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ISSUE 7 - NOV 09

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Bury St Edmunds Sixth Annual Christmas Fayre An attractive combination of six markets, a fun fair and free entertainment all running for three days, makes the Bury St Edmunds Christmas Fayre the biggest in East Anglia. Held from Friday 27 November to Sunday 29th November, the Fayre includes colourful stalls selling local produce and crafts, a 'world' market with enticing goods from mainland Europe and beyond, a Cathedral gift fair, and an historical market in Moyse's Hall museum. On Saturday and Sunday we also have our acclaimed provisions market - which is also the largest regular street market of its kind in the area. The whole historic centre of the town will be welcoming shoppers from far and wide. The Angel Hill with its medieval Abbey Gate, cathedral and links to Charles Dickens will host the traditional fun fair and market stalls with the neighbouring Georgian Athenaeum housing more traders most of which are dressed in period costume.

select independent shops, cafes and restaurants. The provisions market will be held on the Buttermarket and Cornhill on Saturday and Sunday and the nearby Corn Exchange will have yet more interesting stalls. Younger visitors will have the chance to visit one very special guest in his grotto on Saturday and Sunday!

Visiting the Fayre has never been easier. The new improved Non-stop street entertainment in Abbeygate Street will draw visitors into the heart of the town, with its famous name stores, park and ride service will operate from two sites on Saturday and Sunday and if you would prefer to leave the car at home National Express are offering a special promotion where up to two kids travel free with a fare paying adult. For further information on park and ride, national express offer and car parks contact the Tourist Information Centre on 01284 764667, or visit

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Temples Property Management

Philip Vale Design


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Editor’s Note - Local Matters Comments from the Editor, Richard Livall


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Stone Memorials

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Launch of the Sudbury Flyer The exciting news for November is the launch of the Sudbury Flyer a sister publication to the Bury St Edmunds Flyer. The new magazine represents a great opportunity to enhance business advertising Richard Livall opportunities and will also cater for local organisations based in West Suffolk. Initially the Sudbury Flyer will be targeted towards the settlements of Lavenham, Long Melford and Clare. If you would like me to include your sports and community news features you are most welcome to submit editorials to me for inclusion in the two magazines. I can be contacted on 0845 310 2448 (local rates apply) or by email on

On the Buses Those of us of a certain age still retain some memory of bus travel as it was. As I recall, there always seemed to be a lot of them and generally, they tended to go to, or very near, where you wanted to go. Even better, they went there when you wanted. Maybe things look different when you are small but they always appeared to have a lot of passengers on board, all kept under control Cllr Trevor Beckwith by the conductor. He or she not only issued you your ticket but generally policed their domain. Any problems and you were off at the next stop and if crowded, you had better be quick to give up your seat for someone older. Of course, there are similarities with bus travel today: they've still got a wheel on each corner and…well, that's about it. They no longer go where you want and that's a great shame. Not only is it a waste of time and money driving an empty bus around but it doesn't help those who depend on them. We've heard a lot recently about the buses to the west of Bury so I'll give a little mention about bus travel in the east. Until the beginning of this year, there was a bus service that, despite being not particularly reliable, did at least allow people to get from their homes to their doctor, the shops, the pharmacy and other community facilities. Then they (it's always them) decided to split the estate in half, with one bus serving the top half and the other bus doing the bottom half. Now, this wasn't the brightest thing they've ever done because people can no longer get to essential destinations. For example, does it make sense for somebody living on Moreton Hall having to catch a bus to the bus station in town and catch another bus back to Sainsburys? "No" you cry, "it's barmy." It is barmy so we did what we always do and held a meeting. From that meeting, it transpires that Moreton Hall is not natural bus territory, whatever that means but what is really depressing is being told that buses can't get round some of the estate because of poorly laid out roads. Not roads laid out in the 11th century by the abbots but roads designed during the last 30 years by experts. That, coincidentally, is the period when local authorities dedicated every waking hour to talking endlessly about sustainability. I don't use the buses because I am fortunate in having a choice. Those that don't have that choice, often the most vulnerable, deserve better so it's time to stop talking and start providing. Oh, and let's get it sorted out before the weather gets really bad. - Trevor Beckwith, County Councillor for Eastgate and Moreton Hall

