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Mordecai / Kamikaze Test Pilots / Dead Mans Crossing : Pg 6 Silence So Loud : Pg 7 The Screenbeats / The Circus Sands : Pg 8 Secret Fridge Party / Relik / Fifth Road : Pg 10 The Crave / Tin Soldiers / The Great Statesmen / The Jammin' Dodgers : Pg 12 Muse : Pg 14

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EDITORIAL Oh how easy it would be to carry on about how the nights are drawing in. The mornings are getting a bit more chilly and the end of the year is just around the corner. And how so often such tales put people in a bad mood. But what’s the point of being miserable about something you know is going to happen? Surely, if we know it’s going to be cold, then we dig out a warm jumper and crack on with whatever we were going to do anyway. The active musician doesn’t hibernate, and with so much going on around us there’s always something to be inspired by. Always. Just looking around as you go for a stroll it’s clear that nature is winding down, preparing for the winter. Leaves are going into the golden brown phase and animals are stocking up on grub. If my song writing capability was any good I’d capture the whole lot in a song. Not a soppy ballad mind you, but some rock track that thrives upon the energy that is around us and gathers up all that grand stuff that goes on in nature all the time. But apart from writing lyrics and wandering in the woods, what else does any of this have to do with music? For most people the idea of change is scary and left well alone. For others it’s something only engaged on 1st January each year. Why not take a look at things now? Why not look to see exactly where your band is, where your music career is, see where your general life is and where it’s going. More importantly have a think about where you want it to go. Are the things you’re doing on a daily basis actually helping you get to that place you want to be? The phrase ‘your own worst enemy’ is often used, and if you’re not careful it can be very true. Make sure you’re challenging yourself if you have a goal that you want to attain. Why wait until January to kick things off? It’s your life. Why let the calendar

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decide for you? Take a long look at where you are, how you got there, and where you want to go. There are always new things to try. Depending how adventurous you are will influence just what you get up to. Keep it legal, and keep it safe. But push a few boundaries. Don’t be afraid to try something new. I think that’s the point I’m trying to make. If you settle for what you have, then that’s the best it’s ever going to be. Why not make a few differences here and there? Just weigh up exactly what’s holding you back from whatever dream you hold in your head. When the day comes and all you have is free time and your thoughts, will you be in your old age? Will you have made the most of everything you had available to you? Were those chances that you missed really worth missing? Or is it worth trying? Maybe it’s worth pushing yourself a little more. Try and get that little bit of extra confidence you need. Try and get whatever it is that you want. Do it now. Pass on the passion.

The Juke

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GIG REVIEW Mordecai / Kamikaze Test Pilots / Dead Mans Crossing @ Face Bar, Reading DEAD MANS CROSSING break the silence and the five-piece have a subtle confidence that lets you know that this gig is going to go well. The sound is noticeably tight and within a few short moments the band demonstrates immediate proficiency with intricacy and the ability to juxtapose a nimble solo against a huge guitar sound that hangs you up then smacks you into life. The overall sound is reminiscent of the US modern grunge scene, but with a topping that makes the sound their own. The vocals are clean, powerful and serve well to deliver the lyrical punch of the band. A fine opener. For the second band, take a rock energy, stir with a ska groove, infuse with a Spanish sense of rhythm then cook for thirty minutes at the hottest heat you can stand. KAMIKAZE TEST PILOTS have an incredible energy that exudes from the band, manifesting itself in impassioned vocals, guitar throwing and overall tight playing. Its been a while since I've seen a flying-vee get man-handled like that. The guitar seemed to like it though! The vocal harmonies work very well and add another tuneful dimension to the tracks. The groove ridden tracks sit really well with the audience, and the upcoming music video for one of their tracks is certainly something to look out for. The atmosphere is very positive, and the band does well to strike up an energised vibe. Bringing the evening to a sizeable close are MORDECAI, a band where huge guitardriven sound forms the backbone of their style. The massive sound still has room for delicacy though, and the subtle details laid into their tracks makes the set musically engaging. The band clearly enjoy the stage time, and it seems the guitars become truly energised when the guys play. The clean vocals are tuneful and suit the heavy rock character. Engaging with the crowd adds a good touch to their performance, which is appreciated by the crowd. Also with a music video due out soon, their myspace will be worth checking out. Words: The Juke Images:

