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THE MESSENGER Winter 2011 

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Brith Sholom Beth Israel Synagogue

THE RABBI’S MESSAGE by Rabbi Ari Sytner


ne of the most significant milestones for the Jewish people over the last decade has been the homecoming of Gilad Shalit. After years of hoping, praying, and preparing for the worst – we have been gratified with the shared joy of seeing Gilad safely returned to his family in Israel. The sense of joy is overshadowed by the questions which echo on the moral psyche of the Jewish people as to the equitability of trading1000 prisoners for a single Jew. Halacha (Jewish law) encompasses a category known as Pidyon Shevuyim – redemption of captives. According to the Rambam (Maimonides) and the Shulchan Aruch (Code of Jewish Law), the Mitzvah of redeeming a captive is far greater than any other form of charity – for the captive is in need of food and drink, clothing, safety, education, and health. Clearly, the obligation to save the life of just one soldier has significant Halachik precedent. Rabbi Ari Sytner

There are many valid arguments as to why the Shalit deal should not have gone through, and how it may ultimately legitimize further kidnapping of Israeli soldiers. However, what I truly love about Israel, is that, much like the survival of the Jewish people, it simply defies logic.

Let us remember that Chanukah celebrates the gift of life to the Jewish people in the face of the darkness

The 1948 declaration of statehood in the wake of the Holocaust, makes absolutely no sense. The survival of Israel in the face of the Six Day War, the Yom Kippur War and countless other attacks – is beyond any reasoning. As the miracles of Chanukah continue to remind us – Jews live and breathe by different measures than the rest of the world. We don’t always see life through the lens of black and white logic, but through the spectrum of Torah.

Quite possibly the transfer of 1000 prisoners for 1 Gilad Shalit, is the most preposterous deal in the history of negotiations. Nevertheless, to the mother and father of Gilad Shalit – it was a bargain. Thus, as Halachik Jews, we rest secure, knowing that while logic was set aside for this deal, we nevertheless answer to a higher set of values, which at times, will often defy logic. The Gemara, (Babylonian Talmud Tractate Sanhedrin 37a) states: “He who saves a single life is considered as if he has saved the entire world”. Surely logic would dictate that the entire world far more valuable than one single life! Yet, it is this very system of Talmudic justice, which, reflects, not logic, but Divine law, or, the will of G-d. As Torah Jews, we try our best to build a close relationship with G-d and to live wholeheartedly by this very system, one which ascribes a precious value not only on the lives of the entire Klal, but of every single individual. As I am sure by now you have heard, Hashem has presented me with a very unique opportunity to literally save the life of another human being. In TelAviv, Israel, a single mother of 3 children has been on dialysis for 7 years. She does not have much longer to live if she does not receive a kidney transplant. Being a perfect match and in good health, I have spent the last year discussing this decision with Chana, countless medical experts, our children and, of course, Halachik authorities. To make a long story short, Aliza Sytner and Melvin “Bones” Solomon it has not been an easy or a quick decision, but with the help and support of my loving family and community, I feel ready to give the gift of life. It will not be an easy time, but it will certainly be the most meaningful Chanukah present I ever give. Am I nervous? Absolutely. I would be foolish if I weren’t. However, I live every day of my life with my absolute faith in Hashem, asking G-d to put me in the right time and place where I can best be of service to His children. This may not be a part of the job description for a rabbi, but as a Jew, and a descendant of Abraham, I am compelled to bestow Chessed in any way possible. As with Gilad Shalit, some decisions may never have a right or wrong answer and are born out of a deep struggle between the mind and the heart. I know that each of you feel mixed emotions behind my decision. However, regardless of how you personally feel about the ‘logic’ (or perhaps the insanity) behind this decision, I humbly ask for your continued kindness, love, support and most importantly, heartfelt prayers for both myself as well as the kidney recipient. Let us remember that Chanukah celebrates the gift of life to the Jewish people in the face of the darkness of Syrian-Greek oppression. While I may not be able to fully retrace the steps of our Maccabean ancestors and live in the land of Israel, I smile at the thought that at least a small piece of me will. Wishing you a very happy, meaningful and illuminated Chanukah! ~ Rabbi Ari Sytner



JROC UPDATE by Rabbi Beni Krohn


Rabbi Beni Krohn

t is always a pleasure to have the opportunity to let y’all know what has been happening with JROC over the last few months. To close out the High Holidays, we ran an extraordinary Simchat Torah program in conjunction with YAD and HILLEL. Over 120 people, young and old, piled into BSBI to hear an inspiring lecture from Rabbi Sytner about using music to find true joy in our service of Hashem. We then headed out into the streets to do just that. I have to say this was truly my most memorable Simchat Torah celebration to date. To see college students and young professionals – many of whom have never experienced Simchat Torah before – dancing alongside members of our synagogue was amazing!

On the heels of Simchat Torah, my family and I were delighted to join YAD on November 19th for a Shabbat Dinner hosted by Peter and Arlene Rosenthal. This has been a new area of success for JROC, and it has been a great way to connect with the young adults in our community. We look forward to continuing collaboration with YAD. This year JROC has joined forces with the P.A.R.T.Y. (Parents And Rabbis PJ Library and AHA to bring the community Teaching Youth) will begin once a number of exciting events for our young again on January 7th, with the first children. The Jewish Fall Fling took place on October 30th at the Mt. Pleasant Farmer’s meeting downtown at BSBI. Market. We had a tremendous turnout. This was a great opportunity to meet many new young families, as well as continuing to forge bonds between the families in the school. On Saturday Evening, December 3rd our next event, the Pajama Havadala, will take place at the JCC from 6:30-7:30 pm. Parents and children will learn all about Shabbat and the Havdala service. Please join us! After a successful year of Beginner’s Talmud at the Jewish Studies Center, I have begun a series on the weekly Parsha which meets Monday nights at 5:30pm at the JSU. This has been a great opportunity to take a deep look inside the stories of our Patriarchs and Matriarchs. Learning more than just the storyline, we are coming to understand who these people really were. We have found some new exciting topics for this year’s Yeshiva Night as well. Women in the Rabbinate got a strong turnout, as did “Penn State, Joe Paterno, and The Mitzvah to Not Stand Idly By”. As January is almost upon us, I want to remind everyone that P.A.R.T.Y. (Parents And Rabbis Teaching Youth) will begin once again on January 7th, with the first meeting downtown at BSBI. We look forward to another amazing season of parents and children learning together! As always, if you are interested in starting a small study group, one-on-one learning, or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact me by phone or email at (843) 730-3161 or RabbiBeni@ Chani, Sarah, Moshe, and I wish y’all a very Happy Chanukah! SEED Students during their summer visit to Charleston

