Mawrginalia, May/June 2015

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The team celebrates their championship victory.

Still, Brocato notes, “I honestly didn’t believe it was even possible to be undefeated – that’s such a crazy accomplishment.”

we’re so good at running the bases – we’re really focused when we’re on base.”

Emily Maranto ’15, another captain and a four-year member of the team, first realized how much potential the team had when they won against Annapolis Area Christian School, a team that had beaten them resoundingly in the previous season. “I thought, OK, maybe this could be something – but I didn’t want to get my hopes up too high,” Maranto remembers.

After a pep talk from Brown, who says he reminded the girls, “We’ve been beating everyone by double-digits this season,” the hits started coming, starting with Brocato. Then, Sydney Stephenson stepped up to the plate – and hit a home run. Sister Auburn Stephenson ’15, the third captain, was next at bat. “I was kind of like, ‘she can’t show me up’!” Auburn recalls, laughing. “I’m the older one, I’m the senior, I have to be the boss out here.”

As the season continued, however, it became clear that high hopes were definitely merited. The Mawrtians beat almost every opponent by double digits – until their second game against Chapelgate on April 29. Bryn Mawr fell behind early in the game, at one point trailing by three runs – a large margin given the low overall score of the game. But the team rallied, pulling out a thrilling 8-7 victory and gaining a great deal of confidence. “We had already dealt with that pressure with that team, so we knew that we could come back from it,” Brocato says.

She was as good as her word, sending the ball over the fence. As the Bryn Mawr fan section went crazy, the entire team flooded onto the field to welcome Auburn as she crossed home plate. With that, the entire tide of the game shifted. After three more innings that featured a strong pitching performance from Sydney as well as top-notch fielding from Auburn, Johnson, Maranto, senior Isis Cabassa and sophomore Maddy Unger, the Mawrtians claimed the B Conference championship title, completing a perfect season.

On May 9, Bryn Mawr faced Chapelgate again, this time in a fight for the B Conference title. After three innings, the score was 3-2, with Chapelgate on top. But the Bryn Mawr team wasn’t rattled. “We’d been in this position before. All we have to do is battle, that’s all Coach Brown has been telling us – just hit,” senior Quichey Johnson says. “If we get hits and we get on base, it’s over, because

Auburn attributes the win, and the incredible season, to more than just the team’s softball skills. “I think it was really just the team chemistry,” she says. “We had four seniors this year, and they were all great leaders in their own way. We just really bonded well as a team, and I think that’s what made us as good as we were.”



May/June 2015