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EDITORIAL What’s that? It’s February already. Tell me about it. Time flies when you’re having fun, and I hope that this year has started well for you. I’ve got a good feeling about this year, I’m not sure what it is but there’s definitely going to be good things going on in 2010. I can feel it in my water. Whatever that means. Talking about good things though, the ‘all for charity’ season has started warming up, and two of the areas local musical talents are offering themselves up for small sacrifice for large gain. Check out our mini feature for all the tasty details on the two completely unrelated charitable endeavours. If you have your own musically-related charity event planned, no matter how large or small, please let us know. We are more than happy to shed a bit more light on worthy causes. The good old industry back-slapping is off again too. The movie industry has started its long list of ceremonies, and in the UK music scene the Brit Awards will be showing who the voting public are keen on. It’s a funny thing, that phrase ‘the voting public’. I don’t proclaim to be anything of a socialite, but I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who’s voted for a Brit Award category. Maybe I’m mixing in the wrong circles! Needless to say, I’m sure some of the decisions will be controversial, and all of the interesting ‘unplanned’ developments will be edited out by the television companies. It’s almost worth stopping in for!

However, should you feel the urge to go out, and going out is still allowed you know, then you are probably wondering where you could go. Well, perhaps the ballet. Maybe a spot of theatre. If you’re a real culture vulture how about a spot of art gallery browsing? No? Well, how about dressing how you feel comfortable and checking out some local music and showing your appreciation / disapproval as necessary. Remember prepare to deal with the consequences of any heckling! So, how do you think we are doing? And also, what can we do for you? Is the magazine providing your monthly fill of musical tasty treats? Is there something obvious that we’re missing from between the covers of our publication? We are very keen to embrace new ideas, whether it’s a ground-breaking development or a simple tweak to make something a bit better, please get in touch. We don’t bite. Unless you want us to. Go on, drop us a line. I dare you.

The Juke

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Mon-Sun ( 1st - 7th )

1st February GIG LISTINGS 19:00 Basingstoke Unplgd! @ The Exchange, Basingstoke 21:00 Open Mic @ The Snooty Fox, Newbury 2nd February GIG LISTINGS 19:00 Ocean Colour Scene + The Moons @ O2 Academy, Oxford 21:00 Secret Fridge Party & First Among Equals @ Mannakoo, Reading 3rd February GIG LISTINGS 19:00 She Keeps Bees / The Circus Sands / The Brinx @ The Oakford, Reading 22:00 Fuzzy Ducks (Over 18s only) @ O2 Academy, Oxford 19:00 Sham 69 + support (Rage D.C and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels) @ Sub89, Reading 4th February GIG LISTINGS 20:00 – 1:00 RnB/Hip Hop Thursday’s Hosted by Hands off presents ‘Sweet as Chocolate’ @ AVENUE, Newbury 20:00 Live Lounge @ The Cape of Good Hope, Oxford 21:00 The Screenbeats (Pop) / Relik (Rock / Indie) / The Stanley Blacks (Rock / Indie) @ The Purple Turtle, Reading 5th February GIG LISTINGS 19:00 Gig TBC @ Moorside Centre, Thatcham 19:00 Kids In Glass Houses @ O2 Academy, Oxford 19:30 The Orchestra of St John’s Ensemble Wind Quintet @ Cornerston, Didcot 19:45 Philharmonia Orchestra @ The Anvil, Basingstoke 20:00 CLUB : US NOT THEM present SMASH ROBOTS // ONE EYE OPEN @ The Red Lion, READING

20:00 Chris Bound(dj) @ The Oakford, Reading 20:00 The Carolina Chocolate Drops @ Arlington Arts, Newbury 21:00 Street Corner Talking @ The Dolphin, Newbury 20:30pm – 4:00 Skipa & Friends presents DJ Stylus & Audiojunkie with MC Enemy @ AVENUE, Newbury **** The Bryan Adams Experience @ Riffs Bar, Swindon 6th February GIG LISTINGS 19:00 Kings Of Leon & The Stripe Whites @ O2 Academy, Oxford 10:30 Transformation, Trashy + Room 101 (Over 18s only) @ O2 Academy, Oxford 20:00 DJ Derek(dj) / The Drop(live) / IBetYa(dj) / Jac Von Cochon (dj) @ The Oakford, Reading 20:00 Thin White Duke @ Central Studio, Basingstoke 20:00 PROSPEKT + TASTE MY EYES + THE UNKNOWN FLOW + RIOT HOUSE @ The Wheatsheaf, Oxford 20:00 The RIFFSTOCK SESSIONS Part II with: The KULUCCI MARCH + The ALFONZ + NAPOLEON IN RAGS + LUKE DeSCISCIO + NICK FELIX @ Riffs Bar, Swindon 21:30 Riff Raff @ Green Dragon, Marlborough 23:00 – 4:00 Fun House Twins @ AVENUE, Newbury 7th February GIG LISTINGS 15:30 Reading Symphony Orchestra @ Concert Hall, Reading 20:00 – 1:00 Weekly Open Mic @ AVENUE, Newbury **** time unknown please contact venue. Listings correct at time of going to print. Send us your listings at:

