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M ag az in e

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June - July 2011 3

Bury St Edmunds Flyer

June - July Local Business Update

Business Spotlight “They’ll have to go!”

The speaker was a friend of mine, facing an all-too-familiar situation. They were talking about a really competent member of staff, someone whose work was very high standard, but who could not get on with the other people who worked there. In fact their presence was so disruptive that, reluctantly, they were dismissed at the end of the probationary period. What a waste! This got me thinking about the stress we place on individual achievement, when teamwork is often more important in real life, whether at work or socially. When I was at school the emphasis was on doing well academically, and sports were the refuge for the ones who weren’t quite up to standard. But actually the sports we played were all about teamwork, and I suspect the pupils who were good at sport were much more employable than the academics! Because a really good TEAM of average members can achieve far more than a poor team full of stars, and that is as true in the workplace as on the football pitch. And yet television documentaries focus on the individual, films make heroes out of loners, there can only be one “successful” Apprentice, and you are the weakest link – goodbye! Maybe it’s time to change that. So let’s hear it for the team players. The people who work with other people to get the job done, rather than try to score points. The people who behave with respect towards other people, who listen as well as talk, who build rather than break. And if we value those skills, let’s teach them at school and college. Let’s help people understand how the way they behave creates the way they are treated, and give them some choices. Above all, let’s get youngsters ready for real life and not the TV studio! Kate Kelly is the Business Plumber – helping businesses of all shapes and sizes to stop profit leaks, remove blockages and backlogs, and sometimes do a major re-plumbing of the workflow. Has anyone noticed that St Edmundsbury Borough Council has opened a new Trevor Beckwith car-park with a difference? In School Yard East off Risbygate Street, 23 motorists can park all day for just £1.50. Anyone who normally parks anywhere in Bury, apart from the town’s perimeter car parks, will know this is well below what’s normal in the town centre. So, what’s the difference? This car park is only for those who pay less than £35 per year road tax for their so-called eco-friendly cars. The council explain the move by saying they are providing a variety of parking to suit our needs and to reward those who use low-emission cars.

Local News

Now, clearly our eco warriors at the town hall have not been paying attention otherwise they would know as the chancellor has already


4 June - July 2011

Local News June - July

Ruffley seeks Reassurance

Ruffley seeks reassurance on West Suffolk Hospital in House of Commons. On 14 June Andrew Lansley, Secretary of State for Health, gave a statement in the House of Commons on the Government’s response to the NHS Future Forum. David Ruffley MP was called by the Speaker to question Andrew Lansley following his statement. The exchange was as follows: Mr David Ruffley (Bury St Edmunds) (Con): I welcome the proposals, but will the Secretary of State give details of the safeguards against cherry-picking of the kind that, if unchecked, could fatally undermine rural district hospitals such as the West Suffolk hospital in my constituency? Mr Lansley: Yes; we have to ensure that commissioners are increasingly able to use a tariff involving an established national or local price to determine the service that they commission, and that that does not allow the private sector—or anyone else,

Games & Puzzles for that matter—to cherry-pick services by undercutting on price. We also need to ensure that that price reflects the cost of the treatment for the conditions involved, including complex conditions. This is why we have committed to carry out work, not least with the Royal Colleges, to identify where we need to develop tariffs in order to ensure that happens. Speaking after the Commons exchange, Mr Ruffley said: “This is the third time in recent weeks that I have questioned Ministers on the floor of the House of Commons about my concerns over the reforms and the effect they could have on the West Suffolk Hospital in my constituency. I welcome Andrew Lansley’s rethink on his original proposals. Cherrypicking by private contractors of the most profitable procedures is not what the Suffolk NHS is about. I’m reassured that Mr Lansley’s statement this week. But I shall keep an eagle eye on the details of the proposals.”

generously given his own reward, with some low emission car owners paying little or no road tax. Why then a second reward from a council that is supposed to treat us fairly? The same council that hikes car parking charges every year to encourage us to use alternatives to the car and to also ensure that long stay parking is kept out of the town centre to encourage a healthy footfall into our shops. So where does this latest move fit into the grand scheme of thing? It certainly doesn’t address the really major issue for the town centre and that is congestion. Even our low-emitters have a box with a wheel on each corner taking up the same space as the sinful lot in their gas guzzlers so does nothing to alleviate congestion. In fact they may even add to it by heading for the cheap parking slots in School Yard when previously they used the perimeter car-parks. I am definitely not against people using low emission or any other cars and speak as one of the lowest forms of life on the road today; a 4x4 driver. Perhaps I should explain why I drive such an anti-social vehicle. The knockon effect of injuries sustained in the RAF make getting in and out of ordinary, lower, cars quite difficult so the raised driving position is essential. There is another reason I drive it; I want to and that’s what influences other motorists when choosing their cars. We don’t need nanny St Edmundsbury coming up with twee little schemes to reward us. I suggest the priority should be getting a decent bus service organised for the town so we can all become responsible citizens.

