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EDITORIAL Howdy music lovers! So we find ourselves in August. What's in store for us? A wet summer? What happened to global warming? Never ye mind, don't let the damp weather dampen your music spirit! What with Glastonbury getting off lightly with the weather it looks like this month's festivals are more likely to get a good soaking. V festival is coming soon, followed by the close- to-home Reading festival. Catch our event preview at the end of the mag for an insight to what is bound to be a stunning show. I'm sure you've got your tickets. What? You left it a bit late. You're not alone. Well... you might be on the day of the festival, sat on your lonesome. Let that be a lesson to you! We managed to check out the local Shalfest event and a portion of the Basingstoke live weekend. Both very differently presented, but following a similar theme. I think it's great to have local people supporting the local music talent. It's a bit annoying to hear people berating the efforts of those actually trying to provide an event at which musicians can perform. It's a tough old job organising an event, let alone getting passed the mystical health and safety aspects. We need a few more guys and girls organising these things, rather than more people moaning about them. I know there are plenty of people keen to make use of a field here and there, so get behind them and lend support where you can. The same goes for supporting your local venues. Make sure people know that live music is still a worthwhile cause. Although the gig listings are a little lighter this month, being holiday season, there are still plenty of places to check out local and imported


artists to get your listening tackle around. Ever wondered what goes on inside the mind of a local metal band? Check out our Machinna feature to find out! But what else is going on in the world of local music? Plenty! There are loads of demo cd's knocking around, shed loads of bands looking for gigs and a selection of places to go and check them out. Wouldn't it be nice to have one place where you could find all the local bands, and all the local venues? We're working on that. In the meantime, check out our gig listings and get yourself out to a few of the venues. You never know, you just might like the local sounds. What's that? You haven't got time? Not that old chestnut. So, what are you looking forward to? The weather? Wondering whether next year you'll be saying 'what a crap summer we had last year', or is it going to be 'remember that band we saw, they were awesome'? Get your shoes on and get out to a gig or two. Let us know how it went. Pass on the passion

The Juke

GIG LISTINGS AUG 2009 Sat-Sun ( 1st - 9th )

1st August GIG LISTINGS 19:30 Battle Proms @ Highclere Castle, Highclere 20:30 -Electrus @ Old London Apprentice, Newbury 21:00 Keep Off The Grass (DJ's) @ Pig and Paper, Newbury 21:00 Barewires @ Railway Tavern, Hungerford 21:00 Your Champion @ The Monument, Newbury 2nd August GIG LISTINGS 15:00 Counterpoint @ Reading Town FC, Reading 3rd August GIG LISTINGS No Listings 4th August GIG LISTINGS 20:00 Open Mic Night @ Oakford Social Club, Reading 5th August GIG LISTINGS 20:00 BBC Introducing LIVE Defend Moscow / Openroom / Lana @ Oakford Social Club, Reading 6th August GIG LISTINGS 21:00 FreshFunk (DJs) @ Pig and Paper, Newbury 7th August GIG LISTINGS 21:00 Hip Hop & RnB (DJs) @ Pig and Paper, Newbury 20:00 The Hattie Carrolls @ Battle of The Bands Final, Face Bar, Reading 20:00 Ninth Colossus @ The Face bar, Reading 20:00 Whole Lotta Led @ Rising Sun Arts Centre, Reading 21:00 Bang Out Of Order @ Railway Tavern, Hungerford 21:00 Bruce Hogg @ The Dolphin, Newbury 21:00 Junction 13 @ The Monument, Newbury8th August GIG LISTINGS

12:00 The Julian Tulk Band @ Pewsey Music Festival, Swindon 19:00 Counterpoint with Desolation @ 3Bs, Reading 20:00 The Fire Antz @ The Old Bell, Newbury 20:00 Relik @ The Bricklayers, Newbury 20:00 Switch 60 @ Pig and Paper, Newbury 20:00 Rogues + The Voluntary Butler Scheme + The Tuesday Group @ Oakford Social CLub, Reading 20:30 Street Corner Talking @ Old London Apprentice, Newbury 21:00 Hip Hop & RnB (DJs) @ Pig and Paper, Newbury 21:00 The Special Guests @ The Old Nick, Swindon 21:00 Zangryus @ The Monument, Newbury 22:00 Phantom Theory @ The Cellar, Oxford 9th August GIG LISTINGS 19:00 King Charles / Dry the river / Ute @ Oakford Social Club, Reading 20:00 Smokey Bastard / Los Salvadores / Muck Fe @ Global Cafe, Reading 21:00 Hip Hop & RnB (DJs) @ Pig and Paper, Newbury

