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Welcome to The British School, Alexandria An outstanding British education The British School experience is founded on the ethos that every child is unique and that they should extend themselves to the best of their abilities. Our vision and values reflect the whole school spirit. We believe in: ♦ Developing inquiring minds ♦ Challenging students to be successful

through high expectations ♦ Offering a broad and balanced curriculum ♦ Fostering respect by building positive

relationships ♦ Preparing students for the opportunities

and challenges of modern life. The British School is made up of a small yet vibrant community. Students feel part of a family. The School’s spirit fosters openness to different cultures and an appreciation of learning experiences. Students learn to accept themselves, appreciate differences and embrace other ways of thinking.

Express yourself and be yourself...

Our teachers hold British qualifications. They are supported by qualified teaching assistants and learning support assistants. Expectations are high and results are excellent. All students study Arabic as the host country language and it’s compulsory. Religion lessons are optional. Parents are a vital part of the school. "Friends of the School" group organises regular activities, which raise funds both for the school and local charities. The British School, Alexandria is a regional opinion leader, accredited by Department for Education, UK as a registered BSO school, COBIS, BSME and

Pre-Prep Early Years Foundation Stage Set in beautiful surroundings, the facilities for early years learning provide an enchanting and inspiring start to a child’s education. The Curriculum follows the following prime areas: ♦ Personal, social and emotional development ♦ Communication and language ♦ Physical development ♦ Specific areas: ⇒ Literacy ⇒ Mathematics ⇒ Understanding the world ⇒ Expressive art and design

Our Foundation Department facilities are thoughtfully designed to encourage your child’s creativity, development and natural passion for learning.

Years 1 & 2 Students in Year 1 and 2 continue to build on these principles. We introduce the children to the National Curriculum of England with core subject English, Maths and Science as well as specialist subjects such as Arabic, Music, Art, PE and Computing.

We have distinct learning areas: a home corner, a reading space, an area for creative activities such as sand and water play, and a large carpeted area for construction play. We recognise that young children need good healthy food to give them the energy they need to learn and play throughout a busy day! We provide nutritious snacks and you can sign up your child for breakfast club where they can enjoy the delights of a healthy breakfast with their friends. In EYFS we play, learn and grow together. We treat every child as an individual and create a secure and child centred learning environment both indoors and outdoors, which promotes learning investigation and independence. We bring out the best in every child.

Challenging students to be successful Prep (Years 3, 4, 5 & 6) Our vibrant and busy department is based on the Consulate Campus. Students from Years 3 to 6 work and socialise together creating a warm and friendly, family atmosphere. Our revised curriculum is exciting; teachers have designed lessons that will inspire students and foster strong links across the department. Students here feel safe and supported. Subjects taught at Prep school include: English, Maths, Arabic, Science, History, Geography, Computer Science, Drama, Music, Art & Design, Citizenship, PE and PSE. Modern foreign languages are also offered. We help students to take the important steps needed towards becoming young adults.

Lower School (Years 7, 8 & 9) Year’s 7, 8 and 9 pursue a balanced curriculum with great emphasis on the development of English. Students study a range of subjects designed to expand their knowledge and skills in readiness for exams taken in Upper School. Subjects include: Maths, English, Science, History, Geography, Commerce, Art, Music, PE, Drama, Computer Studies, Arabic, French and PSE. There are productions and concerts, sports fixtures, after school activities throughout the year and school trips both within and outside of Egypt. Global Citizenship and The British School, Alexandria Code of Conduct are at the core of our ethos. The six principles we adhere to are honesty, responsibility, respect, selfcontrol, equality and social justice and each scheme of learning is designed to incorporate each into a range of topics/units of work. Minimum expectations for student progress is at least one full British School, Alexandria level. As we are aware, students’ learning is not linear and they progress at different rates however, we set aspirational targets to ensure all students are able to access and be successful in their IGCSEs/AS/A Levels. We develop specialist skills and knowledge.

Upper School (Years 10 &11) Sixth Form (Years 12, 13) In the Upper School, students develop their leadership and independent study skills. Students achieve very high grades in IGCSE/GCSE examinations. English, English literature, Mathematics and Arabic (Non-Native, Native and Arabic AL) are compulsory. Students then have five option choices from the following (it is expected students opt for at least two Sciences): Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computing, Art and Design, Music, French, German, History, Geography, Business Studies and Economics. The curriculum also includes Physical Education, Citizenship and Study Skills as well as educational visits worldwide. We provide additional tutors in the after school programme to support our students to achieve outstanding exam results.