Across 1. Standard; benchmark. (7) 5. Extinct flightless bird. (3) 8. Apply tension; lengthen. (7) 9. No longer fresh. (5) 10. Pigpen. (3) 11. Sphere. (3) 12. A substance converted into a vitamin in tissue. (11) 16. Rowing implement. (3) 17. Above the upper... (1,1,1) 18. Farewell. (5) 20. First. (7) 21. Score in rugby. (3) 22. Usually accompanied by lightning. (7) Down 2. A break on an automobile trip. (3,4) 3. Long arduous journey on foot. (4) 4. Flasher. (13) 5. Centre of the warm season. (9) 6. Charge in court. (7) 7. Harass or assault sexually. (6) 11. Clearly; evidently. (9) 13. British car manufacturer. (7) 14. (7) 15. Legendary sea-monster; giant squid. (6) 19. Shock; daze. (4)

Finally, during the last two severe winters, 4x4’s were in demand by the authorities to help out. Any future requests will need to be made with a fair amount of tact. Must go as I have to tax my car; only £245 per annum!

June - July 2011 5

Bury St Edmunds Flyer

June - July

Film Review


X-Men: First Class 12A

The prequel to all the others! I am not ashamed to admit that I could not wait to see this film. I have thoroughly enjoyed the previous outings we have had from the X-Men franchise. Yes even Wolverine! Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool I mean come on – it’s genius casting! But anyway back to First Class. Director Matthew Vaughn takes us right back to the beginning. Professor X aka Charles Xavier is brilliantly played by the incredible James McAvoy. Michael Fassbender is Magneto aka Erik Lensherr and they are supported by a brilliant cast of young actors including Nicholas Holt of “Skins” and “About a Boy” fame as Beast, and Zoe Kravtiz the daughter of Lenny as Angel. On the other side we have Kevin Bacon playing Sebastian Shaw,again a brilliant piece of casting and January Jones playing Emma Frost. During the film we see how the X-Men came to earn their title and why Prof X and Magneto develop a love hate relationship. It also shows how the mutant came by their names and how they came together. I really liked the way Vaughn did this and I felt that if like me you don’t have an extensive knowledge of the comics from which the film is taken, it gives you clarity and understanding.

The film is mainly set in 1962 during the Cuban missile crisis but we see as far back as 1944 when Erik is in a German concentration camp. Separated from his mother we first see his magnetic powers as he tries to get back to her. We also see Charles meet Raven / Mystique. a shape-shifter played by Jennifer Lawrence in the 1962 (FLASHBACK??) part of the film. We see the mutants learn how to use their powers of mutation to help people and we also see them learning how to control them. We also watch the struggle they face to fit in to society. This is played mainly through the roles of Holt and Lawrence due to their obvious differences to human beings which become apparent if they don’t keep them hidden. In Holt’s case it’s the beast’s massive feet and with Raven with it’s her blue skin.

Coming Soon June 17

Green Lantern Kidnapped Mr. Popper’s Penguins Buck The Art of Getting By Mysteries of Lisbon Page One: A Year Inside the New York Times

June 22

If a Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front

June 24

Cars 2 Bad Teacher Turtle: The Incredible Journey General Orders No. 9 The Best and The Brightest A Better Life A Little Help A Love Affair of Sorts Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop My Afternoons With Marguerite

June 29

Transformers: Dark of the Moon The Ledge

I really think this is a great addition to the X-Men franchise and I look forward to seeing where they can go with the story.

July 1

Fox has claimed that this is the just the first of a new trilogy.

July 6

But I agree with something I heard James McAvoy say in a press junket - if you going to view with texpectations from the previous films, don’t bother. First Class is a totally different new film.

Monte Carlo Love Etc. Larry Crowne Crime After Crime Terri Cold Fish

July 8

Zookeeper Ironclad Horrible Bosses The Chameleon The Ward Project Nim Ranchero

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Your letters


was known as the bread basket of England and was renowned for growing high quality barley. But this is not Bury’s first Corn Exchange. The first building used for trading in corn, meat, poultry, fish, butter, eggs and vegetables, was called The Market Cross and it is at the top of The Traverse.