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REVIEW Juno / Lance Skybaby @ The Avenue, Newbury Snake-skin cowboy hat, jeans and skull-emblazoned t-shirt wearing folk don’t tend to sing tunes reminiscing of lost loves or fun days in the meadow and the tracks Lance Skybaby performs with his electro-acoustic certainly won’t be appearing on some doddery drive time compilation. The opener for the evening certainly has character and the raw, gruff vocals work very well with a variety of original and cover tracks. Some nifty finger work means that the guitar-backing is far from regular straight chord strumming and the different rhythms keep you guessing. A solid start for an evening with a definite rock atmosphere. The main act of the evening delight the crowd with a three piece set, and waste no time at all in cranking up the pace of the evening. The songs are energetic from the get-go and are powerfully driven by chunky guitar work, admirable bass lines, diverse drumming and tuneful vocals. Each set is about thirty minutes long, and in the whole evening only one track, their final for the evening, was a cover; a pretty impressive feat for a band still waiting to make the big time. Juno gave a very professional performance, even down to casually handling a broken guitar string. The remaining members kicked off the track and the afflicted guitarist rejoined as if the band had just been playing an extended introduction, good stuff. Musically the band is diverse. The majority of the set is straight up rock, with a good tempo and distinctive riff work, however a one trick pony this band is not. The foursome blend ballads and punkier numbers into their evening making sure the audience kept paying attention. Interlude music was provided by DJ of the evening Smiley Dave, supplementing the evening with CD injections of the likes of AC/DC and Buckcherry. By the second of the three sets the crowd was primed for dancing and the dancefloor was subjected to some very energetic, if at times peculiar, dance moves. A very enjoyable evening, with Juno firmly in the musical driving seat. I would definitely recommend a little development in stage presence, as the energy contained in the tracks could certainly be used to fuel the motion of the players. Check out our review of their latest CD release on page 24 and see them soon before their tickets cost a fortune! Words: The Juke

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Mon-Sun ( 8th - 14th )

8th February GIG LISTINGS 19:00 Saving Aimee @ O2 Academy, Oxford 21:00 Open Mic @ The Snooty Fox, Newbury 9th February GIG LISTINGS 19:00 Iglu and Hartly @ Sub89, Reading 19:00 Silvanto + Los Bastardos Finlandeses Silvanito, Los Bastardos Finlandeses, Fear Switch @ O2 Academy, Oxford 20:00 BATTLE OF THE BANDS @ The Wheatsheaf, Oxford 10th February GIG LISTINGS 19:00 Dirty Little Rabbits @ O2 Academy, Oxford 19:00 Lauren / We Are Animal / The Quotes @ The Oakford, Reading 22:00 Fuzzy Ducks (Over 18s only) @ O2 Academy, Oxford **** MONSTER SHARK PROMOTIONS presents: The HALF HOUR SESSIONS @ Riffs Bar, Swindon 11th February GIG LISTINGS 20:00– 1:00 RnB/Hip Hop Thursday’s Hosted by Hands off presents ‘Sweet as Chocolate’ @ AVENUE, Newbury 20:00 Kairos 4Tet featuring Adam Waldmann & Jasper Hoiby @ The Wheatsheaf, Oxford 20:00 Live Lounge @ The Cape of Good Hope, Oxford 21:00 Young Lust (Rock / Classic Rock) / Western Sand (Hard / Classic Rock) / Julia K (Alternative Rock) @ The Purple Turtle, Reading 12th February GIG LISTINGS 19:00 Free Range and Metropolis Sub Focus, Friction, N-Type, Nero, Hatcha, Brookes Brothers, Distance, Jakwob, Prophecy, Pretty Lights @ O2 Academy, Oxford 19:45 Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra

@ The Anvil, Basingstoke 20:00 – 23:00 100% Music presents ‘Live on Friday’s inc Lance Skybaby / Secret Fridge Party / Relik @ AVENUE, Newbury 20:00 CLUB : US NOT THEM present VEYGERS // SECRET RIVALS // BLUMEN BULLETS @ The Red Lion READING 20:00 DEAR LANDLORD + THE MOUNTAIN PARADE @ The Wheatsheaf, Oxford 23:00 - 4:00 DJ Shanks & Friends @ AVENUE, Newbury 23:00 Silent Disco @ Sub89, Reading **** The HUB + SWEET PLUMS @ Riffs Bar, Swindon 13th February GIG LISTINGS 19:00 Trashy's Saint Valentine Massacre Transformation, Trashy + Room 101 (Over 18s only) @ O2 Academy, Oxford 19:00 Uk Guns 'n' Roses @ O2 Academy, Oxford 19:45 The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain @ The Anvil, Basingstoke 20:00 – 4:00 Hands Off presents Valentines Ball @ AVENUE, Newbury 20:00 R O M A N C E(live) @ The Oakford, Reading 20:00 The Empty Vessels + The Halcyons @ The Wheatsheaf, Oxford **** U2-2 – THE GREATEST TRIBUTE TO U2, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! @ Riffs Barm Swindon 14th February GIG LISTINGS 19:30 Steven Isserlis, Cello @ Concert Hall, Reading 20:00 – 1:00 Valentine’s Weekly Open Mic @ AVENUE, Newbury **** time unknown please contact venue. Listings correct at time of going to print. Send us your listings at:

