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BSGC COMMUNITY NEWS Volume 1, Issue March 2011

Special Message from our President— Gaurang Tr ivedi Dear Fellow Brahmins, Jai Shri Krishna. It is a great pleasure to greet you as the president of the BSGC family. I hope everyone overcame the wintery months and the “Great Blizzard of 2011.” I am assuming all of you are anxiously waiting for the beautiful spring and summer seasons when we will have pleasant 80 degree sunny days and the birds will finally return and start singing. With your blessing and the previous committee’s trust, I have accepted the position of president of BSGC. I am fortunate to succeed our past president Shree Kiritbhai Purani. For the past several years, Kiritbhai’s achievements and his dedication towards BSGC have been unparalleled and outstanding; the same can also be said for his wife Smt. Vandanaben Purani. First, on behalf of the entire BSGC family and as the new president of our Samaj, I would like to express my sincere thanks to Kiritbhai, Vandanaben and the other hard-working, dedicated members of the BSGC committee. Like many other organizations, I would also like express my gratitude and sincere THANKS to all past presidents of BSGC. Our past presidents, who are the founders of our Samaj, must be acknowledged for their efforts and goodwill that brought us this far. Many of you may not know all of them; however, I have the greatest respect for all of their dedication to the preservation of our Brahmin culture in our community. During my term, I will look to each of them for their continuing guidance and support. They are: Shree Pramodbhai Shukla, Shree Himanshubhai Shukla, Shree Bharatbhai Acharya, Shree Kiritbhai Dave, Shree Gautambhai Gor, Shree Pranavbhai Vyas, and Shree Kiritbhai Purani. I have learned many things from all of my predecessors and will continue to seek their advice and guidance. As president of BSGC, my goal is to make our community united, stronger, bigger, better, and beneficial. My message to every BSGC family member is to communicate with the committee, communicate with your friends and relatives, and communicate with new members that you have never met. I also request you to trust our BSGC executive committee and its board members. I am sure your continued support and dedication to our Samaj will remain the same as it was in the past and will only continue to grow into the future. I was thrilled to see that many new members are joining and trusting our Samaj. I especially noticed this during our recent Diwali party. I would like to implement a new concept to the Samaj: holding a general board meeting every quarter and as frequently as needed. I encourage each and every one of you, Brahmin brothers and sisters, to participate in our meeting. Your participation, and your valuable input to the betterment of our BSGC is always welcome. Under no circumstances will anyone’s new innovative idea be discounted. We welcome your suggestions and feedback and I urge you to call upon me or any other committee person with comments, concerns, and suggestions. We are eager to listen and take action on your idea. I promise to acknowledge every individual: youth, adults, and seniors alike in the years to come at all of our upcoming events. In addition to our regular events (Diwali party, Chaitra Garba, and Picnic) we are also adding and improving on these events to make them more meaningful, memorable and likeable for all ages. Additional events will focus on the family in an effort to include the younger generation -- ages 6-16. I am looking forward to working with the new committee members (names listed on right) to take all of our Samaj’s past and current successes and use their innovative ideas to create, plan and participate in new successes. Acknowledging the work of Shree Kiritbhai Purani and his committee, we have seen a strong increase in number of lifetime members, and as a result of the membership campaign, we are stronger now than we ever were before. I am glad to see some of our long-time members have now converted to lifetime members. Also, I want to welcome the several new members who have chosen to become lifetime members. I always think BSGC as a growing family and want it to grow larger and stronger every year. Growing our community will help us to learn newer and better ideas and concepts about our culture from each other. In this coming year, BSGC’s different executive teams will continue to welcome with open arms new members to join the BSGC family, especially younger student members - the next generation. ….continued on page 3

Inside this issue: President’s Message - Gaurang Trivedi


2010 Diwali Expense Report


2011 Garba Flyer


Outgoing President’s Message - Kirit Purani


New Executive Committee Gaurang Trivedi President


Purvish Pandya Vice President


Raj Trivedi Treasurer


Atul Joshi Joint Treasurer Ami Dave Secretary Bhavik Pandya Joint Secretary Nisha Trivedi Youth Coordinator Urvi Purani Joint Youth Coordinator

