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Making Lives Work Better. 2020 Impact Report

Our Mission: Making Lives Work Better. Life’sWork of Western PA is a non-profit organization empowering people to live the life they choose. We partner with individuals with disabilities, people with other barriers, and young adults to pursue their hopes and dreams through strengthening workplace abilities, building life skills and developing meaningful relationships. Since our founding in 1927, more than 100,000 individuals of all ages with disabilities or other employment barriers have utilized the services of Life’sWork to achieve independence and self-sufficiency. We serve over 2,000 clients a year ranging from youth as young as 14 to adults, and people with other barriers to employment, including at-risk youth, single parents, people transitioning off public assistance, as well as families facing economic crises. There are two things that all of the people we serve have in common: 1) they want to work; meaningful employment is as important to these individuals as to all of us; and, 2) most importantly, our clients are very proud of their accomplishments, and so are we! We take pride in our efforts day in and day out to achieve our goal of ‘making lives work better’ for the benefit of our clients and, ultimately for the benefit of our Western Pennsylvania community.

Our Vision At Life’sWork, we believe everyone has a right to share in opportunities for meaningful employment. Our vision is to be one of the foremost resources in Western PA and recognized for our high quality and innovative community rehabilitation services for persons with disabilities or other barriers to employment. We envision compassionate, inclusive and equitable communities where all individuals have an opportunity to thrive.

Opportunity • Employment • Independence

Dear friends of Life’sWork of Western PA: This past year will certainly be long remembered as a year of immense challenges, with far too many tragic consequences brought on by the global pandemic. As with many other human service organizations, Life’sWork shared in the experiences and repercussions of these difficult times.

Amanda Beamon Chair, Board of Directors

However, as troubling as 2020 was, it was also a year of very positive developments at Life’sWork. First and foremost, we were able to sustain our mission of Making Lives Work Better for our clients. We continued to deliver an array of programs and client services through thick and thin, impacting the lives of over 1,500 individuals with disabilities and those facing other barriers to employment throughout southwestern Pennsylvania. As we celebrated our 93rd year of service to the community, Life’sWork consummated a truly transformational transaction. After serving the Pittsburgh community for half a century from our iconic Uptown neighborhood base, we relocated our Allegheny County operations to a “built-to-order” space on the city’s South Side. This was extraordinary in many ways. • For Life’sWork, it provided an opportunity to modernize and adapt our facilities to meet the evolving landscape of serving clients and the community in the 21st century.

Timothy Parks President & CEO

• From a financial standpoint, the transaction has enabled us to convert an aging physical asset into current dollars, retire all longterm liabilities, and provide a degree of financial stability not experienced for many years. • The sale of the site also provided our long-time Uptown neighbor, Duquesne University, with an ideal setting for its new College of Osteopathic Medicine, which will serve the entire region.

In addition to the historic move of our headquarters, we celebrated our 42nd year of operations in our Belle Vernon, Westmoreland County location, extending the reach of our services throughout the Mon Valley and southwestern Pennsylvania. We invite you to learn of the transforming effect Life’sWork has had on the lives of Irwin, Eugene, Maria and Alex. In sharing their stories, each of these individuals is a living testament to the dignity and selfesteem that comes with a job. We are committed to making that a possibility for everyone who comes through our doors. In 2020, over 100 individuals enrolled in our training courses, over 160 built up their skills in our direct employment programs, and nearly 120 individuals were successfully placed and have maintained their jobs throughout the region. The journey is different for each person we serve, but at Life’sWork, we ensure it leads to opportunity, employment, and independence. On behalf of the Life’sWork Board of Directors, its talented and dedicated staff, and most especially on behalf of the hundreds of individuals we serve every year, we thank you for your interest in and support of this special organization. Read on to learn more about how we Make Lives Work Better! Sincerely, Amanda Beamon

Timothy Parks

Opportunity • Employment • Independence

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Opportunity for Irwin “I learned a lot. I gained the confidence that I needed, I gained the knowledge that I needed, and I feel that because of what I learned...it gives me the confidence to go out there and compete for employment.” - Irwin

Irwin wanted to move

ahead in his career, but as a person living with vision loss, his options were either out of reach or extremely limited. He struggled to find a program that would provide the training he desired and meet his needs. That’s when he learned about the suite of career readiness programs at Life’sWork. MODERN OFFICE ESSENTIALS, OUR 8-WEEK TUITIONFREE COURSE, GAVE IRWIN THE SKILLS HE SOUGHT, IN ADDITION TO BOOSTING HIS CONFIDENCE AND OPENING UP A NEW WORLD OF OPPORTUNITIES.

With access to assistive technology that he couldn’t find anywhere else, Irwin mastered the computer techniques and customer service practices he would need to step into a job. Since then, Irwin has been able to pursue and achieve both his career and personal goals.

