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EDITORIAL November. November. November. It doesn’t get more interesting the more times you write it. Maybe one more. November. No. It’s still the eleventh month, it’s still after October and before December. For many it will be the time when you spend the first few weeks comparing what time it is now to what time is was before you had to turn the clock back. Don’t tell me you haven’t changed the clock. No wonder you’re always an hour early for everything. Sort it out! Right. Now we’re all in the same time zone, what does November hold in store?

Set your sights higher each time you get towards the musical goal you have. Don’t be prepared to settle for less than your ideal. When you settle your music will stagnate and the fans, who are oh so loyal at the moment, are likely to lose interest. In fact, you’re likely to lose interest too and that just won’t do. Don’t be too hard on yourself either. Whatever you have achieved up to this point is worth recognising. Even if all you have done is realise that you have made a whole load of bad decisions, at least you have realised it.

There’s certainly no shortage of gigs in the Berkshire area. Check out our gig listing pages if you don’t believe me!

Music deserves some quality time. Don’t put it on the back burner for too long. If you do it’s likely to become overcooked and taste bad. Spare a little time with you, some pals and some good music. There’s no excuse. None whatsoever.

Maybe now is the time to be scouring the musical emporiums to see what you’d like for the festive period. Anyone who knows me will know that I’m not a fan of the festive time. It’s all a lot of “people ask you what you want, you get something else, you have to pretend to be happy with it”! But, at least use the time now to have a look out there to see the amazing gadgets and gear that you could perhaps incorporate into your musical exploits. One thing though. Just because the gear is more expensive doesn’t mean it will make you play any better! Maybe it’s time to think about how your musical career is going. Last month I brought the subject up, but what have you done about it? Take a look at your progress to date. Weigh up the things that have improved, view the things that need to be better. Put together a constructive way forward so that you can achieve your musical goals. There are loads of people trying to make it in music. Fact. Just because there are loads of people trying to do it doesn’t mean that you won’t be successful. Fact.

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Pass on the passion.

The Juke

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GIG REVIEW Nikki Loy @ Canal Bar, Newbury The Oxford songstress, Nikki Loy, opens confidently with 'Less Of Me' which demonstrates her range of vocal ability. All tastefully applied of course. 'Red Shoes' tells more than a story of her favourite footwear and gives the audience a tune underpinned with a toe-tapping rhythm, sprinkled with a wonderful topping of soul vocals. A cover to keep the crowd on her side allows Nikki to confirm her ownership of acoustic soul with 'Say a little prayer'. The sheer vocal power and dexterity is applied willingly and carefully to provide an enormously full and melodious sound. Watch for the change in plectrum too. The black one had a special mention! Throwing in a bit of Alicia Keys 'Fallin' and doing it justice is a welcome experience, with so many others who wish they could sing as well as Nikki does. From the moment the set starts to its end Miss Loy exudes a total passion about the music. 'Magic Powers' blends a vindictive streak with light hearted lyrics. Don't get on the wrong side of Nikki! Closing with 'Seismic Shift' Nikki tells a tale of a substantial event that totally changes how you see someone. It's heartfelt stuff, but delivered in a way that conveys sentiment with beautiful music. It can't fail to impress. As an opener to other bands for the evening Nikki provides a performance style that is impressive, a microphone manner than is engaging and a demeanour that is friendly. A faultless performance. Words: The Juke Images:

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Mon - Sun ( 1st - 7th )

