junior Steering G.I.A. Beach GSA Hanks Kitty Hawk Wayne/Garcia Marine Science Club McInerney Senior Steering Proly Sophomore Steering Nichols Spanish Honor Society Wellman/Cabrera Tri-M Locker WHITE CLUB - 2nd CLUB DAY OF MONTH ACAC AVID Sinibaldi/Carlisle, R. FCCLA Rupenski FBLA Ritter/Doby HOSA Humane Society Club Proly Marksmanship Club Wayne/Garcia Legacy Flaws/Booth, John Le Internetz Melton Leo Club Jennings j / Quill and Scroll Hanks Mu Alpha Theta Masson, K. National English Honor Society Lamar/Hunsucker Poetry Club Dutch Rho Kappa Saviet Science Honor Society Baksh WBUL Anteau BLACK CLUB - 3rd CLUB DAY OF MONTH Advanced Drill Wayne/Garcia Art Club Speedy Best Buddies Armstrong/Puskarich/Troy Caribbean Culture Club Baksh Guitar Campo Lacrosse Club Proly FPSA Applebee Interact Bullara Odyssey of the Mind Hanks Popular Dance and Music Club McInerney National Honor Society Science in Hollywood Huber Thespians Reed True Love Waits

12 | August 2012

Photo courtesy of Flickr / CC licensed for use


A fantastic display of color, light and talent

By Kelsey Baker | @KelseyBaker94 On June 28, 2012, Coldplay lit up the Tampa Bay Times Forum. But before they graced the stage, two opening acts performed: Wolf Gang, a London-based band, and Robyn, a Swedish pop star. Wolf Gang were a perfect start to the evening, filling the forum with great energy and an upbeat indie sound. Robyn’s electronic music, however, was more suitable for teenagers at homecoming rather than before a Coldplay concert, and she was difficult to understand under synthetic drum beats and computerized sounds. When Coldplay walked on stage, though, the entire forum lit up—quite literally. Each of the attendees received a wristband—called a Xyloband—that lit up during certain songs in the show, creating a stunning light display of various colors.

For two hours, Coldplay played with boundless energy. Chris Martin, the lead vocalist, never sounded tired, even when he danced around the entire stage. They played songs spanning from their entire career, from upbeat songs like “Paradise”, off of their newest album, Mylo Xyloto, to slower songs like “The Scientist”, off of A Rush of Blood to the Head. Although they are a band known for slow and melodic songs, Coldplay know how to turn up the volume and rock out on stage. At one point during the show, Chris Martin said, “We have the best fans in the world.” Thousands of delighted fans began cheering at the top of their lungs. Yes, Chris, you do have the best fans in the world.


Back to school fashion finds for every budget By Leefs Stamper | @The1RealChief Shuffling through a pile of last month’s fashion magazines to try and crack the code of this year’s back-toschool trends can be tiring work. Funky prints or color blocking? Ripped jeans or a boho-chic skirt? These are the great dilemmas that take time out of a fashionista’s busy schedule. Luckily, all the best back-to-school trends are right here in one ready-to-go package! Fierce Fashion Tips Accessories, accessories, accessories! What is a clock without hands, a sky with no stars? That’s an outfit with no accessories. Try garnishing your plain-jane threads with some funky bangles or a chunky cuff bracelet! Floral is huge right now, and any accessory with a flowery theme is in! Broad, woven headbands can turn a bad hair day into the envy of the school. Feeling bored with putting on the same shiny lip gloss every day? Try a fun, bright lipstick in orange or hot pink; matte is a must! Prints and Colors and Textures, Oh My! Let’s face it: every girl’s dream is to have one of clothing item in every color! Sometimes, however, every color isn’t the most fashion-forward choice. Right now, plaids, tribal prints, and floral are the big names in the realm of prints. From jeans to tops to accessories, mixing and matching these patterns can’t go wrong. The color orange is a very chic tone too. Giving a one-trick outfit a splash of saffron is an instant success! Two materials that are completely different are cropping up everywhere; black pleather (i.e. plastic leather) and fringe are on the trend! Adding either of these elements can throw a look from plain to rocker-chic to bohemian in just one accessory! So get to it, fashionistas! Empty out your closet’s overworked looks and fill it up with this year’s hot new styles. Enter this school year with a fresh start!