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REVIEWS Death by Panda / Just Add Monsters / Dayzed @ Moorside Community Centre, Thatcham Welcome one and all to the hidden gem of a venue, the Moorside Community centre. It must be an exclusive place as the relatively small number of crowd members are obviously keeping this place a secret. The stage hosts a nifty youthful three-piece who rattle through a number of Blink 182 cover songs to a very good response. Often guitarists who use a radio mic still hang around on stage, but the bassist for Death By Panda was moving round more than a wasp at a picnic. The music was very accomplished, albeit copying their proteges. A little work on the vocals would give the band a really good foundation on which to build. Bizarrely as the band left the room so did most of the crowd, so maybe Just Add Monsters are as frightening as their name suggests. A little while later the four-piece of monsters take to the stage and perform a peculiar mix of heavy roaring metal with punk undertones. The vocalist, completely unafraid of the microphone spent most of the set abusing the length of the microphone cable by stomping around the crowd and adding a very animated front to a heavy a tight band. Much respect indeed to the drummer who was suffering from a bout of food poisoning which added a decent shade of grey to the proceedings. Musically very good and politically driven, the only drawback was the lack of comprehension of the roaring vocals. However, in terms of capturing the metal style the lads did a good job. Last band on this evening are three piece Dayzed. This band certainly has character. A range of tunes were played by the lads and guitar was supplied in a calm-to-manic style with a guitar plastered in more stickers than my fridge. It looks like the guy had stolen the first two steps from the stairs at home as his guitar pedals were stacked on the front of the stage. The squealing guitar was played as if it was an out of control beast, ready to lose control at any moment. Following a similar temperament the drummer pounded the skins with a mix of enthusiasm, reckless abandon and rhythmical awareness. Bass notes were produced by the most well presented band member who took occasional delight in posing for the photographers milling around the room. An inspiring set, performed with a willingness to experiment with sound and style to a great effect.


GIG LISTINGS AUG 2009 Mon-Sun ( 10th - 16th )

10th August GIG LISTINGS No LIstings 11th August GIG LISTINGS 20:00 Open Mic Night @ Oakford Social Club, Reading 12th August GIG LISTINGS 20:00 BBC Introducing LIVE Jets Against Giants / Illegitamate Son's Of The King / Ellot to Hong Kong @ Oakford Social Club, Reading 13th August GIG LISTINGS 20:00 Jim Lockey / Ben Marwood @ Oakford Social Club, Reading 14th August GIG LISTINGS 19:00 Push It (DJ) @ Oakford Social Club, Reading 21:00 Paradox @ Railway Tavern, Hungerford 21:00 - Risky Business @ The Dolphin, Newbury 21:15 - Riff Raff @ Queens Tap, Swindon 15th August GIG LISTINGS 18:00 Simply Red @ Newbury Racecourse, Newbury 20:00 Damien A Passmore & The Loveable Fraudsters @ 3Bs (under the Town Hall), Reading 20:30 - Father & Son @ Old London Apprentice, Newbury 21:00 - Nightprowler @ The Monument, Newbury 21:00 - Logoff @ Snooty Fox, Newbury 21:00 Mickey Moonlight @ Oakford Social Club, Reading 16th August GIG LISTINGS 15:00 Mike Miller Jazz Trio @ Lock , Stock and Barrel, Newbury

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REVIEWS Jammin' Dodgers @ Thatcham Fun Day, Henwick Sports field How many bands have you seen perform in the back of a lorry? Thought as much. Luckily on this occasion the truck was firmly parked at the top of Hennwick sports field and for one hour was the most rock'n'roll stage for young players the Jammin' Dodgers. The weather was absolutely scorching and a good sized crowd had assembled to take in the performance. Holding the stage for just under an hour the five-piece present their rock set kicking off with the theme from School of Rock. Maybe it's the heat, maybe the peculiar stage but the lads don't seem quote as tight as I have seen them before. The cheeky sparkle seems a little subdued and the performance could have done with a little more energy, however we were still priviliged to witness the can-can through the Led Zeppelin moments. The set was decent enough and the crowd hung around and increased in size as the tunes carried on. The fella's got to their penultimate original song, had just introduced it ready to kick-off and were rudely interrupted by one of the event staff who thought it was more important to announce a tug-of-war. A little perplexed the lads played on and delivered their own track to a good reception. One more tune and 'American Idiot' rounded off their performance nicely. Despite the bizarre interlude the set was generally well done. I would recommend a little more gusto, and a better microphone manner. Enjoy some banter with the crowd!