1st NOVEMBER GIG LISTINGS 19:30 - Wishbone Ash @ Sub89, Reading Xx:xx – One Night Only @ O2 Academy, Oxford 2nd NOVEMBER GIG LISTINGS 19:00 - The Hugh Turner Band @ Old Orleans, Reading 19:30 - SIZEN + SIX SECOND SILENCE @ Riffs Bar, Swindon Xx:xx - Yann Tiersen @ O2 Academy, Oxford 3rd NOVEMBER GIG LISTINGS 19:00 - The Shut Down / Proceed @ Facebar, Reading 20:00 – BBC Introducing @ Oakford Social Club, Reading 20:00 – Distorted Breed / Conflict Against @ 12 Bar, Swindon Xx:xx - Bizarre Presents The Elusive Tour with Wiley @ O2 Academy, Oxford 4th NOVEMBER GIG LISTINGS 20:00 – Fury UK @ 12 Bar, Swindon 20:00 – 2 Sick Monkeys / The Choas Brothers / Baby Train @ The Vic, Swindon 20:00 – Acoustica @ Riffs Bar, Swindon Xx:xx - Less Than Jake Zebrahead, We Are The Union, This Contrast Kills @ O2 Academy, Oxford 5th NOVEMBER GIG LISTINGS 19:30 – Fireworks night + Live music @ Riffs Bar, Swindon 20:00 – The Undercover Police @ 12 Bar, Swindon 20:00 – Volkerstein @ The Vic, Swindon 21:00 – Replica @ The Railway Tavern, Hungerford Xx:xx – The Smiths Indeed @ The Anvil, Basingstoke Xx:xx – Daft @ The Jazz Café, Reading Xx:xx – Rise Above @ The Butler, Reading

Xx:xx - Edwyn Collins / Frankie & The Heartstrings / The Kinbeats @ O2 Academy, Oxford Xx:xx - Midlake / John Grant / Jason Lytle (Grandaddy) @ O2 Academy, Oxford 6th NOVEMBER GIG LISTINGS 19:30 – Koribantez / Get Carter / The City Riot @ 12 Bar, Swindon 20:00 – MEMM BOTB Final DIRT ROYAL + THE STREET ORPHANS + BLOOD LEGACY + DINOSAUR PURSUIT + THE FIXED @ Riffs Bar, Swindon 21:00 – S.J.W @ The Railway Tavern, Hungerford Xx:xx Headrush @ The Jazz Café, Reading Xx;xx – Chris Lambert @ The Butler, Reading Xx:xx – Ska Cubano @ O2 Academy, Oxford Xx:xx - Nouvelle Vague / The Prohibition Smokers' Club @ O2 Academy, Oxford 7th NOVEMBER GIG LISTINGS 17:30 – Hugh Turner @ Old Orleans, Reading Xx:xx – Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Show @ The Anvil, Basingstoke

**** time unknown please contact venue. Listings correct at time of going to print. Send us your listings at: Pg 7

GIG REVIEW THATgig @ Moorside, Newbury As part of the Thatcham festival of the arts and leisure this year Moorside community centre put on an evenings entertainment, entry was free (courtesy of the Festival organizers) The Line up featured “Fortune favors the fallen”, “Empires”, “Ascent” and “A poetic yesterday”. A good crowd enjoyed the bands, the music was fast and loud and ranged from angst ridden screams to bowel loosening bass notes. Ten O’clock came far too soon. Words and Images: DG_Photo

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Mon - Sun ( 8th - 14th )

8th NOVEMBER GIG LISTINGS Xx:xx – Imogen Heap @ O2 Academy, Oxford

Arts Auditorium Xx:xx – Methera @ The Forge, Basingstoke

9th NOVEMBER GIG LISTINGS 19:00 – Ashley Stone @ Old Orleans, Reading

13th NOVEMBER GIG LISTINGS 19:30 – Free At Last @ Riffs Bar, Swindon 20:00 – Just Floyd @ 12 Bar, Swindon 20:00 – Gabby Young & Other Animals / Buswell & Strings / Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun @ The Vic, Swindon 21:00 – FUBAR @ The Railway Tavern, Hungerford Xx:xx - Groove Instinct @ The Jazz Café, Reading Xx:xx – Basingstoke SO & Choral Society @ The Anvil, Basingstoke Xx:xx Eruption @ The Butler, Reading Xx:xx – Islington Boys’ Club @ Oakford Social Club, Reading