182 Rutledge Avenue Charleston, SC 29403 Phone: (843)577-6599 Fax: (843) 577-6699 Rabbi Rabbi Ari Sytner BSBI BOARD AND TRUSTEES President Jeffery Sabel First Vice President James Turner Second Vice President Chuck Jacobson Third Vice President Andrew Halevi Treasurer Edward Berlin Financial Secretary David Kirshtein Recording Secretary Jeffrey Kaplan Corresponding Secretary Stuart Feldman TRUSTEES Jason Berendt Elaine Brabham Johanna Feldman Kenny Fox Jason Goldberg Jonathan Kirshtein Gerald Kaynard Jeff Roberts Karen Ortner Melvin Robinson Sara Beth Rosen Debbie Rothschild Paul Schwartz Zack Solomon Jonathan Zucker Sisterhood President Fay Grabin and Denise Berry Immediate Past President Stanley Baker


Rabbi Emeritus David J. Radinsky



believe the shul finances will be improved in the upcoming year.

It is hard to believe that the year is about to come an end. Being President of BSBI Congregation has been a privilege and an honor. Throughout the year I have been asked how is the shul doing? I often get calls from members wanting to know the state of affairs of the shul. One way to gauge how the shul is doing is to talk to guests who are visiting. An habitual comment that I get from guests who come to the shul is that the members of BSBI are friendly and that their experience here has been a pleasure and they would come back to visit. In fact, I have seen many guests come back to visit BSBI.

On Simchat Torah over 125 people attended. Many thanks to Rabbi Sytner, Rabbi Krohn and JROC for a wonderful evening. Everyone who attended had a great time.

by Jeffrey Sabel

I also take time to ask guests how their shuls are doing. It does not matter the size of the Shul or what area they are from ... Many shuls have similar problems we have at BSBI. Other shuls have problems with attracting new members, weekday minyans, budgets, and expenses. In fact Presidents of other shuls seem to have more problems than we have at BSBI. It is a challenge to keep an Orthodox Shul in order, but the members always come together to help the shul. There was an increase in attendance in services this year for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Chuck Jacobson chaired a Yom Kippur emergency drive that was successful. There was over $75,000 in pledges. If you have not had a chance to make a pledge, please do so. I appointed Larry Haber to chair a finance committee and

Men’s Night Out was a success. More people attended than in the past. Kenny Fox was the chairman and did a great job. Chanukah will be upon us and Jeffrey Sabel it will be a time for celebration and Chanukah parties. Chanukah in the Square will be on December 20. Please make sure to celebrate Chanukah with BSBI at the Annual Sisterhood Chanukah dinner on Wednesday, December 21st. If you have a chance please come to it. It is always a fun event. James Turner will be President beginning January 1. I know James will be a great President. Please take time to volunteer in the new administration. Many thanks, Jeffery Sabel

ANNOUNCEMENTS MESSENGER DISTRIBUTION In an effort to reduce costs, starting with the next Messenger, the Messenger will be delivered electronically. We will attach it to the weekly e-mail and will make it available on the BSBI Website, For those of you who would like to receive it by e-mail, please e-mail Lori at with your name and e-mail address. We really appreciate your help and understanding! If you would like to receive a hard copy of the Messenger, delivered to your house, please call Lori at 843577-6599 ext. 7 or e-mail with your name and full mailing address. WE NEED YOUR HELP! Are you a great chef? Is organization your forte? How about answering phones? Anything else amazing that we should know about? If you have a few hours a week, or even 1 hour a week to volunteer, please let us know. We really need your help! Please contact Lori for more information at 843-577-6599 ext.7 or e-mail STAYING IN TOUCH If you would like to receive our weekly e-mail, you may sign up on our website or contact Lori at Please also visit or check us out on Facebook at 4



you get home!

Who were the Macabbees? QThe Macabees - an acronym for Mi Kamocha Ba-eylim


Hashem – “Who is like You amongst the mighty O G-d” – were a group of freedom fighters that defeated the Assyrian Greeks in the year 3621 (140 BCE). After years of physical and spiritual destruction in Israel, Mattityahu son of Yochanan the High Priest – along with his five sons Yehudah, Shimon, Yochanan, Elazar and Yonatan – staged a rebellion in Modi’in when the Assyrian governor came to initiate his daughter the night before her wedding. The revolt quickly spread around the country. Mattityahu died after one year and was succeeded by his son Yehudah – “Judah the Macabbee.” can we play dreidel on Chanukah, isn’t it QHow gambling?


Indeed, according to Jewish law, it is forbidden to gamble with another person. Any money that you win is conceded with a heavy heart, since your opponent would not have gambled had he originally known that he would lose. Therefore, the money won is not “clean” money. This is why when playing dreidel on Chanukah, you must make sure that the ante (amount being put into the “pot”) is an insignificant amount – say a nickel or less. This way, the one who loses won’t be bothered by the “loss” and the winner won’t be guilty of theft. Alternatively, you can play with as much money as you wish, but at the end of the game everyone must return all the “winnings.” There are some who prefer not to play with money altogether due to these concerns, and play instead with chocolate coins, nuts or candies.



I didn’t light the Menorah on the first night. Where do I start now?

It’s never too late to start; jump into the Chanukah spirit, and light the Menorah tonight. No matter which night you start kindling the Menorah, you still light the amount of candles corresponding to that night of Chanukah, e.g. if it is the fourth night, you should light four candles. If you don’t tell anyone that you missed the first nights neither will we... However, the first time you kindle the Menorah this year, you should recite the Shehecheyanu blessing which is normally recited only on the first night. This is a seasonal blessing which is only said the first time when a person fulfills a Mitzvah which is only done occasionally.