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GIG REVIEW Silence So Loud @ The Monument, Newbury A new band formed in July this year from some experienced musicians from the Newbury area. They are a covers band whose influences include Metallica, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Pantera, Dream Theater, Dio, Black Sabbath, Slayer, and Britney….. though I didn’t hear much Slayer. The band are Craig Goddard - Guitar/ Backing grunts Ray Gulliver – Bass Steve Handley - Guitar, Falling asleep at inopportune moments, André Lucas - Drums and vocals. They are very fast and very loud. Go and see them if you can. Words and Images: DG_Photo Pg 7

GIG REVIEW The Screenbeats / The Circus Sands – The Lock Stock and Barrel 4/9/2010 Saturday night’s quaint performance at The Lock Stock sort of happened by mistake for me, maybe even a pleasant surprise. I ventured to the LSB for a quiet drink, to find THE SCREENBEATS stood around a makeshift stage area towards the back of the pub. THE CIRCUS SANDS casually donned their instruments, and after a few thumbs up and a nod of the head, were off to a start. Their sound was massively intriguing to begin with; they made me think of The Who meets Minus the Bear, with Kings of Leon thrown in for good measure. In between songs, the front man mostly left the punters to their drinks and conversations, though many remained politely engaged. The band fit the scene quite well, being a little more than just back ground music, but a little less than over the top for this particular setting. The Circus Sands are due to record in October so check them out for news on upcoming releases. THE SCREENBEATS took their turn at the stage some twenty minutes later. It was noticeable they had bought a small fan base along with them who were eager for the band to get started. The Screenbeats are the kind of band who can catch an audience’ eye in most venue settings and The Lock Stock is no exception this evening. Even revellers at the outdoor smoking area poke their heads through the doors to see who is producing such massive vocals. That would of course be Faye, The Screenbeats leading lady. She wastes no time in hitting huge notes, and shows no mercy to the PA system which hardly seems capable of throwing her voice out, not that the extra volume is required. I always enjoy seeing bands who don’t mind if they’re in a small pub or a sold out venue, they still play the same, especially when lead guitarist Clive is only millimetres off of hitting his head on the low ceiling while bouncing on the spot. A flawless and fun home set by The Screenbeats, and a good time was had by all. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera, and my phone was out of battery so no photos from the show, but check out; Words: Alex Durham

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GIG LISTINGS OCT 2010 Fri-Sun ( 1st - 3rd )

1st OCTOBER GIG LISTINGS 20:00 The Black Sheep Apprentice & Neil Mercer & Ellen Marie Carter & Mr David Lynch @ 12 Bar, Swindon 20:30 Cocaine Cowboys / Undersmile / Blin Jonnie / Mark Sollis @ The Wheatsheaf, Oxford 20:30 Secret Fridge Party @ 3B’s Bar, Reading 21:00 Paradox @ The Railway Tavern, Hungerford Xx:xx Rich Austin & The Maestros @ The Jazz Café, Reading 23:00 Dutty Moonshine @ SUB89, Reading

2nd OCTOBER GIG LISTINGS 18:00 Kinky (live bands) @ The Purple Turtle, Oxford 19:00 Moorside BOTB @ The Moorside Centre, Thatcham 20:00 Dry The River / Julian Tulk Band @ Arlington Arts, Newbury 20:00 Greendate (Greenday tribute) @ 12 Bar, Swindon 20:30 Dedlcok / K-Lacura / Visonfall / Black Skies Burn @ The Wheatsheaf, Oxford 21:00 Fred Hot Chilli Peppers @ The Railway Tavern, Hungerford Xx:xx Headrush @ The Jazz Café, Reading Xx:xx Apollo Big band @ Corn Exchange, Newbury 3rd OCTOBER GIG LISTINGS 15:00 Mike Miller Jazz Trio @ The Lock, Stock and Barrel, Newbury 19:30 Ben Montague / Lotte Mullan / Al Lewis @ The Vic, Swindon Xx:xx Off the wagon @ The Purple Turtle, Oxford Xx:xx Ashley Stone @ Old Orleans, Reading