Oxford Silver Band @ Victoria Park Bandstand, Newbury After a scorching morning, the afternoon clouds over and almost looks a little threatening. Maybe Sundsays at Victoria Park are always like this. A crowd of about fifty are spread across the gras listening to the tunes as we arrive. Around twelve musicians are holding the bandstand today and produce a rnage of tunes with a mix of brass and percussion. The notes are crisp and well-defined while the rhythm is tight and well-rehearsed. The relaxed audience obviously appreciated the performance, especially some of the younger member who often shouted for more. A sentiment shared by many as the music was both varied and well-peformed. A few familiar tunes cropped up including 'Ghost Riders In The Sky', and 'Ode To Joy'. Definitely a family favourite epsecially on a sunny day. But remember, there's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.



Mon-Sun ( 17th - 23rd )

17th August GIG LISTINGS No listings 18th August GIG LISTINGS 20:00 Open Mic Night @ Oakford Social Club, Reading

23rd August GIG LISTINGS 21:00 Stripped @ Railway Tavern, Hungerford

19th August GIG LISTINGS 20:00 BBC Introducing LIVE Joe Public / Boy DId Good / Circus Electric @ Oakford Social Club, Reading 20th August GIG LISTINGS No listings 21st August GIG LISTINGS 20:30 - The Covergirls @ Old London Apprentice, Newbury 21:00 - Bib Fortuna @ The Monument, Newbury 21:00 - Bare Wires @ The Dolphin, Newbury 21:00 Stripped @ Railway Tavern, Hungerford 22nd August GIG LISTINGS 12:00 - The Julian Tulk Band @ Megabash, Reading 16:00 - WickedBoyPromotions Alldayer @ Face bar, Reading 20:00 - Kamikaze Test Pilots @ 148 Summer Party, Reading 20:00 - Smokey Bastard @ Megabash, Reading 20:00 - Phantom Theory @ Cornerstone Arts Centre, Didcot 21:00 - The Special Guests @ Carriers Arms, Swindon 21:00 Junction XIII + Kamikaze Test Pilots + Club Le Shark @ Pig and Paper, Newbury 21:00 Humdinger @ Railway Tavern, Hungerford 21:00 Hook and the Twin / Mr Fogg @ Oakford Social Club, Reading

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REVIEWS Juno / Relik @ The Dolphin, Newbury 'We're half of Relik' is announced by Nick Strong, as he and Pete Brand lead the main act of the evening with a few acoustic twinguitar numbers. The lads furnish the crowd with a good selection of Relik tracks, including 'Face In The Crowd', 'Drinking Games' and 'The City's Ours'. Impressively the lads interspersed their set with a few covers delivered in their own passionate, sentimental and powerful style. A highlight of this was 'Mr.Brightside' and Reliks staple medley of 'Dakota' and 'Sex On Fire'. Both tracks performed with more emotion and drive than you could shake a very big stick at. Originally scheduled for early in the evening the Juno band took to the floor with a very understated appearance. However, there is a rule of thumb of mine that seems to be paying dividends. If the bass player looks like a supply teacher then you're probably in for a treat. And a treat was definitely offered. With a swift sound check, which was embarrasingly good, the band kicked into their set which was absolutely stunning. Sometimes you see a band that delivers either something good or something different. This foursome delivered both. The mix of vocal harmonies, rhythmical diversity, melodic variations and cool stage presence really set this band apart from the avergage run of the mill pub band. Each track was tightly delivered and the positive vibe never waned throughout the two part set. No novelty features here (fluffy guitar strap aside) just good, hard, proper playing. Awesome stuff. Topping off a fine set with a rousing rendition of 'Turning Japanese' was a winner and sparked off the audience to request another track. Obliging the crowd with another tune the band leave the stage and it is clear that great things should come their way.



Mon-Sun ( 24th - 30th )

24th August GIG LISTINGS No listings 25th August GIG LISTINGS 20:00 Open Mic Night @ Oakford Social Club, Reading 26th August GIG LISTINGS 20:00 BBC Introducing LIVE @ Oakford Social Club, Reading 27th August GIG LISTINGS 20:00 Johnny Arrow and The Cheap Day Returns @ Jazz Club, Reading 20:00 Mike Joyce (DJ set) @ Oakford Social Club, Reading 28th August GIG LISTINGS 20:30 Northern Soul (DJs) @ Pig and Paper, Newbury 20:30 Steeler @ Old London Apprentice, Newbury 21:00 Father & Son @ The Monument, Newbury 21:00 Evolution @ Railway Tavern, Hungerford 29th August GIG LISTINGS 21:00 Juno @ Pig and Paper, Newbury 21:00 Riff Raff @ Railway Tavern, Hungerford 21:00 Jagged Lexicon @ 3Bs, Reading 30th August GIG LISTINGS 20:30 CuteLoony @ The Bell, Marlborough