10th NOVEMBER GIG LISTINGS 19:30 - HAMILTON LOOMIS @ Riffs Bar, Swindon Xx:xx – The Quotes @ Oakford Social Club, Reading Xx:xx – London Mozart Players @ The Anvil, Basingstoke 11th NOVEMBER GIG LISTINGS 19:30 - The Blue Trees / Jump / The Jess Hall band @ Riffs Bar, Swindon 20:00 – Metalhead @ 12 Bar, Swindon 20:00 - Good Things Happen In Bad Towns / The Epstein / Zoe Mead @ The Vic, Swindon Xx:xx – The Stylistics @ The Anvil, Basingstoke Xx:xx M.I.A. @ O2 Academy, Oxford Xx:xx - Jacqui Dankworth @ Corn Exchange, Newbury 12th NOVEMBER GIG LISTINGS 19:30 - Funeral for a friend / Rise to remain / Boys with xray eyes @ Sub89, Reading 19:30 – Black Sheep Apprentice @ Riffs Bar, Swindon 20:00 – Jilted Generation @ 12 Bar, Swindon 20:00 – Fragile @ Arlington Arts, Newbury 20:00 – Kazabian @ The Vic, Swindon 21:00 – Monkeydolls @ The Railway Tavern, Hungerford Xx:xx – Mirrorball @ The Jazz Café, Reading Xx:xx - Akala @ O2 Academy, Oxford Xx:xx – Sam Carter @ New Greenham

14th NOVEMBER GIG LISTINGS 17:30 – Richard Gibson @ Old Orleans, Reading 19:30 - Whole Lotta Led @ Sub89, Reading 19:30 - Ben Montague / Lotte Mullan / Al Lewis @ The Vic, Swindon Xx:xx - Elliot Minor @ O2 Academy, Oxford Xx:xx – English Chamber Orchestra @ The Anvil, Basingtoke

**** time unknown please contact venue. Listings correct at time of going to print. Send us your listings at: Pg 9


Mon - Sun ( 15th - 21st )


Xx:xx – Peach @ The Jazz Café, Reading Xx:xx – The Brink @ The Butler, Reading

16th NOVEMBER GIG LISTINGS 19:00 – Big Red Bus @ Old Orleans, Reading 19:30 - Steve Harley @ Sub89, Reading Xx:xx - The Divine Comedy (An Evening With Neil Hannon) @ O2 Academy, Oxford

20th NOVEMBER GIG LISTINGS 19:30 - Hungerford Town Band Poppy Concert @ Town Hall, Hungerford 19:30 – The Bryan Adams Experience @ Riffs Bar, Swindon 20:00 – Still Marillion @ 12 Bar, Swindon 20:00 - Calm Like A Bomb (Rage Tribute) + Fred Hot Chili Peppers @ The Vic, Swindon 21:00 - Stripped @ The Railway Tavern, Hungerford Xx:xx - The Counterfeit Stones @ Corn Exchange, Newbury Xx:xx – Les Triaboliques @ The Forge, Basingstoke Xx:xx – Madison Heights @ The Jazz Café, Reading Xx:xx - The Complete Stone Roses / Kings Of Lyon @ O2 Academy, Oxford Xx:xx - Leah Mason @ O2 Academy, Oxford

17th NOVEMBER GIG LISTINGS 19:30 – Nervana / Faux Fighters @ Riffs Bar, Swindon Xx:xx - The Coral @ O2 Academy, Oxford Xx:xx – Dry The River @ The Oakford Social Club, Reading Xx:xx – Who’s Bad @ The Anvil, Basingstoke 18th NOVEMBER GIG LISTINGS 19:30 - The Infamous Jackie Lynton Band / The Eric Street Band @ Sub89, Reading 20:00 – Marcus Malone @ Riffs Bar, Swindon 20:00 - Emma Payn + Billyjon + Ali Fineran @ The Vic, Swindon Xx:xx - Klaxons @ O2 Academy, Oxford Xx:xx - Dreadzone / She Is Danger @ O2 Academy, Oxford 19th NOVEMBER GIG LISTINGS 19:30 – Jean Marx Express @ Riffs Bar, Swindon 20:00 – Dan Arborise @ Arlington Arts, Newbury 20:00 - Brothers Welsh + Papa Jules + Branch Immersion @ the Port Mahon, Oxford 20:00 – Hazel O’Connor @ 12 Bar, Swindon 20:00 - The Dacoits / The Dogbones / The Vooz @ The Vic, Swindon 21:00 – Barewires @ The Railway Tavern, Hungerford