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GIG REVIEW Secret Fridge Party / Relik / Fifth Road @ Canal Bar, Newbury Opening with an Oasis cover is a peculiar move for a band with their own material. Two songs in, and FIFTH ROAD play one of their own but the mood is not yet raised. The rest of the performance stays just above mediocre. The tracks are tight, but with a relatively expressionless drummer and lead axeman the band need a kick in the vigour department. Vocally the band have a decent setup, with backing vocals working well. The band do have the ability to set up a groove, but they really need to show it as well as play it. RELIK perform an acoustic set throwing a couple of covers into an otherwise original set. With a generally tight performing style the songs are well worth a listen, yet it's clear that the boys feel a little restricted by the lack of a fully amplified gig. The electro-acoustics get a real pounding with the music just begging for a full PA. However the band does a good job to lift the atmosphere of the evening and produce a collection of tracks to prove their worth. Deservedly headlining for the night, and launching their EP, SECRET FRIDGE PARTY take to the floor. Their set is strong, and the riff hooks are plentiful while backing vocal hooks are equally present. The crowd were quick to pick up on the points where they could easily sing along with the band. This level of connection proved important as the vocal mics died on a few occasions early in the set. Ever professional the band soldiered on to impress fans and newcomers alike. The variety displayed by the group around the rock genre means that there is something for everyone. Clearly enjoying their time in the spotlight the band are certainly one to watch. Words: The Juke Images: DG_Photo

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Mon-Sun ( 4th - 10th )

4th OCTOBER GIG LISTINGS 19:30 MARSEILLE (feat. Neil Buchanan from Art Attack) + Support @ Riffs Bar, Swindon 5th OCTOBER GIG LISTINGS 20:00 Cats And Cats And Cats & Ladycop & Anaheim @ 12 Bar, Swindon 6th OCTOBER GIG LISTINGS Xx:xx London Mozart Players @ The Anvil, Basingstoke Xx:xx Glenn Hughes @ SUB89, Reading 7th OCTOBER GIG LISTINGS 20:00 MEMM Under 21s Battle Of The Bands - Heat 1 : DIRT ROYAL + SIGMA 12 + THE FIXED @ Riffs Bar, Swindon 20:30 The Dead Nixons / Junction XIII / Joe Johnston Band @ Censo, Basingstoke 21:00 David Bowie tribute @ The Lock, Stock and Barrel, Newbury Xx:xx THE BOY WILL DROWN w/ Heights + Artemis + The Ninth Colossus @ The Face Bar, Reading 8th OCTOBER GIG LISTINGS 19:00 The Worried Men @ Riffs Bar, Swindon 20:00 Patrick Duff @ Arlington Arts, Newbury 20:00 The Rolling Zones @ 12 Bar, Swindon 21:00 The Difference @ The Lock, Stock and Barrel, Newbury 20:00 Supernaut @ The Vic, Swindon 21:00 Nightjar @ The Railway Tavern, Hungerford Xx:xx Bassment vs Resonance (DJ) @ SUB89, Reading Xx:xx Lee Aaron Band @ The Jazz Café, Reading Xx:xx R.R.R @ The Butler Pub, Reading Xx:xx David Mcalmont @ New Greenham Arts Auditorium. Newbury

9th OCTOBER GIG LISTINGS 20:00 El Moreno @ Queen Marys College, Basingstoke 20:30 Borderville / Huck & The Handsome Fee @ The Wheatsheaf, Oxford 21:00 Uncle Jack @ The Railway Tavern, Hungerford Xx:xx Soul Purpose @ The Jazz Café, Reading Xx:xx The Brink @ The Butler Pub, Reading 10th OCTOBER GIG LISTINGS 14:30 Pete Allen @ The Lock, Stock and Barrel, Newbury 20:30 Pythia @ The Face Bar, Reading Xx:xx Richard Gibson @ Old Orleans, Reading

