Mawrginalia, May/June 2015

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Pitch Perfect The Bryn Mawr varsity softball team finishes the season 17-0, claiming the IAAM B Conference title.

It was the beginning of May, and Bryn Mawr Varsity Softball Head Coach James Brown was in a place that, in more than 18 years of coaching, he had never been before. His team had finished the regular season a perfect 14-0 – a mark that no Bryn Mawr softball team had ever achieved. Now, they headed into the tournament as the favorites. However, they were almost sure to face Chapelgate Christian Academy, the only team that had very nearly beaten them. Could the Mawrtians hold on to their perfect season? The seeds of this remarkable season were planted long before the team’s first practice in March. “In the winter, I knew we were going to have at least three pitchers and two catchers, and that set the tone right there,” Brown says. “The workout program for the off-season was great.

And then in tryouts, it just all started coming together.” The team also welcomed Tatiana Motevalli-Oliner ’10 as an assistant coach; Motevalli-Oliner had been a member of the last championship team in 2010. Junior Robin Brocato, one of the team captains, says that she first started getting excited for the season’s possibilities when she found out that freshman standout pitcher Sydney Stephenson would be joining the team. In addition, there were several other talented players on the team, both new and returning. “We have the whole equation – we have a great pitcher, and we were able to fill out our whole field this year, which is very hard for a lot of teams to do,” Brocato says. “Also, we were able to hit all the way through the line up, which was a huge deal.”

May/June 2015