Corn Exchange-Changing Markets. In Westgate Street stands the builder’s yard of Carter. Above the entrance is the moulding used for the pediment that is above the main entrance to the Corn Exchange. A woman and a man sit surrounded by cattle and sheaves of corn. The yard used to belong to Lot Jackaman, the builder of our present day Corn Exchange. On a Wednesday, corn merchants would stand at high wooden desks and farmers would bring in their samples to be inspected and then sold for the best price available. East Anglia

Built by Robert Adam’s (the only public building of his in East Anglia) in 1774-80, it was used as a market hall at the bottom where it was open, underneath the pillars and a theatre at the top(now Smiths Row) and over looked the Market Place. It has some interesting mouldings by the entrance and replaced the old Market Cross that was destroyed by the big town fire in 1608. But in 1827, a new market place was created (where the Arc shopping centre is now). Not everybody was happy with this, and on the first day of trading, there was a riot! In 1836 a new building was built (where

Bury St Edmunds Farmers Club You do not have to be a farmer to join our Club! Members are drawn from many walks of life, from both town and country. Our Club has recently been refurbished to a very high standard. Members and their guests enjoy the highest quality cuisine in the peaceful surroundings of our exquisite Regency Room restaurant produced by our friendly master chef and his team. The Club offers members the following attractions: • Restaurant • Bar • Car parking • • Private function facilities • Private rooms for business and social conferences and meetings • • Lounge • Special events and themed evenings • • Snooker tables •

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Harriet’s tea rooms is today) and then in 1862 the building that we know today was built. Huge balls and functions took place in the building and then the ground floor was converted into shops. It is awaiting yet another transformation today! There was a drinking fountain outside the Nutshell at one time but it was moved to the Abbey Gardens where it still is today. Susan Buonapartei

June - July

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QUIZ Last issue quiz answers: 1. Clumsy or silly 2. Surprised 3. Long winded story 4. Enclosed land for sheep 5. A farmers break QUIZ 1. Which village has the name meaning Wigferps homestead? 2. Which village is Capt Rotheram commander of The Royal Soverign, the leading ship at the battle of Trafalgar buried? 3. Which village once had a football team nick named ‘The wide-a-wakes’ 4. Well known in History for his bloodstock breeding, which village did Sir Charles Bunbury live in the 18th century? 5. Which village has the literal meaning ‘the upland on which the rye grown’?

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June - July

Local News

What Does arc Mean To You?

Arc shopping centre held a special event on Saturday 28th May to ask shoppers for help with the centre’s new branding; ‘What it means to me’. The concept is based on an acrostic poem; the authors of whom are the people of Bury St Edmunds so a big thank you to everyone who shared their words. The focus of the event was to find out what arc shopping centre means to the centre’s shoppers, whilst using their creativity to find interesting and innovative words in which to describe the centre. Students on the Life Skills course at West Suffolk College produced large a, r and c letters which were displayed in centre a few weeks ago and shoppers were encouraged to write words on each letter. Some of the best words included; Architecture, Retro and Convenience; Affordable, Reasonable, Cool. The most creative words will now be used in the future advertising for the centre so keep your eyes peeled for future advertising to see if you can spot any of your words have been featured. Plus, come along and see Guildhall Feoffment Primary School’s fantastic display on what arc shopping centre means to them. The children’s display is located in the unit next to Costa Coffee and will be there for a few weeks, so come whilst you can! Paul Haynes, Centre Manager commented, “This event was a fantastic opportunity for the shoppers to voice their opinions of the centre as well as be part of the centre’s creative branding in a fun and inventive way. It was great to see such positive feedback from visitors and I’m now looking forward to seeing the final creative up in the town which has been created by the people of the town.”

Roundhouse Resurrected

An iconic Suffolk building is being resurrected in a prime new location as part of a major heritage project. The Roundhouse which previously stood on the old cattle market site in Bury St Edmunds is now under reconstruction at the Museum of East Anglian Life as part of a £2.8m project to develop the site. The project is restoring Abbot’s Hall (1709), its walled garden, a pair of 18th century workers cottages and the re-erection of the Round House. Also known as the Settling House, the attractive timber building dating from 1864 was previously used to collect tariffs from the market. It fell into disuse when the cattle market closed. It was carefully dismantled in 2006 and put into store and in 2008 it was offered a new home at the Museum of East Anglian Life. Tony Butler, Director of the Museum of East Anglian Life said, “The round house is significant it symbolises where town and country meet. Farmers and merchants settled accounts in this building for over a hundred years. I think the fact that it is now in a museum says a lots about the changing nature of market towns like Bury and Stowmarket.” Cllr Sara Mildmay-White, Deputy Leader of St Edmundsbury Borough Council said,