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21st NOVEMBER GIG LISTINGS 17:30 – Ashley Stone @ Old Orleans, Reading 19:30 - Monster Magnet @ Sub89, Reading


Mon - Sun ( 22nd - 28th )

22nd NOVEMBER GIG LISTINGS Xx:xx - 65daysofstatic / Kong / Coloureds @ O2 Academy, Oxford 23rd NOVEMBER GIG LISTINGS Xx:xx - Gabrielle Aplin / Miriam Jones @ O2 Academy, Oxford 24th NOVEMBER GIG LISTINGS 20:00 - Ready Set Low / Fine Young Firecrackers / Ferrassie / Anaheim @ 12 Bar, Swindon 20:00 – BBC Introducing @ Oakford Social Club, Reading Xx:xx - Athlete @ O2 Academy, Oxford Xx:xx – The Middle East Peace Orchestra @ The Anvil, Basingstoke 25th NOVEMBER GIG LISTINGS 20:00 - An Evening of Acoustic Radiohead (tribute) @ The Vic, Swindon 20:00 - NICK HARPER + KICABERRY + GUITAR STOOLS & CIGARETTES @ Riffs Bar, Swindon Xx:xx - Joe Brooks @ O2 Academy, Oxford 26th NOVEMBER GIG LISTINGS 19:30 - Bassment vs Resonance / High Contrast / John B / Plastician + more @ Sub89, Reading 19:30 – Metal Mosh Charity Night @ Riffs Bar, Swindon 19:45- Big Gig Twenty Ten @ Corn Exchange, Newbury 20:00 – Shepherd’s Pie @ The Vic, Swindon 20:00 – Alive & Kicking @ 12 Bar, Swindon 21:00 – Echo @ The Railway Tavern, Hungerford Xx:xx – Rich uastin & The Maestros @ The Jazz Café, Reading Xx:xx – The View / Sound Of Guns / Love In The Asylum @ O2 Academy, Oxford Xx:xx – Boy *-bit & Lee Mortimer @ O2

Academy, Oxford 27th NOVEMBER GIG LISTINGS 19:30 – Hot Rox / Ruff Diamond / The Discolettes @ Riffs Bar, Swindon 20:00 – Kasiuss @ 12 Bar, Swindon 20:00 – Pama International Farewell Show @ Arlington Arts, Newbury 21:00 – Smashpuppies @ The Railway Tavern, Hungerford Xx:xx – Chain Gang @ The Jazz Café, Reading Xx:xx – Into The Darkness @ The Butler, Reading Xx:xx – Absolute Bowie @ O2 Academy, Oxford 28th NOVEMBER GIG LISTINGS 17:30 – Ashley Stone @ Old Orleans, Reading 20:00 – Open Mic @ The Vic, Swindon

**** time unknown please contact venue. Listings correct at time of going to print. Send us your listings at: Pg 11

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Mon-Tue ( 29th - 30th)

29th NOVEMBER GIG LISTINGS Xx:xx - Heaven 17 @ O2 Academy, Oxford 30th NOVEMBER GIG LISTINGS 19:30 - Matt Berry @ Sub89, Reading