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EVENT REVIEW SHALFEST 2009 Shalbourne Beer and Music Festival 2009 A warm, cloudy day awaited the Shalbourne beer and music festival. Located just outside Shalbourne, the green field kitted out with stage tent, eating facilities and bar tent stood ready for the fans to arrive. With a mix of local ales and ciders on tap it was rude not to indulge in the local offerings, especially as at this event they put beer before music. Kicking off the proceedings was a mix of Black Rat (local cider) and The Stone Geckos a four piece fronted by a female lead singer with enough clout to deliver their selection of covers, including 'Mercy', 'Allright Now', 'What's Goin On?' and 'Valerie'. The performance was good and certainly easy to listen to, but lacked much of a stage presence. The music was tight enough though and certainly a decent enough opener for the festival. A good covers band to open up, and the field is starting to fill up. With the festival crowd a little warmed up it was clearly time for some rock n roll, neatly served up by The Worried Men and accompanied with cider number two, Cheddar Valley. Plenty of stage presence was given by this three piece who delivered a chunky guitar-driven set remeniscent of Hendrix and ZZ Top. Lots of audience interaction made their set entertaining to watch, and though clearly talented musicians the band had a brilliant sense of humility. The classic rock style coupled with excellent crowd banter made this tro a pleasure to behold. The set was long, and holding the tent for around 2 hours was no chore, with various styles exhibited by the guitar, bass and drum combination. The afternoon warrants something a bit more abstract, and The Wookies provide a fine array of their own material to satisy this need. With the third band, and third cider, Stowford Press, their festival performance is fine, with interesting on-stage antics. The music was tight, punchy and varied and held together with a passionate performance. Their musical style is very


distinctive and brings together the best of rock influences, electronic sounds and an almost folk-style with the blend of vocalists. From the performance only the vocals needed a bit more work. Occasionally the vox sounded a little flat, but with a bit of tweaking the whole package would be impressive, and individual indeed. Fourth band and fourth cider, St.Heliers pear, Talk In Code hold the stage with their light-hearted, full-spirited dynamic pop-rock sound. These lads provide a really upbeat tone, perfectly suited to lifting the mood in the early evening. With a slightly shorter set than their scheduled one hour the five piece promote a great crowd reaction and an equally impressive performance. Taking to the stage for a very short time was Nightprowler. A rock inspired concotion of tunes, well played but on stage for much too short a time. Next up, Open Road. Classic rock covers fly around and even have a guest appearance by Slash! Or at least, someone who looked like Slash! The band must have been good, or the alcohol was kicking in, as now the festival was treated to widespread crowd dancing. The crowd interaction was ok and the three piece, plus an occasional big-wigged guitarist, gave a good enough set. Generally the music was well played, but could have been a little tighter in certain parts. Last up, and holding the entire stage to ransom were the headliners for the festival, Locomotion. By now the tent is full, the daylight is all but gone and the multi-musician band perform a range of well-known covers to a very receptive audience. The band has a good mix of guys n gals, with a fair proportion of vocal work being spread between the group. The onstage presence is great and although the material is not original the set is performed with plenty of gusto to which the crowd responds well. The band hold the stage until just gone 11pm and provide a grand end to a fine event. Heading home, and with a designated river, a few moments to reflect on the day of main bands, interspersed with music by Sierra. Occupying the stage between bands was a welcome additional interlude between the main acts and gave the crowd an opportunity to capture a little more live music. An awesome day, and easily capable of attracting more visitors and harbouring more musical talent.


