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EDITORIAL Hello, and welcome to the July issue of BERMUDA SQUARE EFFECT. Talk about a busy month. Firstly, festival season really is underway, and we kicked ours off with Download, at Donington in Derby. An absolutely fantastic event, which sources suggest attracted the largest crowd (circa 100,000) ever. Quite an achievement. At the same time as the musical exploits in Donington, the Isle of Wight hosted its own event which also received a mighty gathering. If you have never been to a festival it is an experience I would recommend. But I won't bleat on about it too much, as you can read our Download experience feature later on in the magazine. If you're looking for a local music experience that captures the outdoors, great tunes and fine drinks then I suggest you get yourself down to the Shalfest event on 4th July. We will be there, come rain or shine. This issue sees our review of the first Open Mic session live in Newbury, Actually in the street. It's more or less live music on your doorstep. That's got to be a good thing. Check out what we though later in the mag. This issue also sees our very first 'out of town' gig review, which coincidentally was also broadcast live on the web. Although most of the atmosphere is missing from a webcast, it's handy to be able to check out your favourite gigging band, or check out some new faces if you don't have time to see them for real. Maybe the future beckons a series of empty pubs that broadcast their gigs to groups of too-busy people who don't have time to get out and about. Hopefully not! For those who are into live music, it's clear that live music, in any form, has an appeal that can only truly be experienced in the flesh. Get in there. Get immersed in the music that people have the confidence to play. Often you'll discover a few gems of your own, and many of the local / small-time


artists really appreciate your support. Far from being just a face in the crowd you'll be part of their audience and this all helps to pump up the atmosphere for any show. Would it be a poor call not to mention the recent loss of one of the most well known popstars? Probably. Let it be said however, that whoever you may have lost, ensure that their passing results in only positive things. Don't dwell on what could have been. Focus on what there is, and what you can do to make things better. As I have always said, music can be an outlet in many ways for many people and if you can find the way in which you can engage with music I think your life will be very much richer because of it. So much time is spent running through life and allowing troubles to cloud your vision and have detrimental effects. There is always time to change. In fact change is inevitable. Apart from a vending machine. Time is ticking. And there's a band on tonight that might just be alright. Go and check 'em out. Pass on the passion.

The Juke

GIG LISTINGS JULY 2009 Wed-Sun ( 1st - 5th )

1st July GIG LISTINGS No listings 2nd July GIG LISTINGS 20:00 Francesqa / Steal the smile @ Face Bar, Reading 3rd July GIG LISTINGS 19:30 The Glitzy BagHags @ The Croft Hall, Hungerford 20:00 The Hattie Carrolls (BOTB Semi Final) @ Face Bar, Reading 20:00 Switch60 @ RAF Club, Newbury 20:30 Jimmy Rocket @ Old London Apprentice, Newbury 21:00 Street Corner Talking @ The Dolphin, Newbury 21:00 Headline @ Railway Tavern, Hungerford 21:00 Dino @ The Pig and Paper, Newbury 4th July GIG LISTINGS 10:00 The Joy of Singing @ The Croft Hall, Hungerford 11:00 Shalfest @ Shalbourne 19:30 Vivaldi's Women @ St. Lawrence's Church, Hungerford 20:00 Sevesa / Shotgun Sweetheart / Noah Kelly @ Red Lion, Reading 20:00 Johnny Arrow and the Cheap Day Returns @ Deja Vu, Reading 20:30 Dusk Till Dawn @ The Snooty Fox, Newbury 21:00 Fubar @ Railway Tavern, Hungerford 21:00 Chasing Vegas @ The Pig and Paper, Newbury 21:00 Kamikaze Test Pilots @ The Monument, Newbury

5th July GIG LISTINGS 15:00 Phoenix Brass Open Air Concert @ Memorial Hall, Froxfield 20:30 Open Mic Night @ The Canal Bar, Newbury xx:xx Battle of the Bands @ Orbital Retail Park, Swindon

Shalbourne Festival 4th July Band Line-up

11.00 - 12.30 1.00 - 3:00 4.00 - 5.00 5.30 - 6.30 7.00 - 9.00 9.30 - 11.00

Stone Geckos The Worried Men The Wookies Talk in Code Open Road Locomotion

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REVIEWS The Jammin' Dodgers + friends @ Castle Inn, Coldash Five youngsters, kitted out with hard rock drums and guitars. Is this an overspill form another one of those poor talent shows? Fear not, this is the real deal. The right mix of enthusiasm, ability and cheekiness combine to make The Jammin' Dodgers. Easily the area's youngest band kick off with the theme from School of Rock. Chunky chords and the essence of what rock music is all about are apparent here at this absolutely packed to the rafters pub. We had heard that these lads draw a good crowd and the rumours are true. The set moves through a series of well known rock tunes, from Bon Jovi's 'It's My Life' to Avenged Sevenfolds' 'Bat Country'. A short interlude is filled by local unknown singist Marisa Rodriguez. Confessing that she has never sung properly infront of a crowd before she takes an acoustic guitar and delivers a self-penned track. First gig. Own song. Bound to be a shocker. And it was. Shockingly amazing. Trust me, this girl can sing. There is power, tone and the ability to hold a note like a pro. A few Snow Patrol numbers later, accompanied by Sam Butler on guitar and backing vocals, Marissa and co leave the stage. Definitely one to watch for the future. Duly rested, the Jammin' Dodgers return for the second half of their set. No letting up on the rock n' roll heritage, the lads belt out more crowd pleasing tracks from the likes of Led Zeppelin to Green Day. Blistering solo's from the lead guitarist who is younger than Slash's hat are a particular delight, coupled with the high-jumping, leg kicking antics of their youngest guitarist. The set is a pleasure to watch and though these guys are still very early in their musical journey it is clear to see that the real deep-down passion to perform is there. For me, the tunes needed to be a little tighter and a bit of work could be done on the nervous microphone manner. All in all though, a cracking evening and past the potential novelty factor of such a young band, The Jammin' Dodgers do have what it takes to deliver a really awesome, unpretentious set which will make the packed crowds return.