**** time unknown please contact venue. Listings correct at time of going to print. Send us your listings at: Pg 13

GIG REVIEW Secret Fridge Party / Crackerdummy / Kinky Boot Beasts @ The Swan, Wantage This is the first visit that we have made to The Swan in Wantage. It’s easy to find, as it’s right next to the church slap in the centre of Wantage. There is plenty of local parking, and on a gig evening most of it is free. The venue is a good size too. It has a 50/50 split with front of house being the traditional pub side, while at the back is the gig area. It’s certainly cosy, rather than cathedral-sized, but for a four or five piece band there is plenty of room on the performance area and a good amount of space for the crowd. The sound set up looked alright too, and with an attentive sound guy on the evening any issues were addressed quickly and sensibly. Kinky Boot Beasts take a short sound check. Then a pause. A few moments silence. Jack, the drummer taking centre stage looks around at the band. They don't seem ready, yet they're not unready. Four stick clicks and the band immediately unites into a pounding rhythm. Opening the set with an instrumental shows a confidence and style. Nice. The musical prowess already displayed lets the crowd know that these guys are keen on producing interesting and engaging music. The band continues to create groove-ridden tracks that are energetically punctuated and are underpinned with a ferocious, friendly fury. The power of this band cannot be underestimated. The microphone manner of the singer/drummer is pleasant and gets the crowd onboard. The performance energy of the band is nothing short of amazing. Like a musical, rhythmical snowball gathering more momentum as the set progresses, a truly energised performance from start to finish.

Pg 14

Crackerdummy bring a melodious melancholy to the evening. The trio are tight and perform a set of original material that creates both joy and woe in an entertaining blend of indie sound. The bass player was cheerful throughout, the drummer fixed in concentration and the guitarist emotionally purveying his vocal wares. Plagued with a little guitar pedal trouble the guitarist does an amicable job of controlling and solving the situation. Closing their set with 'Twelve' the group charge their music with strong explosions of beat that creates a really full sound. The band creates a very tight sound, but with KBB providing such energy the style of Crackerdummy brought the atmosphere to a calmer pace. Certainly not a problem though! Secret Fridge Party take the headlining slot and perform a decent set. Cursed with microphone trouble last time we saw them (which meant part of the set was karaoke) we were keen to see how their latest tour material should really sound. Though their performance is good it lacks a spark that has made these lads so interesting to see before. The newer material like 'Lazy Boy' brings more life back to the set, so perhaps the guys are getting a little tired of performing their classic tracks. That said it's not a bad set, it just lacks sparkle. The band can still deliver but the guys need to make each track seem brand new to really shove the passion into the show. The crowd response is good though, so certainly not a poor performance! The performance flair of guitarists Rob and Dave adds a good amount of visual entertainment which is welcomed. A good set, but to really stamp the SFP name on the gig the relentless SFP drive needs to be united and fully displayed.

Words: The Juke Images: Pg 15

AUDIO REVIEW Artist: Suki and the Science Media: EP Title: Promo CD Tracks: 3 Running Time: ~12.5 minutes Maybe I got preferential treatment, but when this demo dropped through the door the envelope revealed a nice little promotion pack including two neat pin badges with the band logo on, plus the plastic-walleted CD. The pack immediately demonstrates that the band has a distinct awareness of style. A simple two-fold CD cover shows the duo, along with logo, contact details and wonderful background artwork. But would the blatant attention to visual detail be mirrored in the audio deparment? 1 – Black Sheep –3:46 – A ships bell rings steadily four times to break the silence. The melody then enters with a dramatic accompaniment of bass and beat. A few well-placed backing effects heighten the depth of sound and provide a fine introduction before the vocals kick in. The delicate female vocals exude a confidence and character that suits the expertly selected lyrics. The sentiment is not only defiant but eloquently executed. As the track title suggests the lyrical story follows a misfit, and with a tune like this you will never want to follow the flock again. 2 – By My Own Design – 4:34 – An electronic synth sound opens the tracks, like digital waves washing upon a musical shore. The bass line moves in smoothly and the beat moves in tune into a relaxed pace. Again the sound is subtly multi-layered. The lyrics are again marvelously chosen and both counteract and combine with the melodies to give them a real interest. The sentiment is again defiant, the songsmith is certainly unwilling to express satisfaction with conformity. 3 – Saturday Night, Sunday Morning – 4:14 – Deep, warm and meandering synth sounds immediately create an atmosphere of mystery, and with a delicate backbeat the track certainly evokes a sense of peculiar calm and power. Essentially the track wanders around the feelings around the meaning of the track title, but it’s done in such an elegant and smart way you could be forgiven for thinking that the track seeks to tell of much more. In three tracks this disc shows an absolute mastery of the electronica sound coupled with exquisite lyrics. The skill at breaking down each track and recomposing it is wondrous and with the sheer amazing depth of sound on show you will be forced to listen again and again. It's so carefully crafted that it’s more than a collection of music and words. It evokes a real atmosphere and draws you right in. The material generated by the S+S duo has a lot of appeal, for dancefloors and armchair listeners alike and shows just why electronic sounds should be respected. Check out Words: The Juke