DEMO REVIEW Atom Gang - We Are The Formula. Total running time 10 minutes 15 seconds. A 3-track CD released by Atom Gang, presented in a well-presented cardboard sleeve. A picture of a deserted laboratory on the front, with an elaborate and creative background on the reverse provide a decent theme for the band. Track 1 - The Death Of Us A pounding start, with a distinctive picking riff, launching into a very punchy rhythm. Straight into pumping bass and tuneful simple, but effective, lyrics. Straight, full-on rock riffing to very good effect. The breakdown to bass and drums through the start of each verse adds a great diversity and contrast to the heavier later sections of the verse. Very tight, very rock and very powerful. A real driving rhythm and punch through the whole track. Track 2 - Honey Chase The Dragon Vocals open, almost choir style, then driving drums and another chunky riff. A track that makes you want to punch the air with your fist to the rhythm. Breaking down to bass and drums again, but the track is different to the first. This band really know how to strike punch into a track. The sound is relatively simple; vocals, drums, bass and guitar with few signs of over-production which makes for a really clean and hard-hitting sound. Track 3 - A Hungry Burn Last track. Another fine riff. More breakdowns to bass and guitar, but this time a more delicate approach is used. Some wonderful guitar picking and yet more driving rhythm, although this time with a little more swing in places. A great EP that showcases simple music at its best. Real power, passion and talen delivered in a neat 12cm package.


DEMO REVIEW Sierra Hurtt - 8 OR 80 EP Total Running Time 26minutes 29 seconds Track 1 - Solace A mild, guitar-backed vocal tune serving as a gentle opener to the CD. Sierra uses her vocals to good and soothing effect. Track 2 - Letting Go More gentle rhythms, with mild vocals. A flowing, sentimental tune with a wonderful atmosphere. Great use of keyboard adds a lovely depth to give a song that is simple yet beautiful. Track 3 - Rooftops More of an upbeat temp to this track, with the same, almost husky, vocals. The lyrics are uncomplicated and the sound is more engaging than the content of the words. Track 4 - Butterflies A soothing, yet pounding tune with lyrics describing delicate things, against a backdrop of this rumbling beat. A peculiar mix which works quite well. This track has the most depth from the cd and brings a nice change to the musical style. Track 5 - Circles More of a guitar-based track, with a simple mix of drums and bass. Simple use of vocals to create another mild, but enjoyable tune. Track 6 - Alchemy Strings to open this one. The vocal style reveals a more haunting style now. Tuneful, and equally close to despair and elation. A different track to close the cd with and a demonstration of the willingness to experiment within the genre. The musical style is very easy to listen to. Even better if you're looking for a cd to relax to. The lyrics tend to be quite sentimental, yet meaningful and the different vocal styles add a little magic to each track. The tuness are well produced and the general tempo is quite restrained yet contains a lot of energy.



COMING SOON newbury's very own

SCHOOL OF ROCK Ever wanted to play at a full-blown recording studio in the summer holidays in your own band? Ever wanted your very own recording of you and your bandmates rocking out? Dust off your guitar, get your singing tackle in gear and get ready for this grand event planned for the end of the summer and being held at Studio 91 on New Greenham Park. The lucky rockers will be able to spend a week getting ready for a mini-gig held at the Studio, for friends and family to attend. All you need is some prior musical instrument experience, and the ability to rock! Space will be limited, so for further information and to book a slot, check out the details at the bottom of this page.

For further information contact Leo at info@letsplayrock or 01635 866000 / 07988 888478 16

GIG LISTINGS AUG 2009 Mon ( 31st )

31st August GIG LISTINGS No listings

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Did someone say that Newbury doesn't have any metal bands? Wash your mouth out. With rusty nails. Not only does Newbury have a decent selection of metalsmiths we managed to collar Newbury norn and bred lads Machinna to see what's going on in their world.


Who are you guys? Dave – Bass / Chaz – Drums / Dan – Guitar / Ben – Vocals So you guys did a recording not so long ago? Chaz: We recorded one at Uprising. A mini 5-track EP. Dan: It’s the first proper one we have done. We did a nine track one before that we recorded ourselves. Chaz: And that was rubbish. All: Yeah! (laughs) Dan: We did it at the Moorside Community centre. Chaz: It was pretty rubbish. How did it go at Uprising? Chaz: It was actually really fun. It’s really relaxed there as well. They let us bring in food. Which is good. Ben: And Oreo’s. All: Yeah! (laughs) Chaz: We spent four days recording. Dan: Then a week or so afterwards before we got the masters through. It was a day per instrument really. So drums, guitar, bass then vocals. Chaz: And on the last day there was a little bit of mixing, so we could tweak it to how we want it. So you recorded all your pieces separately? Dan: Yeah, then they just put it together when they mix it. Chaz: When I played my bit, because I had to do my bit first, we had Dan running through into my headphones so we could play together. But they would just record the drums. Were you there when it was being mixed? Dan: Yeah, one or two missed out on a couple of days, with dentist appointments and other stuff, but we were there for most of it. It’s on itunes and Amazon now. Ben: It’s called Serpentis Veri. That’s snake venom? Chaz: Yeah, something about snakes. Dan: We’re really really pleased. It’s come on so much from the early stuff that we did as well. And it’s all our own stuff. How do you write your own tracks? Chaz; Most of the time Dan writes it. Dan: Then when we’ve got the instruments sorted Ben puts the vocals over the top. I can’t do vocals to save my life. Chaz: Dave can. Dave seriously can. Yeah? Dave: (shakes his head) Chaz: No he can’t.

