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Going to Extremes

Service is our mission

Made in Germany and successful all over the world PSG Plastic Service Group offers hot runner and control systems. These products are developed, manufactured, and tested under reallife scenarios at four sites in Germany. We guarantee the highest quality, fast availability, flexible solutions, and swift response times. Our focus is on the plastic processing industries where we provide extensive sector know how and where we contribute more than 50 years of experience. Also, you can find our control and temperature management systems in the food industry, facility management, the metals industry, and others... in short, in situations where temperatures and pressure need to be controlled.

Even though price is a main criteria for applications, the sophisticated standardization of PSG makes the products highly attractive versus any competitive offering anywhere in the world. For demanding applications we offer Premium solutions. By working together early during the design/conceptualization phase, PSG can bring all its experience to bear in order to fulfill the highest application-specific quality expectations of our customers.

Global availability of products and services PSG has a global network, and we offer onestop, competent advice for global projects. We ensure this through our own staff, along with partners in over 30 countries in Europe, Asia, and America.

Service is our mission

Within close reach

Extreme flexibility

Our management team comes from operations

Within PSG Plastic Service Group we have a wide

and maintains direct contact with our customers.

range of well-qualified staff available along with

When special cases arise the necessary resources

the right equipment and training ready to get

are quickly accessed, to address special develop-

the job done. We can work with you to solve

ments or to find solutions requiring fast action.

problems and implement special solutions when the need arises.

Reliability through long-term cooperation Many of our customers and employees alike have long-term relationships with PSG. Therefore, you will have one point of contact for years, if not for decades, who simply knows what counts for you.

Our mission statement We develop, manufacture, and market technology for the production of plastic products to achieve optimal fulfillment of our customers’ requirements. To ensure this, we retain a targetfocused, competent staff throughout our operations around the world. We deliver a broad range of innovative, reliable products for versatile applications and economic production processes.

Hot runner technology: A wide range of products from 0.1 to 10,000 g shot weight

From the smallest nozzle “Nano” to the big-

PSG offers you total solutions from one source

gest nozzle “Big Shot” we offer an extremely

and so assures you that all components matching

wide range of nozzles with suitable manifolds.

properly. This simplifies your project planning, shortens start-up time, and provides advantages

Services and know-how beyond the hot runner

during service.

It is not all about the nozzle or the hot runner, it is

Guaranteed cycles of shots

about your project success. Injection molding is a

PSG offers long-lasting, high-quality hot runner

very complex process. Therefore we look ahead so

products. This increases your production reliability

that your application will meet the specifications.

and delivers a high degree of productivity for your

To round it all up, we offer you a complete program

injection mold tools. You save money by avoiding

of hot runner controllers as well as control- and

additional investments to maintain your hot runner



Service is our mission

Automotive, Medical, Packaging, and Transport

Flexible delivery schedules according to customer requirements

These markets are where we focus our core com-

Out short delivery time assures your tool deadline.

petencies, including technology transfer. It is not cell , long glass fiber processing, common in the

Maintenance-friendliness as a principle of design

automotive sector, for example, can be applied to

This includes: Front-sided heater mounting, ready-

other sectors.

to-install units, precise needle positioning through

Special solutions

axial movement control, an adjustable needle (to

uncommon for us that a technology, such as Mu速

We focus our developments according to your specifications so you can improve your performance range without time-intensive efforts of your own. We develop solutions for your application-specific quality requirements during the planning phase. This is how we help you fulfill the individual requirements of your customers.

0.01mm) on the reverse of the control unit... just to show a few examples how you can avoid work-intensive repair work from specialized service personnel.

PSG Hot Runner Controllers: Perfectly balanced temperature management

Since PSG produces both hot runner controllers

This assures you that PSG hot runner controllers

and hot runner systems we know the demands of

are tested to the core and that they are technically

hot runner technology in detail. The close linking


of product design, product development and manufacture are optimum prerequisites for maximum an ever-more demanding market. At PSG, fast re-

User-friendliness equals trouble-free operations.

action time means that customer requirements are

PSG is not satisfied to have impressive functions

identified during discussions and are directly trans-

alone. We support operators with our InfoBoard

lated to the functionality of our products. Prior to

to have an optimal use of functionality on those

market introduction, all upgrades as well as new

machines without a touch-screen. And for all

developments are tested in our own laboratory un-

those who do not wish to consult the manual, we

der real life conditions.

offer an integrated multi-lingual help-function.

flexibility and rapid reaction to the requirements of

This shortens the learning curve and prevents bad operations.