GIG LISTINGS JULY 2009 Mon-Sun ( 6th - 12th )

6th July GIG LISTINGS 20:30 Open Mic Night @ The Pig and Paper, Newbury 21:00 Open Mic Night @ The Snooty Fox, Newbury 7th July GIG LISTINGS 13:30 Senior Citizens Concert @ Hungerford Day Centre, Hungerford 19:30 Birmingham Conservatoire @ The Croft Hall, Hungerford 20:30 Newbury's Acoustic Cream (various artists) @ The Pig and Paper, Newbury 8th July GIG LISTINGS 21:00 Jamie Ledwith @ The Pig and Paper, Newbury 9th July GIG LISTINGS 20:00 Ella / Chasing Dreams / Dead Lay Waiting @ The 12 Bar, Swindon 10th July GIG LISTINGS 19:00 Dirty Noise Promotions Battle of the Bands @ Face Bar, Reading 20:00 The Hattie Carrolls / Tots And Bull @ Red Lion, Reading 21:00 24/7 @ Railway Tavern, Hungerford 21:00 Blumen Bullets @ The Monument, Newbury

11th July GIG LISTINGS 13:00 Basingstoke Live @ War Memorial Park, Basingstoke 19:00 Traviata on the triangle (Kennet Opera) @ Hungerford Rugby Club, Hungerford 20:00 Johnny Arrow and the Cheap Day Returns @ Plug and Play, Reading 20:00 The Wookies @ Plug N Play, Reading 20:30 Scratch Plate @ The Snooty Fox, Newbury 20:30 Out Of Control @ Old London Apprentice, Newbury 21:00 Roadhouse @ The Railway Tavern, Hungerford 21:00 Claire @ The Monument, Newbury 12th July GIG LISTINGS 13:00 Basingstoke Live @ War Memorial Park, Basingstoke 14:30 Kausikan Rajeshkumar (Piano) @ The Croft Hall, Hungerford 20:30 Open Mic Night, The Canal Bar, Newbury

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REVIEWS Whole Lotta Led @ Newbury Corn Exchange The Led Zeppelin tribute band made a welcome return to Newbury on a Saturday night. A good crowd enjoyed a mixture of well known and less familiar songs. The audience ranged from those in their early teens to the over sixties, some like myself had been lucky enough to see the original Led Zeppelin, others were not born before the band split, but all enjoyed this excellent tribute. Whole Lotta Led are, Lee Addison on Vocals, Nick Ferris on guitar, Geoff Hunt, bass, mandolin and keyboards with Graham Twist on drums. The first half was up-beat with excellent blues vocals from Lee and impressive guitar solo’s from Nick. The second half started with an acoustic set with Nick on guitar and Geoff on mandolin. After a very impressive drum solo from Graham the band had the crowd on their feet, they were called back for a much deserved encore. A great gig. Words and Images: dg_photo Blewbury Brass Band @ Victoria Park Bandstand, Newbury Victoria Park bandstand has been home to a variety of musicians and today is host to a group befitting the traditonal stage setting. The clouds were threatening, but thankfully the music was bright and whimsical. A swift shower later and the majority of the music fans dispersed to leave the green grass open to a few more determined listeners. The band held the stand for two hours, with a few breaks. Tunes included instrumental numbers by Buddy Holly, The Beatles and other artists of a similar era. Although the essence of the music was there, it needed to be a bit tighter. The sound was pleasant but didn't quite hang together as it should. The rhythm section was often out of sync with the brass, and the brass was not as crisp as it could have been. The notes needed to be sharper and more defined. A good group, with plenty of potential, but needed to deliver a bit more of their ability, even with such a small crowd. Check out Victoria Park on Sunday afternoons for more brass in the park between 3pm and 5pm



Mon-Sun ( 13th - 19th )

13th July GIG LISTINGS 21:00 Open Mic Night @ The Snooty Fox, Newbury 14th July GIG LISTINGS No listings 15th July GIG LISTINGS 20:00 Newbury Symphony Orchestra Players @ St. Lawrence's Hall, Hungerford

19th July GIG LISTINGS 10:00 The Rock Academy @ The Croft Hall, Hungerford 19:45 The Irby Newland Ensemble and friends @ The Croft Hall, Hungerford 20:30 Open Mic Night, The Canal Bar, Newbury

16th July GIG LISTINGS 20:00 Fire Ants @ Didcot Barracks, Didcot 20:00 Shakespeare in words, music and song @ St. Lawrence's Church, Hungerford 17th July GIG LISTINGS 13:30 Senior Citizens Concert @ Hungerford Day Centre, Hungerford 20:00 Johnny Arrow and the Cheap Day Returns @ Red Lion, Reading 21:00 Out Of Control @ The Railway Tavern, Hungerford 21:00 Jagged Lexicon @ The Pig and Paper, Newbury 18th July GIG LISTINGS 11:00 Blowing and Scraping family concert @ The Croft Hall, Hungerford 19:00 Songs Of Praise (Hungerford Town Band) @ The Croft, Hungerford 19:00 Death by Panda / Neksus / Dayzed @ Moorside Community Centre, Thatcham 19:00 Battle of the Bands 09 @ Hungerford Rugby Club, Hungerford 20:00 The Hattie Carrolls / Woons / Tots And Bull @ Plug N Play, Reading 20:30 Father and Son @ Old London Apprentice, Newbury 21:00 Secret Fridge Party @ Snooty Fox, Newbury 21:00 Echo @ The Railway Tavern, Hungerford 21:00 Street Corner Talking @ The Monument, Newbury

