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T H E S E C O N D A RY N E W S L E T T E R Secondary News from the Pupils and Teachers of The British School of Alicante

Enrichment Activities

He ad of Se c o nd ary Message Last week the Secondary School held its annual Swimming Gala. The gala featured a vast number of pupils representing their Houses in a range of different disciplines. The day was a real highlight on the School calendar. The focus was on participation and congratulations go to the winning House - Columbus. This sense of community spirit is also reflected in the changes to the winter uniform here at the British School of Alicante and I would like to take the opportunity to thank parents in maintaining and improving our uniform. This is crucial to us in creating the appropriate ethos and work ethic for our school. The King’s College Uniform helps establish a sense

of pride and belonging and raises the profile of our school in the community. The standard of uniform this session has been very high and many visitors have commented on how good our pupils look. Our secondary pupils will now be wearing the school blazer and this will only enhance such comments and the pride we feel within our school.

Stephen Green Head of Secondary Pag e 1

Music Achievements The spotlight is on our music department and its passionate musicians who are dedicating themselves to weekly Band, Vocal Group and Junior Choir practice. Five students ranging from year 8 to 11 are inspiring others by mentoring their cohorts twice weekly on electric and acoustic guitar, electric bass, piano, drums and voice. Pictured are our mentors in actions – Carlos and Ernesto (11B), Sam (11M), Tiegan (9T) and Chloe (8W). Thank you for your support – keep up the hard work!

Helping Aitana The KS3 students have been working with the charity committee to come up with fundraising ideas to raise money for Children in Need, Fair Trade and Aitana. AITANA is 10 years old and lives in Tarazona. She has a lung disease (pulmonary atresia without pulmonary trunk side.) In order to get better Aitana needs to get an operation in Boston with Dr. Pedro Del Nido. She has to raise 200,000 euros to have her operation; Aitana collects bottle tops to raise this money as she can earn up to 200 euros for every ton of bottle tops. The students have started to collect bottle tops to send to Aitana in order to help her with her quest, making it easier for her to raise the money she needs.

Where there is no imagination there is no horror By Marta Year 12

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle once said: “Where there is no imagination there is no horror.” Here, at the British School of Alicante we take this sentence seriously. Every year, from the very little ones up to the secondary teenagers, the students do something to celebrate this time of the year: HALLOWEEN! This year we’ve investigated a little bit so that everyone can know what we’re doing. Our nursery kids are preparing amazing things this week. In nursery E they’re making bats and pumpkins (decoration) and colouring pictures related with Halloween (witches, monsters...) and they will display everything in their classroom. In nursery W they’re printing patterns, making spiders, and pumpkins with stickers and original designs. In nursery C they’re exploring spaghetti, working with green slime and dancing to Halloween music. The reception students aren’t doing anything for Halloween because they are too busy working with the film ‘Wallie’. In secondary, the annual Halloween disco for years 7,8 and 9 is taking place. The music room is being decorated, there will be food, drinks and disco music. Other activities such as apple bobbling and donuts on the ceiling are being organised too. We all hope that everyone has a great time during this time of the year! Pag e 3

Swimming Gala 2011

Gala Results 2011 House Colombus Darwin Orwell Gaudi

Points 121 117 109 99 Pag e5

Year 7G

First Month Experiences María E


I like Art. I learn to draw b/w, some pop art artists, and how to draw with oil pastels.

Jaume My first experience in Secondary is very good. I like that we have two lessons of PE and we can use bunsson burners. I love my form teacher!

I liked my first month in Secondary because this is the first time that I go to teachers’ classes. I like it because I have a little bit of time to talk to my friends.

Matthias What I mostly like about my start at Secondary is that I have a lot of friends and I enjoy it a lot.

Martina What I like most is Lengua Española and Science. The teachers that I like most are Mr. Pemberton, Sra. Sánchez and Mr. Butcher.

María G I love Secondary because it’s a new experience of growing up.

Malena I like all of my teachers. I like music and drama as they are very enjoyable

Andrea What I like from year 7 is that we have lots of classes in the day and we have 2 lessons of PE.