**** time unknown please contact venue. Listings correct at time of going to print. Send us your listings at: Pg 11

GIG REVIEW The Crave / Tin Soldiers / The Great Statesmen / The Jammin' Dodgers @ The Corn Exchange, Newbury It’s nothing short of spectacular. The atmosphere is stoked, THE JAMMIN’ DODGERS arrive on stage and from that very moment the energy in The Corn Exchange is never below frantic. The young rock covers band really stand up and take to the big stage. Anyone having a doubt that the lads could hold such a large performing area had that doubt shattered. The confident vocals, the sheer enjoyment and the engagement with the crowd made this easily the best gig so far for the JDs. Adding an immense wedge of tuneful indie-style to the proceedings THE GREAT STATESMEN were mind-blowing. Immediately the band were linking to the crowd and keeping the atmosphere at boiling point. The set was totally melodic, engaging and with an attitude of pure showmanship the band performed fantastically. By the time that the TIN SOLDIERS took to the stage the crowd were definitely into the rock night. The band blew the crowd away with a set that delivered the tracks from their debut album in a style that grabbed hold of everyone in the venue. It was clear a large contingent of the crowd were fans, and by the time the set finished the whole room was desperate to hear more. Providing a suitable cherry on top of the grand musical cake, THE CRAVE unleashed their rock force to the Newbury crowd. The four-piece were clearly enjoying the final slot of the night and showed what a rock band can do. The set was explosive and took the gig to an awesome pinnacle. Not only the four main bands, but also musical interludes from youngsters that are up and coming musical talents in Newbury. It’s the first gig we have co-promoted and it certainly won’t be the last. To everyone who went along, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Words: The Juke Images:

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Mon-Sun ( 11th - 17th)

11th OCTOBER GIG LISTINGS No Listings 12th OCTOBER GIG LISTINGS 20:00 Brassneck @ The New Inn, Basingstoke Xx:xx Nils Lofgren @ The Anvil, Basingstoke 13th OCTOBER GIG LISTINGS 20:30 Music For Pleasure / Space Heroes Of The People @ The Wheatsheaf, Oxford Xx:xx EVAROSE EP LAUNCH w/ Forever Wednesday + Get Set Party Band + My Little Decoy @ The Face Bar 14th OCTOBER GIG LISTINGS 20:00 The Scholars / Golden Hours / Player 2 @ The Jericho tavern, Oxford 20:00 Whole Lotta Led @ Arlington Arts, Newbury 20:00 Secret Fridge Party @ Censo, Basingstoke 20:00 MEMM Under 21s Battle Of The Bands - Heat 2 : STARLIGHT CITY + THE STREET ORPHANS + DIVERSION @ Riffs Bar, Swindon 20:30 Obsessive Compulsive / Liquid Sky @ The Face Bar, Reading 15th OCTOBER GIG LISTINGS 19:30 WILL & THE PEOPLE + SAM KELLYS STATION HOUSE + SUPPORT @ Riffs Bar, Swindon 20:00 Oysterband @ Arlington Arts, Newbury 20:30 The Long Insiders / Inventions of Jerry Darge / Brothers Welsh @ The Wheatsheaf, Oxford 21:00 24/7 @ The Railway Tavern, Hungerford Xx:xx Band Substance @ The Jazz CafĂŠ, Reading

16th OCTOBER GIG LISTINGS 19:30 The MODS - MODS v ROCKERS SHOW @ Riffs Bar, Swindon 20:30 The Inventions of Jerry Darge @ The Wheatsheaf, Oxford 21:00 Riff Raff @ The Railway Tavern, Hungerford Xx:xx Spiers and Boden @ Corn Exchange, Newbury 17th OCTOBER GIG LISTINGS 17:30 Nikki Loy @ The Fishes, North Hinksey Villiage 14:30 Atari Safari @ The Lock, Stock and Barrel, Newbury Xx:xx Muntu Valdo @ The Anvil, Basingstoke Xx:xx Wilko Johnson @ SUB89, Reading Xx:xx High Turner @ Old Orleans, Reading

