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Random Acts of Kindness RAKtivist suggests ways to get in the spirit on Feb. 17. by Andrew Bartolotta Community contributor


n 2013, we saw an influx of up-worthy stories come across our social media channels, from the San Francisco Make-A-Wish Foundation’s #BatKid wish to inspiring and local stories of Mid-South individuals helping after the tornados in Moore, Okla., and YouTube videos by Kid President challenging children and adults everywhere to be more awesome and give back. Without a doubt, we shared them, liked the statuses, and asked ourselves how we could help. Feb. 17 is Random Acts of Kindness Day and it is the perfect day to practice

selfless kindness to others. Living a life of purpose will make your busy day feel more meaningful. Here are some ways to incorporate more kindness into your day. The easiest way to incorporate kindness into your daily activities is to approach your to-do list or habitual actions with the kindness mindset. Write out what you do on a daily basis (wake up, get ready, walk to work, work, make dinner, visit the gym, call a friend, spend time with kids, go to bed, etc.). Then write one way you can add kindness to each of those activities. When you wake up, send five fun good morning texts to friends and family to greet them when they awake. See more suggestions below.

Use your mobile device to spread kindness to friends and family. Photo courtesy of hibu

Here Are Some Suggestions on What to Do by Andrew Bartalotta Community contributor While you’re getting ready for work, write a positive message to yourself to stick on the mirror. On your way to work, place sticky notes with inspiring messages either in your car or along the route. At work, send a thank you not to a co-worker. Or maybe more than one. While you make dinner, put together an extra batch for a neighbor or someone who might not have a meal to eat. While visiting the gym, leave motivational signs on the workout machines. While spending time with kids, give activities a kindness theme. Put together care packages for neighbors and then with your child, leave the care package on the neighbors’ doorstep, knock or ring the doorbell and run! You’re not only spreading kindness to your neighbor, but you’re spending time together and getting in some exercise! As you’re getting ready for bed, spend five minutes writing a list of all of the Kindness comes in many forms and it’s easy to things you are thankful for today. Look at the list first thing tomorrow morning and add to it! incorporate into your day. Photo courtesy of hibu Here are several kindness ideas: Smile and make eye contact with five strangers today. You could even add a “good morning” or “hello” to your smile. Write a letter of appreciation to someone you haven’t taken the time to thank lately. Donate used blankets or towels to an animal shelter. Compile and send a care package to someone in need of kindness — a friend who has had a tough week, a soldier abroad, a colleague in the hospital or someone in a senior home. Do some early spring cleaning and bring gently used clothes, books, toys and furniture to a local donation center. Cook or bring a meal to a friend or family member who could use some cheering up. Clean your workspace. Hold up motivational signs in a park where people regularly run, walk and bike. Tape bags of quarters to machines at a Laundromat. 24 February 2014

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