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REVIEW Relik / Tim Mayo / Danny K @ The Cape of Good Hope, Oxford A large bustling pub is home to the acoustic sets for this particular evening of musical indulgence. The atmosphere is welcoming and relaxed with a blend of music watchers, beverage drinkers and meal eaters filling the venue. Danny K starts off his thirty minute set showing his keyboard prowess with the Tori Amos track ‘Cornflake girl’, and a very personal rendition of ‘Hurt’, originally penned by Trent Reznor (of Nine Inch Nails fame) and made famous by Johnny Cash. The set continues with Danny moving onto acoustic guitar, with additional guitar backing by Mr. Peach. Danny’s vocal style is very distinctive and steps away from the regular straight-down-themiddle singing styles that frequently occupy the airwaves. His style is honest and edgy., a fresh take on performing. Second up is Tommy Mayo, this time a performer dedicated to the keyboard, still with backing from Mr. Peach, and occasionally backing vocals form Mrs Peach. Tommy has a performing style that encapsulates the mood and enjoyment of the music he plays, and as his fingers connect to the black and white keys his body sways and moves conveying the performance visually as well as aurally. His vocals, as well as the music, are tuneful and contain a large amount of regulated power. His stage presence has a charm, displayed in the subtle smile and wink combination thrown to his musical accomplice through some of the set. Last on for the evening are Relik. All four members deliver an acoustic set which embodies a good pace, musical diversity and fine crowd interaction. The stage manner is pleasant without being smarmy, and humorous without being cheesy. The double act of Nick (singer) and Martin (bass) at the front of the stage worked really well, and between tracks the band appear easy going and light-hearted but the professional focus drops in as soon as the tunes get underway. The lads instil a confidence with the crowd that they can look after the performing, so all you need to do is enjoy the show. A fine evening of entertainment and certainly a fine acoustic venue.

Words: The Juke

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Mon-Sun ( 15th - 21st )

15th February GIG LISTINGS 21:00 Open Mic @ The Snooty Fox, Newbury 16th February GIG LISTINGS 19:00 SOMETHING HAPPENED TALENT NIGHT @ The Oakford, Reading 20:00 War From A Harlots Mouth @ The Face Bar 20:00 BATTLE OF THE BANDS @ The Wheatsheaf, Oxford 21:00 Noisewater & Nicotine @ Mannakoo, Reading 17th February GIG LISTINGS 19:00 Sister Gracie / Lunar Youth @ The Oakford, Reading 22:00 Fuzzy Ducks (Over 18s only) @ O2 Academy, Oxford 18th February GIG LISTINGS 19:00 Imogen Heap @ O2 Academy, Oxford 20:00 Innercity Pirates / The Laurel Collective@ The Oakford, Reading 20:00– 1:00 RnB/Hip Hop Thursday’s Hosted by Hands off presents ‘Sweet as Chocolate’ @ AVENUE, Newbury 20:00 Kelvin Christiane with The Spin Trio @ The Wheatsheaf, Oxford 20:00 Live Lounge @ The Cape of Good Hope, Oxford 20:00 Thirdsday Blues @ South Street, Reading 20:00 The Elrics + Pharaohs + Echo Boomer @ The Jericho Tavern, Oxford 21:00 The Dandy Dead (Rock / Funk) / Soon To Be Ghosts (Electronica / Rock) / 12 Truths (Rock) @ The Purple Turtle, Reading **** Purple Fish @ Riffs Bar, Swindon 19th February GIG LISTINGS 19:00 Owl City Lights @ O2 Academy, Oxford 20:00 – 23:00 100% Music presents ‘Live on Friday’s rock/indie/funk inc Kamikaze

Test Pilots @ AVENUE, Newbury 20:00 CLUB : US NOT THEM present SECRET FRIDGE PARTY // RAVENS IN PARIS // RELIK @ The Red Lion, READING 20:00 Esser(dj) / Dead Kids(live) / 2Manyskinheads(dj) @ The Oakford, Reading 21:00 Bare Wires @ The Dolphin, Newbury 21:00 Riff Raff @ Railway Tavern, Hungerford 23:00 - 4:00 The VIBE presents ‘POSH FUNK’ @ AVENUE, Newbury **** I-DEFY + Support @ Riffs Bar, Swindon 20th February GIG LISTINGS 19:00 Gig TBC @ Moorside Centre, Thatcham 19:00 Bizarre tour Presents Chipmunk, Daisy Dares You, Tinie Tempah, Skepta and Tenny Ten @ O2 Academy, Oxford 10:30 Transformation, Trashy + Room 101 (Over 18s only) @ O2 Academy, Oxford 19:00 Bigelf + Priestess @ O2 Academy, Oxford 20:00 – 23:00 Talk in Code – Album Launch Party ‘Newbury Homecoming’ @ AVENUE, Newbury 20:00 Whole Lotta Led @ South Street, Reading 20:15 Spiro @ The Forge, Basingstoke 23:00 - 4:00 The Vibe Presents ‘POSH FUNK’ @ AVENUE, Newbury 21st February GIG LISTINGS 18:00 OPEN DECKS (DJ showcase) @ The Oakford, Reading 19:00 The Beat + support @ Sub89, Reading 20:00 – 1:00 Weekly Open Mic @ Avenue @ AVENUE, Newbury **** time unknown please contact venue. Listings correct at time of going to print. Send us your listings at:

Pg 9

REVIEW Bib Fortuna @ The Lock, Stock and Barrel, Newbury Bib Fortuna New Years Eve at the Lock Stock and Barrel. This popular 5 piece covers band from Newbury were the ideal entertainment for the New Year celebrations, they played a mixed set and the crowd enjoyed listening and dancing till the early hours of the New Year. Marc Pearce on lead vocals, Peter Stephens and Paul Curtis on guitar, Craig Goddard on bass and Carl Beswick on drums are a capable , well rehearsed , polished act. They have just finished recording their first CD at studio 91 and should be available soon, give it listen. Words and Images: DG_Photo