**** time unknown please contact venue. Listings correct at time of going to print. Send us your listings at: Pg 13

GIG REVIEW Muse / Biffy Clyro / White Lies / I Am Arrows @ Wembley, London My first visit to the new Wembley stadium…. My wife and I drove to Hammersmith and took the underground to the venue (Via the Hard Rock Café for lunch) after queuing for an hour or so we were inside, with unreserved seat or pitch standing we opted for the former, a few rows from the front to the right of the stage. First up were I AM ARROWS fronted by former Razorlight drummer Andy Burrows, an indie band that made a pleasant start to the afternoons entertainment. Following on were WHITE LIES formerly known as “Fear of flying” they played a very good set , The singer I thought was reminiscent of Neil Finn. BIFFY CLYRO to the stage next, Playing very fast and covering the whole stage area they thrashed their way through their set. Time for the main act… MUSE were preceded on stage by dozens of masked and hooded protesters carrying banners declaring “They will not control us” The Resistance gig was underway ! The whole of the previously dull grey side of the stage was lit up… one moment a montage of 50 different windows with silhouette people to close ups of the band on stage…. Then the rain started… the Wembley roof open allowed the brief shower to catch in the floodlights adding another dimension to the already awe inspiring mixture of music and images. They played standards as well as select oldies, their encore involved a silver space ship “flying” around the area… complete with gyrating acrobatic alien suspended beneath. Altogether a fantastic gig that must rate in my top 5 of 30+ years on concerts. Words and Images: DG_Photo

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Mon-Sun ( 18th - 24th )

18th OCTOBER GIG LISTINGS No Listings 19th OCTOBER GIG LISTINGS Xx:xx Simply Big Band @ The Anvil, Basingstoke 20th OCTOBER GIG LISTINGS 20:00 Secret Fridge Party @ Oakford Social Club, Reading Xx:xx MAROON / AFTER THE BURIAL w/ The Eyes Of A Traitor + The Agonist + Terakai @ The Face Bar 21st OCTOBER GIG LISTINGS 20:00 Nikki Loy @ Joes Bar, Summertown 20:00 MEMM Under 21s Battle Of The Bands - Heat 3 @ Riffs Bar, Swindon Xx:xx Kenny Wheeler @ The Anvil, Basingstoke Xx:xx Pure Jazz @ The Jazz Café, Reading Xx:xx Mitch Benn & The Distractions @ New Greenham Arts Auditorium 22nd OCTOBER GIG LISTINGS 19:30 Asylum Sessions Presents..Alan Wass (London) + Kicaberry + Theo Altieri Band + Jess Hall Band @ Riffs Bar, Swindon 20:00 Chloe Hall Trio @ Arlington Arts, Newbury 20:30 Beelzebozo / Risen In Black / Age of Misrule @ The Wheatsheaf, Oxford 21:00 Roadhouse @ The Railway Tavern, Hungerford 21:00 Soul Funk Secret @ The Lock, Stock and Barrel, Newbury Xx:xx Krystle Warren @ The Anvil, Basingstoke Xx:xx Elvis tribute @ The Jazz Café, Reading

23rd OCTOBER GIG LISTINGS 19:30 The THIN WHITE DUKE @ Riffs Bar, Swindon 20:00 The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band @ Arlington Arts, Newbury 20:30 Harry Angel / The Insult @ The Wheatsheaf, Oxford 21:00 Nightjar @ The Railway Tavern, Hungerford Xx:xx Zion Train @ SUB89, Reading Xx:xx Party Express @ The Jazz Café, Reading 24th OCTOBER GIG LISTINGS 14:30 Manos Puestas @ The Lock, Stock and Barrel, Newbury Xx:xx Izabela Borzymowska @ Old Orleans, Reading