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REVIEWS Machinna / Zangyrus / To The Fallen / Flaming Rebellion @ Moorside Community Centre, Yhatcham This Thatcham venue has almost everything, A fantastic mix of talented rock bands, a clean spacious hall, a mixed PA and lighting, cheap admission, free parking….. only one thing missing this time. An audience. It was disappointing to watch talented musicians play to a dozen or so people. After seeing 3 of these bands perform at other venues it is obvious they feed off the audience appreciation. First up were “Flaming rebellion”, a young four piece band. They have a stage presence beyond their years, did a very good version of SOAD “Chop suey”, were well rehearsed and a good opening act Next on were “To the fallen”. This local band have recently changed their style, they gave a sharp, fast impressive set, a mix of screaming vocals and fast guitar breaks, a good solid power house performance. The penultimate band were “Zangyrus” a four piece from Reading. An experienced tight melodic set, their lead singer, Smana, gave an impassioned performance, on backing vocals and impressive lead guitar was Ash, his solo’s were fast and note perfect. Bassist Nick and Damien on drums were the “power house” of the band driving it along. Some of the guitar styles were reminiscent of eastern influence and added a pleasing melody to the songs. Last up were “Machinna”,another local band. They played a mixture of their standards and tracks from their new ep. Vocalist Ben screams his way through the set, his vocal range ranges from a “low growl” to “ear splitting” an enigmatic stage performance. Lead guitarist Dan thrashes his guitar to within an inch of it’s life, his fast and furious solos are matched on bass by Dave, Chaz on drums has an almost maniacal style, and attempts to destroy his kit with his relentless thrash style. Moorside is an ideal venue for teenagers, safe, supervised with plenty of entertainment; it is just a pity so few were there to enjoy it. Keep your eyes peeled for the next gig, come along and help create an atmosphere, it’s the only thing missing from the present set up. Words and Images: dg_photo



Mon-Sun ( 20th - 26th )

20th July GIG LISTINGS 21:00 Open Mic Night @ The Snooty Fox, Newbury 21st July GIG LISTINGS No listings

26th July GIG LISTINGS 19:00 Festival Concert (Hungerford Town Band) @ The Corn Exchange, Hungerford 20:30 Open Mic Night, The Canal Bar, Newbury

22nd July GIG LISTINGS 20:00 Paige / Linchpin / A Beckoning Silence @ The 12 Bar, Swindon 23rd July GIG LISTINGS 19:30 Richard Vendome (organ + virginalls) @ St. Lawrence's Church, Hungerford 20:00 Phantom Theory @ The Cellar, Oxford 24th July GIG LISTINGS 20:00 Johnny Arrow and the Cheap Day Returns @ Broad St Buskers Stage, Reading 20:00 The Veygers @ Red Lion, Reading 21:00 Locators @ The Railway Tavern, Hungerford 21:00 Out Of Control @ The Monument, Newbury 25th July GIG LISTINGS 14:30 Alessandra Pompili (Piano) @ The Croft Hall, Hungerford 20:30 Blue Sunset @ Old London Apprentice, Newbury 21:00 Log Off @ The Dolphin, Newbury 21:00 Synthronix 80's @ The Railway Tavern, Hungerford 21:00 Bare Wires @ The Monument, Newbury 21:00 Roadhouse @ British Legion, Tilehurst 21:00 Secret Fridge Party @ Kintbury FC, Kintbury xx:xx Kamikaze Test Pilots @ RISC, Reading

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EVENT REVIEW DOWNLOAD 2009 The last time we were in Download festival territory it was as dry as the preverbial bone. Rain on the first evening gave a little mud, but soon dried to leave a fine location for some varied music. **FRIDAY** Opening up the Tuborg stage were Sleepercurve, a 3 piece outfit hailing from London. It's 1 o'clock in the large blue tent and the lads do a good job opening to a relatively sparse crowd. The set is good, powerful and conveyed with a nice attitude. A shame for the guitarist to be plagued with a dodgy guitar lead on the second tune, but the keyboard solo deftly filled the gap while the technical hitch was resolved. Unphased by the mishap the lads finished their slot in a confident and well performed style. To follow this how about a band that does a song about a wolf, and one about a mountain? If this floats your boat then Hunting The Minotaur will be right up your street. A four piece complete with two guitars, drums and keytar (keyboard/guitar). Maybe a faulty earth connection on the keytar, since the fellow looked electrically alive compared to his bandmates, maybe he didn't tell them they were playing at Download. Shame really as the songs were quite varied and worth listening to, even with the occasionally screechy vocals and bored-looking guitarist. Not to worry though as the stage was next taken up by four Glaswegians that formed the instrument section of the metal act Bleed From Within. Cue drums, guitars and rhythmical head-banging and now enter stage left the lead singer who sang and growled his way through a powerful and neatly delivered set. The Scots obviously stay loyal to their own as the tent was now nicely packed and the frontman managed to get the first mosh pit of the day. With a tight, proud and dynamic performance I'm not surprised. Can the local talent do much better? Can Reading lads stand up amongst the musically and geographically varied songsters taking to the stage? In a word, Oh Yes! Any band that gets an instant mosh pit must be doing something right and Sylosis certainly know how to do it right. The band were very aware of the grandness of the occasion and the vocalist gave crowd involvement which would be envied by larger bands. A respect for the crowd, being appreciative of the venue while playing loud and proud shows a good level of professionalism. The tent was packed by now and obviously filled with a few fans as it clear a good number portion of the set was being sung to. Great heavy rock playing. Holding the main stage in the middle of the afternoon are Canadian rockers Billy Talent. Their set is punchy and well received even with the love 'em or hate 'em vocal style of the lead singer. Despite being on the main stage the lads seemed fairly down to earth, and rather than being cocky were genuinely appreciative of the relatively large turn out that was presented before them. Killswitch Engage provide a more metal vibe and having heard their tunes on CD before the gig I was unsure of what to expect from a band that delivers a definite loud, full-on metal experience. The band were again surprisingly appreciative of their audience and had an excellent rapport with the crowd, despite their guitarists lewd sense of humour. The set was loud, hard hitting and nicely rounded off with a crowd-pleasing cover of Dio's