The curriculum is based on AS and A2 level programmes and aims to give our students all that they need to enter universities in England. There is a high degree of independence offered reflecting the maturity of the students. In return they provide leadership and act as role models for the whole school. The Sixth Form curriculum has been designed to provide a broad and flexible choice of subjects and courses which include: AS/A2 levels and GCSEs including: English Language/Literature, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computing, Art and Design, Music, Business Studies, Economics, History and Geography. We prepare students for further learning.

The relentless pursuit of learning excellence Music The British School is highly committed to the arts. Considerable curriculum time is devoted to music, drama and art. The school also offers one to one music lessons which are available for non BSA students as well. Lessons are organised into 12-week programmes with the opportunity to take Royal School of Music examinations and gain academic credit. We offer the following lessons: ♦ Singing (classical, pop, rock and musical) ♦ Piano ♦ Violin ♦ Classical guitar ♦ Drums

Physical Education Sports play a vital role in the learning experience at The British School, Alexandria. The school focuses on getting the best out of every child, encouraging a strong sense of competition but at the same time ensuring that sports sessions are fun. We compete against other CIBSA schools and we also organise inter-house events.

Our main sports are athletics, badminton, basketball, cricket, fitness, football, gymnastics, hockey, rounders, rugby, swimming and volleyball.

The Lower & Upper School builds on the skills learnt at junior level with a wide range of expert coaching by dedicated sports teachers.

Art & Design At The British School, the art department offers a powerful and dynamic course in Art and Design that is structured in such a way as to enhance and realise the creative potential of all of our students. Art and Design is seen as a critical and fundamental component of the curriculum and students are encouraged to proactively engage at a high level with the creative process. That process offers its own rewards but also enhances and enriches all other curriculum areas. In art, craft and design, students reflect critically on their own and other people’s work, judging quality, value and meaning.

Citizenship The British School students learn about the world and the people in it from an early age, developing an awareness of different cultures and countries. By exploring the world, they become more socially, culturally, economically and environmentally aware, which better prepares them to adopt a global perspective and make a difference in the global community.

After School Activities After School Activities are an important part of The British School. Students are offered a wide choice of sporting, creative and language activities. Teachers and extended tutors are employed to ensure expert instruction. We expect all students to take part further academic credits.

Marc A., Year 1 Red

Omar R., Year 5 Red

Joined The British School, Alexandria in Foundation Stage 1 class.


“ like school because we learn stuff and the homework is good. And we take snack. And we read and go to phonics and the teachers read us books. My favourite, favourite favourite part is we get to be head boys and go to meetings and we get notebooks.”


eing a student at The British School, Alexandria is a real pleasure. The School is considered as the best, or one of the best, schools in Alexandria. First of all, there are different subjects that we learn in School. besides the three different languages. Secondly, we have the choice of many after school activities such as sports, art and music. This helps us to have different hobbies. Finally, and the most interesting part, is the fun events like: PJ Day, Pizza Day, CIBSA trips to meet students from other schools, the summer bazaar and the Christmas bazaar. All of this hard work goes to the lovely teachers and TAs.

Student Voice Abdel Moneim E., Year 12

Germaine A., Year 12

Joined The British School, Alexandria in Year 4. Hesham is the Head Boy of the academic year 2014/15.

Joined The British School, Alexandria in Year 5. Germaine is the Head Girl of the academic year 2014/15.


“ or me, one of the most appealing things about our Sixth Form is the small class sizes. For instance, in my Physics class, there are only 6 of us. This is very useful as it allows us more student-teacher time, and this individual attention gives us the opportunity to get the most out of our lessons. As Head Boy, my goal is to act as a leader and role model to the younger students, represent the School on all levels (both nationally and internationally), all whilst maintaining a positive attitude and demonstrating high initiative and maturity.


“ ince my first day at school in year 5, I met so many amazing people and made lifetime friends. 8 years later and I will never regret joining the school community! What makes this school different is how it's united. But also the passion teachers have for the subjects they teach, it's contagious! My favorite memories of school are on school trips, or the school's Summer Bazaar where everyone gets together. In the end nothing feels better to me than knowing that this is where I belong.

It is the individual attention and the feeling that you are well looked after both academically and personally. To book a visit, please contact the admission office on +2 (03) 54 45 426 ext. 5 or e-mail: More information can be found at:

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