Mawrginalia, May/June 2015

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The Varsity Golf team finished in third place in the A Conference with a 2-2 record. The golfers faced tough competition, but it didn’t stop them from focusing on performing to their best ability at every practice and match. Each girl on the golf team was motivated and hard-working, and they all contributed a low score at championships. Head Coach Jamie Watson said, “I am so proud of the way they competed under incredible pressure, and more importantly, I am proud of the way they represented Bryn Mawr.”


The JV Badminton team showed incredible improvement throughout their season – one of many season highlights. Coach Matilde Taborda-Almaguer said the girls always came to practice with a positive attitude and a desire to be better. “When looking at the larger picture, there’s always a series of smaller goals that are designed to get us to where we eventually want to be,” TabordaAlmaguer said. “This year we accomplished just that.”



May/June 2015

The Varsity team was full of energy and support for one another. A favorite moment of the season took place during the match against Friends School. In the third and final game, players from both schools gathered in support of their teammates. The cheers from Bryn Mawr helped secure the team’s win in a close match and showed the real character of this team.