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Colin Singletons life consists of mainly theory’s, books and math. He has many interests that involve with other things in life, for

instance he has a certain liking for women named Katherine. They have to be spelt the same way or its a no go for Colin, in fact he has dated 19 Katherine's to date! Onto another topic he always loves to help out with the community, as Colin stated “ I love helping out with the seniors at the seniors centre, being able to hear their stories and helping them when they need me. They are always welcoming .” He would also help out with his school activities, he quite enjoyed setting up equipment for athletics day or anything like helping out for a bake sale, he was always reliable and one you could count on.

One of Colin's recent events, was the time he traveled to Gutshot with his best friend Hassan Harbish where they traveled around by car until the time they were introduced to Lindsey Lee Wells in a local gas station. During the time while they were away they received summer jobs and free accommodation, what could be better than that? He then learned to shoot a rifle to hunt down wild boars, he later said, “ Learning to shoot a gun was quite exhilarating, I have never shot a wild boar before or a gun in general, so it was a great life experience for sure.” Colin reassured he would love to go back to Gutshot again someday and recommends Gutshot a great place to travel to for a great adventure.

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