**** time unknown please contact venue. Listings correct at time of going to print. Send us your listings at: Pg 15

AUDIO REVIEW Artist: The Fortunate Media: CD Title: The Fortunate / Tracks: 3 / Running Time: ~11.5 minutes A simple black and white insert showing band photo on the front and track-listing plus internet links over a night-time woodland scene on the back. It’s nothing too impressive. No startling impression made yet. The CD itself is full printed, black background, white text of logo, myspace and track listing. All very minimalist and quite expressionless so far. 1 – Young Hearts –4:22 – A short keyboard loop, then the tune kicks off with a vibrant rhythm with clean guitars, driving bass and drums. From here, the beautiful female vocals break in with a back beat that immediately builds the track up to the mightily impressive chorus. Second verse and the off-beat guitar palm-muted chords grab your rhythm muscle fixing the tune right into your sense. The moments silence before breaking into the second chorus is a masterstroke, and a short instrumental thereafter gives a moment to relax before energetically diving back into the chorus. The power conveyed is astounding, the chorus is a first class example of successfully building upon an already impressive and energised track. 2 – Worlds’ bravest enemy – 2:57 – Clean guitar rhythm and vocals open track two, with more of a ballad style. The bass line here is hip-grabbing and the sense of overall rhythm is astounding again. The vocals are fantastic and the lyrics are inspiring. Once more a fine chorus that is intelligent and catchy. Just when you thought that this was going to be a relaxing tune the track picks up for a spirited race to the end. 3 – Hunting – 3:54 – Bursting with a swift rhythm, the closing track is undeniably strong. A two-part style verse blends a mellow aspect coupled with a driving second section. The chorus is another stormer. It’s another power-packed and catchy portion of a song that takes another great track to a higher level. Breaking the track down just under three minutes in adds a real point of definition, as the song enters its final phase. In essence this is a pop CD, but with much more intelligence and thought than regular pop-fare it’s almost an insult to call it such. As soon as the CD is on the music really stands up to any scrutiny. Being very picky there is a little overrun from the first track fade into the second (not a problem when listening to the whole disc) and for me the third track should have been first, and the first track should have been last. This order would mean the natural musical break from Young Hearts would end the disc, rather than the closing lyrics of Hunting. However, that’s all minor details. Regardless of being an unsigned band, this CD stands out as a mightily impressive pop trio of tracks and deserves some serious airplay. Check out Words: The Juke

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Mon-Sun ( 25th - 31st)

25th OCTOBER GIG LISTINGS No Listings 26th OCTOBER GIG LISTINGS 19:30 ADAM WILSON HUNTER @ Riffs Bar, Swindon 27th OCTOBER GIG LISTINGS No Listings 28th OCTOBER GIG LISTINGS Xx:xx MEMM Under 21s Battle Of The Bands - Heat 4 @ Riffs Bar, Swindon Xx:xx Honey Honey @ The Anvil, Basingstoke 29th OCTOBER GIG LISTINGS 19:30 The DEEP THOUGHT TOUR 2010 @ Riffs Bar, Swindon 20:00 Secret Fridge Party @ The Swan Inn, Wantage 21:00 Departments @ The Railway Tavern, Hungerford Xx:xx Honey Honey @ The Jazz Café, Reading Xx:xx Philharmonia Orchestra @ The Anvil, Basingstoke

30th OCTOBER GIG LISTINGS 20:30 Nikki Loy @ Jacobs & Field, Headington (acoustic album launch) 19:30 Penfold @ Riffs Bar, Swindon 21:00 Platinum @ The Lock, Stock and Barrel, Newbury Xx:xx Black Hat Band @ The Jazz Café, Reading 31st OCTOBER GIG LISTINGS Xx:xx Joe and Andy @ The Lock, Stock and Barrel, Newbury Xx:xx Ashley Stone @ Old Orleans, Reading Xx:xx Salsa Celtica Grande Orquesta @ The Anvil, Basingstoke Xx:xx Dylan Howe and Will Butterworth @ The Forge, Basingstoke