“I am delighted that this distinctive building is beginning a new life. It exemplifies St Edmundsbury’s approach to preserving our heritage while embracing the new and promoting future prosperity” Julian Brandon, Managing Director of Haymills, the contractors appointed to undertake the reconstruction said, “Although we are part of a national organisation, we still pride ourselves on being a local company with local employees. We are thrilled to be a part of this improvement scheme and take special pleasure in restoring a core part of our local history.”

Guided Walk: Nature on your doorstep

Nature lovers can enjoy a fascinating and informative guided walk on Sunday 26 June at 10.3011.30am when Chris Gregory, our resident natural history expert will be leading the walk through West Stow Country Park. Explore the wide range of birds, bugs and animals which inhabit the special Breckland park and learn about the complex relationships between the different animals and how climate change is affecting our wildlife. Tickets for the “Guided Walk: Nature on your Doorstep” are £7 for adults and £4 for accompanied Children over 5. Places are limited and must be booked in advance. Free fact sheet is included. For more information on this and other events at West Stow please telephone 01284 728718.


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Local Traders & What’s On Thu 23 Jun, 7.30pm County Upper Swing Band An evening of big band Jazz, together with performances from Dixie Band, Barber-Shop & Crescendos Vocal Group, to celebrate their successful tour to USA £8 (£5conc) Sun 26 Jun, 7.30pm Suffolk Sinfonia - Carmen Another programme of popular classics with a cosmopolitan flavour conducted by Neil Carlson: Bizet - Carmen Suites 1 & 2, Copland - Ceremonial Fanfare & Four Dances From Rodeo, Chabrier Joyeuse Marche and Strauss - Horn Concerto No 1. £10 (£8conc/£4NUS) Mon 27 June, 7.30pm Lady Boys of Bangkok Combining the heady spice of Bangkok’s exotic nightlife with the glamorous showgirl appeal of Las Vegas this spectacular and flamboyant show is performed by 16 of the world’s most beautiful showgirls, every single one of them a Thai male - you won’t believe your eyes. A glamorous and exciting new production with over 400 new costumes. £20 (£18conc) Fri 1 July, 7.30pm West Suffolk Youth Wind Band Summer Concert & Sat 2 July, 7.30pm West Suffolk Youth Orchestra Summer Concert Suffolk County Music Service and Suffolk Youth Music are proud to present two evenings of wind band and orchestral music featuring some of the most talented young musicians in the West Suffolk Area Each concert: £7.50 (£4.50conc) The Suffolk Youth Orchestra Sunday 3 July 2011, 7pm – 8.30pm St Edmundsbury Cathedral St Nicholas Hospice Care Special Events proudly presents The Suffolk Youth Orchestra with organist David Humphreys, featuring Symphony no. 3 in C Minor by Camille Saint-Saens, ‘The Organ Symphony’. Introduced by Martha Kearney, BAFTA

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nominated BBC 4 presenter. Tickets are available from The Apex on 01284 758000 or www.theapex. Forward Nave seats, including a champagne and strawberry reception at 6pm, £25. Other seats are available at £15 and £10. Stepping Forward – Walking Group for Bereaved People Thursday 7 July, 6pm Ickworth Park, Horringer, near Bury St Edmunds ‘Stepping Forward’ may be just the thing to help you get back on track... Enjoy the benefits of the great outdoors and gain understanding and support through organised walks by St Nicholas Hospice Care on the first Thursday of the month. Walk and talk with a group of like-minded people and trained bereavement volunteers. For more information and to register your interest please contact Jennie Unitt, Family Support Administrator on 01284 715572 or email Sat 16 July, 7pm Mayors Charity Concert Featuring St Edmundsbury Male Voice Choir, Beaufort Male Choir (South Wales) and Keri Fuge (Soprano) £12 Wed 20 July, 7.30pm Fapy Lafertin, Lollo Meier, Tcha Limberger Giants of Western European Gypsy music, Fapy Lafertin and Lollo Meier are arguably the true ambassadors of the legacy of Django Reinhardt and have seduced audiences worldwide with their interpretation of Django’s music. £16 (£14conc) Sunday 24 July 2011, 1.30pm ASDA Conga Line Everybody CONGA, as part of the Towergate Accumulator Challenge in aid of St Nicholas Hospice Care! Come and join the Conga line... registration is £4 per person, or £12 for a team of four. Children are invited to join the Conga with a responsible adult. Fancy dress is greatly encouraged for one and all. To register and for further details please contact Chris Holmes at ASDA, Western Way, Bury St