QWhere do I light my menorah?


According to Halachah, the Menorah must be kindled in your own home.

The same is true regarding the menorah which is kindled every night in the synagogue, or the public menorah lighting which your rabbi is hopefully organizing your presence there doesn’t absolve you of your obligation to light the menorah in your own home. The purpose of these menorahs is only Pirsumei Nissa (publicizing the miracle of Chanukah), but even the one lighting the menorah must rekindle his own menorah in his home. Now, if you and your family are traveling and you won’t be sleeping at home, then wherever you will be sleeping - hotel room, grandma’s house, etc. - is considered your “home” for the night, and you must light over there. B. The prevailing custom is to light the menorah in a doorway, near the doorpost which is opposite the Mezuzah. This way, the one who walks through the door is surrounded by Mitzvahs - the Mezuzah on the right side, and the Menorah to the left. It is best for the menorah to be anywhere between 12 and 40 inches off the ground - so most people light the menorah on a chair or low stool. It makes no difference which doorway you use to light the menorah, but it should be a central area in the house, this way the Mitzvah receives maximum exposure. Others have the custom of placing the menorah on a windowsill which faces the street. You should not use this option if the window is more than 30 feet above street level.

QHow long do the Chanukah candles have to burn?


The candles must remain lit every night for at least 30 minutes after nightfall (Tzeit HaKochavim). Therefore, those who have the custom of lighting the candles after sunset but before nightfall, must be certain that the candles are long enough (or there is enough oil) to burn until one half hour after night fall. If you are following this custom, be safe, and have candles which burn for at least fifty minutes. It is important to note that the standard Israeli candles do not burn for fifty minutes.

So if you’re at Uncle Jacob’s Chanukah party and he asks you to light the menorah over there, you still have to light again when



December 2011 Sunday





Thursday 5th of Kislev, 5772

7:00 AM Shacharit 10:45 AM Women Siddur  Class with Rabbi Sytner 5:00 PM Mincha 8:00 PM Yeshiva Night with  Rabbi Krohn

Dec. 10th: In honor of Rabbi Sytnerʼs upcoming surgery, given by the Hyman Family Nov. 17th: In honor of Jeffrey Sabel, and James and  Janice Turner given by Stanley and Ann Baker If you would like to sponsor a kiddush, contact Linda Trestman at 843-577-6599 ext.1 8th of Kislev, 5772


8:00 AM Shacharit … Pajama Havdalah 5:00 PM Mincha 8:00 PM Men's Gemarah  Class with Rabbi Admon

15th of Kislev, 5772


8:00 AM Shacharit 5:00 PM Mincha 8:00 PM Men's Gemarah  Class with Rabbi Admon


16th of Kislev, 5772


7:00 AM Shacharit 5:00 PM Mincha


8:00 AM Shacharit 3:30 PM BSBI Congregational Meeting 5:00 PM Mincha 8:00 PM Men's Gemarah  Class with Rabbi Admon

29th of Kislev, 5772 Chanukah: 6 Candles


7:00 AM Shacharit 5:00 PM Mincha 5:30 PM The Parsha: What  They Didn't Teach You in  Sunday School with Rabbi  Krohn

8:00 AM Shacharit 5:00 PM Mincha 8:00 PM Men's Gemarah  Class with Rabbi Admon

22nd of Kislev, 5772

9th of Kislev, 5772


23rd of Kislev, 5772

7:00 AM Shacharit 5:00 PM Mincha

7:00 AM Shacharit 9:15 AM Modern-Day  Lessons from the Ancient  Prophets with Rabbi Sytner 5:00 PM Mincha

17th of Kislev, 5772


7:00 AM Shacharit 9:15 AM Modern-Day  Lessons from the Ancient  Prophets with Rabbi Sytner 5:00 PM Mincha


7:00 AM Shacharit 5:00 PM Mincha

30th of Kislev, 5772  Rosh Chodesh Tevet Chanukah: 7 Candles


10th of Kislev, 5772

24th of Kislev, 5772  Chanukah: 1 Candle


7:00 AM Shacharit 4:00 PM Chanukah in the  Square 5:00 PM Mincha at Marion  Square


1st of Tevet, 5772  Rosh Chodesh Tevet Chanukah: 8 Candles 7:00 AM Shacharit 5:00 PM Mincha


11th of Kislev, 5772


7:00 AM Shacharit 1:00 PM Lunch and Learn 5:00 PM Mincha

18th of Kislev, 5772


7:00 AM Shacharit 5:00 PM Mincha


19th of Kislev, 5772


7:00 AM Shacharit 10:45 AM Women Siddur  Class with Rabbi Sytner 5:00 PM Mincha 8:00 PM Yeshiva Night with  Rabbi Krohn


7:00 AM Shacharit 5:00 PM Mincha 6:00 PM Sisterhood  Chanukah Dinner

2nd of Tevet, 5772  Chanukah: 8th Day

12th of Kislev, 5772

7:00 AM Shacharit 10:45 AM Women Siddur  Class with Rabbi Sytner 5:00 PM Mincha 8:00 PM Yeshiva Night with  Rabbi Krohn

7:00 AM Shacharit 1:00 PM Lunch and Learn 5:00 PM Mincha

25th of Kislev, 5772  Chanukah: 2 Candles


26th of Kislev, 5772 Chanukah: 3 Candles


7:00 AM Shacharit 10:45 AM Women Siddur  Class with Rabbi Krohn  5:00 PM Mincha


3rd of Tevet, 5772

7:00 AM Shacharit 5:00 PM Mincha


Friday 6th of Kislev, 5772


7:00 AM Shacharit 4:55 PM Candle lighting 5:00 PM Mincha

13th of Kislev, 5772



4th of Tevet, 5772

7:00 AM Shacharit 5:00 PM Mincha 5:05 PM Candle lighting

14th of Kislev, 5772 Parashat Vayishlach


21st of Kislev, 5772  Parashat Vayeshev


9:00 AM Shacharit 4:15 PM Shabbos Shmooze  with Rabbi Krohn 4:45 PM Mincha 6:01 PM Havdalah 