FAB FINDS Ballet Flats are the perfect go-to shoe to match almost anything. Find a funky pair at Cotton On from $5 to $15! Knee-high boots are a fabulous way to spice up any look! Find a pair at Famous Footwear from $25 to $89.99!

Shirt dresses are back in style! They’re casual, comfy, and look great with a braided belt looped around the waist. Find some at Forever 21 from $13.99 to $32.80! High waist skinnies are a great way to make your legs seem long and slender. Find them at Urban Outfitters from $58 to $120, in colors and patterns to match every style!

Photos from Wikimedia Commons / CC licensed for use

August 2012 | 13


THE HIGH SCHOOL YEARS How to make the most out of these four years By Nick Betts | @nbetts95

If you want to get the most out of your long high school career, you need to take all the chances you can get to have fun. Participate in school functions. Join clubs and sports teams. Do whatever interests you, because participating in things like clubs and sports allows you to see more aspects of high school than you would if you

14 | August 2012

did not participate. Another way to get the most out of high school is to find something you love. Find a class or club that is dedicated to your interests. When you find that niche, you will really start enjoying your years in high school.

FROM THE EDITOR An introduction to Bull’s Eye By Kelsey Baker | @KelseyBaker94 Welcome to Bull’s Eye: Bloomingdale High School’s newsmagazine! You hold, in your hands, the very first issue. Exciting, right? We, the Bull’s Eye staff, are working to completely reinvent the idea of a student newspaper. Renovated school, renovated newspaper. After all, a colorful magazine is much nicer than a black and white newspaper. We want you to pick up the magazine, enjoy it, and be engaged in what goes on at the school! Not only do we have a newsmagazine, but we also have a website that will have content uploaded daily! Over the summer, I went to a workshop at Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg with Mrs. Hanks, the newspaper and yearbook adviser, and Nick Betts, one of the Bull’s Eye staff members. At this workshop, we learned how to improve our website in order to make it an informative database for students to enjoy. In fact, there is some content on the site now! Check it out at Also, you can follow Bull’s Eye on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (see back cover of magazine).

it together, but as my wonderful adviser Mrs. Hanks says, it will all be worth it in the end. As a new editor, I am excited about the opportunity to know more about Bloomingdale and its population. I especially want to know what you, the school population, think about the newsmagazine. To have a successful publication, I believe that students need to be engaged in what goes on at the school. What do you think is important about the school, or what do you think people should know? I encourage you to contact me via Twitter (@KelseyBaker94), Facebook, or even through a letter to the editor that could potentially be published, whether it is online or in print.

So what goes in to making a newsmagazine, especially one that goes out to all students at the beginning of the school year? In my experience, there have been many text messages and phone calls, meetings with staff members, a lot of writing, editing and late nights learning how to design pages. Basically, my staff and have lived the lives of journalists (but without the paychecks). It has been a lot of work to get

Want to see your opinion here? Write a letter to the editor.

We want insightful, well-thought-out commentary from students on articles or school issues. Drop your signed letters off in room 116 with Ms. Hanks or email

BULL’S EYE August 2012 Volume 1, Issue 1 EDITOR IN CHIEF Kelsey Baker STAFF Nick Betts Kenwin Durant Miki Harp Alex Hartley Cory Koseck Aryana Kurtz Corey Martin Morgan Routh Leefs Stamper ADVISER Heather Hanks, MJE BLOOMINGDALE HIGH SCHOOL 1700 E. Bloomingdale Ave. Valrico, FL 33596 (813) 744-8018 Fax (813) 744-8026 Bull’s Eye newsmagazine is a student publication and considers itself an open forum for student expression. Decisions about content are made by student editors. The newsmagazine is subject to prior review by the school’s administrative staff. The staff editorial reflects the views of student editors and the columns represent the viewpoints of their authors. Bull’s Eye welcomes letters from students, teachers and members of the community. Letters may be edited for length or clarity and should be submitted to room 116, or mailed to the school to the attention of the Bull’s Eye staff. Advertising content is subject to approval of the editorial board. Bull’s Eye is a member of the Florida Scholastic Press Association.

August 2012 | 15

Your new source for Bloomingdale news

iPhone and Android apps coming soon

Get social with us @BSHSBullsEye @BSHSBullsEye /BSHSBullsEye /BSHSBullsEye 16 | August 2012

Bull's Eye August issue  

Volume 1, Issue 1 The very first issue of Bull's Eye, Bloomingdale High School's newsmagazine, distributed August 21, 2012, the first day of...