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What’s On Edmunds, Suffolk, IP33 1JN or 01284 733500 ext 205. Registration and entry fee closes on Monday 11 July. Beck Row FC Fun Day Saturday 30 July 2011 Beck Row Football Club, Mildenhall Beck Row FC is holding its first ever Charity Day to raise funds for St Nicholas Hospice Care and BRFC. Plenty of fun on offer for all the family. If you are interested in entering the football tournament, want to set up a stall or for more information about the day, please contact Shane Howe on or 07843 009991. Sun 31 July, 7.30pm Buddy Holly’s Winter Dance Party Richie Valens, Big Bopper, Dion & The Belmonts and of course the man himself Buddy Holly! Four men, four great tributes, live band and all the Classics from an era that produced great music to dance to. £18.50 (£17.50conc) The Third Annual Girl’s Night Out! Saturday 17 September, 8pm Starting at Angel Hill, It’s back, and this time promises to be even bigger and better. Grab your girlfriends, sisters, mums, and daughters - all the girls you know, and join us for a fun and unforgettable sponsored night-time walk in PJs around Bury St Edmunds To register, or for more information call 01284 715583 or sign up online at

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June - July 2011 9

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June - July

Local News

Musical Extravaganza Musical extravaganza to showcase restored organ and raise Hospice funds Tickets have gone on sale for a musical extravaganza at St Edmundsbury Cathedral, in aid of St Nicholas Hospice Care. Suffolk Youth Orchestra, with organist David Humphreys and conducted by Philip Shaw, will be performing on Sunday, 3 July The event has been organised by the Hospice’s Special Events Committee, which has already raised thousands for the charity through various events including a Newmarket race night and Classic and Sports Cars by the Lake event. Max Milburn, chairman of the committee, said: “We are enormously grateful to all the young musicians who will be giving their time and talent for what promises to be a musical extravaganza which could literally raise the roof of our beautiful cathedral, while featuring its newly restored organ.” All proceeds from the evening, which is sponsored by The Music Sales Charitable Trust, will go to the Hospice. The orchestra will play music including Tchaikovsky’s Romeo and Juliet fantasy overture and ‘The Organ Symphony’ Symphony No 3 - by Camille Saint-Saens. Ticket options for the night, include a forward Nave seat with a Champagne

and strawberry reception at 6pm, at £25 each. Or other tickets for the performance which commences at 7pm are available for either £15 or £10. To book tickets for this prestigious event, contact the Apex box office on 01284 758000 or go to www.theapex. • Suffolk Youth Orchestra is a full symphony orchestra of some 90 players, aged 14-21. As well as annual visits to the Snape Proms and appearing at prestigious venues at home, the orchestra has toured extensively throughout Europe. Following the Cathedral gala concert, the orchestra will travel to Spain for concerts in Catalonia, before returning in time for the Snape Proms in August. • Philip Shaw, the orchestra’s conductor, is Suffolk County Council’s Senior County Music Advisor and has worked with ensembles of every size, style and age. He is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and was awarded an OBE for services to music education in the Queen’s Birthday Honours in 2005.

Possible Council Tax Scam

By St Edmundsbury Borough Council We have been contacted today by three different customers in the Bury area to say they have been contacted by a company telling them they may be entitled to a large council tax refund. They then ask for the bank details of the customer in order to send them the money We do not have any telephone number or name of the company. I know it’s not much info, but I thought maybe you should be aware. If we get any more details I will let you know.

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10 June - July 2011

Readers’ Letters Too much politics!

I am minded to comment on the number of political representatives I have. Starting with the Town Council (2) on to the Borough (2) to the County (2) the Country (1) & finally Europe (1), total 8. I cannot imagine the cost to an individual but it is considerable. In fact it is democracy gone mad. The whole edifice of Government has grown to such an extent that is out of control & counter productive. A minor example of this is when the Borough decided to reduce some Crossing Patrols the Town Council volunteered to make up the shortfall. From my point of view a saving from one pocket & paying from another! Serious thought should be given to reducing the Borough & County Council representatives to one each & disband the Town Council ( who have minimal powers). That would reduce the number from 8 to 4. I hardly need add what I think of the enormous burden imposed on us by the European Union. John Growse