7:00 AM Shacharit 5:00 PM Mincha 5:00 PM Candle lighting



9:00 AM Shacharit 4:15 PM Shabbos Shmooze  with Rabbi Krohn 4:45 PM Mincha 5:59 PM Havdalah 

7:00 AM Shacharit 4:57 PM Candle lighting 5:00 PM Mincha

27th of Kislev, 5772  Chanukah: 4 Candles

7th of Kislev, 5772  Parashat Vayetzei

9:00 AM Shacharit 4:15 PM Shabbos Shmooze  with Rabbi Krohn 4:45 PM Mincha 5:58 PM Havdalah  6:30 PM Pajama Havdalah

7:00 AM Shacharit 4:56 PM Candle lighting 5:00 PM Mincha

20th of Kislev, 5772


28th of Kislev, 5772  Parashat Miketz Chanukah: 5 Candles


9:00 AM Shacharit 4:15 PM Shabbos Shmooze  with Rabbi Krohn 4:45 PM Mincha 6:04 PM Havdalah 


5th of Tevet, 5772 Parashat Vayigash


9:00 AM Shacharit 4:15 PM Shabbos Shmooze  with Rabbi Krohn 4:45 PM Mincha 6:08 PM Havdalah 

CLASSES FROM BSBI AND JROC All classes are open to all and are free of charge. No prior knowledge or skills are necessary to attend any of these classes. Please note that classes will not in session when a holiday falls on that day.

Shabbat The Shabbos Shmooze: Weekly, 35 minutes before afternoon services in the BSBI Chapel, 182 Rutledge Ave, Dec. 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, and 31st. This is a great class for anyone who can’t quite make time for a class during the week, but still wants an opportunity for a great discussion. Join us for the class and stay for afternoon services and Shalosh Seudot – the third Shabbat Meal.

Sunday Men’s Gemara Class: Every Sunday night with Rabbi Admon at 8:00 pm at the home of Randy and Robyn Cohen, Dec. 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th.

Monday The Parsha: What They Didn’t Teach You in Sunday School: Weekly, 5:30-6:30pm College of Charleston Jewish Studies Center, 96 Wentworth St., Dec. 5th In this class, Rabbi Krohn will take participants through the weekly parsha in a way they have never experienced it before. “Why isn’t Moses allowed to enter the Land of Israel?” “Why was Abraham chosen to be the father of Judaism?” “Why does the Torah tell us all of these stories of family feud?” Talmudic, Medieval, and Modern commentaries on the Five Books of Moses will be utilized to facilitate lively discussion about the core issues being presented to us by the text. We will go beyond the story line to understand the underlying messages of the Torah and how they can be applied to our lives. No prior experience in textual study is necessary to attend this class.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Thursday Women’s Intro to Prayer: In BSBI’s Chapel with Rabbi Sytner, every Thursday at 10:45 am, Dec 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd (with Rabbi Krohn). Although focused around the Siddur, this class incorporates a pinch of this and a pinch of that. Rabbi Sytner will lead discussions on the concepts, rituals and laws of Jewish prayer. Participants will learn their way around the prayer book and enjoy inspiring stories and lessons - as they study the recipe for successful prayer and learn how to feel more confident at services. No prior knowledge or experience is required to benefit from this lively class. Yeshiva Night: Thursday nights at 8:00 pm,at the Minyan House in West Ashley, 8 Lord Ashley Drive, Dec 1st, 8th and 15th. For those looking for a Yeshiva-like experience, you will have a chance to study in-depth Mishnaic and Talmudic texts on a journey to explore contemporary Halachik issues. Men and women are invited to study with a Chavruta (study partner) to prepare for an interactive Shiur (lecture) to follow. (Caution: cholent may be served).

If you interested in a private learning session, please contact Rabbi Sytner at or 843-452-6382 or Rabbi Krohn at RabbiBeni@theJROC. com or 843-730-3161.

Tuesday Modern-Day Lessons from the Ancient Prophets: 9:15 am in the BSBI Chapel with Rabbi Sytner, Dec 6th and 13th Stress is nothing new . . . however, this class will give you a unique glimpse into how our people have been able to cope with, and even turn stress around into a positive experience. Men and women of all backgrounds are welcome to join in this lively discussion and enjoy relevant lessons from our tradition. The text for the class will be based on ‘Melachim’ - The Book of Kings, and the wisdom of King Solomon. All materials will be provided by the rabbi. First-timers are especially encouraged to participate in this class.

Wednesday Lunch and Learn: 1:00 – 2:00 pm in BSBI’s Lunchroom, Dec. 7th and 14th. Join Rabbi Sytner for a hearty kosher lunch, with a side order of insightful perspective into the many mysteries and wonders of Judaism. It’s open to the public and served fresh every Wednesday afternoon. Cost: $10 - all you can eat!

A big shout out goes to Fay Grabin for all the work she has done with Sisterhood as well as being at the helm of creating delicious lunches for our Lunch and Learn. Thank you so much!!!




Saturday, December 3rd, 6:30 – 7:30 pm at Addlestone Hebrew Academy, 1639 Wallenberg Blvd. Stories will be read, and an art project and snacks will delight your little ones! After the program, the children are already in their pajamas and ready for bed! Recommended for children 18 months - 7 years old. Brought to you by AHA, JROC, JCC Youth Programs, and PJ Library.

Chanukah in the Square

The first night of Chanukah, Tuesday, December 20th, 2011 from 4—6 pm in Marion Square Chanukah in the Square will celebrate its seventh Chanukah this year in Marion Square. As always BSBI is running its super yummy booth giving away hot dogs. We of course cannot do this without your help! Please contact Lori at 577-6599 ext.7 or at to volunteer. Thanks in advance!! Please note that Mincha will be at 5 pm in front of the Holocaust Memorial.