Holy Diver. The return of Limp Bizkit to the Download stage, however, was received very well by the crowd as the original band line-up performed a number of their greatest hits. Wes Borland, LB's guitarist, maintained his penchant for things a little different as he appeared in black trousers, boots and full body paint topped with an accessory probably best described as a black lions mane. Needless to say Mr. Durst still adorned the red cap and maintained the command and direction that formed much of the Bizkits style back in the early 2000's. Nothing new on offer from the lads (even though their last track Take A Look Around was introduced as a new tune from their forthcoming album) so it seems as though this performance was testing the waters. We moved to the smallest stage on offer at Download this year (The Red Bull Bedroom Jam stage) to check out another Reading offering, this time in the form of pop-rockers DissolvedIn. The lads clearly new where they were and gave a positively cheerful performance to a decent sized crowd. The spirit was light-hearted and enjoyable, clearly shown by the bassist who didn't stop smiling through the whole set. The tunes were well-played and although the sound wasn't too original there were plenty of hooks to get the crowd jumping along. The Tuborg stage beckoned near the end of the evening, as Duff McKagans Loaded were due to take their slot. A large crowd filled the big blue tent and Duff and his band delivered a series of rock punk tunes from their latest album 'Sick'. The band is the project of Duff's which becomes active when the other larger bands he has been involved with take a break. The original numbers certainly pack a decent enough punch, but nothing as rousing as the introduction to 'Welcome To The Jungle' which was cut short before the main tune kicks off. A short pause and a groan from the crowd is followed up with 'I need a bit of help with the words to the next one' from Duff. Welcome onto stage Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor who confidently and passionately vocalises through 'It's So Easy' which is met with loud singing and raucous applause. Faith No More receive a grand turnout as headliners on the main stage, and their stage set is the most grand, but simple, of the day as it is lined with large red curtains. The set is light-hearted, tightly delivered and passionate. Whether the return of the band is for the money or for other reasons, it was clear that the gents were enjoying the music and the crowd response. Frontman Mike Patton has lost none of his style, and dressed in a red suit managed to convey his amazing vocal range from ballads to rapping to metal style. **SATURDAY** A sleepy Saturday morning certainly needs waking up with a bit of heavy rock, so we welcomed Five Finger Death Punch to open the proceedings. The set is very suited to the main stage, as the sound is very full along with the animated antics of the lead singer. Calling for a bit more metal? The combination of Devil Driver followed by Hatebreed got the crowd into a moshing mood. Fightstar take well to the second stage, as we catch the end of their act. The crowd reaction is good and the lads supply both powerful playing and frantic stage peformances. We prepare to see Static-X, only for us to be beaten to the best viewing spots by an immense swarm of bees. Luckily the human crowd members dispersed a little, so a better vantage point could be gained if you were prepared to put up with a little insect company for a while. By the time the band were on stage bees had dispersed and the audience could enjoy the chunky mutant-disco riffs of the American rockers. The stage presence was commanding, and as the name suggests the guys don’t move around too much on stage. Just when you have a hankering for some classic rock sounds The Answer take to the stage and bring a welcome level of crowdloving interaction to the stage. The Belfast guys certainly know how to deliver a crowd-



pleasing set and a mixed audience receives their tunes well indeed. Attracting a much younger audience to the front You Me At Six supply their dose of teenage-bedroom rock to the fans. The sound is well delivered, and the performance is animated but for me the band come across a little too cocky for my liking. Despite this the fans at the front sing along quite happily to the tunes, and we even get a taste of their version of Lady Gaga’s ‘Pokerface’ track. As some of the fans spread from the front of the stage we manage to secure a place at the very front of the stage by the metal barrier, which is a few feet from the front of the stage. We are near the edge of the left hand side of the stage, and already people are waiting for the headliners of this stage to come on. One more act though, and as the band take to the stage the crowd are already in the spirit of the set. As Chris Cornell walks onto the stage it is clear the audience are up for a good performance. He delivers a set including tracks from his current album, his solo past and band heritage. The performances of Audioslave tracks ‘Cochise’, ‘Like A Stone’, ‘Set It Off’ and ‘Show Me How To Live’ received mass crowd applause and the greatest sing alongs of the day so far. Chris was obviously keen to get close to the crowd as he strolled up and down the crowd barrier to a very receptive and eager front row. The security guys and girls at the front of the stage did a grand job of passing out cups of water to the crowd, while spraying suncream onto reaching hands that covered their faces in the heat as we waiting for the last act. A good atmosphere is brewing. The giant light set at the back begins to flash into action and the tunes kick off in earnest with the two frontmen from The Prodigy receiving a serious amount of crowd applause. The music is performed by three guys on stage, one drummer, one keyboard meister and one guitarist who changes between bass and guitar through the set. The energy on stage is a nothing short of absolutely immense. Keith Flint, frontman number one, bounds from one end of the stage to the other, blatently displaying his endless energy, alongside grand gestures to the audience that hint at his surprise of the awesome turnout for the performance. It is clear that the band really appreciate their audience and deliver a set that is entertaining and extremely welldelivered. The atmosphere is phenomenal. The crowd is densely packed and always moving, only pausing in the few gaps between songs. Towards the end of the set Keith, having been teasing the crowd earlier by tentatively placing his foot at the top of the steps that lead to the floor, finally moves to the edge of the crowd. He leaps onto the barrier directly infront of us, supported feebly by two of the Security guards. To be fair it is like trying to keep hold of a greasy weasel. Keith leans into the crowd, and I offer a hand to steady the guy as he takes a few moments to lean over the crowd. As their set concludes the crowd eventually disbands and we have a few minutes left to catch the end of the main stage headliners performance. Slipknot have been holding the crowd for over an hour by the time we see them, and the crowd turnout is great. We watch from afar as the 9 rockers produce their customary loud, aggressive sound with stage antics that really hold your interest. Any set that involves turning the drummer upside down, while still playing, has got to be worth a look. The band demonstrate their capability easily and despite their peculiar appearance (still adorning masks) the character of the band seems very humble. Indeed Corey Taylor (lead singer) expresses their thanks to the crowd on many occasions. The end of the set looms and during a pause CT manages to get a good proportion of the crowd, who are nearest the stage, to sit down as they