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Local Matters - views from the MP and Local Councillor David Ruffley MP

Cllr Paul Farmer

The Work of Voluntary Groups

Licensing Issues

Thanks to the Licensing Act 2003, the hours during which alcohol may be consumed on premises have been gradually extended ever since the Act's implementation in 2005. I say 'thanks to', because obviously this change may be a blessing The willingness of the local community to donate their time and money to good causes was highlighted yet again when I to some and a nuisance to others. Gone attended Macmillan Cancer Support's World's Biggest Coffee are the days when those living in the town could expect pubs to close in time Mornings around town recently to support their fundraising for things to become quiet soon after events. Retailers, Scout groups, churches, housing associaCllr Paul Farmer tions, charitable trusts and many more were doing their bit to midnight. That's what anyone buying a property up until 2005 expected. But suddenly that all raise money to improve the lives of cancer patients, their changed, and those householders now find that they can be families and carers - assisted by Macmillan volunteers. Last kept awake by cheerful drinkers on their way home after year in Suffolk alone the event raised a staggering ÂŁ92,000. 3am. I am often contacted by fundraisers from local voluntary and charitable organisations asking for advice on sources of fund- I spend a lot of my time sticking up for residents who suffer ing for projects to improve their facilities or expand their serv- from night time noise. One of the arguments of the supporters of late licensing hours is that the residents 'knew what they ices - a community hall that needs updating or perhaps a were letting themselves in for'. But they didn't, unless they pre-school that is bursting at the seams and needs a new venue. I am always happy to meet the project organisers to moved in during the last two or three years. A recent new elector of mine to move in, and a very distinguished one, discuss how I can support them. A letter of support from the MP or help in overcoming bureaucratic hurdles can often get was recently quoted elsewhere as saying that if you think people walk around in slippers whispering to each other after things moving. 10pm, then don't live in a town centre. I stand ready to help any section of the community but I have The situation is not made any easier in a town such as ours, a special respect for volunteers who give their time to with its tall town houses and narrow streets in the historic core. improve their local community and the lives of others. A modest call to a friend gets bounced off the walls of listed Details of how to contact me are on my website: buildings and echoes down our ancient streets. Louder and more thoughtless noises become intolerable, and of course it can get a lot worse than that. Some of the anecdotes of residents would make your hair curl! The charitable and voluntary sectors are alive and well in Bury St Edmunds. The recession does not appear to have dampened people's enthusiasm for helping David Ruffley MP others less fortunate than themselves.

One of the 'safety valves' of the 2003 Act was a provision for an area to be designated one of 'cumulative impact'. My fellow Abbeygate borough and town councillor Richard Rout and I, together with members of the Churchgate Area Association, enabled the historic core to become such an area in January this year. What that means is that any additional licence application within Guildhall, Westgate, Crown and Abbeygate Streets has to show that there will be no cumulative impact on neighbours. This has proved successful and we hope it will be retained within the licensing policy when it is reviewed in 2010. The government, perhaps realising that the results of their legislation have not been what they expected, have just announced its intention to introduce primary legislation to give local councils further powers to clamp down on the 24 hour drinking culture where this has become a problem. But the clock can't easily be turned back. In a recent licensing hearing I was told by the applicant for an extension that young people like to start their weekend evenings around 10pm and move on to a club after midnight. Being chucked out or refused entry after 2am can make them 'aggressive'. I can only say that it's a far cry from my student days in London, when the pubs were open until 11pm at weekends (rather than 10.30 on weekdays) and clubs were somewhere you went to in evening dress! Cllr Paul Farmer -


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Small Business of the Month A14 Aerials

A 10% discount is offered to serving members of HM Forces (Tom was in the RAF for 22 years!)

With the Digital Switchover it is good to use LOCAL businesses because in the event of problems we will still be in this area. After years of experience and City and Guild qualifica- A14 Aerials offer the supply tions Tom Allison started A14 and installation of: Aerials in 2004 providing his z Free view TV aerials customers with good quality z FM/DAB Aerials work at affordable prices. z Multi point systems There is no call-out charge, z Satellite Installations free estimates and a willingz Freesat ness to give advice either by Contact Details: phone or e-mail.