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AUDIO REVIEW Artist: Mordecai Media: CD EP Title: Always & Forever Tracks: 3 Running Time: ~13 minutes In a fantastically artworked cardboard sleeve Mordecai’s EP makes an immediate impression. The sleeve shows angels wings, a destroyed city and a small monotone image of the four-piece band. This is unlikely to be a pop recording. With clear track list and band line-up names on the reverse the packaging says everything it needs to. A professionally printed disc is predominantly black, with the band logo, track list and web address included for completeness. So far so good. 1 – Always & Forever –4:04– Opening with a bass riff provides a gentle, but strong start. The vocals and remaining band move in, with the rhythm still calm. The track builds into a powerfully driven tune that relaxes back following the chorus. The riffs are heavy, the beat is tough and as the group move into the solo it’s clear that the guys are more than a ‘play it loud’ band. The subtle details thrown in by guitar and drums alike make this a strong opening track. 2 – Without You – 4:40 – A short drum opening and the second track is immediately bolder than track one with a large guitar riff opening the tune. The track breaks down for the verse which allows the melodic bass line to stand out nicely, while the second verse steps up the musical depth. The chorus moves the sound up still further and provides a positively strong drive. 3 – No More Reason – 4:04 – A drum opening coupled with bass and slashing guitar pausing then breaking into the main riff provides yet another type of opening. Mordecai are obviously keen to showcase something different in each track. The verse breaks down in part one, then builds in part two, but brings a different atmosphere to the method used in ‘Without You’. The diversity shown throughout the disc is a testament to the musical ability of Mordecai. It’s clear the band has a style, but the fact that a heavy metal band can allow themselves to drop out certain instruments so that the listener gets chance to appreciate everything that is going on is a welcome change to the often ‘all out as loud as you can’ approach. The technical details added by the band therefore get full aural appreciation, and with clean tuneful vocals it’s easy to get the most from this disc. Check out

Words: The Juke Pg 17

FROM GARAGE TO GRANDURE #12 - THE INTERNET What a wonderfully technological age we live in. It seems that everyone is now hardwired into some network or other so that they can receive the latest digital information as soon as humanly, or machinably, possible. And those who aren’t plugged in, well they surely must be missing out. The Internet, abbreviated from International Network, has created a wealth of stuff at the technologically enabled person’s fingertips. I say stuff with certainty. The Internet is not all wholesome, useful information. It’s not even comparable to a library. A library has its share of reference, sport, history and art smut, but it doesn’t have random articles written by anyone. It also doesn’t get updated by the second. Compared to the Internet the traditional library is a slow moving iceberg whereas the Internet operates at least at the speed of a hungry penguin. Therein lies the problem, and potential strength. Sometimes you want slow, steady, reliable. Sometimes you want speed, vigour and fishiness. Ok. Probably not the fishiness. But to get the most from the Internet you need to know a little about it. The opportunities for the budding band, or artist, are almost limitless. Almost. The Internet is still essentially a network created and maintained by humans, and humans driven more by cost than by artistic creativity and freedom. However, for the most part the Internet is a fine place to exercise creativity. For humans of a certain era the Internet is a scary place. Firstly it lives between mysterious machines, known by the tech-savvy as ‘computers’ and is full of credit-card-stealing people who will empty your bank account before you can type the internet address for your online e-mail account. For those of a younger generation the Internet is something that is not unfamiliar. It’s common territory. It’s accessed in schools, libraries, homes, by phone, almost everywhere. To the young the Internet is not scary. However, much like any environment in which you spend a good amount of time you should not become complacent of the dangers. For some a dark alleyway is a foreboding area. For some it’s simply a passage that doesn’t have light. The Internet is your passageway. So to speak. It seems every band in the world has the same advice thrown at them. ‘You’re good you know. Have you got a FaceTwitBeboLastSpace? I want to see you on the Internet’. It sounds a grand piece of sensible musical gold. Get yourself on the Internet. What people generally mean is they want to lazily look at a bit more detail about your band, and to listen to your music for free. People like free. Everyone likes free. Everyone also knows that nothing comes for free. Nothing. Everything has a price. Before you throw you and your bands creative soul into the Internet you need to understand a few things. Firstly, what do you want to gain? Secondly, what are you prepared to lose? For a band the Internet can be used in various ways to achieve more or less the same goal. The goal is to let people know you exist. If no-one knows you exist, you may as well not exist, right? The moment you put anything onto the Internet it’s available to anyone. That’s a different