watch. At one moment in the next song they are instructed to jump up at a certain point, which they do. It was an impressive sight to see a massive group of people all seated, and then rising up on hearing the key lyrics. This kind of audience interaction shows how wellreceived the metallers were and indicates exactly why the band are still as great as ever. **SUNDAY** The final day of the festival was an absolute scorcher and ready for a good mix of classic rock. Stone Gods open the mian stage reminiscent of good old hard rock with a light hearted soul coupled with a driving sound. Thirty minutes is just enough for the lads to deliver a few of their current tracks and a fresh one from their forthcoming album due out later in the year. Back to the smallest stage at the festival, and into the tent to see Logan, a five piecehailing from Scotland who deliver a chunky, American-style rock performance that mixes ballads and powerful tracks to a very appreciative audience. Their frontman had a good knack of delivering sentiment without being too cheesy. As he thanked the crowd ‘I’m a big man so I won’t cry…. Although I want to’. The crowd were definitely on their side as they concluded their set to rapturous applause. A short walk to the main stage for prog-rock masters Dream Theater. Each track tends to be of epic proportions, with much variety from drums, vocals, guitar, bass and keys. Staying with the big stage and stepping into a different era, the guys from ZZ Top delight the crowd with a mix of hits performed in a laid back style. Not many bands have survived for so long, and for so long with the original line-up is an achievement indeed. The tracks go down well with the crowd who enjoy the American sounds and frequently sing along to the well known numbers. Looking for a harder rock kick, we move off to the second stage, where Buckcherry are performing. However, the stage backdrop refers to an older album (released in 2007) rather than to their latest pressing. As the set progresses it seems clear that the band have hardly developed their set list from 2007 when we saw the band at Download last time. Even the closure to the performance was identical to that of a previous Download festival which seems to suggest that the band are either content with their old set or don’t care about delivering something new. Back to the main stage for Whitesnake who, like the headliners for the evening, have been around the music business for a little while now. The performance was good, but nothing spectacular. It seems the stadium rockers have a different presence than some of the other bands on this weekend and it seemed that they were a little distant. However, the tracks were well played and the band were keen to produce the goods. Here I Go Again was bound to attract a little attention, and at the end of their set it certainly created a mass sing-along. The singer leaves the stage was proudly announcing, ‘be happy, have fun and don’t let anyone make you feel a-f*ckin-fraid’. Rock on. Last on, Def Leppard haven’t played at Donington for a long time and were pleased to get onstage. It was clear though that once again the stage presence was a little lacking compared to some of the other acts we had seen. The performance was good overall, but nothing special. Some of their familiar tracks roused the crowd into bolstering the singing, but even the crowd turnout was a little sparse. Even by the middle of the set it was possible to get relatively close to the stage and screens, rather than being blocked out by mass crowds. All in all the set was a little average, and a bit of a stale note to end the grand festival upon. Images: Sarah B


REVIEWS Smiley Dave plus Guests @ Open Mic Night Snooty Fox, Newbury Settle down in the Snooty Fox on a Monday evening and get ready for an intimate night of jovial live music. Tonight we are priviliged to witness regular host Smiley Dave before he disappears for two months to sunnier climes. You don't get a moniker like Smiley Dave, unless your name is Dave and your have a pleasant disposition. Not failing to live up to his name, Dave is both a likeable and bold character. His renditions of cover songs peformed on electro-acoustic go down a storm and his self-penned comedy numbers are genius. His between-song banter ranges from humorous to explosivley funny and is presented in an inoffensively offensive manner. The atmosphere is light hearted and it is his likeable character (or maybe late nights and alcohol) that is testament to the crowd hanging around until gone midnight as the music plays on. The rendition of 'Got My Mind Set On You' receives fine applause and results in a rather persistent audience member shouting 'George Harrison' at any moment when the host calls for requests. Throughout the evening Dave hands over the mic to other guests, including Pete Brand and Nick Strong from local band Relik who perform a couple of self-penned tracks. Pete also takes the floor to run through a couple of covers by INME and Stereophonics, and also performing with Dave from local band Secret Fridge Party. A heartfelt rendition of 'Jolene' between Smiley Dave and Jodie Lynn goes down a storm and almost brings a tear to my glass eye. A cracking evening, and worth returning to in the absence of Smiley Dave to see just what antics will occur while the cat's away. ** OUT OF TOWN REVIEW ** Pete Brand and Nick Strong from Relik @ The Bedford, London Checking out local talent via webcam may not be everyones cup of tea, but on this occasion it made sense to check out a London venue featuring local lads Nick Strong and Pete Brand from Relik. Managing to hijack the headline slot for the open mic night, the lads deftly performed three of their tracks with a guitar each. Nice and simple, well played. Can't really ask for anything more. It is a credit to the band that the tracks work well as a simple acoustic set, or a more full rock song collection. Crowd pleasers 'Face in the Crowd', 'Baby Blue' and 'Drinking Games' were very well received. Another fine performance.