How have you promoted your EP? Ben: We’ve been meaning to do that! Chaz: We were trying to sell them at Wootton Hill, and we got Dan's sister to sell them. Dan: Yeah my sister, the aggressive salesman. We sold a few actually. They’re about £3 for the CD, or 79p per track. What made you get into metal? Dan: I guess the first bands we all listened to were nu-metal. Limp Bizkit, and everything. Back in the days! Everyone else was listening to rap, and I suppose we were being rebellious listening to Slipknot and Limp Bizkit. We were amazed by that. Then we just got heavier. Especially with Ben. Chaz: Yeah. It all started when me and Dave used to go down to Moorside every Thursday, that was when it first started. And then this guy called Matt approached me and asked if I wanted to start a band. And we had a little band before and Dan was on bass. Then so many different changes of line-up and then the name change and then we got to this! And we just completely changed everything. That’s how this came about. So we didn’t just meet up and go blah blah blah. Ben is the newest one. We met him through MSN. Went and got a kebab. You’re in. What made you pick your vocal style? Ben: It just seems to be the vocal style I can perform. Rather than doing clean vocals. It just seems to suit the music much better than more melodic style vocals. Maybe I should put some opera style singing on the next one. Chaz: Oh no. What was the last CD you were listening to? Dave: Irish celtic music. That’s quite weird. Chaz: DZ Break it Down. Dan: Probably a Meshuggah album. Ben: Either Eminem’s Relapse or Meshuggah album. Quite different! How did the battle of the bands (24th July) at Face Bar, Reading go? Dan: It went really well actually. The next round is on 7th August. Chaz: It’s probably the best we have played for a while. We were up against three bands. Dan: We got through with the other Newbury band, Ninth Colossus. Where did the band name come from? Dan: We had a song called it. And we wanted to change our name because our old name Taken By The Dark wasn’t really putting out the right image for us. It's Russian for machine. Chaz: We put how to say the word on myspace because we have a lot of people say "next up Machine-A, Machine-O, Matchino, Macho, Macho Man!" So we thought we’d put that on there. Ben: Has anyone ever got it right? Dan: Nope. Chaz; It’s not that hard really. It’s just a word. It’s not like it’s got loads of letters in. Who did all the graphics on your myspace? Chaz: Dan did. It’s paid off though. Dan: Yeah it’s paid off alright. Looks ok. Can’t really click on the player so you can’t stop the music, which is ok. I’ve been designing a few web sites. Is there anything grand you get up to outside of the band? Ben: We’ve got Basilisk Promotions. Dan: Yeah we’ve just started up.


BAND FEATURE Ben: It involves booking gigs, PA rental. There’s a real lack of promoters in the area booking gigs. So we want to find more venues. We’ve got a facebook and myspace. ( Dan: Even if we found a promoter they’re unlikely to want death metal, so we’ve decided to go about it our own way. Where did you guys try to play first when you had just started? Chaz: It was Moorside. That’s always the place we do stupid stuff at. Ben: That’s where we experiment with the music and visual stuff. When we’ve got new material we always try it there. Chaz: The sound is ok when it’s packed out. In the way it looks, with the stage, it’s no different to places like the Face Bar. Are there any other bands you would recommend? Dave: Smokey Bastard are good. It’s punk with Irish fiddle playing. Dan: Ninth Colossus and Still We Breathe are good. We do a lot of gigs with them. Chaz: It helps having another few local metal bands. Like when we played at Bar Risa in Reading. There was a soul band on. They were the ones who called us Machine-O. Is there anything you want to try for the future? Dan: More promotions and a full length album would be good. Ben: I’d like to expand my vocals a bit. Try different styles. Try extreme vocals, stuff like that. Anything you’d like to let people know? Dan: Believe it or not, Ben is the youngest. Dan: 19 / Dave: 17 / Chaz: 17 / Ben: 15 All: (laughs) Ben: No-one ever believes it! Chaz: When we turn up to gigs we don’t necessarily look that metal. But when we get up there we do throw it down quite well. How you all played for the same time? Dan: I’ve been playing guitar for about eight years now. Chaz: I’ve played drums for about the same amount of time. Dave: I started playing guitar about two years after that. Ben: I’ve only been doing vocals for about two years. I started playing guitar and did some recording at home. I thought clean vocals wasn’t really suiting the music I was recording. So I thought I’d attempt screaming and just took it from there really. I ended up forming a band, then every band fell through. Chaz: I play drums because I used to like to hit things. So my mum said try and calm yourself down and hit something productively. So I picked up some drumsticks and started drumming on a sofa, then gradually progressed to drumming on an office chair. Then actually about four years of playing I actually got a drumkit. I then sold that kit and for another three years I didn’t have one. And I’ve only just bought another one. So I just rely on hitting things. Dan: I think seeing my uncles band got me into it. Cause I always looked up to him and he always played guitar. I guess I was impressed and wanted to do it. Got a guitar for Christmas when I was eleven, got lessons two years later and progressed from there. Dave: I was looking for a band, and to get into this band I needed to play bass. So I put down the guitar and played bass. It does help being able to play both.