100+ Individuals

Enrolled in Life’sWork Training Courses Training Courses Many job seekers experience one or more barriers to employment in their life, such as disabilities, economic disadvantages, gaps in their skills, or simply not having the ability to present their credentials well. LIFE’SWORK IS HERE TO HELP THESE INDIVIDUALS FIND THE OPPORTUNITIES THEY DESERVE.

91% of supervisors say Microsoft Office Certified employees are more productive.

Since 2008, we have worked in partnership with the Allegheny County Economic Development Department to fund our tuitionfree training programs and adapt them to meet the needs of those entering or re-entering the workforce. Through these programs, we are able to prepare over 100 individuals for employment each year. We don’t work with clients just so they can land a job. We work with them so they can build a career, support their families, and make a lasting impression on their community. Opportunity • Employment • Independence

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Employment for Eugene and Maria “They treat people with respect and dignity... I would recommend Life’sWork to anybody so they could get the opportunity that I got.” - Eugene

Eugene began his journey to independence

when he arrived at Life’sWork eight years ago. At that time, he joined the Mobile Work Crew program, where he worked alongside a small team and a job coach doing various types of work. ALTHOUGH HE ENJOYED THE ASSIGNMENTS, EUGENE’S AMBITION WAS TO SECURE A FULLTIME JOB BEYOND LIFE’SWORK.

His opportunity came this fall. With the support and guidance of Life’sWork staff, Eugene went through the interview process and landed a full-time maintenance position with TREK Development in Pittsburgh’s Cultural District. Eugene is now ready to pursue his goals, equipped with the skills and self-confidence he gained during his time at Life’sWork.


Maria knows all about dedication and

commitment: she started at Life’sWork over four decades ago, rarely missing a day of work. Over the years, Maria has enjoyed learning new skills to tackle the many jobs that come through our Facility-based Vocational Rehabilitation program, and she continues to find ways to become more effective in her daily tasks. She often receives accolades from her supervisors for a job well done and is always willing to lend a hand to a fellow coworker when they need it. When she’s not working, Maria likes to keep busy and maintains several hobbies like bowling, crafting, and word searches. MARIA IS A VITAL PART OF THE LIFE’SWORK FAMILY. CONGRATULATIONS TO MARIA ON HER SPECIAL 40-YEAR MILESTONE!

of our clients are able to find meaningful employment that suits their skills and interests.

One in 12 individuals in the

US face some type of disability that presents a barrier to employment. Within this group, 70% of the individuals have a desire to work, and yet have not been able or even given a chance to secure employment.

Small Group Staffing Many of our clients look for ways that they can take their skills and abilities to the next level. For those enrolled in our direct employment program, taking the step towards individual placement in a competitive employment environment can be daunting. PROVIDING A WAY TO ASSIST THESE INDIVIDUALS TO STEP OUT OF THEIR COMFORT ZONES AND DEVELOP THEIR SKILLS – AND CONFIDENCE – WAS THE CHALLENGE. SMALL GROUP STAFFING WAS THE ANSWER.

We take groups of 3-5 clients out into local businesses, giving them the opportunity to learn new skills in a more supervised capacity and build the confidence they need to grow. Opportunities include industrial cleaning, carpet recycling, electronic waste recycling, and inventory management – giving many of our clients the opportunity to pursue individual placements they previously never thought possible.

Opportunity • Employment • Independence

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Independence for Alex “Life’sWork helped me sharpen my vocational skills in a way that benefitted my recovery as well as my employment prospects.” - Alex

1100 st




Alex was in the first class

of participants in the new RECOVER Program, and since his enrollment, he has been able to hold a job while developing a plan to achieve his career goals. A CORE TENET OF SUCCESS FOR THOSE IN ACTIVE RECOVERY FROM SUBSTANCE USE DISORDERS IS SECURING AND MAINTAINING EMPLOYMENT. THIS WAS THE PIECE ALEX NEEDED TO GET BACK ON TRACK.

Currently, he is working at a pizza shop in Greensburg while he works toward an associate’s degree in IT from Westmoreland County Community College. Alex hopes to turn his computer hobby into a career. Now, thanks to Life’sWork, he’s equipped with a solid foundation and support system to get him there.

RECOVER Program We asked ourselves: How can we use our expertise to solve the issues facing southwestern Pennsylvania today? That led us to develop our response to the opioid epidemic that impacts individuals, families, and communities in our region by providing employment supports for those in recovery from Opioid Use Disorder (OUD). RECOVER stands for Recovery Employment Connections for Occupations, Vocations and Employer Resources. Research shows that sustained employment can be a deciding factor of success on the recovery journey, helping individuals to develop the self-esteem they need to stay on track. BY PAIRING OUR SUITE OF VOCATIONAL EVALUATION, JOB TRAINING AND PLACEMENT SERVICES WITH CERTIFIED OUTPATIENT RECOVERY PROGRAMS AND EMPLOYER EDUCATION, WE’RE DOING OUR PART TO TACKLE THE OPIOID CRISIS HEAD-ON.