GIG LISTINGS JULY 2009 Mon-Fri ( 27th - 31st )

27th July GIG LISTINGS 21:00 Open Mic Night @ The Snooty Fox, Newbury 28th July GIG LISTINGS No listings 29th July GIG LISTINGS 20:00 The Hattie Carrolls / Tots And Bull @ Face Bar, Reading 30th July GIG LISTINGS No listings 31st July GIG LISTINGS 20:00 BoyDidGood / Noah Kelly @ Red Lion, Reading 20:00 Hungerford Jazz Forum @ The Royal British Legion, Hungerford 21:00 Shred @ Railway Tavern, Hungerford 21:00 Kamikaze Test Pilots @ The Pig and Paper, Newbury 21:00 Bib Fortuna @ The Monument, Newbury

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Anyone who plays at the mighty Download festival must be doing something right. When one of the particular bands is from a town a mere stones throw away it would be rude not to see how local boys manage got on. We quizzed Carl Parnell (bass player) on the ins and outs of Download and music in general for Sylosis, from Reading. Sylosis has been around for a few years now. What is the current line-up, and has the line-up or musical style changed much over time? And why? Well yeh the line up has changed quite a bit over the 8 or so years since we began. It was always dificult finding people that could play our stuff tight enough i guess. Our style has certainly changed alot too, Josh has constantly evolved his writing mostly thanks to obscure and underground progressive/thrash bands that he loves so much ha. Our Line up is now: Jamie Graham - Vocals Josh Middleton - Guitars Alex Bailey - Guitars Carl Parnell - Bass Rob Callard - Drums Does your music taste vary in the band? Who are your main influences? We all listen to generally the same sort of bands, which helps in the van with the cd player! I'd say we're influenced a lot by the bay area thrash bands like Testamanet, Death and Forbidden but any interesting bands are also a factor, Decapitated to Tool are all influencial on the writing process. What makes the current line-up work so well? Probably the fact we all aim to be as tight as possible helps, that and we all hang out and are good mates is the most important thing. What's the story behind how you got your first album released? Well our first 2 EP's were released through In At The Deep End Records, those got us the kickstart needed to get noticed by the media, which led to a few tours and on the last tour of the second EP we got an email from Nuclear Blast simply asking if we were interested in working with them. That's pretty much it! Who looked after the distribution of your CD? I can't imagine you were standing with a cardboard box selling them in the street! That'll be down to Nuclear Blast again, they wanted to make sure it was in every shop in every country possible, they did a pretty good job of that!


Your first album 'Confessions Of An Age' was released last year. Why wait so long? Well it's mainly due to the labels release schedule, instead of just releasing it as soon as it was ready they wanted to make sure they gave it enough hype and press attention which we were more than fine with. How do you feel about the album, and have you received any news from people who have heard it? We're all very happy with the outcome of it, it took alot of time and effort in the studio and working with the producer Scott Atkins was awesome, he certainly helped shape parts of it. We've had feedback from all corners of the world pretty much all saying they enjoy the album, it's been nothing but compliments, thus far at least. Have you had much interest from record labels? How did you get signed? Did you approach them, or did they find you? We had another offer from another metal label before Nuclear Blast came along, we decided Nuclear Blast was the better option for us. Again it was literally down to Nuclear Blast scouring myspace looking for bands and they stumbled across our page and that was that. How long ago did you know you would play at Download? And who arranged the gig for you? It was a good few months, as with all bands on the line up but they have a announcement schedule to keep to so we had to keep quiet for a lot longer than we wanted to! Our management at SuperVision can be thanked for our appearance at the festival! Did the Download stage live up to your expectations? We saw that the crowd turnout was impressive, and a lot of the guys were singing along. It was the perfect stage for us, the sound is always better in the tents and the general set up was pretty much perfect. We weren't expecting such a huge turnout though, when we first all walked onstage it's safe to say we shat a little bit out. We're grateful to everyone that checked us out and for the craziest circle pit we've ever seen. Your stage presence appears very confident and professional. Did this come through your own experiences, or has anyone given you tips on how to look and perform? It's just down to playing a lot of gigs over the years i guess, playing 32 shows back to back on the Black Dahlia Murder tour certainly honed our stage presence that's for sure! Were there any perks for being a band playing at the festival? (Apart from being allowed to play there!) Just the usual free booze and food which is always good, and being in the vip campsite was all good as it was behind the main stage so it was an easy walk to the arena ha.


BAND FEATURE Did you manage to check out many of the other bands at the festival? Who stood out for you? Yeh we saw a few, Faith No More were awesome, Slipknot though definitely deserved to headline the Saturday, probably collectively our favourite band of the weekend. Down were cool, can't beat seeing Phil live ha. How did you guys learn your craft? Have you gigged everywhere across the land, or did you focus on rehearsing? Well for the first 4-5 years we barely gigged as there just wasn't the scene for it, hardly any promoters were about and it was hard getting on the bills for any shows going. We've always practised every week since beginning though so we've always been as tight as possible when we do play. What advice would you give to a band that wants to go from playing small venues to festival playing? Just do as many shows as possible to get the word out, send off 3 track demos to all possible labels, promoters, booking agents and management companies and see where it goes from there! Is a lot of your time spent talking to magazines / radio, etc? Only really at shows, we did alot of press leading up to the release of the album, most of it is done either over the phone or via email though. We try and do as much as were offered though, would be silly not to. Do you find that your local venues cater well for live music? Well the Face Bar in Reading has gigs at least a few times a week, it's a regular place of up and coming bands and has 2 rooms for different sized crowds etc. We've played it so many times, we always say we'll never play it again but we always go back as it's always gonna be a fun show. That's the only worthwhile venue i think, there's a good one called 21 South Street but it's usually too expensive for promoters to rent out which is a shame. Is there anything exciting in the pipeline for Sylosis that we should know about? Yeh we have a couple of exciting tours, all of which are UK based but we can't announce anything just yet, also a few more local and festival appearances this summer which again we can't announce so you'll just have to visit our page to find out! Images: Sarah B



COMING SOON newbury's very own

SCHOOL OF ROCK Ever wanted to play at a full-blown recording studio in the summer holidays in your own band? Ever wanted your very own recording of you and your bandmates rocking out? Dust off your guitar, get your singing tackle in gear and get ready for this grand event planned for the end of the summer and being held at Studio 91 on New Greenham Park. The lucky rockers will be able to spend a week getting ready for a mini-gig held at the Studio, for friends and family to attend. All you need is some prior musical instrument experience, and the ability to rock! Space will be limited, so for further information and to book a slot, check out the details at the bottom of this page.