Tom Allison

With reference the A14 Aerials website, Tom supplies and fits Digital and DAB aerials, Freesat systems, Extra SKY points and relocations etc. Work is guaranteed for 12 months as required by the IDSC (Independent Digital Standards Commission).

Tom Allison A14 Aerials 14 Garrard Place Ixworth Bury St Edmunds Suffolk IP31 2EP

The area we cover

Phone: 01359 234973 Mobile: 07876 015674 Email: Website:


Aerial Services

Carpenters Building Services





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Leisure News - West Suffolk Angling West Suffolk Angling By Chris Boughton A day ticket coarse fishery in West Suffolk that offers something for all anglers, whether they are interested in specimen, Chris Boughton carp, match or general coarse fishing, is Hinderclay Lakes. These waters lie in the upper Little Ouse valley near Rickinghall and have been dug out to provide peat for the horticultural industry. There are five fishable lakes at the present time with about a hundred well spaced, comfortable pegs to choose from and there is also another lake nearing completion that will provide an additional 40 pegs in the spring. With the good quality soil on the floodplain the fishery has matured rapidly with masses of reeds and bullrushes lining the banks of all the lakes. There is also plenty of car parking, a toilet on site and a Portacabin selling breakfast and bait. As with all commercial fisheries there are some rules to be observed but nothing too onerous and there is no need to take your nets as the fishery provides them. The lakes can be pre-booked for club events and there are open matches every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday but there are always pegs available for pleasure anglers. Match weights exceeding 100lb are not uncommon.


Spring Lake is a very attractive reed lined 7 acre water that has 30 comfortable pegs with depths from 2 to 7 feet deep. This is primarily a specimen lake with carp up to 30lb, tench 7lb plus and a big head of crucians up to 3lb. Reed Pool is a 3 acre mixed fishery with 24 pegs and holds mainly carp (to 30lb), tench, skimmers and bream (to 4lb) with depths up to 6ft. New Lake is a 2 acre water mainly stocked with carp to 12lb and has 20 easily accessible pegs and a central island which is ideal for fishing the feeder to. Average depth is 5ft. Florence Lake has carp to 16lb, roach to 2lb, crucians, skimmers and bream. It is two and half acres, up to 7ft deep, has a central island and holds 20 pegs. A weight of 175lb was landed in a 6 hour match from Florence Lake this year. Willow Pool is a small half acre attractive mixed fishery with 14 pegs and holds mainly carp to 10lbs with depths of around 5 ft. William Lake is about to be stocked with small roach, skimmers, carp, bream and barble for use as a match lake and will open in the spring, with 40 pegs. This is a commercial fishery and tickets can be purchased on site, on the day. For more information on fishing at Hinderclay Lakes call Stuart on 07787 521851

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Apex - the new public venue for Bury St Edmunds Green Credentials of the Apex How long does it take for the town to get itself a state of the art new Public Venue? Having kicked off the process of getting it - yes, you can blame me - at the start of this decade I am guessing on at least 10 years! My fellow councillor colleagues - especially Sara Mildmay-White, John Griffiths and Lynsey Alexander - have most diligently focused on pushing the project towards completion. We're nearly there. It's going live in autumn 2010. So now we have to achieve our original vision which is truly exciting for the whole of West Suffolk. We have a name (and more importantly we have an enthusiastic and experienced Venue Director to drive forward the venue's programme of events and activities); and need to now ensure that everyone - from the Howard estate, Horringer down to Haverhill - can enjoy and benefit from what, I hope, will be cultural excellence mixed with extensive community usage. As a Green Councillor people are often asking me about the Green Credentials of new public buildings - so what are the Apex's? According to the Venue Director, Tony Doherty, I am assured that:

be lost. This means that the main facade of the building foyer (facing west) can be more transparent, providing daylight and reducing reliance on electric lighting z provision of rooflights to provide daylight to areas deeper within the building, including the Auditorium, further reducing reliance on electric lighting z borehole heating and cooling. Heat energy is electrically "pumped" out of (or into) groundwater, rather than relying on the burning of fossil fuels z exposed thermal mass of the brick auditorium and concrete foyer bridge helps to even out daytime and night-time temperatures, with reduced reliance on cyclic forced heating and cooling z extensive use of timber in structure and finishes. Timber is a carbon "sink", locking up CO2 in its chemical structure, and fully renewable.