Pg 18

thing to saying that everyone can find it. Imagine putting a piece of hay in the largest of haystacks, in a field of lots of haystacks. How will anyone find yours? Let’s transfer the metaphor to putting a demo CD in a music shop full of demo CDs. How will anyone find you? The demo is your band creativity, frozen in time. The Internet outlet represents the same. It’s your outlet, frozen in time, if only for a moment. There is one key difference between a demo and your Internet presence. Once the demo is out there it’s going to be the same no matter who picks it up. It won’t be expected to change over time. Once you have an Internet presence your fanbase will expect you to maintain your digital home. If it isn’t updated regularly then the digital cobwebs will appear and your fans may think that no-one is home. Your fans will also want a nice sexy/cool/gothic/metal (delete as necessary) style so that when they check out your Internet residence they can feel associated with it. So, what do you want to gain? Recognition? Popularity? Success? What are you prepared to lose? The content of your songs by unruly pirates? Reputation for having a ‘rubbish’ web site? Time from updating your site? Marketability by putting yourself out there as something you aren’t? Another issue is the scattergun approach that can be used. This is where a band has a little presence on lots and lots of web sites. It sounds great in theory, but in practice it’s a pain. Anytime the band goes through a line-up change, or releases new material, or something else significant, the little presence is out of date. It therefore renders that little bit of web space completely useless. How will the new fan know what is right or wrong? How many times are going to update those little bits of information? You get the idea. There’s no ideal formula for exploiting all that the Internet has to offer. Good thing too, because that would be boring. There is no right and wrong either. There is just good and could have been better. Start with a little and see how it goes. Your band is going to be around for a while. It’s like a marathon. Don’t sprint off leaving your sense and reason behind. There’s a lot riding on your Internet choices. This article doesn’t cover exactly where you can whore out your band, but it covers some of the things to think about. The Internet might seem like the answer to all your dreams, but if you run straight into it and perform badly it could just be your worst nightmare. Well. Not your worst nightmare. That would be the one where you’re walking through a crowded shopping centre and you’re naked, but you get the idea. Careful consideration should be exercised before launching onto the web. What would you prefer to do: Write more songs / Update your web site? What would your fans prefer? Really? Words: The Juke Pg 19

MUSICAL HEALTH SLEEP Forty winks. A quick nap. Catching some zzzz’s. A bit of kip does the body good. Needless to say with an exciting and dynamic lifestyle sleep is probably the last thing on your…yawn…mind. But recharging the human body comes in useful, especially when you need to perform at your best. Especially in festival season the camp-bed, floor, or mattress don’t seem to welcoming when you could stay up all night with your mates drinking a beverage or two and chatting until the sun comes up. Depriving yourself of sleep may yield short-term time gains, but eventually it will come back and kick you in your sleepy rear. Just remember that long-term sleep deprivation has caused death in lab animals. But that might be due to something weird the scientists were doing to them. Maybe constant daytime television finished them off. CAUSES Four main areas of sleep deprivation exist: lifestyle, health complications, medication effects and clinical disorders. If you find you can’t sleep it makes sense to sort it out. Depending on the cause of your lack of sleep the treatment will differ. For instance if your lack of sleep if through a lifestyle choice then you may have more immediate control over it than someone with a clinical disorder. EFFECTS As soon as your body experiences deprived sleep it will behave different in terms of physical and mental aspects. A lack of sleep will mean you will be less tolerant to handling stress, maintaining a healthy immune system and controlling your emotions. Put simply you’re likely to become a stress-out, ill and erratic human. I think I know a few people who need more sleep! The brain suffers through lack of sleep and can bring about depression, heart disease, hypertension, irritability, slower reaction times, slurred speech and tremors. AGE As the human body ages it seems that it becomes more tricky to get proper ‘restorative’ sleep. Although the amount of time spent asleep may be the same as when they were younger, the elderly don’t get such good quality REM sleep, which can lead to daytime drowsiness. WEIGHT CHANGE Sleep loss can also bring about weight gain. This is because the change in sleep affects the levels of hormones in the body, predominantly leptin and ghrelin. Ghrelin stimulates the appetite and leptin affects the feelings of fullness after a meal. When you lose sleep the leptin levels fall and ghrelin increases, thus making you feel hungrier and less full from food. This can lead you to eat more, and gain weight, but I didn’t need to explain that.