BSBI’s 90’s program was a memorable tribute to those blessed to be there. The Shabbat services uplifted our spirits, heightening out hopes for a “mazeldik” year. I was deeply moved when the honored men appeared on the Bima for the Torah prayer. The ladies of the “ageless age” kvelled, seeing relatives and friends who came to cheer and share. At the kiddush, a dazzling array of tasty “soul food” was presented with pizzazz and flair. We thank you for uniting the 90’s in a celebration filled with love and care. May our “Chailights” of yesterday serve as a beacon of light for the tomorrows! L’Dor V’Dor! Sincerely, Jack and Fay Brickman

Annual Sisterhood Chanukah Dinner

Wednesday, December 21st, 6 pm at BSBI Synagogue Early Bird Special: $12 for adults, Children $6 (4-12) After Deadline: $15 for adults, Children $8 (4-12) Please get your checks and RSVP into Deborah Ellison by Wednesday, December 14th to 268 Confederate Circle, Charleston, SC 29407. Call Deborah Ellison at 843-769-0143 or CeliaToubiana at 843-571-7254 for more information.

Save the Date! PARTY IS BACK!

P.A.R.T.Y. (Parents and Rabbis Teaching Youth) Back by popular demand! Calling all parents and children! JROC is hosting P.A.R.T.Y again, and it will be back on Saturday nights in early December, with more details to follow.

Michal Admon at a P.A.R.T.Y Parents and children (K-8th event Grade) are invited to study together, eat free pizza, and win great prizes! Materials for study will be provided. This is a great opportunity to bond with your children and show them the warmth and excitement of Torah! January 7th, 7:30 pm at BSBI January 14th, 7:30 pm at Minyan House January 21st, 7:30 pm at JCC January 28th, 7:30 pm at BSBI February 4th, 7:30 pm at Minyan House February 11th, 7:30 pm at JCC


The 2011 winners of Men’s Night Out, which took place on October 26th are: Leon Rudich, Adam Feller, Billy Richman and Ed Berlin Rabbi Krohn, I just wanted to thank you for making all the arrangements for me while I was in Charleston. All the families I met were absolutely wonderful, and I had a great time! It was so nice to meet you and your family and hope to see you all sometime in the future! -Masha Gorelick, New York, New York


Congratulations to Aaron Kirshtein, Shayna Kirshstein, William Weinstein, Benjamin Ellison, Sarah Ellison and Alec Fox on their recent graduations. Alec recently graduated (May 9, 2011) with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Emory University in Atlanta, GA. He is the son of Janet and Ken Fox. Alec will be starting a new position at Google headquarters in Mountain View, CA this summer. Mazal tov on to Jason and Samantha Goldberg on the birth of their son Felix. Mazal tov on to Jason and Kim Berendt on the birth of their son Beni. Mazal Tov to James Turner on being elected as BSBI’s president for the 2012 year. Mazal tov to the Board as well.


On the passing of: Raymond Rosenblum, Leon Wolper, Harold Barkowitz, Betty Lerner, Barbara Kleinkopf, Eddie Richman, Morris Feinberg, Jeanette Wolper and Judy Solomon. May all the families be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.



How to Light On the first night, place one candle at the far right, as you face the menorah. This applies whether the menorah is placed next to a doorway or by a window. Another candle is placed for the Shamash (taller helper candle) which is used to light the others. It is not counted as one of the candles. First light the Shamash, then recite the blessings, and then use the Shamash to light the Chanukah candle. On the second night, place two candles in the two far-right positions -- and use the Shamash to light the left one first. The third night, place three candles in the three far-right positions -- and use the Shamash to light them in order, from left to right. Follow this same procedure each night of Chanukah... until all the lights are kindled and glowing brightly! THE BLESSINGS The first two blessings are said with the Shamash already lit, but immediately prior to lighting the Chanukah candles. BLESSING #1 Baruch ata Ado-shem Elo-keinu melech ha-olam, Asher kid-shanu

bi-mitzvo-sav, Vi-tzee-vanu li-had-leek ner shel Chanukah. BLESSING #2 Baruch ata Ado-shem Elo-keinu melech ha-olam, Shi-asa neeseem la-avo-seinu, Baya-meem ha-haim baz-man ha-zeh. BLESSING #3 This blessing is said on the first night only. Baruch ata Ado-shem Elo-keinu melech ha-olam, Sheh-he-cheyanu vi-kee-yimanu Vi-hee-gee-yanu laz-man ha-zeh. The following paragraph is said each night, after the first light has been kindled: Ha-nerot ha-lalu anach-nu mad-likin Al ha-nissim vi-al hanif-laot Al ha-tshu-ot vi-al ha-milchamot She-asita la’avo-teinu Ba-yamim ha-heim, ba-zman ha-zeh Al ye-dey kohan-echa haki-doshim. Vi-chol shmonat ye-mey Chanukah Ha-nerot ha-lalu kodesh heim, Ve-ein lanu reshut li-heesh-tamesh ba-hem Ela leer-otam bilvad Kedai le-hodot u-li-hallel li-shimcha Al ni-secha vi-al niflo-techa vi-al yeshua-techa. During all eight days of Chanukah These lights are sacred and we are not permitted to make ordinary use of them But only to look at them In order to express thanks and praise to Your great Name For your miracles, Your wonders, and Your salvations.

BRITH SHOLOM BETH ISRAEL CONTRIBUTIONS BSBI greatly appreciates your support. Please consider honoring a person or an occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary, graduation, engagement, wedding, etc...with a contribution. We will happy to send an acknowledgement. You can either pay by check or credit card, or you can make an online donation at

In Honor Of Florence Albert’s Special Birthday Mr. & Mrs. Melvin (Bones) Solomon Judy & Harry Appel Joan Roth and Pamela Leonard Pearl Baker’s Special Birthday Sonia & Jerry Rothschild Denise Berry for devotion to her good work for BSBI and its Sisterhood Sonia & Jerry Rothschild Elaine Brabham on her new office Sonia & Jerry Rothschild Happy Mother’s Day to Fay Brickman Nancy Brickman Jack and Fay Brickman Mr. & Mrs. Melvin(Bones) Solomon Nathan Garfinkel’s 90th birthday Ruth Silverman Dr. & Mrs. Morey Lipton Dr. & Mrs. Harry Appel Mr. & Mrs. Billy Richman Irene Garfinkel & Elyse Garfinkel Mr. & Mrs. Hershel Sarasohn Mr. & Mrs. Phil Rubin Dr. & Mrs. Stanley Karesh Mimi Gore’s Special Birthday Mr. & Mrs. Melvin (Bones)Solomon Chuck Jacobson Gertrude Solomon Charles Karesh Gertrude Solomon