Pg 10


Mon-Sun ( 22nd - 28th )

22nd February GIG LISTINGS 19:00 Europe + Diamond Head @ O2 Academy, Oxford 21:00 Open Mic @ The Snooty Fox, Newbury 23rd February GIG LISTINGS 19:00 The Drums @ O2 Academy, Oxford 19:45 Beth Nielsen Chapman @ The Anvil, Basingstoke 20:00 Sylosis @ Face Bar, Reading 21:00 Burnt Tommorow & Jemma Willard @ Mannakoo, Reading 24th February GIG LISTINGS 19:00 Eliza Doolittle/ Too Young Too Love @ The Oakford, Reading 22:00 Fuzzy Ducks (Over 18s only) @ O2 Academy, Oxford 19:30 European Union Chamber Orchestra @ The Hexagon, Reading 25th February GIG LISTINGS 19:00 Reamonn @ O2 Academy, Oxford 19:45 Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra @ The Anvil, Basingstoke 20:00 – 1:00 RnB/Hip Hop Thursday’s Hosted by Hands off presents ‘Sweet as Chocolate’ @ AVENUE, Newbury 20:00 Tubelord / Tall Ships @ The Oakford, Reading 20:00 Carl Orr with The Spin Trio @ The Wheatsheaf, Oxford 20:00 Talkin’ about the Blues - An evening of music and conversation with Paul Oliver (MBE) and Michael Roach (EBA) @ Arlington Arts, Newbury 20:00 Live Lounge @ The Cape of Good Hope, Oxford 21:00 The Noyze (Indie / Psychedelia) / The Zeros (Rock / Alternative) / Burning Idols (Ska / Folk / Punk) @ The Purple Turtle, Reading 21:00 Goddard Brothers @ Mannakoo, Reading 21:00 Secret Fridge Party @ Walkabout, Reading **** Theo Travis (The Jazz Sessions) @ The Jazz Café, Reading 26th February GIG LISTINGS 19:30 Ocean Colour Scene @ The Hexagon,

Reading 20:00 – 23:00 100% Music presents ‘Live on Friday’s rock/indie/funk @ AVENUE, Newbury 20:00 TCT 10th Birthday ...JOR + SHOUTING MYKE + FAITH IN HATE + SEXTODECIMO + THE WALK OFF + DJ AL @ The Wheatsheaf, Oxford 20:00 Blumen Bullets @ The Face Bar, Reading 21:00 Roadhouse @ The Dolphin, Newbury 23:00 – 4:00 DJ Shanks & Friends @ AVENUE, Newbury **** MEMM Presents: DRESS TO KILL + THE STANLEY BLACKS + DINOSAUR PURSUIT @ Riffs Bar, Swindon 27th February GIG LISTINGS 19:00 Ska Cubano The Original Rabbit Foot Spasm Band, Action Stations DJ's @ O2 Academy, Oxford 20:00 – 23:00 Bibfortuna celebrates Directors Birthday – All welcome @ AVENUE, Newbury 20:00 Circus Sands @ Lock Stock & Barrel Newbury 20:00 Invasion / Bo Ningen / Toddlers @ The Oakford, Reading 20:00 SPRING OFFENSIVE + BEFORE I EXPLODE + MR FOGG @ The Wheatsheaf, Oxford 21:00 Talk In Code @ The Snooty Fox, Newbury 22:30 Transformation, Trashy + Room 101 (Over 18s only) @ O2 Academy, Oxford 23:00 – 4:00 Fun House Twins @ AVENUE, Newbury **** The FAUX FIGHTERS @ Riffs Bar, Swindon 28th February GIG LISTINGS 20:00 – 1:00 Weekly Open Mic @ AVENUE, Newbury 20:00 The Good Gods / With local guests @ The Oakford, Reading

**** time unknown please contact venue. Listings correct at time of going to print. Send us your listings at:

Pg 11

REVIEW Relik / Dial F for Frankenstein / Shattered Dreams / Not Just Business @ The Jericho Tavern, Oxford The Jericho Tavern in Oxford, known for hosting a young Radiohead in the mid 80’s, still pulls in a big crowd in it’s upstairs venue as a new generation of musicians hope to follow in the footsteps of the British rock bands which dominated the charts during the 90s. Tonight’s turn to take the stage were “Relik“, supported by “Not Just Business“, “Shattered Dreams” and “Dial F for Frankenstein”. A mixed collection of alternative rock and indie which was well received by over 150 music fans happy to pay a mere £5 on the door for the privilege. The opening band Not Just Business set the trend for the night with a solid performance aimed at catchy riffs that kept you humming whilst waiting for the next group. Shattered Dreams’ mixture of pop and punk was a welcome variety to the bill before main support Dial F for Frankenstein hit the stage with a definitive indie approach to each song. Classic 4 piece rock outfit Relik, touring between London and Coventry, headlined the show with a combination of new songs and crowd-pulling favourites. They broke from their own material to throw in a hybrid cover of Stereophonics’ Dakota and Kings of Leon’s Sex on Fire, followed by a rock re-mix of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face. The calls for an encore by the crowd were not ignored and with the final song, Relik closed a professional performance which they clearly enjoyed. Whilst the Jericho boasts a good selection of drinks, I couldn’t help but notice people walking around with cakes! After further investigation, I discovered the promoter (Ash, Cake? Promotions) celebrating the companies opening night with a near capacity crowd. If you ever look to go to a venue with a great atmosphere and plenty of history, The Jericho Tavern has this by the bagful!