Marta B I have enjoyed school a lot this month and I prefer Secondary than Primary - but it’s much more difficult!


Álvaro P I’ve had a very nice experience meeting new friends and having two lessons of PE.

Jacobo In Secondary, we have two PE lessons and they are longer here. But the classes are longer and we’ve fewer patios.


New Pupil

This month in Secondary, I’ve had a wonderful time. My favourite teacher is Mr. Butcher. At first I thought it was very difficult but now for me is super simple.

I have enjoyed a lot this month! I like Science, Music and Drama.

Álvaro J I felt really good and I was very excited because the classrooms and teachers are great.

Victor I like being in Secondary but I don’t like much homework.

Eduardo I’m very pleased of having a lot of teachers and to move from class to class. I am happy that I have 2 PE classes. My favourite teachers are Ms. Bowers and Sra Guio.

Teresa I like all teachers especially Art, Sociales, and Science. I like when I get good comments and merits.

Manuel I like that I have two lessons of PE, I have got lockers and can choose my food.

Lily One thing I like about Secondary is that we get our own locker to design and look after. What I don’t like about Secondary is NOTHING!

Hamish I like Music and Drama because they are fun.

Miguel Ll I’m very excited about year 7. I like Music and PE.

New Pupil

Miguel C My first month in Secondary was very exciting; I like to do PE, Art and Science. I’ve had a good experience and I learnt a lot.

Isabella What I like about Secondary is that you don’t want the day to end.

Paloma I love all teachers, but my favourite is Ms. Graves. I think nothing has gone wrong this month!

Jemel My first month in Secondary has been great! My favourite lessons are Maths with Mr. Wall and Science with Mr. Butcher. I like all teachers , but especially my form tutor, Sra. Guio. Pag e 7



As part of the enrichment programme in Sixth Form, students have been learning to rock climb, scuba dive and kayak. You can see from the photographs that after only a few weeks some students already show a remarkable aptitude for the sports.

Pag e 9

Pupil Achievements Congratulations to the following pupils for their outstanding recent achievements:

Irene Ranked 1st in Spain in her recent Chess tournament

Magnus Art exhibition in America

Emma Ranked 5th place in Spain in her recent Table Tennis tournament


Absence from school

Reminder that Blazers are compulsory for all secondary pupils. Pupils are to arrive at school each day wearing their blazer which must also be worn to every lesson.

C l i c k H e re t o D o w n l o a d A b s e n c e F o r m I would like to remind parents of the procedure for reporting absence from school. If you wish to request time off school for your child during the school term, you are asked to submit a written request to the Headteacher. Please remember that taking holidays during term time is not permitted and, unless in very exceptional circumstances, such requests cannot be authorized by the Headteacher. If your child is absent from school due to unforeseen circumstances (such as illness) you are asked to telephone the school office on each day of absence before 9.30am. You should follow this up with a written explanation for absence on the first day your child returns to school. This is a school requirement for Health Safety reasons and also to allow us to support your child on his/her return. School Office : 965 106 351. Our policy at BSA is to challenge any attendance which falls below 90% in any 3 month period as this

is likely to have a detrimental effect on your child´s learning and progress. When pupils are absent from school it is important that they keep up with their school work whenever possible, through the Moodle site and ClaSSic gateway on our website and by communication with fellow pupils.

James Brennan We would like to welcome our new part time lab technician, James Brennan.

Important Dates School Closed – Friday 28th October – Tuesday 1st November 2011 School Reopens – Wednesday 2nd November 2011 Winter Uniform - Wednesday 2nd November 2011 (Full Winter Uniform to be worn) Year 7 Castles Trip – Thursday 3rd November 2011 Year 10 Parents Meeting – Thursday 10th November 2011 School Photographs – Tuesday 22nd & Wednesday 23rd November 2011

Glorieta del Reino Unido 5 Alicante 03008 Spain email:

Secondary Newsletter October 2011  

Secondary Newsletter October 2011

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