Joyce & Sol Kirshtein’s 50th Wedding Anniversary Rosalie Garber Mitzi & Sam Kirshtein Rosalie Garber Janet Kolender’s Special Birthday Betty Lancer, Roz & Donald Barkowitz Eddie Kramer Barry Lash Marsha Kronick Paul & Patricia Sykes Herb & Jeannie Rosner 50th Wedding Anniversary Sharon & Dennis Feinberg Sunny & Samuel Steinberg Mrs. Sandra Rosenblum Micky & Itchy Sonenshine Ruth Silverman’s Special Birthday Sonia & Jerry Rothschild Bones & Rita Solomon 62nd Wedding Anniversary Mrs. Sandra Rosenblum Rita Solomon’s Special Birthday Mrs. Sandra Rosenblum Itchy Sonenshine’s 90th Birthday Mr. & Mrs. Barry Lash Mr. & Mrs. Howard Garfinkel Emily Sonenshine Mr. & Mrs. Barry Breibart Dr. & Mrs. Harry Appel BSBI Synagogue Mr. & Mrs. David Novick


Rabbi Ari Sytner Rabbi David Levkoff William Weinstein on his Graduation from AHA Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Rephan Jeremy Zucker Bama Saltzman Bill Novit’s 80th B-Day Billy and Sydney Richman Denise Berry & Fay Grabin becoming Co-presidents of BSBI Sisterhood Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Rothschild James Turner Rosalie K. Garber Joyce Haber Drs. Jose and Virginia Benmaman Stanley Baker Mr. Barry Lash

In Memory Of Harold Barkowitz Dr. & Mrs. Bernard Mendelson Dr. & Mrs. Morey Lipton Mr. & Mrs. Barry Krell Mr. & Mrs. Charles Goldberg Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Rothschild Mr. & Mrs. Itchy Sonenshine Mr. & Mrs. Herschel Kaufman Mr. & Mrs. Howard Brilliant Mrs. Doris Lend Morris Feinberg


Sharon & Dennis Feinberg Sonia Greenberg Alberta Goldberg Dr. & Mrs. Harry Appel Pincus Kolender Catherine Stanlick Betty Lerner Mr.& Mrs. Joseph Chase Anita Levine Gloria Adelson Marilyn London Gloria Adelson Janet Berg Dr. Raymond Rosenblum Mrs. Kaylene K Schoenberg Betty Pearlman By Friends Carol Tuck Dr. & Mrs. Charles H Banov Dr. & Mrs. Douglas Colman Dr. & Mrs. Harry Appel Dr. & Mrs. Scott Dryzer & Family Dr. & Mrs. Alan Nussbaum Dr. & Mrs. Haskell Ellison Dr. & Mrs. Stanley Karesh Dr. Benjamin K. McInnes Drs. Jose & Virginia Benmaman Erika Blas and Susan Blas Milani and Family Gary, Kristy and Katie Solomon Harriett Steinert Irene Garfinkel & Family Joan Dufresne Mr. & Mrs. Alvin Schuster and Family Mr. & Mrs. Andy Solomon Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Prystowsky Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Rosenblum Mr. & Mrs. Barry Krell Mr. & Mrs. Billy Richman Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Goldberg Mr. & Mrs. Edward Kramer Mr. & Mrs. George Meyers Mr. & Mrs. Ira Lash Mr. & Mrs. Itchy Sonenshine Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Rothschild Mr. & Mrs. Joe Chase Mr. & Mrs. Phil Rubin Mr. & Mrs. Stan Lemeshow Mr. & Mrs. William Carter Mr. & Mrs. Yale Kaplan Mr. & Mrs. Jon Regitsky Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Weiss Mr. & Mrs. Jan Samet Mrs. Gertrude Solomon Ms. Sharon Kahn Pat Honour Patricia A Ebeling Sandra Shapiro Sylvia Samet The Michael Rosenblum Family Eleanor Shaffer Mr. & Mrs. Edward Kramer Mr. & Mrs. Greg Rothschild Art Shorago Sonia Greenberg Eddie Richman


Muriel Stillman Sonia & Jerry Rothschild Leon Wolper Frances & Joe Chase Mr. & Mrs. Artie Kurtz Richard and Karen Glassman Jamie Lovett Drs. Jose and Virginia Benmaman Mitch Weinstein’s Father Drs. Jose & Virginia Benmaman

Speedy Recovery Of Donald Barkowitz Mr. & Mrs. Herschel Kaufman Sonia & Jerry Rothschild Janette Wolper Joan Roth Lynn Bernstein Joan Roth and Pamela Leonard Marilyn Feldman Frances & Joe Chase Sonia Rothschild Betty Lancer, Roz & Donald Barkowitz Virginia Benmaman Leonard & Sara Shawel Mrs. Sandra Rosenblum Frances & Joe Chase Howard Brilliant Sonia and Jerry Rothschild Lori Hoch Stiefel Dr. and Mrs. Jimmy Heyman Maurice Fox Judy and Ed Kramer Mr. & Mrs. P. Andrew Solomon Sonia & Jerry Rothschild Shirley Prystowsky Melvin Robinson Sonia & Jerry Rothschild

Yahrzeits Abe Finkelstein Joan Martin Lorraine Finkelstein Abe Kirshtein Rosalie Garber Ruth Kaplan Sam Kirshtein Abe Richman Mr. and Mrs. Harold Richman Abe Rundbaken Paul Rundbaken Alex & Sheila Goldberg Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Goldberg Alexender & Sidney Levy Jeanette, Lillie & Sarabelle Levy Annie Garfinkel Olga Weinstein Barney Truere Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Rothschild Bernard Novit Carl Novit Bertha Ellison Coleman Bernice Berry Beth Cohen Iris Gradman