Opportunity • Employment • Independence

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Partnerships for Success Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc. Like many organizations, we suspended some of our critical services at the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak for the safety of our clients, staff, and partners.

We are very proud to do our part supporting MEPPI as they provide products and services to essential operations and to communities throughout the country.

While we were not able to host on-site services, there were some Life’sWork programs that maintained full operations throughout the closure while practicing heightened safety guidelines.


Life’sWork has provided specialty conduit assemblies to Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc. (MEPPI) through a business partnership for the past fifteen years.

These funds helped sustain our ability to continue to serve our clients – who are some of the most vulnerable to the disruptions caused by these challenging times.

“We especially appreciate Life’sWork keeping the MEPPI portion of their production up and running to support us in keeping commitments to our customers.” – JOHN PASERBA, VICE PRESIDENT, POWER SYSTEMS GROUP AT MEPPI

Westmoreland/Fayette Drug & Alcohol Commission Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Drug & Alcohol Program The RECOVER pilot program took root where it was needed most. In partnership with Westmoreland & Fayette Counties’ Drug and Alcohol Commissions, our team in the Belle Vernon office went into the community to connect with providers and employers to build a clear path to success for individuals in recovery. THE SUCCESS OF THE PILOT LAID THE FOUNDATION FOR AN EXPANSION.

The expansion was made possible through a significant employment support services grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs. This program is now available in the sixcounty, southwestern Pennsylvania region, which has quadrupled our capacity for serving individuals in recovery since the start of the program.

New Location: Pittsburgh’s South Side May of 2020 marked the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Leonard Weitzman Building, our former headquarters on Forbes Avenue in Uptown Pittsburgh. Over that half a century, our programs transformed and evolved: clients spent more time out in the community, meeting their neighbors and discovering the fabric of Pittsburgh. Our strategic plan to optimize our space and best serve our clients led us to a new location on the South Side at River Park Commons, where we built out a suite to our exact needs. This space is now ready to take our services to the next level and give our clients every resource they need to achieve success.

Opportunity • Employment • Independence

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2020 Client Anniversaries Work anniversaries are an important achievement for our clients! Day in and day out, our clients have the opportunity to further develop their skills through programs held in our facilities and out in the community, gaining pride and dignity–along with a paycheck. Our annual Client Appreciation ceremony is a momentous occasion held every spring. Program specialists and other staff members who work closely with the clients get a chance to recognize each honoree in front of family, friends, and staff. ABOVE ALL, THIS EVENT GIVES US THE OPPORTUNITY TO CELEBRATE ALL OF OUR CLIENTS AND THEIR JOURNEY TO ACHIEVE INDEPENDENCE.


Casey Boyd Raymone Henderson Kevin Kareis Elisha McCauley Jonathan Welling Ryan Williams Steven Yelverton _________________ Michael Brucker Marvin Cullins Valerie Nara Joy Price Chelsea Sinsley Walter Williams Richard Wolfe _________________

15 25 40

David Hintz Karen Kifer Michael Main Joseph Scott _________________ Derek Cernicky Charmaine Williams Jackie Yuko _________________ Jason Mellinger Ken Tripodi _________________ John Phillips _________________ Maria Carretta Mary Beth Falibota Ann Pahler


20 35

Statement of Financial Activities Year Ended June 30, 2020 (audited) BoardDesignated


Revenue and Support Program revenue Grant revenue Contributions Rental income Miscellaneous revenue


4,349,931 175,248 345,776 109,733 2,934


4,983,622 Net Assets Released from Restrictions




Operating Expenses Program services Fundraising and special events General and administrative

4,211,188 259,436 1,333,204

Total operating expenses




4,349,931 175,248 345,776 109,733 6,221 4,986,909







4,211,188 259,436 1,333,204












2019-2020 Revenue Other $130,954




Total revenue and support

Change in net assets




Non-operating changes: Gain on sale of building and parking lot

With Donor Restrictions





2019-2020 Expenses

Development $330,776 Governmental grants $175,248

Administrative $1,333,204

Adult services $1,696,347

Business services $1,578,099

Development $259,436 Fees for service $2,771,832

Family services $741,936

Youth services $331,286 Business services $1,441,619

Business services Other Development

Governmental grants Fees for service

Adult services Youth services Business services

Family services Development Administrative

Opportunity • Employment • Independence

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Our Donors Life’sWork gratefully acknowledges support provided to the organization through individual, corporate and foundation gifts as well as through essential contracts from public sources during the period July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020. $100,000+