Words: David Wood Images: Ash

Pg 12

REVIEW Metal Night @ The Monument, Newbury Basilisk promotions at the Monument, Newbury. Basilisk promotions presented their first show at the Monument, they (Ben, Ben and Dan) have been going for 4 months now after Ben Greener secured a grant from the Youth capital fund to purchase the PA system. What a first show it was! Absolutely crammed to the rafters. First band on were “One last silence” a youthful Newbury based hardcore/ screamo/metal band with shared vocals pleased the enthusiastic young crowd. Next up were “Strike Offensive” a “Trendless thrash metal” band from Reading, the 3 members Dave, Edd and Kieran ripped through their set list, they were well received on their first gig in the Newbury pub, and had the crowd head banging the small space available. As ever they gave their all and the packed crowd loved every minute of it. Next up were Ascent (formerly Red light rescue) after waiting over an hour for the band to set up sort out their equipment I had lost the will to live…..and left. The Monnie (or Tap and Spile as it was for a while) is a good old fashioned pub, with some great ales and a fantastic atmosphere, keep an eye out for forthcoming events!

Words and Images: DG_Photo

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THANKS TO: DG_Photo TiiWiGi Visual Creations David Wood Ash Relik Simon Brown Juno All performing bands (especially those featured in this issue), without you this magazine wouldn't exist!

Pg 14

CONTACT DETAILS Gig Listings: (Listings for Marchissue to be in by Feb 20th please) Advertising: Contributors: General Enquiries: Telephone: 07512 602952 WEBZINE: MYSPACE:

ADVERTISING Our advertising packages are being revised. That doesn't sound too exciting, but our new offers in 2010 are aimed at spreading the musical love around the area. Keep your eyes peeled during February 2010, as our new advertising packages are launched. Our aim has always been to support bands, venues and services, so our new items are designed to do just that. Plus maybe a bit more. For further information please get in touch using the details above.

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This month we managed to steal some time from Relik, the 50/50 blend of Newbury and Oxford band mates. The last time we saw them was in our pilot issue back Iin May last year. What are the guys up to now, and where are they going? Read on to find out! NS: Nick Strong (Lead vocals / guitar) / PB: Pete Brand (Lead guitar) / MF: Martin Fouracre (Bass / Backing vocals) / SD: Sean Dyer (Drums) So what’s inspired the big push this year? You seem to be gigging a lot! NS: We had a fairly quiet end last year, and I sent an e-mail out to the boys saying are we going to do this or not. And they said ‘yeah ‘course we’re gonna do it’. You know like I thought maybe it was coming to a natural conclusion. Because Sean had got a new job, and it all just slowed down. But I think we needed that . MF: We had virtually no gigs at the end of last year, and Sean was in college for four months in training, Mr. Brand got engaged so we were redundant for a little while. Now we’re back in force. We’ve had ten gigs in January, another six already booked for February, and some in March already so it’s busy times. NS: The Relik train is steam rolling. MF: Choo Choo! (laughs) Are you going to keep the momentum up this year? MF: Yeah I think we are, it’s going to be a case of we’re going to book ourselves up for whenever we’ve got free slots at the moment, so that we’ve got a constant two gigs per week, for as long as we can really. NS: It’s going really well really. MF: We’re trying to play a few new places as well. It’s the first time we’ve done a full acoustic gig here (The Cape of Good Hope, Oxford) . NS: We’ve done a few more in London. MF: Yeah, in Shepherds Bush and Archway. NS: We’ve got a guy in London who's trying to sort some bookings out for us. He knows a few people so that should help. MF: We’ve got a couple of Unsigned festivals coming up as well. We’ve got one on the 4th March in London at Boston Music Rooms, which is right by the train station you can’t miss

Pg 16

it. We’re playing there and it’s all done on this text vote thing SD: So we need lots of support basically! MF: The more people we get there, the more texts we potentially get and then get through to the next few rounds. The final is at the Indigo O2 in London. So potentially a big one. And then we’ve got another unsigned at Coventry, which we’ve got to play two minutes of a song for. We’re going to play Face in the Crowd, which is exactly two minutes. So if he (Sean) gets it too slow then that’s it. NS: It’s my fault, because I start. MF: That’s true. So where do you see yourselves going? MF: We want to get into proper festivals. We’ve wanted to get on at Reading on one of the stages there for a little while. NS: Our set at the moment is much more solid. The songs now are, I wouldn’t say credible, ...... MF: We play the songs better than we used to. NS: I think we’re a bit more confident. I go out there and I think, ‘yeah that’s a good song’. PB: I think you’ve improved as a front man as well. Singing voice and talking to the crowd. NS: I think my voice has got better. So you’re in the over self-confident stage then! All: Yeah (laughs). MF: We’re getting there! I think we’ll get to the peak of arrogance and then it’s the downfall! I think the aim this year is for us to get a manager or a record deal established. We’ve been together just over two years. It’s still relatively new, but we’ve not had much interest so far. So if there’s anyone out there….! (laughs) Are you releasing any more material, or are you waiting for some proper backing? PB: We’ve been recording recently. SD: We’ve been doing it all ourselves.