Connect with us on Facebook: “Brahma Samaj of Greater Chicago”. Stay in tune with up-to-date news and connect with your fellow Brahmins. The BSGC executive teams are always striving to better serve our members -- not only in the Chicagoland area but throughout the North American continent. The electronic and paper copies of the BSGC newsletters and the updated website are very effective and efficient ways to inform members about news and events in the Samaj, and include beneficial information for all age groups. We will continue to update our website with the most current newsletter that our members receive. If you miss a newsletter, please let the BSGC executive committee or me know so we can update your e-mail addresses. We also promise to update the BSGC website ( - the Internet home of our organization, where you will find news and other Brahma Samaj activities. We have decided to focus on further promoting BSGC’s involvement in this year’s agenda with new, innovative ideas from you. We are extremely proud of our members’ outstanding achievements, and looking forward to seeing the continuous successes of our members. We will persistently reach out to look for opportunities to extend our network and to connect with members worldwide who share our common interests. I am very excited about the opportunity to serve BSGC as your president and eager to see and speak to everyone at our first event of 2011, the CHAITRA GARBA. I close by wishing all of you, my Brahmin family a happy, healthy, successful and productive year. Sincerely, Gaurang Trivedi


Congratulations to Veeral (M.D.) (son of Mahenbhai & Nayanaben Oza) & Nishaki (M.D.) (daughter of Kiranbhai & Manishaben Mehta) on their wedding held on Dec 11th 2010. Sad demise of Mr Kamalkishor S. Pathak on Jan 7th, 2011 at the age of 89 (Father of Nayanaben Oza & Father-In-Law of Mahenbhai Oza).

BSGC - DIWALI 2010 FINANCIAL STATEMENT —Prepared By: Raj Trivedi Phone: (847) 392 2139



DESCRIPTION Pizza premeeting & decorations Decoration & Table Clothes Raffle Prizes

Mahen & Nayana Oza Donation Registrations Receipts Donations* Raffle Receipts 1 Advertisement



Appetizers, Gughra, Soda, Ice,

$2,250.00 $108.00 $634.00 $75.00 $6,068.00

Dinner (Itasca Mandir) & Delivery Manav Seva Mandir Hall Rental Stamps & supplies for mailing Helpers from MSM 2 days Paper Products




DUES RECEIVED 1 Life Member Dues

$300.00 (Life Member Dues received from Shri Hiteshbhai Rawal)

24 Annual Member Dues $720.00 *Pledged donations received in 2009-2010 = $4000 will be used towards the BSGC 25th Anniversary Celebration

AMOUNT $188.50 $54.95 $123.45 $403.47 $3,136.00 $751.00 $167.00 $200.00 $161.69 $5,186.06 Special Message from our Outgoing President— Kirit Purani Dear Fellow Brahmins, Jai Shri Krishna, It has been my privilege to serve as the President of BSGC for 2+ years. Looking back on my year as serving as BSGC president, I think about two things, either members are chasing you or working with you. I was fortunate to have members working with me. As a result, as a team, we were able to increase life memberships, build a young team of executive committee, increase member’s attendance for all events, and entertain our members and Brahmin community. We focused on encouraging young generation to get involved, learn and support our Brahmin culture and preserve heritage. During this bad economical time, we were fortunate to get the financial help, support and sponsorships from many of our members. Because of them, we were able to maintain BSGC financial status positively. I am extremely thankful to the following members who made a significant difference to provide a big help. Not in any particular order, they are Mr. & Mrs, Anantbhai Rawal, Vikrambhai Trivedi, Mahenbhai Oza, Gautambhai Gor, Sureshbhai Jani, Dr. Nareshbhai Upadhyaya, Dr. Ravibhai Trivedi, Gajananbhai Trivedi, John Trivedi, Kiranbhai Joshi, and Yogeshbhai Dave for Induben Dave. I am happy to say that I never felt I was being chased. A special thank goes to entire executive committee members, directors, & advisors, their parents & spouses/significant, & children who made my work very easy. I also would like to thank Manav Seva Mandir, for helping us out providing a hall at a discount rate. Last but not the least, I thank my family, my wife Vandana, daughter Urvi, son Chitrang, daughter in law Veera, and grand kids Sonia, Aveenash, & Lara for their support. Without them, I would not have done my job. I would like to encourage all of our members to support our next president, Gaurangbhai Trivedi and help him lead BSGC to the next level. Welcome Gaurangbhai! Wish you all the best. Thank you. Kirit Purani

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BSGC ANNUAL RAAS GARBA : Saturday, April 16th, 2011 (…..more details inside)

BSGC Newsletter March 2011  
BSGC Newsletter March 2011  

Brahma Samaj Greater Chicago Community Newsletter March 2011 Edition