Allegheny County Department of Economic Development Allegheny County Department of Human Services Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

$50,000 - $99,999

The Edith L. Trees Charitable Trust Westmoreland-Fayette Workforce Investment Board The Pittsburgh Foundation

$10,000 - $49,999

Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Jack Buncher Foundation The Kelly Family Fund Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc. PNC Charitable Trusts Dave & Dawn Sauter UPMC Health Plan

$5,000 - $9,999

Pittsburgh Rotary Club Foundation Robert and Mary Weisbrod Foundation S & T Bank

$1,000 - $4,999

ABM Building Solutions, LLC Anonymous Curtis I. Kossman Foundation Walter J. Dollard Fab-Tec Industries, Inc. Arnie and Laurie Fonseca Glenn Charitable Trust Fund Brian & Linda Heery Lehman-Epstine Philanthropic Fund Maher Duessel Mecka Fitness Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation Timothy & Delia Parks John & Marie Paserba

Shirley Phillis Heidi Sadecky Tippins Foundation University of Pittsburgh Michael T. Von Lehman & Carrie Quinn Matthew L. Wagle Wayne W. Sell Corporation

$500 - $999

Amanda Beamon Constellation Energy Robert D. Jordan & Maryann Sinwell Steve Kelly Keystone Environmental Solutions John E. McGrady Jr. Anita A.C. Onufer DPM Jennifer Pesci-Kelly Kaia & John Sipple Daniel Wright Jr.

$100 - $499

Joe & Marla Adamchik Brian C. Bernard Paul F. Bildstein Lisa Bowlin Julia Bubanovich Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney, P.C. John Carretta Brian Cohen Nicholas Cooper Mark & Bonnie Cristallini Rod Dobish Ryan & Whitney Draisma-Hirdes Jeffrey M. Dutkovic James Emmerling Fidelity Charitable Daniel Gbur Debra Gibbon Frank Hajduk Harold Hall Amy Hart Patrick, Alan & Kyle Heery Steve Higgins Joseph Hudak Jeff Joll

Gustav & Lorraine Just Kyle C. Knapp Jessica Kury Philip LaMay Kevin Martz Joseph Milicia Jr. Clifford Mull Nittany Digital LLC Rudolph Pallan Bridget Patterson Plummer Slade, Inc. Proforma RJ Equities, LP Sam Robinson Saint Thomas Episcopal Church Paul W. Schaughency Gregory & Beth Scott Arthur Scully Joe & Babs Sefiane Daniel P. Siewiorek Staley Capital Advisors Randi Starr Geoffrey Stillson Dan & Lorraine Turkall Cindy Walker, PhD Stephanie Winer-Schreiber

UP TO $99

Amazon Smile Phyllis Barber Barry Black Stanley P. Benovitch Deborah Comay Dr. Jonathon Erlen Nancy Erwin Highmark Health Charles M. Jenkins Mary Krieger Joseph A. & Judy A. Landolina Michael Mokotoff Bill O’Donnell Susan J. Phillips Doris Precopio Patrick Regan Gwen Acker Wood

Life’sWork of Western PA Board of Directors Amanda Beamon CHAIR OF THE BOARD Viatris Kaia Sipple

Brian Bernard Drebo America LLC James Emmerling EM-Media, Inc.

CHAIR, AUDIT & FINANCE COMMITTEE KaliVir Immunotherapeutics

Arnold Fonseca A&L Precision Products

Gene Boyer III

Shawn T. Fox RDC, Inc.


Daniel Gbur Brunner


Harold Hall Uber Advanced Technologies Group

Jennifer Pesci-Kelly

Frank Hajduk PNC Financial Services Group

CHAIR, MARKETING & DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE Carnegie Mellon University Matthew L. Wagle IMMEDIATE PAST CHAIR Wells Fargo Advisors

Robert D. Jordan Steven Kelly ExSELLyst Joseph Milicia, Jr. Turner Construction Company John Paserba Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc. Ashley Lynn Priore The Queen’s Gambit/Y-22 George Robinson II UPMC Lori Schoonmaker Highmark Michael T. Von Lehman Schneider Downs Meridian Cindy Walker, Ph.D. Duquesne University

2403 Sidney Street, Suite 500, Pittsburgh, PA 15203

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Life'sWork of WPA 2020 Impact Report  

Founded in 1927, Life'sWork continues to be driven by its commitment to empowering people to live the life they choose. We believe every pe...

Life'sWork of WPA 2020 Impact Report  

Founded in 1927, Life'sWork continues to be driven by its commitment to empowering people to live the life they choose. We believe every pe...

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