Pg 17

MF: Should we share the location of where we’ve been recording? PB: My house! MF: No, no no. Part of it was recorded in a two million pound house, with a view of acres of land. Which is where we recorded all of it if anyone asks in the future! SD: That’s were we leave out the part ‘it’s definitely not our house!’ MF: We’re recording five new songs, and we’re doing it ourselves rather than going to the studios, just to see if we can get a good sound out of it ourselves. NS: That’ll be more of a hand-out disc. MF: Yeah, sometimes people don’t want to part with the cash, but we don’t to put people off having a CD. So if we can do something ourselves at least they’ve got something to take away with them. Where does your main interest come from? MF: From my point of view, it’s been giving out CDs then their kids stealing them and enjoying what they hear. I think we’re aiming at a teen niche at the moment. They seem to really like us which is great. MF: Nick’s dad does a load of DJing at weddings and things like that and he plays Sex On Fire and Dakota then he plays Mr. Brightside, then one of ours. And he gets people coming up to him afterwards asking who that was so he’s handed out a few CDs. So we get a bit of music spread like that. Is there anything significant that has inspired your new tunes? NS: I’ve been writing a few new songs. 339 is about the road that runs through Basingstoke. It’s horrible but people die on that road quite frequently. I always wanted to write a song that had a number of a road. SD: Is that the only song you’ve ever written that isn’t about a girl? NS: The material is more like a second album. With a little more experience now we’ve been together for a while. It sounds more grown up I think, lyrically. MF: Predominantly the first release we did was about women. NS: Things like heartbreak. MF: It was. And sometimes an insight into Nick’s head.

Pg 18

PB: And drinking! Lots of gigs, looking for festivals, more material, what else can people expect from Relik? NS: I think the show is getting better. It’s more visual now. Like I said we’re more confident in our playing, so it’s easier to perform. MF: I think we’re all dedicating a bit more time to the band rather than not doing gigs. NS: I think that’s to do with our songs being quite strong at the moment so we enjoy ourselves more. MF: More gigs, new places. Hoping we get to go up North a little bit. Liverpool, Manchester sort of area. So hopefully start getting about up there a little bit. PB: Could do Cardiff as well. MF: Let’s just do a whole new country! We said we were going to a do a tour of America. I say a tour, it was week, while we were on holiday. NS: We might be going to Florida in September, so we might try something then! MF: Go and play with Mickey Mouse. NS: Acuna matata, it’s a happy phrase! Where do you see yourselves this time next year? NS: I’d like to think we’d have at least some sort of industry interest. Maybe talking to a few people. I wouldn’t say that we were gonna get signed or anything but at least getting recognition. We play loads of gigs and sometimes people don’t take it seriously because we don’t sound like the Kings of Leon, and we don’t look like the Arctic Monkeys. I think I’d just like the hard work to pay off really. MF: I think by this time next year I’d like us to have a proper following that travels with us. Recently at The Jericho in Oxford we had people from Wales, Southampton, Portsmouth and I’d like it so that if we are playing in London, or somewhere, that we know a few people who aren’t just friends and family are thinking ‘I’d like to go and see Relik actually’. That would be a cool place to be. MF: We’ve got the train back on the tracks. NS: Now that’s just cheesy rubbish you’re coming up with Martin!

Words: The Juke Images: TiWiGi Visual Creations

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MENTAL HEALTH How often are music stars falling into a state of bizarre actions and unexplained ramblings? Sometimes drink and drugs are fuelling the peculiar lifestyle events, but perhaps it’s more to do with the mental health of the person. Frequently musicians are quoted as having ‘demons’ or being a ‘dark character’, and while this aspect of their life may well provide a great source of influence for song-writing material, if left uncontrolled may lead to the person behaving in a manner that isn’t going to do them a lot of favours. So, where can it all go wrong? Everyone is different and one horrendous event will affect everyone in a different way. You may have felt lonely or isolated when you were growing up, or have experienced a traumatic event. You may have what some people call a natural ‘coping strategy’ which allows you to go through life with a constant smile on your face. However, it’s worth taking a few minutes out just to make sure the old noggin is doing ok. Why bother with mental health? People who are emotionally healthy tend to be more in control of their behaviour and their emotions. The strong mental mindset allows them to handle the challenges that everyone faces in life, while building solid relationships and leading a generally full and marvellous life. However, mental health tends to be overlooked by a lot of people, and just like physical health it needs to be checked on and worked with to make sure it’s in tip top condition for when you need it most. Good mental health can give you: - A sense of contentment - A lust for life, while laughing and having fun - A sense of purpose - Flexibility, to learn new things and deal with change - Good self-confidence and self-esteem So where do you start? It’s good to strike a happy medium (but please don’t slap a cheerful fortune teller) so make sure that you have the right balance between work, rest and play. You know what they say about all work and no play! It’s important to develop mental toughness, to allow you to roll with the sad times and soak up the good times. Don’t feel it’s about denying any sadness from your life. It will be of great benefit for you to experience strong emotions so that you learn how to deal with them, and this will allow you to understand when it is best for you to avoid such emotions too. Part of your strength will come from admitting to yourself that you have something you need to deal with. Taking on the challenge of resolving your mental problems will give you a little more confidence, as you will feel that you are taking control of how you feel, rather than being ruled by your emotions. Are there any warning signs? If you are unable to sleep, feeling hopeless most of the time, struggle to concentrate, use smoking or drugs to help cope, have self-destructive thoughts or feel like ending your life then seek help!