**** time unknown please contact venue. Listings correct at time of going to print. Send us your listings at: Pg 17

FROM GARAGE TO GRANDURE #11 - TRUST The musical world is a peculiar place. The archives are full of stories that tell of bands that had amazing success and generated a lot of cash, which eventually turned into massive salaries and turnover for managers, promoters or records companies, with the bands being left in a poor situation. Deals are made every day, not just in the musical world, and an element of trust is always present. Sometimes trust alone is not enough. WHY DOES TRUST MATTER? It’s pretty obvious that trust matters, but depending on what someone is expecting then the amount of trust for the level of importance will change. The level of trust someone associates with either another person, or a service, will influence their likelihood of becoming involved with that person or service. HOW IS TRUST IMPLIED? It’s all in the words. If someone promises to do something for you, then it’s assuming two main things. Firstly, the action has some importance between the people discussing the matter. Secondly, the person promising is confirming that they will fulfil their part of the bargain. Because of the phrasing of the sentence you would be right to assume to trust that the person will deliver. IMPORTANCE OF TRUST If someone promises to lend you a magazine that you may find interesting then there will be a certain amount of trust implied in the statement. The language suggests that the person will deliver what they say. So, if they don’t remember to bring in the book you’re entitled to chase them up. In reality, because the importance may be quite low you may decide to leave the matter and ignore the issue. However, if someone borrows some money from you and promises to pay you back the following week, you’re more than likely to chase them up for the cash. IMPACT OF FAILED PROMISES Every time someone goes out of their way to promise to do something the other person, or persons, will expect that they will be forthcoming with their promise. Each time someone promises something and then fails to deliver on that promise there will be a negative impact. Firstly the person due to receive whatever the other person promised won’t get what they expected. Secondly, the reputation of the ‘promiser’ will be damaged. HOW TO SAFEGUARD AGAINST MISTRUST It’s a doddle to say ‘be careful who you trust’, but if you have no prior experience of someone just how can you know whether to trust them without getting hurt? Without getting into commercial arrangements (that’s definitely something for another chapter) if the deal you are making with someone has significant importance then make sure there is some traceability of the agreement.

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WHAT IS TRACEABILITY AND WHY DOES IT MATTER? Traceability means that you can track back to the source of whatever information you are looking for. It’s also known as an audit trail. For instance, a receipt for a product gives traceability to when you purchased an item. If there is a problem with the product you will need to prove that you bought it. Hence, keep the receipt. The receipt is the record of the sale, and essentially represents that the shop sold you something. There are a heap of laws associated with selling products and the responsibilities assumed by the supplier and the purchase which I won’t cover here. The importance is that the receipt allows you to challenge the right person when something goes wrong. WHAT FORM OF AGREEMENT SHOULD YOU HAVE? This point comes back towards the significance of the deal. If you’re promised to get a fiver back from your friend because you lent it to them it’s unlikely that you will put together a massive contract to ensure prompt return of the cash. Conversely if a record company says they will give you a set percentage of your music sales then I would expect a full written agreement to exist. CHECK THE DETAILS Ever read the small print? Find it confusing? The small print is all the supplementary information that supports any contract. If you’re expected to sign a contract you owe it to yourself to understand the small print. Hidden away in the details it may say that ‘payment will be void if the artist fails to adhere to agency instruction’. For instance, if you fail to turn up to a rehearsal that the agency has arranged they would be entitled to not pay you. Check what this means. If you are happy with the explanation then ensure that their response is written down. GENTLEMAN’S AGREEMENT If you have something to gain then you will want to safeguard that reward. Every time you enter into something without formal agreement you run the risk of losing your reward. This doesn’t mean that you have to produce massive formalised contracts for everything you get involved with, but keeping simple and agreed records can help you out. On the other side, just because someone offers a formal contract it doesn’t mean that the deal will be better. SELF RESPECT It will always work in your favour to operate in an honourable way. As soon as you start trying to deceive people you open yourself up to all forms of attack. Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Make sure you let people know well in advance if you can’t carry out what you said. If there is a gig you’re due to play at make sure you give the venue as much notice as possible to get a replacement band if you can’t make it. It’s better to let someone down with advance warning and give them time to prepare than letting them down at the last minute and not allowing the other person to salvage the situation. Words: The Juke Pg 19