For further information contact Leo at info@letsplayrock or 01635 866000 / 07988 888478 21

NEWS It seems local music is getting a little more attention these days. What with the Open Mic session in Newbury high street it's almost on your door step. Should you wish to get involved in a bit of singing it might be worth getting in touch with Sue Everett on rocknpopchoir@live. com The community choir will focus on some of the best rock and pop songs from the 1960s to the present day. Anyone from 14 upwards can get in touch and the organisers are looking for it to be an 'inter-generational' activity. Hopefully the choir will meet weekly at Moorside Community Centre, Urqhuart Way, Thatcham (Kennet Heath estate nr Thatcham Railway Station). Sue and friends will be recruiting anyone interested and who can sing in tune (this is important). Participants must also like tuneful rock and pop music, from Snow Patrol to Pink Floyd, Billy Joel and Barry Manilow!!! They don't have an upper limit on numbers and in many ways would like this to be a BIG choir. The choir will also provide an opportunity for some musicians to play in a band, because an important part of this group is going to be the musicians. (James Douglas will be managing the band). If you are a musician and interested in playing please let them know. They will also aim to have a lot of fun and meet lots of people who we might never have met before. So if you are interested get in touch at or


BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award Deadline: 1 September 2009 Are you aged between 15 and 20? Do you perform folk, roots or acoustic music from any culture? The BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award competition is open to soloists, duos and groups. The prize includes gigs at top UK Festivals, a BBC radio session and more. The winning act will: • record a session to be broadcast on BBC Radio 2’s Mike Harding Show; • appear at the Cambridge Folk Festival in 2010; • appear at the Towersey Village Festival in 2010; • appear at Fairport’s Cropredy Convention in 2010; • receive a year’s FREE membership of the Musicians Union. For more information and an application form visit events/young-folk-awards-2010/

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11th-12th JULY 2009

In 2007 the council joined forces with local promoters in Basingstoke and Deane to put on the inaugural Basingstoke Live Music Festival with the aim of uniting the town in hosting a diverse range of local, regional, national and international musical talent that would bring Basingstoke to life and had something for everyone. Now in its third year Basingstoke Live is more than just a music festival. Music is still at the heart of the festival but in order to celebrate the creativity of artists from around the borough and region you will find a whole range of acts from music, art, drama and dance. Basingstoke Live is put together by the Basingstoke Live Forum. The Forum is a collection of promoters coordinated by Drum Runners Trading. The event and programme would not be possible without the hard work of these local people who have a passion for music and the arts and celebrating all that is good about Basingstoke. Main Stage It's all here! On the Saturday there's dance with hiphop and indian styles presented by Fairfields Worldbeat. Rock bands, indie bands, pop bands, MCs, the downright quirky and an award winning hiphop headline with CHIPMUNK. On the Sunday we have The Next Generation starting the day off with a collection of choirs, dance groups, singers and bands, followed by top class jazz, blues and then chart topping ska from THE BEAT. 100% Stage Throughout the weekend this is the place for your 100% guitar driven bands. Nothing quiet will be going on here! All top notch and more strings between them than you can possibly imagine with the likes of ATOM GANG, THE CIRCUS SANDS, THE FOXES and KAMIKAZE TEST PILOTS. Sunrise Stage Saturday is the day for MC's and DJ's - from a large selection of young acts brought to you by Beats n Bars, with DOUBLE S headlining their slot, to class local DJ's - with BROOKES BROTHERS headlining the end of the night. Sunrise on Sunday is the time to get a vibe on with reggae, DJs, funk, jazz, soulful acoustic and a trip back to '92 with DJ RIDLA. NEW FOR 2009: Unplgd! Stage Throughout the weekend this is the place for acoustic music - lots of different inspirations but all great acoustic songsters and some top rate headliners with LISBEE STAINTON and NINA MCCANN. See you there!


REVIEWS Open Mic @ Northbrook Street, Newbury Welcome one and all to the inaugural Open Mic session in the middle of Northbrook Street, Newbury on a sunny Saturday morning. This is not your conventional gig venue. Woolworths store has been closed for a few months now, but today the frontage is host to an array of local talent. First act up, Harmony choir. The power of the choir is just enough to overcome the amazingly frequent buses and the sound is very tight, well rehearsed and very enjoyable to listen to. The singers obviously enjoy their time on the street as the smiles on their faces are mirrored on the crowd. The rhythm is very controlled as is the alternating volume of the group. Second up, Patrick Cogswell. This gent looks like he's straight off the nearest narrowboat, complete with red neckerchief. With nothing more than his character and an acoustic guitar Pat delivers a light-hearted performance through a range of songs in a seated but energetic manner. Still the buses carry on, and with the power generator temporarily out of action the set is a little more subdued than it should have been. Luckily the sound engineer for the day donned his Superman shirt and got the generator going. Well done that man! Third onto the floor we have a dancing interlude. Liam Lockhart knocks out a solo dance routine to ‘Mr.Cellophane’. This lad has been dancing since he was 12, and recently got a place at the Central School of Performing Arts. One for the show tune dance fans. Back to the music and Gavin Wilkinson (jazz legend) plus friends take to the microphones. Gavin is joined by Maia and Gail Hendrickx and Patrick Hogan (of Hogans Music fame). The foursome present their set including renditions of ‘Crying’ and ‘D in love’. The good weather stays with them, as does the crowd who obviously enjoy the performance. Many people are hanging around to listen to the jazz-style tunes, and with a personable stage manner it is clear to see why. Good swing, nice rhythm. Our fifth act for the day is Adam Kotz and Steve Murphy. Time for a bit of ‘David Gray’ and ‘Bob Dillon’, plus other acoustic numbers. Another light-hearted set, well played with a good crowd. The sound was decent enough, nothing flash but nothing offensive either. Nice and easy to listen to. Sixth on, and it’s time to go global as Matheus hails from Brazil. A couple of tunes from the songsmith who performs a few of his own numbers. His voice is very distinctive, a