Do you have a response to any of the views expressed here? or your own letter? Send us your views: or by post to 9 Station Yard, Needham Market, Suffolk. IP6 8AS

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How to be Happy When times are tough we all need to do things to keep a positive and happy outlook on life. I asked 6 friends and colleagues today what makes them feel contented or happy. This is what they told me. • “Being with friends makes me happy” • “Feeling part of a team and doing something for others makes me feel good” •“Working outside in the garden keeps me relaxed and content” •“Doing some exercise helps me If I am down “ •“I like walking through nice open spaces” •“I love what I do; I feel very passionately about my work” •“I love looking after my animals I have cats dogs chickens and horses”

As I listened it made me realise just what a fantastic opportunity I was given when I took on, in January of this year, the role of a trustee for a local charity called the Millennium Farm Trust. This particular charity ticks all these boxes and more. It helps not only the beneficiaries but also the volunteers and the sponsors who are all key to its success. The Millennium Farm Trust (MFT) is a care farm. It was formed by an enthusiastic group of people with learning disabilities back in 1996 who wanted to work outside and to learn farming, rural skills and animal husbandry. The MFT’s base is at Rede Hall Farm near Bury St. Edmunds. It has 2 acres of land which is used to grow vegetables and crops. A large workshop is used for wood work, storing tools and equipment and for packing vegetables it sells to local people and businesses. There is a small common room where the farm helpers and volunteers plan their day and can rest and warm up with a hot drink. The team of farm helpers, support workers and volunteers work together, outside in all weathers. Every year the land is cultivated and manured to grow potatoes, onions, celeriac and a variety of vegetables and soft fruit The MFT also visit Old Hall Farm where the farm helpers can help with feeding and milking the cows, hoof trimming, pig and poultry rearing. The team helps the local farmers with jobs such as fencing, coppicing, tree and wildflower planting. On really wet and cold days in the winter there is lots to do in the workshop making welly boot jacks, nesting boxes and planters which are for sale. The farmworkers, despite

their disability, are knowledgeable and have a wide range of skills in farming. They thrive in this working environment under the expert care and supervision of the support workers. They were able to teach me about many of the routine tasks undertaken when I visited Rede Hall Farm. They love what they do and at the end of a hard days work feel really content. in my career as a occupational physiotherapist, I have seen how important the link between health and work is. By work I mean having a meaningful occupation, or something that makes you get out of bed in the morning. Work gives a structure to your day, it gives you a role and status in society, it brings friends and colleagues and the opportunity to work as part of a team, it brings learning and achievements. Farm work has the added benefit of getting people out into the countryside and the fresh air, It brings the satisfaction of seeing things things grow and the health benefits of regular physical exercise and activity. Working on a farm brings together all the things my friends told me that helps them to feel content. There is strong evidence that having a meaningful occupation is important and improves your health and wellbeing. Worklessness leads to low mood and poor physical health. There is clear evidence that people who can’t work through physical or mental illness have the worst health of the population and the greatest use of the health care and social support systems. The conclusion to be drawn is that if we (society) can help everyone to have meaningful occupation it will help to make us a nation of happier and healthier people. It’s easy to forget that people with physical or learning disabilities also need a meaningful occupation. This is the wonderful thing about care farming projects such as MFT. They provide opportunities for those with disabilities to work and to learn rural skills. They also provide interesting and meaningful work for volunteers who help in the support of the farm helpers, for example in tasks such as planting, watering and

harvesting crops and in the running of the farm doing maintenance tasks such as fencing. MFT volunteers also help the farm helpers with writing their daily activity reports, counting and measuring jobs such as packing up vegetables for sale to local businesses. The economic crisis and cuts in social care and health budgets mean there is less funding available for people with disabilities to allow them to participate in projects such as care farming. We have lots of people who would like to join MFT to learn about farming and rural skills but for many the funding is not available to them and their families can not afford to support them. We are looking for individuals and businesses who can help us. It costs £65 a day for a farm helper to join the programme. This covers necessary costs such as the rental of the land and workshop, transport to the farm for the farm helpers, and other expenses such as seeds, fertiliser, equipment, maintenance and the wages for key trained staff to run the programme. To quote a well known supermarket chain... “every little helps” Become a member of MFT (£10 for individuals or £15 for families/ organisations) £1000 pays the farm and workshop rental one day a week for the year £3000 supports a farm helper for one day a week for a year If you have time but no spare money, a regular day of your time To find out more about MFT and how you can help see our website, call me on 07739 166881 or email me nicola.

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