Service is our mission

Transparent processes

concept of our hot runner systems will convince

The MoldStat shows the journey through the hot

you upon first contact. Put us to the test!

runner. You obtain all process-relevant data, also in documentation format, for your quality assur-

Easy maintenance

ance. It shows you whether you are on track, if all

Our service team has practical operating knowledge

parameters are in the green range and all of your

to trouble-shoot quickly and effectively, whether

quality requirements are fulfilled. In the event of

over the phone, remote-controlled, via the Internet,

any deviations the system will trigger an alarm, e.g.

or on-site.

in the event of melt leakage.

Close contact from consultation to start-up Even for consultations we bring in our multi-zone controllers. You may immediately screen the quality and user-friendliness of our products. Whether front panel or touch screen, the simple handling

The inexpensive alternative For basic hot runner functions we offer an easy-tohandle reliable solution, which you can configure over the Internet:

Controller Technology: From serial products to unconventional solutions

tions: From standard products to customer-specific

Single- or multi-channel controllers from 1 to 128 zones

solutions. The close ties between product design,

Several thousand sysTempŠ controllers are in use

product development, manufacturing, and service

worldwide and guarantee the highest operating

guarantee the utmost in flexibility and fast response

security along with variable solutions. Through our


close cooperation with customers we have conti-

PSG offers extensive controller technology solu-

nuously responded to new customer requirements For more than 5 decades we have been successful

with improved functionality. As a result, sysTempŠ

in the most diverse sectors:

controllers are offered for a multitude of specifica-

In plastics processing, in chemicals, metals indus-

tions. Flexibility and the fulfillment of customer

tries, facility management, or in the food industry.

requests is our strength.

Our solutions are found in hot runner technology, extruders, refrigeration systems, swimming pools, breweries, etc.

Service is our mission

Unconventional paths to fulfill your requirements For example: A water-cooled output controller with bus control. PSG achieves this by combining all available technical possibilities (all cooling device technologies as well as all output controller technologies). Our inventive spirit is looking forward to demanding challenges.

Serial and customized control cabinets “Made in Germany�

The multi-zone control system with the sensitivity of a finger tip

Production with our own and qualified staff guar-

In temperature control, ideas are an important

antees tested quality. We implement your specifi-

part of our business. Our engineers contribute

cations directly and with quick response times ac-

sector and industry competence during the plan-

cording to international requirements around the

ning phase of new developments and production

globe. In addition, PSG provides the entire project

site modernizations. To achieve your objectives,

planning and documentation.

such as process reliability, cost reduction, on-time production, smooth start-ups... flexotempŠ controllers can be employed anywhere there are heating and cooling operations and scaled exactly to your requirements.

Flexible service

Certain things cannot be compromised, like our

During customer workshops and training we show

support! It is part of our name, our thinking,

your staff how to avoid expensive production

and our action. There is no 8-till-5 routine. That

down-time. When your machine operators recog-

means, should there be an “event”, we will be

nize potential problems ahead of time, they can

on-site fast and without bureaucratic hurdles.

be resolved quickly before they evolve into serious

Whether in Germany, the USA, or in China. We

complications. This improves your production reli-

are not everywhere but we get there fast when

ability and economics.

we’re needed.

Prevention is better than cure We prefer to offer managed support services that make unexpected service calls redundant:

24-hour-Hotline You can reach us 24 hours on 7 days per week to quickly resolve your problem.

Service is our mission

Experienced support team Our applications technicians know the require-

PSG SpeedCAD: All CAD data immediately available online

ments and processes surrounding hot runner,

Reduce your production times with PSG Speed

controller, and temperature management tech-

CAD. You have direct access to online technical

nology in different industries. As problems may

data for nozzles and manifolds. You can load the

have many causes and many factors influence

so-called WID file with its structure-tree directly

the result we are able to provide extensive know

into all commonly used CAD software and entirely

how and we reduce servicing times to a mini-

process it.


Upgrading, maintenance and repair

Our own technical laboratory We perform application-specific trials, test of next

We carry out maintenance work at our production

generation plastics, sampling of new PSG hot

site swiftly and professionally, e.g. turbulence sand-

runner developments, and new PSG temperature

bed cleaner, melt-channel polishing, etc.

controllers in-house. You are on the safe side with well-proven and tested PSG solutions.

It is our pleasure to consult with you - worldwide

Service is our mission

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