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TREATMENTS To obtain medical assistance for sleep deprivation it makes sense to consult your GP. Your doctor is likely to perform a series of tests to determine the cause of your sleep deprivation. Knowing the cause is vital in the quest to seek a proper solution to your problem. A sleep diary is often used to assist with identifying activities through your day that may influence your sleep patterns. Things such as medication, stressful situations, eating patterns and food plus any exercise. Viewing your habits over a month can give an indication as to what influences any poor sleep that you may have. It’s surprising how food can affect your sleep. Caffeine is well known to disrupt sleep, but other foods may trigger poorer or better rest for you. JARGON According to sleep boffins, the lack of sleep is known as ‘sleep debt’. If you lose an hour per day of sleep, then over a week you will have a seven hour sleep debt. Most people make up the difference by sleeping longer at the weekend. ALCOHOL AND SLEEP Alcohol is known to disrupt sleep. At the end of a long week, if you’re tired and drink alcohol then you’re not going to recharge fully for the next week. DRIVING AND SLEEP Drowsiness while driving is a massive body warning to tell you to get some sleep. Once you feel drowsy it is very easy to fall asleep at the wheel. No amount of winding down the window, or putting the air-con on or turning up the radio will stop the body falling asleep. Pull over, get some rest. Nowhere is worth getting to that quickly that you would be prepared to drive into a tree for. GETTING REST QUICKLY To get the most from sleep it’s best to go to sleep around six to eight hours ahead of when you want to get up. If you can get into a routine your body will get used to it, and will make falling asleep easier. Using medication should only really be a short-term option. Herbal options exist too. The scent of lavender has been used for a long time to promote relaxation and sleep. Using lavender scented products in the bedroom can promote relaxation. It might not be rock and roll but it works. Apparently. My girlfriend told me. Words: The Juke Pg 21


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NEWS FORTUNATELY THINGS ARE GETTING BETTER Music fans in the Basingstoke area will no doubt have heard of The Fortunate. Fans of this magazine will recall that we reviewed their EP in last month's magazine. Now the band have released their new web blog to keep everyone posted with the latest news for the group. Check it out at A GODSIZED SUPPORT Readers from the summer months will remember that we interviewed the mighty Godsized following their performance at this years Download festival. Very recently the band officially announced that they are to be the main and only support to Black Label Society on their upcoming UK tour in Feb 2011! Full dates are up on their myspace ( godsized) along with ticket links and all other information! SACRED SUCCESS Fans of Sacred Betrayal (based in Glasgow, Scotland) were keen to see their band perform at Download and Sonisphere this year. We managed to interview them too! Their loyal fanbase has earned them a fantastic reputation which helped them on their way to being signed to Only Sky Records. The lads are working on new material and certainly aren't taking it easy now that they have the support of a label.

THANKS In no particular order! dg_photo Simon Brown The fans (of the magazine and live music... don't stop believing!) All performing bands (especially those featured in this issue), without you this magazine wouldn't exist! To any else that we may have forgotten... we love you too! Pg 23

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