The Apex will operate as the heart of the arc development; a retail development that continues to buck the national recession trends. Look at all the new shops, and in the more established town centre as well. By Jove, soon we'll have a 'top end' shop selling Apple computers! I don't know about you but I'd love to see some 'greenery' in the main square in front of the Apex. Where is the shade for shoppers? Tree boughs for birds to perch? I don't think those small Olive trees in planters will encourage much in the way z the flexibility of the Auditorium means that it can be put to a wide of birdlife. So the council has done much to live up to its variety of uses: so much is embodied in one building, where tradi'green credentials' - come on arc managers give the square tionally the venue's functions might have required the construction outside the Apex some decent sized trees. and operation - and more extensive energy usage - of several buildings Mark Ereira-Guyer - Green County Councillor z embedding the building within an overall building block reducing Tower Division, Bury St Edmunds - the amount of exposed facade through which heat would typically

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Local Community News

Health News - New Hypnotherapy School New Hypnotherapy School in Bury St Edmunds

I ran HypnoClubs last year in Bury which were well attended however have been working on Self Hypnosis Classes - using a System called 7-Path I will be running 4 levels of classes for anyone who has an issue to work with. 7-Path is not the same as conventional Self Hypnosis or Meditation - it actually Piers Day, local Hypnosis expert has recently returned from deprograms people - so in a room I could have 30 people the USA with some exciting techniques to teach people Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. He will be running courses based all working on different things in their lives and no one need know what they are working on. Recently I ran a class in in Bury starting in November. London where I had 45 people - some overweight, some depressed, some stressed, some insomniacs etc and we had We caught up with Piers during his busy schedule and we an amazing time - and the emails following the event as asked him what was going on! amazing reading - this is immensely powerful and I an really excited at sharing it with people. 17 have said that they now In these troubled times I am finding more and more people sleep better than they have for years and most have also are turning to Hypnotherapists to help sort out their issues, commented that they are more positive and actually look whether it be Anxiety, Fear, Depression, Stop Smoking and forward to the next day. Keep an eye on the www.hypnomore only to find that all therapists are not trained to the same standard. I am appalled at some of the nightmare sto- site as I will be placing some videos there to ries I hear from people (especially in London!). I use a system watch which will explain more! of Hypnosis called 5-PATH, developed in America by Cal It would be marvellous if I could reduce the medications Banyan, and have been successfully helping people for 7 years at Croasdales in the Market Square. I keep getting ther- people are on - I am on a crusade to make sure that all apists asking me for advise as they have heard about 5-PATH Hypnotherapists are able to offer 5-PATH to their clients - in my Hypnosis, so after much thought I went out to America again book 5-PATH is the most incredible way of using Hypnosis and has been tested on thousands of people worldwide (there to train as a trainer. are over 2,000 5-PATH therapists in the world) and with 7-Path Self Hypnosis as well we can help many many more people. I will be running 2 levels of courses - one for qualified Hypnotherapists and one for people wanting to retrain and I have put up a basis website at which start a new career. I have been overwhelmed by the response from all round Europe and whilst basing myself here changes almost daily for those wanting to train in Hypnotherapy or retrain as a 5-PATHer and in Bury St Edmunds I will be training people all over Europe for 7-Path. and further afield in Dubai and Cape Town.

The Swan - Lawshall (6 miles from Bury St Edmunds, 6 miles from Sudbury) Enjoy a drink by the log fire or a meal of home-cooked local produce at affordable prices in our dining room. Bookings are now being taken for Christmas Parties and for the best Christmas Day Lunch for miles around. We now have a Pool Table and offer free pool on Tuesday nights from 6.00pm.

