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New developments at PSG Plastic Service

Service is our mission


varioFOLD: The flexible manifold brings action into the construction of prototypes

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varioFILL: Eliminates pressure peaks and improves component parts

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Fox: The new generation of the Fuchslocher needle valve nozzle

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Prima and Allround Kompakt:

Easy installation without fine tuning

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New operating units: With technical and price advantages

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profiTEMP hot runner controller: Injection molding expert included!

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PSG remote: Worldwide service simply by clicking

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Globally the first The first multi-channel temperature controller with PROFINET IO interface


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Knowledge about the industrial sectors is the inspiration for our new developments

Service is our mission

PSG offers products for the sectors hot runner systems, controllers and tempering units and chillers. So we know the industrial sectors and the processes from different sides. With thoughts outside the box we develop holistic solutions. Starting with development up to maintenance and service. The focal points are automotive, medicine, caps and closures - and not to be forgotten - the know-how transfer. The answers of PSG in regard to technology like long fibre reinforcement, which is already used in the automotive sector, can be transferred to other sectors. We offer nearly 50 years of competence in development and overall know how of sectors.


varioFOLD: The flexible manifold brings action into the construction of prototypes:

varioFOLD is a new manifold conzept, where nozzles and injection point can be positioned in a variable manner.

One for all varioFOLD can be used for different applications. Therefore varioFOLD is particularly suitable for prototype construction. The modification and resetting of the injection points is accomplished so simple that the operator can make all changes by himself. The screws are loosened at the "links" and the manifold arm can be turned into the designated position.

Modular and extendable at any time Even if later additional injections points are necessary, further manifold arms and nozzles and be mounted by the user. So you are flexible in all directions!

varioFOLD saves time and costs The modular and flexible system from PSG brings an important time advantage for prototyping construction, because one systems can be used in many cases.


varioFILL: Service is our mission Eliminates pressure peaks and improves component parts

The opening time of the needle is precisely adjustable The opening time of the needle is freely adjustable from 0.2 to 5 seconds. The gentle switching of the successor nozzle reduces the loss in pressure at the forerunner nozzle.

Impeccable surfaces With a volume controlled hot runner system you avoid a possible short term stagnation of the melt and so potential surface defects.

Visual display for simple operation

Increased pressure loss without volume control (yellow curve)

The opening time of the needle is valve-controlled. The opening time of each needle may be adjusted individually by a simple turn of the set screw. A connected display visualizes all activity, showing individual closing times and allowing the readout of the data via USB to the documentation.

An unbeatable balance of low cost and high value The simplicity of the varioFILL mechanical solution results from a combination of innovative geometry, along with attention to the details. The result is savings on both expensive, complicated electronics, as well as unnecessary, trainingintensive software. varioFILL guarantees maximum results for the minimum cost!


Fox: The injection nozzle for pressures up to 3000 bar

Fox is the new generation of Fuchslocher injection nozzles. Even at maximum injection pressures of 3000 bar your production runs without interference. The nozzles are very compact and only require a surprisingly small space for installation. Excellent color change characteristics lower your production cost.

Fox CP A and Fox CH A The operating units (pneumatic or hydraulic) are integrated. This facilitates the assdembling in the machine. The intelligent needle design (small exposed area when closed) and the efficient lever construct enable this extremely compact build-size. The large volume throughput relative to its build-size ensures lowstress processing due to lower shear-stress.

Fox VS The externally situated spring allows for a large melt channel. Relative to its size, the pressure loss in the Fox VS is low. This allows for the new nozzle to be employed for different viscosities in plastics melting and it also allows for the use of new production materials. Spring power is precisely adjustable to your requirements.


F2 = min.


Service is our mission

Easy installation without fine tuning

Single needle valve: Prima Kompakt The compact, ready-to-install casing saves you complex milling procedures as well as extensive installation works. Prima Kompakt is simply slotted into the tool.

Guaranteed no leakage Prima Kompakt manufactured in our production precisely tailored. Therefore, no difficult fine-tuning is necessary at your site and we guarantee the sealing of the system. Cooling occurs directly via the form plate or via a directly connected water cooling.

Open nozzle: Allround Kompakt Enjoy the benefits of Allround Kompakt, just like Prima Kompakt it is ready for installation and guaranteed leakage free.


New operating units: A complete family with technical and price advantages.

There are two versions available 1. Flanged on the manifold including the cooling. In hydraulic (MH) and pneumatic (MP) design. As an installation in the clamping plate, also hydraulic (CH) and pneumatic (CP).

Without after post-production cooling time Setup times are reduced for the flanged unit as the thermal decoupling has been implemented very well.

Exact needle positioning to 0.01mm This improves the visual appearance of your products and prevents cost for extensive refinement works. The needle is adjusted via a nonius that is easily reached from behind. Fine tuning of the pin position on the machine is done without any problems.

Space saving Various build sizes are available. The new operating unit can be used from the smallest nozzle series Mikro up to the biggest Big Shot. Moreover, the new developments only require a very small installation space. This reduces the installation height of the tool.


profiTEMP hot runner controller Injection molding expert included!

Service is our mission

Setpoint Grouping of zones Sensor allocation Parameters

Inner value-add: The new operating concept that thinks along ... ... if necessary, becomes active. Whether LED display or touch screen, controls are self-explanatory and intuitive. Plain text information in the LCD display explains functions or keys. To ensure functions are used in the right place, profiTEMP actively gives advice for recommended functions in the InfoBoard.

The innovative product family with unlimited loop number possibilities From desktop to tower, the new generation is based on a uniform and simple operating concept where all additional options are standard. At no additional cost! profiTEMP is easily integrated into a network, so that the number of control zones can almost be increased indefinitely.

Reliability through MoldCheck With a single key you obtain a complete diagnosis of the electrical condition as well as the full wiring control of the hot runner. In addition, it runs a functional check of heaters and sensors including their correct allocation. 9

PSG remote: Worldwide service - just a click away

Remote maintenance online The new additional module is called PSG remote by which nearly all PSG hot runner controllers can be maintained wordwide. The operating principle is ready for connection and can be used at once. It works simple and easy like a remote control. All users and service technicians can control all operations in the hot runner controller by PSG remote and use all diagnosis functions, e.g.temperature monitoring and control or support in procedural questions.

All data available in demand! PSG remote provides all data for remote monitoring/control, error analysis and clearance of errors. The PSG service technician is only one click away and can help you at once or make a software-update to the latest operation scope. PSG remote offers the best possible security. The integrated firewall allows for the best access protection. Users allow only the identified and authorized remote PSG service technicians.


Globally the first of its kind: The first multi-channel temperature controller with PROFINET IO interface

Service is our mission

With the PROFINET IO interface you are in line with the communications standard of the future.

Integrated diagnosis and error proof communications Temperature controller flexotemp速 PCU PNIO is available in versions for 24, 48, and 128 control zones. This covers essentially all applications in plastics processing, for which the controller is predominantly employed due to its specialized array of functions.

Highest system availability Due to the simple and unproblematic communications between controls and controller the integration of control concepts is surprisingly simple. The performance array of the PSG temperature controller supports controls and facilitates project planning. With a few clicks, the controller is integrated in the control system. Our free-of-charge tool flexotempMANAGER assists and all project planning duties can be carried out with it. In addition it offers a lot of additional possibilities of diagnosis, which simplifies and speeds-up error diagnostics. 11

We are looking forward to your inquiry!

Service is our mission

A short call, email or fax is enough.


Of course, it is our pleasure to consult with you personally. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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New developments at PSG Plastic Service  

New developments at PSG Plastic Service

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