MUSICAL HEALTH NUTRITION Nutrition So you’re in a band, when your gigging time is often short and money quite tight right? Eating is something that you squeeze in between the sound check and getting on stage and often consists of a pizza, a burger or just a quick bag of crisps and a chocolate bar. Convenient? Yes. Cheap? Not usually. Great for your body? Certainly not. When you get on stage I am in no doubt you would love to have energy to move about freely, play your instrument, last the whole set and then be able to attend the after show party still full of vitality and not need to slump in the corner with a beer and go to sleep? As boring as it might sound getting your diet right especially when on tour can make a HUGE difference to this. We all know that eating fresh fruit and veg is better for the body and mind than a stodgy greasy burger from the van on the street, and presents less chance of food poisoning too! So rather than looking at what not to eat (I think common sense prevails here) let’s focus on what we can eat to get optimum results and how you can make this happen even when on tour! First things first.... Long-term health. Musicians, after years of repetitive often find that their joints, muscles, and bones ache. Arthritis can be the death of a musician’s career, whilst sore muscles can hinder performance. So surely it is only sensible that if there was say something that you could include in to your diet to prevent this it would be worth a shot? What if it was something simple and tasty surely that would seal the deal? Well there are 4 things, all of which can help! Omega-3 Fatty Acids (think oily fish like salmon) Turmeric (found in Indian food) Ginger (found in Asian food) Tart Cherries Studies show that the above foods decrease arthritis and / or muscle pain, so if you can start now, adding them into your diet, it can surely only be a good thing? Simple ways to recover and re-fuel your muscles include: Drinking a glass of cherry juice after the performance (wanting an alcoholic version? Add vodka and a wedge of lime!) Drink cherry juice mixed with water during the performance. Add ginger slices to water Season your chicken with turmeric (or just go for an Indian!) Eat Salmon, trout or other oily fish a couple of times a week Tart Cherries have recently become big news in the nutrition world, they have been shown to be effective in: • combating gout • assist in muscle recovery • alleviate muscle pain • boosting your diet with antioxidants (Cherries are packed with powerful antioxidants. In fact, they have among the highest levels of antioxidants – containing about the same as blueberries) They aren’t the easiest thing to find in the supermarket but they should be there, try the

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baking section or tinned fruit aisle. You should be able to spot the juice in the chilled juice section or the aisle with cartons of juice! The simplest way to include them in your diet is to drink their juice, either neat , with water, with lemonade, or put in a smoothie! Try blending 250ml / a tin) of cherries (juice or tinned cherries) 50ml lime juice, 100ml water, a handful of ice and if you need it a little honey or sugar. Tour friendly foods,...get yourself to the shops and grab: Bananas- easy to eat, energy packed and good for hangovers apparently?! Clementines- easy to peel, great source of vitamin C Limes- great addition to drinks and full of vitamin C Apples- high in fibre, easy to eat Baby carrots- perfect for snacking and pairing with humus Hummus- a tasty high protein dip Cherry juice- as mentioned earlier. Sparkling water- great with a squeeze of lemon or lime with or without alcohol Nuts- even better if they are not heavily salted! Energise: Eat breakfast!By the morning, your body has been without food for many hours, so no wonder it needs refuelling (especially post-gig). Eating breakfast will help stop your energy - dipping during the morning. Try finding a smoothie bar! Eat little and often to keep your energy levels up! Make your carbs complex! Swap white carbs (sugar, pasta, bread) with wholegrain (rye, wholemeal, bread and pasta) Drink lots (Of water!!) Protein power Helps the body to grow and repair found in: Chicken and turkey- lean meat, high in protein Eggs Yoghurt Tuna & salmon In short ... reach for healthy unprocessed grub, to keep you on top form! Drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated. It does not have to be boring.... mix it up and you might even find its tastier than the junk you used to prefer! Do this and your energy levels should rise, along with your general well being.... and who knows... maybe you will be less tired during gigs and be able to enjoy the after show parties even more! Words: Sarah Bruce Pg 21


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NEWS CORN EXCHANGE TAKES OVER AGAIN After the success of the last event another ‘Takeover’-style bands night is coming up on Friday 26 November at The Corn Exchange, Newbury. The young organisers are trying to spread word about the event and encourage bands who are interested in playing to contact them. The line-up is still being confirmed and are looking for young local bands, particularly school age bands. Contact them at by Friday 22 October. SECRET EP LAUNCH Newbury music fans were treated to the launch of the 4-track Secret Fridge Party EP at The Canal Bar at the end of September. Champagne was flowing, music was made and an awesome evening was had by all. Our full review of the night is earlier in the mag, but for copies of the EP contact the band at A special mention to Smiley Dave.. weaving his magic and rerouting the PA meant the vocals (that kept cutting out due to an overheating amp) could be heard for the rest of the night. And just before SFP decided to move into full time karaoke.

THANKS In no particular order! dg_photo Alex Durham Simon Brown The fans (of the magazine and live music... don't stop believing!) All performing bands (especially those featured in this issue), without you this magazine wouldn't exist! To any else that we may have forgotten... we love you too! Pg 23


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