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What if you can’t do it yourself? There is no harm in saying to yourself that you need some help. Likewise it’s certainly not a problem to admit to someone else that you need assistance. In fact it’s often best to open up to someone for a bit of advice every once in a while. If you feel confident enough to speak to your family, or loved ones then that is great, but there is a whole world of medical practice that could give you a hand. Professional mental health services are relatively easy to access. Counselling services can offer un-biased support and there are a whole selection of alternative therapies available. Your local GP can sometimes lend a hand and certainly offer some advice. At the least a few wise words will give you a little more motivation and guidance. So is it just the mental side you should be concerned about? Many ancient cultures treat the body as a whole, rather than just one aspect. For instance, if you have a rash on your arm, rather than giving you some cream for it the view may be to understand what is going on with the rest of your body. Perhaps it’s related to something that you have eaten. This holistic view can be a very sensible approach, and similarly good mental health is linked to physical health. You could have great mental health but if you are physically unwell then you’re not going to feel your best. Make sure you take care of the whole body. Most people need around seven to eight hours sleep to function properly. Learn a little about nutrition. What’s good about what you eat, what could be better? We’ll feature some information on nutrition in our next issue. Throw in a little exercise. Many sources believe that exercise is a powerful antidote to stress, anxiety and depression. Add a little exercise into your life gradually. Sunlight is good for you too, but obviously take it steady. Ten to fifteen minutes is an advised minimum. Limiting alcohol and cigarette use will also benefit your physical and mental systems. Take care of yourself. Pay attention to your own needs and feelings. Throw things into your life that will stimulate your senses of sound, sight, touch, smell and taste. Stay calm and listen to music that lifts your mood. Make time for yourself. Some may prefer a spot of meditation, others a walk round the park, or maybe some volunteer work. Whatever it is, it’s worth putting some time aside to be with yourself. Everyone has different things that really make them relax, try and find what does it for you. Take time for real people. Despite having an internet magazine, we definitely advocate everyone getting out and about with real people. Spend time with people you like, and be involved with those who are upbeat and positive. If you do feel that things are getting a little too much, it’s better to try to sort them out sooner rather than later.

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FROM GARAGE TO GRANDURE #3 - THE REHEARSAL Last month we shared a few tips on how you might go about forming the mighty alliance that is the band. This month we lend some assistance on turning that gang of musicians into an awesome musical force by taking some time to hone your skills in the studio. So, first things first. What is a studio? It’s a term people frequently use in the music business, loads of bands give excuses for not playing tours because they are ‘in the studio’ but if you’ve never been to one then they might as well be speaking another language. The studio is just a room. But that’s not very rock and roll. So, to give it a bit more musical goodness the room is often furnished with musical bits and pieces, plus usually a bit of discrete sound-proofing. Depending on the type of studio the amount of gear you get will be different. For instance, there might be nothing but four walls and a ceiling, but often there will be probably be a drum kit, but it will probably be without cymbals and snare drum. These are the ‘consumable’ parts of the kit, so the studio might not provide them. It is likely that there will be guitar amps in the room, ready for you to plug your axe into. A few extras like a vocal microphone and stand should be in there as well. The interior will vary from cramped, to spacious, from spotless to grubby. It’s worth checking out a few places to see what you prefer. So what should things should you consider when choosing a rehearsal studio? Choosing the right rehearsal studio for you is the first and most important choice to make. Rehearsal studios are often similarly priced - up to £15 per hour peak time and as low as £5 per hour off peak. If you're paying more than £15 per hour, you're paying too much. Different studios have different pricing options though so it's good to pick the one that suits you. The next thing to consider is the equipment in the studio - what, if anything will you need to bring yourself and what will be provided by the studio? This varies from one place to the next and can be as much as the full backline (amps, PA, drum kit etc) down to as little as an empty room without even so much as a kettle. Some studios will ask you what equipment you need and may charge you an additional fee to rent it. Others will provide some or all of it free of charge, so it's definitely worth shopping around. When contacting a studio for the first time, you should consider the following (as appropriate): - Date and time you wish to rehearse (obviously) - How much earlier will you need to arrive for your slot (some studios will let you go in the room a little earlier to set up) - Cancellation fees, or block-booking discounts - Any equipment you need and ask if they charge to hire additional gear - Let the studio know the size of the band so they can recommend the right-sized studio for you - Ask about parking - some studios do not have parking which can be a real issue during peak times! - Ask about access - will someone be there to meet you? - Food - some studios have basic food and drinks for sale

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If you're looking for a studio to use on a regular basis, some studios will offer block bookings and discounts, so enquire if you want to save money in the long run. Also, it's worth considering using a lockup at the studio if the option is available. This will mean you can keep your gear at the studio, so it can increase your overall rehearsal time by minimising set up and unloading time. Depending on the amount of gear you have, it might actually end up saving you time and money as you won’t need to store it at your home or transport it around as much. When you’re at the rehearsal room it’s good to have a professional attitude. This doesn’t mean going overboard on speaking posh and having a flash mobile phone, but be pleasant to the guys at the studio and although you may think you’re the biggest baddest rock band on the block if you wreck the studio then the least you have is a hefty bill to pay and a new studio to find. Staying with the professional theme, it’s a good idea to have a rough idea of what you want to get done at the studio. You could be wasting good money if you just sit around waiting for inspiration to strike. You don’t need a full blown meeting agenda (unless that sort of thing turns you on!) but if the band shares the same idea of what you want to get done then you’re more likely to have a productive session. Other than that, get your band, get in the studio and give it a try! Next month we’ll give you some tips and tricks on developing your band’s character.