Cheryl Dakss Sandra Katz Claire Haller Ralph Haller David Benmaman Drs. Jose & Virginia Benmaman David Grabin Fay Novit Grabin Edith Kirshtein Mr. & Mrs. Sam Kirshtein Rosalie Garber Ruth Kaplan Elcha Garfinkel Sandra Shapiro Elias Haller Ralph Haller Essie Mazo Minnie Meislin Esther Cohen Bass Marcia Bass Brody Fanny Bebergal Goldberg Mr. & Mr.s Harry Goldberg Fanny Benmaman Drs. Jose and Virginia Benmaman Flora G. Chase Stephen & Cynthia Morgan Florette Epstein Janette Wolper Frances Jacobson Chuck Jacobson Freda Lerner Chase Joseph Chase Gussie Haller Ralph Haller Guta Weintraub Mark & Blanche Wine Harriet J. Goodman Chuck & Barbara Jacobson Harry & Sarah Minkoff Larry Minkoff Harry Mendell Judy Solomon Henry Finkelstein Joan Martin Hyman Gilston David Gilston Hyman Schwartz Mr. & Mrs. Joe Chase Ida Belle Drucker Fay Novit Grabin Ida Breibart Mr. & Mrs. Itchy Sonenshine Ida Katz Dr. & Mrs. Gerald Katz Ida Lerner Sokol Sonia Greenberg Isaac Jacobs Janette Wolper Isadore Lancer Betty Lancer Israel Harry Jacobson Carl Jacobson Israel Levy Sarah Belle Levy /Lillie Rubenstein/ Jeanette Katz Jack Schraibman Arnold Schraibman Harold Schraibman

Jack Rosen Dr. & Mrs. Sam Rosen Shifra Rosen Jean Krawcheck Cohen Phyllis Slesinger Jeremy Kramer Mr. & Mrs. Edward Kramer Jerry Zucker Anita Zucker Joe Schwartz Carolyn Chisholm JR Epstein Barbara Greenspan Julius Sonenshine Mr. & Mrs. Itchy Sonenshine Leon Zucker Anita Zucker Leroy Silverstein Janet Berg Lillian Leff Terrill Leff Lillian Richman Mr. & Mrs. Harold Richman Lorraine Turppa Drs. Jose & Virginia Benmaman Lou Schwartz Martin Schwartz Louis Jacobs Janette Wolper Louis Quiat Betty Quiat Marisha Kahn Ms. Sharon Kahn Mattie Garfinkel Samet Sandra Shapiro Max Hirsch Betty Lancer Max Sarasohn Mr. & Mrs. Hershel Sarasohn Max Sonenshine Mr. & Mrs. Itchy Sonenshine Melvin Solomon Melvin Solomon’s children, grandchildren & greatchildren Mildred Samet Olga Weinstein Morris Finkelstein Sarah Finkelstein Mortie Cohen Iris Gradman Moses Prystowsky

Joyce Berger Nadine Minkoff Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Goldberg Paul Rosen Dr. and Mrs. Sam Rosen Philip Garfinkel Irene & Elyse Garfinkel & Wendy & Scott Garfinkel/Gold Sandra Shapiro Philip Sonenshine Shirley Sonenshine Rachel Goldberg Leonard Goldberg Rebecca Finkelstein Joan Martin Lorraine Finkelstein Robert Truere Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Rothschild Rosalie Rabinowitz Ida Schwartz Rose Slavis Sandra Shapiro Olga Weinstein Rose Levine Silverstein Janet Berg Rose Sonenshine Mr. & Mrs. Itchy Sonenshine Ruth Gilston David Gilston Sadie Sarah Mazo Minnie Meislin Sam Breibart Mr. & Mrs. Itchy Sonenshine Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Breibart Sam Garfinkel Olga Weinstein Sandra Shapiro Samuel Toporek Mr. & Mrs. Haskell Toporek Samuel Harris Mazo Minnie Meislin Sarah Schraibman Gloria Adelson Selma L. Schwartz Mr. & Mrs. Joe Chase Shirley Reznick Harriet Reznick David Karesh Mimi Karesh Frances Schraibman

Arthur Schraibman Henry Yaschik Chana Yaschik Isaac May Norma May Goldberg Lila Lash Barry Lash Teri & Ira Lash Nadine Minkoff Larry Minkoff Sam Levin Mrs. Mitzi Kirshtein Abraham Benmaman Drs. Jose and Virginia Benmaman Abraham Mendelson Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Fox Edith and Abe Kirshtein Rosalie K. Garber Harry Cooper Mrs. Sandra Katz Henry Yaschik Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kronick Ida Truere Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Rothschild Jeanette Solomon Cooper Mr. &Mrs. Haskell Toporek Mary and Ben Solomon Billy and Sydney Richman S. Levin Mr. Allan M. Levin Sam Brickman Mr. & Mrs. Artie Kurtz

Rev. Alter & Ruchel Kirshstein Memorial Jewish Book Fund Speedy Recovery for Lea Novit Sam & Brenda Rosen Speedy Recovery for Joyce Kirshtein Sam & Brenda Rosen In Memory of Raymond Rosenblum Sam & Brenda Rosen In Memory of Harold Barkowitz Sam & Brenda Rosen In Memory of Leon Wolper Sam & Brenda Rosen In Memory of Eddie Richman (Brother of Billy Richman) Sam & Brenda Rosen

Please note that the Yahrzeit begins the evening before and continues through the day that is listed. Yahrzeits for the whole calendar year can now be found on the BSBI Synagogue website. Please visit our website: Yahrzeits Simcha and Memorial plaques, as well as Chumash and Siddur sponsorships are available. For more information, please contact Janice Turner at 843766- 1737 THE MESSENGER


YAHRZEITS FOR DECEMBER 2011 Shifra Berlinsky Louis Brody Sarah Toporek Finkelstein Isadore Friedman Pauline Ginsberg Mitchel Robinson Arthur Schoenberg Benjamin ‘Bernie’ Smotriche Catherine Fox Mollie Prystowsky Louis Rabinowitz Nathan Slovis Herbert Nathan Steinert Etta Sprintzer Clein Ralph Goldstein Rev. Harry Levine Dan Read Bella Kraitman Rosen Lillie Levy Yonteff Micky Berg Abraham Budnick Ida Cohen Gertrude Epstein Annie Garfinkel Doris Levy Max Pressman Jacob Wilensky Miriam Chernov Edith Cohen Max Lazarus Mendel Rudich Harold Karesh Stanley Kohn Sarah Rubin Livingston Benjamin Yaschik Harry Louis Garfinkel Betty Kronrad Goldberg Ethel Pearlstine Jacobs Oscar Levy Sylvia L. Liberman Jack Mickelberg Leon Percy Rundbaken Rebecca Goldman Irving Rosenblatt Samuel Schwartz Lena Fine Ida S. Fishelson Zachariah Gellman Hyman Karesh Oscar Levy Anna Oberman Rachel M. Solomon Rachel Zucker Schwartz Rose Lazarus Isaac Read Mamie Miller Tallent Jake Berry Charles Cohen Danny Hirsch Abraham I. Karesh Alex Doobrow Esther Fox Moshe Yechiel Fox


