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Magazine Article: Photography in the Media Industry By Brytanni Burton In the digital media industries photography is used thtoughout the media. This article will focus on the applications and purposes of digital potography in the Digtal Media Industry. were currently having difficulties with circumstances and they couldn’t identify how to solve it. So, the writing anchors the image of the Politian raising his hands up straight because it could signify how they are standing tall in their troubled situations. The effect of this is that people would become more aware of what is happening in the world. The purpose of this is because is to increase sales for other companies or to market other people adverts and news.

M arketing

This is one application of digital photography used in the media industry. They use it as a main source of news, but it also features advertisment for new companies, vacant jobs and various of others of things. This first one is a image of a newspaper’s front cover is sourced from a website called Independent. This is a great website to find a range of old newspapers. For this newspaper the front headline is about the Labour Party. The bold colour and writing are very explicit to the reader; just by looking at the photo the three main colours you can see are black (which connotes power and mystery; red (which connotes power and danger) and white (which connotes innocence and purity). This might seem as a juxtaposing contrast between the colours because they are showing two different meaning. One way you could see it as the White colour represents the labour party because they are publicised as a good party with no corruption at all. But, the black and red could mean that they

My second image I will be anaylsing is another newspaper and how the writing anchors the image. I research this news story from a website called The Paperboy. The topic of the headline is about a man getting justice for the situation he is in. Beside the headline there is a clear picture of an army solider holding a SA 80 Rifle with an eye scope. The headline anchors the image in the idea of “justice” being up held. This is due to the fact that a solider signifies patriotism and righteousness. They fight for their country and risking their life in doing so. The rhetorical question “WILL HE EVER GET JUSTICE?” links in with this indication with in photo because the cadet signifies justice it self. The bold, harsh font sets a manlier effect to the story this could

be because of the story that it is based on is about a man behind bars. So him surviving this could be exhibited as masculine to the readers. The use of the colour black associates with mystery and the unknown, which could imply that there could be more to the story, whereas the white background depicts goodness and innocence, which would suggest the cadet being imprisoned is not guilty. Another application for a newspaper would be for photojournalism.

A dvertisment

This is another application of advertisment for the digital media industry, the company would advertise this in magazines, newspapers or on billboards. This advertisement for Tag Heuer Watches was posted on a website named Calibre11.

www.calibre11. com. It features a vast majority of marketing photos. The photography of the famous actor Chris Hemsworth connotes the typical hot male pointing forwards is as if he is directly addressing the person looking at the advertisement. Also, he eyes are looking directly looking in front of him makes the viewer know he is what the company is looking for and that the person has grabbed their attention and imlping a sense of ‘Yes, this is for you!’ for the viewer. The use of the dark blue colour connotes knowledge, power, and honour. This will appeal to the male population because they believe it would boost their ego. Similarly, the glowing white centre behind of the person could represent a successful beginning for the company because of their new product plus, it could indicate the simplicity in advanced products. Using these techniques will help sell the product because the viewer would feel that the company wants them to buy their product due to the hand gesture, they might

feel that they are the perfect man to where this watch, so the should buy it. The effect of this of this commanding gesture, more people would feel obliged to buy the product. However, the digital media industry use a different approch towards women’s adverts. The mian focus of this advert and the green apples being held by the typically beautiful women, even the bottle of the product is shaped as an apple. Her natural make-up and her natural face structure, implies the product she is trying to promote is pure and natural as herself. This also connotes delicatenes and softness, which is sterotypically how women are viewed in the public eye. The poster would be seen as eye-catching to women by the out-standig use of green. The colour are relativly bright and unique in compared to the other perfume adverts. The Female skin is brown and tanned and correlates nicely with the natural, sour apples. As a result, the simple colours of the ad make women want to buy the product. the brands name is quiet small but noticeable due to the contrat in white colour. This posters would appeal to the female populaton aged 20 - 27 years old due to the fruitful and calm background with the apples, which generally relates to women more than teenagers or the elderly. This poster would be presented on billboards, in magazines and newspapers to publicize a product or even a person.

P romotional An alternative way on use photos in the media industry is to promote someone or something. This long shot of a women proves how people use professional picture of themselves to promote something/one that they believe in. The celebrity in this photo shown as fierce and bold. She’s wearing a black dress, which connotes power and elegance. The dark background contributes to the confidence

and authority she is trying to emit. This will make the viewer notice the poster and want to know more about her. This will target to the female population more because they would want to strive to the same level of fearlessness as her. Therefore, the effect of this is that the women would follow her lifestyle, so they would have more self- confidence in themselves. The this will help impact the women’s lives because they will express that same strength with their family and friends and every other aspect of their lives.

in a newspaper. This photograph was located from a professional website titled Magnum Photos. . This website features a range of professional photos from real photographers. This photo of a boy playing a baseball could have many stories behind it. One of the most obvious stories could be “A Rise to Fame”. This image might base on baseball players past life. Alternatively, how the young player began playing the sport. The technique of how the

This is another example of a promotional photo. This is known as a medium shot of a famous politician. the over-use of red, white and blue signify the American Flag and the pride and a patrotic feeling an american has for their country. His body stance connotes confidence in himself, implying that everyone else can trust and rely on him. The red symbolizes power and strength, which could correlate with the word ‘change’, indicating that we as a population has the power to change. The blue could represent trust and loyalty, communicating that he upholds that same beliefs for his country and its people. finally, the grey expresses sophistication and formality declaring that he is the right man for the job because of his conservativeness.

camera focuses on the boy’s face; focusing on the ball emphasises how he is in his natural place in mind because he knows that this is where he is meant to be. It could also be about as humans we keep swinging at chances, the player represents us as people and the ball represent the chances that come our way. However, other views might see the ball as negativity, so as humans with the bat we hit them as far as we can away from us the protected ourselves. This just goes to show how one picture can relate to so many things in our lives, by our different interpretations of it. Taking photographs like this one can affects someone, who can’t convey their vision of the world and express their feelings as easy because it would be another way of impacting the world in their own way.

