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Personal Hometown Service Howard Consulting, LLC, specializes in website design, management, and maintenance. We provide private consultations to guide your business to a strong Web presence.

Website Design & Maintenance A website has become more important than being listed in the Yellow Pages. Our offices are in Butte, Montana, but we can maintain your site anywhere on the Internet. We provide all stages of website service: domain name registration, hosting, layout design, search engine optimization, e-commerce, content updates . . . even redesign for your old home page to give it a fresh new look. We can also show you how to update the content on your website page(s). We do the setup, you use simple editing tools to keep your information current.

Responsive Website Technology Our website designs adjust to the screen size on which they are displayed. Our device detection technology transforms your website to fit the screen area on mobiles, tablets, netbooks, and other handheld devices— in addition to desktop computers.

Is it Time to Take Your Small Business Online? Your customers are already talking about you online – a website helps you to control the conversation! As a business owner, you likely know that just because something is cheap and easy to do doesn’t mean that it’s a necessity for your company! But the importance of taking your small business online goes far deeper. Many small businesses opt out of website creation because they fail to see how the time and resources needed to maintain a web presence can fit into their already-packed “to do” lists and cash-strapped budgets. Unfortunately, this is shortsighted. Even if you haven’t invested in the creation of a small business website, you still have a web presence – but it’s your customers that are controlling the conversation. Today, consumer interactions don’t occur in a bubble. If a customer is frustrated, he doesn’t just tell his close friends – he tells the entire world through review websites and social media networks. If your company isn’t there to either refute claims or make amends, this feedback – whether positive or negative – is the only thing future customers will find when they look for your business using search engines like Google or Bing. Obviously, simply having a website won’t prevent your business from receiving negative reviews or critical feedback online. But by being a part of the conversation, you demonstrate that your business is committed to its customers, preventing your company from losing clients that might otherwise go to your competitors on the basis of your minimal web presence.

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Our websites are made in Montana for anywhere in the world.

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The Progress - August 2014  
The Progress - August 2014