Dec 1 Dec 1 Dec 1 Dec 1 Dec 1 Dec 1 Dec 1 Dec 1 Dec 2 Dec 2 Dec 2 Dec 2 Dec 2 Dec 3 Dec 3 Dec 3 Dec 3 Dec 3 Dec 3 Dec 4 Dec 4 Dec 4 Dec 4 Dec 4 Dec 4 Dec 4 Dec 4 Dec 5 Dec 5 Dec 5 Dec 5 Dec 7 Dec 7 Dec 7 Dec 7 Dec 8 Dec 8 Dec 8 Dec 8 Dec 8 Dec 8 Dec 8 Dec 9 Dec 9 Dec 9 Dec 10 Dec 10 Dec 10 Dec 10 Dec 10 Dec 10 Dec 10 Dec 11 Dec 12 Dec 12 Dec 12 Dec 13 Dec 13 Dec 13 Dec 14 Dec 15 Dec 15 Dec 15

Kislev 5 Kislev 5 Kislev 5 Kislev 5 Kislev 5 Kislev 5 Kislev 5 Kislev 5 Kislev 6 Kislev 6 Kislev 6 Kislev 6 Kislev 6 Kislev 7 Kislev 7 Kislev 7 Kislev 7 Kislev 7 Kislev 7 Kislev 8 Kislev 8 Kislev 8 Kislev 8 Kislev 8 Kislev 8 Kislev 8 Kislev 8 Kislev 9 Kislev 9 Kislev 9 Kislev 9 Kislev 11 Kislev 11 Kislev 11 Kislev 11 Kislev 12 Kislev 12 Kislev 12 Kislev 12 Kislev 12 Kislev 12 Kislev 12 Kislev 13 Kislev 13 Kislev 13 Kislev 14 Kislev 14 Kislev 14 Kislev 14 Kislev 14 Kislev 14 Kislev 14 Kislev 15 Kislev 16 Kislev 16 Kislev 16 Kislev 17 Kislev 17 Kislev 17 Kislev 18 Kislev 19 Kislev 19 Kislev 19

Celia Garfinkel Paul Laban Alexander J. Levinson Louis Mescon Harry Schreiberg Moshe Mendel Oleonsky Miriam Zucker Jack Berendt Ida Belle Drucker Annie M. Liberman Donald Mazo Abe Ochowitz Saul Alexander Marsha Freda Bluestein Israel Firetag Gertrude Kurtz Mollie Rosenblatt Morris P. Sokol Isadore Wolper David D. Danneman Jerome Kaminski Amelia Volaski Livingstain Louis Mark Mike Prystowsky Samuel Steinert Solomon Cohen Saul Givner Harold E. Knee Edna Banov T. L. Berkman Isaac ‘Bingo’ Hirsch Ben Berlin Ethyl Cooper Mildred Reznick Firetag Yetta Schwartz Abraham Appel Rebecca Leah Goldberg Etta Levin Minnie Levy Leo Rudich Sarah Karesh Sam Lynch Rose Schwartz Abba Zalman Siskind Dorothy Barshay Belle Berkman Irving P. Cohen Isadore Kaminski Jacob Minkoff Israel Lapin Samuel Weinstein Rivkah Yaschik Jennie Mendelson Beverly Norma Levinson Isaac Mendelson Emily Jenkins Novit Frida Schaeman Faye Winter Sophie Hannah Draisin Rose Genet Abraham Livingstain


Dec 15 Dec 15 Dec 15 Dec 15 Dec 15 Dec 16 Dec 16 Dec 17 Dec 17 Dec 17 Dec 17 Dec 17 Dec 18 Dec 18 Dec 18 Dec 18 Dec 18 Dec 18 Dec 19 Dec 20 Dec 20 Dec 20 Dec 20 Dec 20 Dec 20 Dec 21 Dec 21 Dec 21 Dec 22 Dec 22 Dec 22 Dec 23 Dec 23 Dec 23 Dec 23 Dec 24 Dec 24 Dec 24 Dec 24 Dec 24 Dec 25 Dec 25 Dec 25 Dec 26 Dec 27 Dec 27 Dec 27 Dec 27 Dec 27 Dec 28 Dec 28 Dec 28 Dec 29 Dec 30 Dec 30 Dec 30 Dec 30 Dec 30 Dec 31 Dec 31 Dec 31

Kislev 19 Kislev 19 Kislev 19 Kislev 19 Kislev 19 Kislev 20 Kislev 20 Kislev 21 Kislev 21 Kislev 21 Kislev 21 Kislev 21 Kislev 22 Kislev 22 Kislev 22 Kislev 22 Kislev 22 Kislev 22 Kislev 23 Kislev 24 Kislev 24 Kislev 24 Kislev 24 Kislev 24 Kislev 24 Kislev 25 Kislev 25 Kislev 25 Kislev 26 Kislev 26 Kislev 26 Kislev 27 Kislev 27 Kislev 27 Kislev 27 Kislev 28 Kislev 28 Kislev 28 Kislev 28 Kislev 28 Kislev 29 Kislev 29 Kislev 29 Kislev 30 Tevet 1 Tevet 1 Tevet 1 Tevet 1 Tevet 1 Tevet 2 Tevet 2 Tevet 2 Tevet 3 Tevet 4 Tevet 4 Tevet 4 Tevet 4 Tevet 4 Tevet 5 Tevet 5 Tevet 5

BSBI Messenger December 2011  

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