Anything new for the future? Dan: We’re thinking of getting a bassist in for some new material. We’re thinking about getting Dave back on guitar. Having one guitarist is a bit limiting, you can’t really get the harmonies you want. Since Dave knows most of the guitar parts it would be easier to get someone to learn the bass parts. Dave: On stage it’s better because you’ve got more people going mental. Chaz: It's a matter of picking new things and seeing what happens. Dan: We're experimenting with new time signatures and polyrhythms Chaz: Just to annoy people. That’s what I like about the band. Annoying people. Whether annoying other people in the band or anyone outside. Or annoying people’s ears. Any last words? Chaz; We like Rio’s burgers. They are well good.


NEWS While most of the population are getting ready for summer holidays, it seems that it's the time for bands to head to the studio. Local lads In Darklight are recording their latest album. They have been saving their cash for such an occasion, following on from the success of their 'HEad Rush' EP. Secondly, we've been saving our cash up recently and have decided we'd like to record a mini album. Probably will be 6 tracks long depending on how far our money goes! Our Head Rush EP has been very successful and has gotten into the hands of a lot of fans and industry people so we're grateful for that. "However, the majority of feedback from people is that they'd like an album, so we are going to do one. We have a lot of new songs we have been playing in our set since the Head Rush EP was recorded last year, so we are going to pick the best ones and put them on the mini album".

Who would have believed that a local would be heading up the NME magazine? Krissi Murisonstarts her new role on 1 September. She has made it clear that it's her 'dream job' and will be the first female boss of the magazine. She was deputy editor, but moved to New York to take on the role of music director at Nylon magazine. She lived in Yateley, Hampshire when she was younger and went to the Abbey school in Reading. After joining NME in 2003 as a junior staff writer she progressed onto new bands editor and features editor. Krissi will be the eleventh editor of the magazine.

But it's not just one band in the studio, oh no. Mind Overtime have also been busy and are preparing to launch their second EP. In summer 2007 they recorded their debut EP "Unfold" to positive reviews. The EP was produced by musician/producer Joe Lawrence. The band have recently finished recording their new EP entitled "Attributes" due for release on 12th September 2009. The EP was produced by Joe Lawrence at Bossman Studios in Swindon.

- Got an interesting lead on a story? Has anyone you went to school with landed an awesome job in the music world? Got something you think is newsworthy? Drop us a line.



28th-30th AUGUST 2009

How could we possibly overlook the awesome and impressive Reading festival when it's such a short distance away? With no fewer than 7 stages it looks like Reading is still a force to be reckoned with. It's not really surprising that a festival with this much clout attracts some seriously large names. A fine state to be in as the festival has been around in one form or another since its inception in 1961. Headlining the main stage across the three days are Kings Of Leon / Arctic Monkeys / Radiohead. So that must mean that the other headliners are a bit weak. Get out of town. Headlining the NME/Radio 1 stage are Faith No More / Gossip / Lost Prophets. Now that must mean that the other stages are a bit rubbish. Not a chance. With the likes of Billy Talent, Rise Against, Marmaduke Duke, Atreyu and La Roux appearing on the other stages then you're in for a treat no matter where you go. That's assuming you have your tickets. They sold out an a phenomenal rate this year, and I'm sure the same will happen next time around, so if you got caught short this time don't let it happen again! As a nice touch, the Rivermead Centre showers (along with others) will be open to festival goers, so the rest of the population doesn't have to withstand the umpteen smelly campers! As with many festivals, any gas canisters have been banned from the site, and disposable bbq's are the way forward for cooking. The camp site opens at 6pm for Early Bird ticket holders on Wednesday 26th August, while for regular ticket holders the site opens at 8am Thursday 27th August. The arena opens at 11am each day. Despite the poor long range weather forecasts, Reading is packed full of potential for a riproaring success of a festival. Get yourself over to for more details!