little mournful and quite powerful, especially on his ‘Raging Storm’ track. He certainly knew how to win over the crowd as some of his first words were ‘the weather is better here at the moment than in Brazil’. Woohoo! Now with the power well and truly back on, there’s no holding back Patrick Cogswell as he returns to the stage with Gavin Wilkinson to perform ‘Girl from Ipanema’ and ‘Ain’t misbehavin’ in his inimitable cheeky style. The eighth slot of the day is occupied by Ottavio Columbro, no stranger to an audience, who belts out a few show tunes plus a heartfelt rendition of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’. The voice was decent enough, but the show was a bit lacking. The young performer hardly moved throughout the whole set however his voice was good enough to attract a good crowd. A little work needed on the vocal power to really give the tunes some clout and a little more movement, but otherwise a good slot. Another return to the street for Liam Lockhart. Again delivering his Mr. Cellophane performance. After hearing Ottavio’s set I think it would have made sense for him to sing the track while Liam danced. Nevertheless Liam’s performance was very well received by the crowd. Tenth slot of the day goes to the duo of Skyport Ade’s Pottingshed Band. Two men, one with violin, one with gob-iron and guitar. What can you expect? Get ready for a collection of rousing humorous tracks most with a local twist. It’s been a while since I’ve heard a track about the Newbury bypass, members of Groundforce or white van men but they are a real treat. The renditions of ‘Mortimer Blues’ and ‘Basingstoke Women’ were also very well received. Already up to eleven slots, the penultimate band take to the floor. Idle Words are a male and female combination that present a poppy guitar sound mix of summer music. There set is wrapped up with their own track of ‘Shining Through’ which received a good amount of applause. Last, but not least, Magillagorilla, today’s only rock band, take to the tent. After a quick sound check the lads are off and into their very well-received if not too tight performance. The four-piece of drums, bass and guitars performed tunes including ‘She’s Electric’, ‘Teenage Kicks’, ‘Jailhouse Rock’ and Snow Patrol’s ‘Run’ which were ok. The performance lacked much movement, so a bit more energy would have been welcomed. Still a bit loose around the edges, but a good enough set and certainly something to work on. All in all the first Open Mic event received a good crowd reaction, despite the interruption from peculiarly frequency of the local buses. Who knows where they went after the event had finished at 2pm? A cracking event and hopefully a pointer towards the type of musical outlet that Newbury is desperately in need of.




Arlington Arts Centre, Mary Hare, Newbury, RG14 3BQ 01635 244246

Nu Urban Music, Unit 9, Rivermead, Pipers Way, Thatcham ,RG19 4EP 01635 587900

BBC Berkshire Introducing email:

O2 Academy Oxford, 190 Cowley Rd., Oxford, OX4 1UE 01865 813 500

Corn Exchange, Market Place, Newbury, RG14 5BD 01635 582666

Old London Apprentice, 2, Hambridge Road, Newbury, RG14 5SS 01635 41483

Dave King Acoustics, Knowl Hill Farm, Kingsclere, Newbury, RG20 4NY 01635 299137

The Pelican Inn, Bath Road, Froxfield, Marlborough, SN8 3JY 01488 682479

The Dolphin, 113, Bartholomew St, Newbury, RG14 5DT 01635 551177 Dysongs, 8, Druce Way, Thatcham, RG19 3PF 01635 868728 Hogan Music, 14, Bartholomew Street, Newbury, RG14 5LL, 01635 37868 Fox and Hounds Inn, Oxford Rd, Donnington, Newbury, RG14 3AP 01635 40540 Hickies, 153, Friar Street, Reading, RG1 1HE, 0118 957 5771 The Indie Guitar Co. Unit 4, Old Station Business Park, Compton, RG20 6NE 01635 579300 Lock, Stock And Barrel, 104 Northbrook St Newbury, RG14 1AA 01635 580550 The Monument, 57, Northbrook Street, Newbury , RG14 1AN, 01635 41964 The Moorside Community Centre, Urquhart Rd., Thatcham, RG19 4RE 01635 871558 New Greenham Arts, 113 Lindenmuth Way, New Greenham Park, Newbury, RG19 6HN 01635 817480


Philip Brown Violins, 85A, Northbrook Street Newbury, RG14 1AE, 01635 35465 The Pig and Paper, 60-62, Northbrook St., Newbury, RG14 1AH 01635 49098 Railway Tavern, Station Rd, Hungerford, RG17 0DY, 01488 683100 Snooty Fox, 148, Bartholomew Street, Newbury, RG14 5HB 01635 529527 Southern Sinfonia, Nalder Hill House, Stockcross, RG20 6AT 01635 580035 Sticks and Strings, Broadway Court, Thatcham, RG19 3HQ 01635 861516 Studio 91, 91, New Greenham Park, Newbury, RG19 6HN, 01635 580091 TiWiGi Visual Creations, Your Personal Photographer 01635 868081 Uprising Studios 34, Boundary Rd, Newbury, RG14 5RR, 07590 665643 Vinyl Revival, Kendrick House, Wharf St., Newbury, RG14 5AP, 01635 30426

COMPETITION How would you like to get your grubby little hands on a copy of the latest album from Sylosis. Did you just say, 'Sylosis who?'. Wash your mouth out. Fresh from the Download festival at Donington and preparing to embark on an all conquering tour including stops at Denmark, the lads from Sylosis are giving us a signed copy of their 'Conclusion Of An Age' album. To be in with a chance of winning their awesome CD simply answer the following question. Which band immediately preceded Sylosis on the Tuborg stage at Donington? a) Sleepercurve b) Hunting The Minotaur c) Bleed From Within Send your answer, either 'A', 'B', or 'C' to Closing date is 21st July 2009.

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Music magazine based in Newbury, Berkshire. Download festival special. Local bands. Local music.


Music magazine based in Newbury, Berkshire. Download festival special. Local bands. Local music.