Words: The Juke / Jay @ The Rhoom

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AUDIO REVIEW Artist: Juno Media: CD Album Title: Soak Up The Sound Tracks: 5 Running Time: ~22 minutes Full-size CD case, nice cellophane wrapping, almost seems a shame to open it up. The album cover is dark, almost black with a hint of dark blue, and a few dashes of red/orange like far off lights at night. Opening the case reveals a really smart printed disc. Same dark blue / black colour scheme and the CD sleeve features a neat layout of track listing, copyright information and the band member names, all on a backdrop of a darkened collage of band pictures. Nice. 1. Soak up the sound – 4:34 - The band wastes no time in getting off to a good start. The pace is lively, tight and an automatically catchy riff coupled with a really bright melody. The sentiment grabs the memories of kicking around with your mates, too much sun, too much fun and crams them into a nifty CD opener. 2. Doing my job – 4:39 - Cow bell start is never bad, and developing it into a modern chunky rifftastic tune is a great development. The feel good rock sound really underpins the band sound. The lyrics are simple, but not cheesy and have a nice rhythm of their own. A well deserved solo fits right into the proper rock mould. The backing vocals give a really well orchestrated depth to the ensemble too. 3. Out here on my own – 3:47 - A more laid back affair in the middle of the disc. A more indie feel, with cleaner sounds but still a good depth of sound. The track hangs around the story of getting back with someone you’ve been with before. A potential for some mush and sop, but not on this disc. The delivery is powerful, blending strong music with natural and wise, rather than smarmy, lyrics. 4. Honalulu – 4:09 – A punk influenced start develops into the classic rock inspired track about a girl. Again, catchy, and different to the other tracks on the disc. 5. Everybody – 4:55 – A mild, but interesting start with light vocals. It’s almost a ballad. The pace is more relaxed and the power is turned down a little. For a minute. Then the chords kick back in, but with a gentle touch. Juno has a real power. The arsenal at this bands disposal is quite phenomenal. The music is tight, the lyrics are well thought out, backing vocals are a fine addition, the vocals are tuneful and fit the rock genre, each player adds interest to the tracks and the solos really work. What more would a band need? Well, maybe a CD with more than 5 tracks on. I certainly want more. For more information check out the band web site at Words: The Juke To get your recording reviewed drop us a line at

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CHARITY FEATURE A CLOSE SHAVE FOR METAL MAN Local metal guitarist and co-founder of Basilisk Promotions, Ben Greener, shall be shaving off all his hair and beard for the charity Young Minds. We will keep you posted on this hair raising event. Young Minds is the UK’s leading charity committed to improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people and empowering their parents and carers. Go to for more information about the charity. A LONG CYCLE RIDE TO FRANCE? AH OUI! Cast your minds back to the very first edition of Bermuda Square Effect™ and you may recall we interviewed a Mr. James Avison when he was with the Innovations Jazz Orchestra. This year James has pledged to ride his bike from London to Paris in July 2010 as part of the Action Heart Medical Research’s valuable charitable work in helping to improve the health of babies and young children in the U.K. He is hoping to raise at least £4,000 in sponsorship for this excellent charity by pedalling his way over 325 miles from the heart of London to the Champs Elysees in Paris and the finishing point at the Eiffel Tower. For more details and to sponsor the event, please visit the link below: “If you are able to help support this fundraising event by sponsoring me to complete this ride, that would be absolutely tremendous! If not, then you can still enjoy the mental image of me in figure-hugging Lycra pounding the highways and byways of Berkshire on two wheels over the next few months in preparation for this ride. With very best wishes and thanks in advance for any support you’re able to offer. James”

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NEWS COSTLY COVERAGE For those who thought providing television coverage of a festival is always cheap think again. The BBC apparently spent £1.737 million pounds on Glastonbury coverage in 2008. Some critics are saying that this cost, coupled with the actual coverage, does not represent good value. EARLY LEARNING! A recent report suggests that learning a musical instrument at primary school can boost a youngster’s confidence and learning in other areas. A government-funded scheme, known as the ‘Wider Opportunities Programme ‘, that teaches children to play instruments in a group has proved to be a very positive idea. Teachers said that the class improved attitudes towards learning and increased motivation in other subjects too. So far the scheme is run in 6,500 schools in England, Northern Ireland and Wales. CHECK YOUR PROTECTION Music fans may find that their digital music collections are not covered by their regular home insurance policies. Around £1.3 billion are estimated to have been downloaded in Britain, but less than one in four policies include cover for digital music. VIRGIN WATCHING THE WEB Plans are afoot for Virgin Media to monitor customers’ internet use, to see whether any copyright infringement is occurring. However, human rights watchdog, Privacy International, has voiced concern over the proposed use of the Cview software. The software would allow the internet service provider to review the internet activity of its customers. Critics believe this software is linked to the announcement made last year by Virgin that they would provide unlimited downloads for a monthly fee, in partnership with Universal Music. At the current time ‘intercepting communications is a criminal offence regardless of what you do with the data’ under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (Ripa). Virgin states that the software will maintain customer anonymity, and will analyse the percentage of copyrighted data that flows across the network. Three major file-sharing sites (Gnutella, eDonkey and BitTorrent) are expected to form part of the trial.

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BERMUDA SQUARE EFFECT - February edition  

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