EVENT REVIEW Basingstoke Live @ War Memorial Park, Basingstoke Big field: Check. Range of tents and bands: Check. Fantastic festival weather: Steady on! Basingstoke council continue to actively support live music by providing this years Basingstoke live, three music tents, plus accessories, showcasing a variety of bands for free access to anyone who happens to be there. The band we catch in the 100% tent was unfortunately not the first of the day, and apologies to Yearbook who took to the stage first. Our opening musicians were 4 piece Gan-A-Gley who brought a friendly stage presence and a musical style clearly inspired by a range of influences, including funk, blues, ska and sounds of the American mid-west. Their own material dazzled, especially with amazingly swift and modest guitar solos and tuneful vocals with decent lyrics. The crowd reaction was good and their friendly banter certainly helped this along. The lads closed with 'Sex On Fire', a popular cover track in the local music scenes and delivered well, but not as powerful as their own tracks. Keep your ears open for their epic track 'Victoria' and country-esque 'Another Way Round'. Next on, the full compliment of Relik. The four piece waste no time in playing mild opening numbers and kick straight into the driving tune of 'Route 666'. The sound is tight, loud and clear with plenty of stage character on show. It's good to see a lead guitarist throwing the axe around mid-solo to add a bit of dynamism to the stage. Never has a song been so apt as 'Drinking Games' performed to a crowd including three inebriated can-holding dancers. The set was very well received and the onstage persona was mirrored in the crowd. A powerful set, which was both engaging and enjoyable. Thirty minutes flies by. Following the indie rockers are Blumen Bullets, the duo of guitar and drums. The gruff voice and diverse music provide a stark contrast to the milder tracks from earlier in the day. The rhythms are varied, but not quite as tight as they should be, though the hardhitting ability and rock-flamboyancy are well-demonstrated. A little rain outside brings a few more into the tent, who appreciate the sound generated from this loud pairing. A surprising, and welcome, addition to the lads is a feisty female. Appearing for one song only the feline-inspired banshee provides an excellent vocal range and shows an awesome amount of power in a small frame. Maybe a more permanent arrangement should be sought? Somewhere along the line the rift between mods and rockers was resolved and spawned the 3-piece Charlie Parker band. Hailing


from London, these out of towners bring their tracks to the tent and certainly deliver a committed performance. Fine antics were displayed from their guitarist who leapt around in a style reminiscent of the live-wire bands from the 60's. Their sound was tight and varied within their style. Butterflies on Strings follow next and the 4 piece bring a set littered with technical problems, but these were well managed and the lads handled the crowd well. The sound is generally pleasant, although the bassist looked a little bored throughout, despite the occasional use of live vocal samples, keyboard and guitar effects. Lesson of rock number one, handle the crowd with a joke 'How do you know if Will Smith has been in the snow? Look for the fresh prints' (say it to yourself, it sounds better!). Kamikaze Test Pilots use their thirty minutes to produce a blinding display of full-on funk/ska/rock tunes including plenty of syncopation and staight-up rock riffage. Easily the most active band, ignoring the moment when the guitarist succombed to a broken string, leapt off the side of the stage and borrowed another guitar. An impressive musical mix that blends many genres into a really good sound. The 4-piece of Ahab Rides the Whale were the penultimate band for the evening, and it seems they didn't realise it. The crowd engagement was poor, even though a good size crowd had assembled for them. The playing was good, but with a lack of emotion the heavy music and straight faces gave little to look at. However they did have a topless drummer, one for the ladies. Last on are Karrion, a 4-piece heavy rock ensemble that bring not only stage accessories but an awesome sound that strikes right into the soul. The stage is set with chains, a skull-bearing winged beast and a welders dream of custom mic stands. The presence is phenomenal and the lads certainly get the most from the heavy metal style. Custom guitars (including an awesome double neck solid aluminium bass) and fine playing prove that Karrion understand and embrace the rock values. Remember children, if the guy at the sound desk says 'We've had some complaints about the noise' there is only one response.. in this case from the bassist 'Let's give them something to complain about! YYEEEEEEEE EEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH HOOOOOOOOWW WWWWW'. Lesson over! Karrion provide an awesome finale to the 100% tent and are certainly ones to watch if you want to see how leather-clad metal should be played.




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