“T ell


S tory ”

Another use of photography is to tell a story. This image could be use for photojournalism

This photo is another of how digital photography is used to ‘Tell a Story” in the media industry. The photograph would be used for photojournalism in a newspaper or a e-magazine. The image presents of a group of people, who are of different ages, crying in evident pain. Although, judging by the background I could suggest that they are in a war zone or a third world country, where a disaster has just happened. The use of black, white and grey contrast well together. Both black and grey signify depression and grief, the under use of white

balance both the colours, so it evens out more. but the over use of grey emphasises the power of anger they have for the people who are dead, assumingly. This photo might have been taken to raise awareness about a situation that is happening in the world and the photographer might have thought this photo would help appeal to the people hearts can support them to make a change.

I ncrease S ales The final use of photography in the media industry is to increase sales. Newspapers and magazines, like this one, uses photos of celebrities or the product that links to their theme to give the reader a sense of what will be presented in it. This photo of a stereotypical eye-catching female demonstrates what that company’s views are of what a woman should look like. The colours of light blue, hot pink, bright yellow and plain white all signify something to women. The yellow is associated with confidence and optimism, it is proven that it is the best colour to boost your enthusiasm, so by reading this magazine it will help you to boost your confidence and be more optimistic. The light blue

signifies softness and health – which is what the magazine is seemingly trying to promote. The hot pink is loving playful and passionate, which is how all women should be, stereotypically. Lastly, the white is the colour of new beginnings. It links into the idea that the information in the magazine will help you to be a better person. The words anchor the image by, displaying the connotation of femininity on the magazine this is exposed by; the use of calm and soft colours, smooth fonts and the information being presented around the edge. These uses of style will relate to the female’s population because the company has raised awareness that this magazine would help them change their habits and behaviour, so they would better themselves and their lifestyle. This would impact the viewers life; socially, mentally, spiritually, and physically. Since, the typical attractive female on the cover is, assumingly, what most girls aspire to be like because it is seen as “normal” to look like that and this idea is implanted into young girl’s mind through the media and sometime by their own parents/ guardian. This is another example of how photographs are used to increase sales, but this time it is on CD cover with a photo of a celebrity ‘Jessie J’. The bold and white colours produce the sense of power, strength and mystery and connotes a very daring feeling to her look. The three colours gold, black and white, they keep the consistency with the themes being portrayed, which is conventional to the pop genre. The gold stands out in comparison to the black of Jessie J’s clothing, nonetheless it still links in with the theme the surrounds the cover. The gold agrees with her flashy look and overpowers the title

of the album, implying her album will stand out from the others as well as the artist herself. The celebrity’s eyes stand out because they’re the only things that have the colour blue. Blue symbolises depth and stability and demonstrates that despite her tough image, there could be another side to her that is not so explicit. The artist is positioned in the centre of the cover and takes up majority of the cover, causing the audience to look at her only. This will target the audience because she is portraying herself as fierce and powerful and majority of the female population wold want to desire to be like someone that has these traits. So by listening to her music and dressing like her, they would know the feeling to be like her. Also, she isn’t shown as the stereotypical feminine girl, most girls are not therefore, she would be different and change most girl’s perception of what a girl should look like.

Travel Brochures This is an example of a travel brochure. The main purpose of a travel brochure is to give people enough information about a place in a fairly small package. Brochures has to be small enough to be placed out on store counters, but interestingly enough for a customer to carry it away and read it. The colours of the brochure are as important as the information and the pictures. The use of dark cream colour might present connotation of the smooth, sandy breaches they have. So, as the viewers are looking down it would give an illusion that they are already walking on the beach. Similarly, the red, blue and orange could signify the hot sun and the cool oceans, simulating a calm and peaceful environment. The images given in the brochure, are used to give people the belief that if they go to the place in the brochure then they will be as happy as the people there. The family presented is also, a big impact because it gives the sense that this place will aid them to reconnect with their families and make them happier and healthier. The two women in the brochure are to appeal to the female population more than the male. This is because it is more common for a woman to look for and book holidays than it if for a male. The applications this would be used in

would be for advertisement and architectural. Mainly, it would be used in books as travel guides, so people know what to expect when they go to new countries. The purpose of this would be to market or to promote a country.

Ikea Brochures This application is an example of an ‘IKEA’ brochure. it is used to inform people about the products they have and the price for it. the overuse of white is to signify a successful beginning, which simulates the idea that if the viewer shops there, the will be fresh and luxurious. the big black ‘Ikea’ name at the top is fairly outstanding and noticaeable, so the reader knows where the brochure came from. Also, the wordin ‘life begins at home’ is as noticeable as the ‘Ikea’ due to the bright orange colour. This could presents connotations of childhood and warmth. it gives the reader the illusion that by having these products they will be uplifted and more optimistic. the purpose of the mother and child upholding the happiness, shows that the company in trying to sell, demonstrates how they are aiming to appeal to the females and their families. thiss willsell the idead that with these products in their home they will have a better relationship with their families and feel closer to them. this would

be used as various of applications: marketingand home fashion mainly. Generally, it would be used in magazines; billboards and interactive publications. The purpose of this would be for marketing; promotinal or to increase sales.

Brytanni Burton Task 1 Part 1  
Brytanni Burton Task 1 Part 1