Forthcoming Events Saturday November 7th - Live music with singer / songwriter Tony Finnigan (back by popular demand) Friday November 13th - Disco/Party Night Saturday November 14th - Dracula Night. Those brave enough to wear fancy dress gat a free drink! Thursday November 26th - Quiz Night For full details check out our website - or ring Lesley or Sue on 01284 827342

"When" When all the tears have fallen, And smiles are in their place, When all the problems of the world, Have flown higher into space.

When politicians realise, They can play their part, Not speak the words from their heads, But rather from their heart.

When all the homeless in the world, Have found a place to sleep, And all the thirsty and hungry, Given something to drink and eat.

When the world looks with pride, If you're rich and greedy, Instead of how much you chose to give, To the poor and needy.

When all the disillusioned, Find purpose in their lives, And all the angry and insecure, Can put away their knives.

When sickness is mere history, And there's an end to pain, Then the whole world can rejoice, Again, again and again.

When all those on drugs and drink, To help them through their day, Can look to their Creator, To find a better way.

When all these changes come to pass, I'm sure I'll want to smile, But I've got a feeling in my heart, It won't be for a while.

A Poem provided by local Moreton Hall resident, John Snell


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Local Community News

Pub & Resaurant of the Month - White Hart Boxford Fire Station Visit Children from ABC - Moreton Hall Childminding Group enjoyed a visit to Bury St Edmunds Fire Station on Thursday 8th October. The children were given a short talk on Fire Safety in the Home and were then allowed to climb aboard a real-life Fire Engine and try out the driver's seat for size! Much to the children's delight they were then lucky enough to operate the high powered hoses. At the end of the visit, the children were treated to a story "Frances The Firefly" told by Firefighter Ian Hemsley. The children were enthralled and were thrilled to take the book away to read at home along with some other goodies. Sophie Curley, Chairperson of Absolutely Brilliant Learning about the dangers of fire Childcare said "the visit was organised to encourage the children to think about what fire is, what it can do and encourage them to think about their own safety. The visit was a great success and it was a fantastic opportunity to give the children an insight into the role of a modern-day firefighter". Absolutely Brilliant Childcare can be contacted on telephone number : 01284 765238 or email;

To advertise...

To advertise in the Bury St Edmunds & District Flyer magazine, please contact the Editor, Richard Livall on 0845 310 2448 or email

Red roast duck curry

Boxford White Hart Pub & Thai Oriental Kitchen On the site of the original Boxford brewery this traditional 17th century Coaching Inn has long been a stopping off point and watering hole between Ipswich and Sudbury. Recently renovated in 2008, its current style is very contemporary while it retains all the charms and atmosphere of a village pub. For those with an interest in local history the renowned Tornado Smith, who is credited with being the first person in the UK to ride on the 'Wall of Death', lived at the pub in the 20's & 30's. His pet Lion also lived there and is buried somewhere in the gardens!

London. Bringing all this experience together Ruch has developed a 50 dish menu which offers the best of Thai and Oriental food suitable for all occasions. Whether it is just a quick lunch, or a special occasion there is something for everyone; from the classic Pad Thai to the more complex flavours of Red Roast Duck curry.

At the centre of the pub there is a bar serving four real ales and a wine list selected to complement the Thai menu. There are Freshly prepared food of the highest quality has always then two additional been a major part of what the White Hart has to offer and dinning areas which since June of this year its Thai Oriental Kitchen continues can seat up to forty. that tradition. Private dining is also available for larger groups and conferences / meetings can be managed throughout the day.

"the best Thai food in Suffolk"

The kitchen is open Starting out in Bangkok the Tuesday to Saturday for lunch from 12 until 3pm and dinner is Head Chef Ruch, has served from 5:30pm till 9:30pm. There is also a takeaway been preparing and service available in the evenings. cooking Thai and Oriental Christmas booking now available cuisine for over 30 years. Before coming to Suffolk Just off the A1071 between Sudbury and Ipswich he has previously worked in some of the top Boxford White Hart Pub & Thai Oriental Kitchen restaurants in Israel and 01787 211071


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...27th 28th & 29th November

Bury St Edmunds Christmas Fayre...


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