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BRYN MAWR SENIOR AWARDED JEFFERSON SCHOLARSHIP In May, Bryn Mawr senior Alexa Corse was named as one of the 2015 recipients of the Jefferson Scholarship at the University of Virginia. A prestigious award based solely on merit, the Jefferson covers the entire cost of attendance for four years at the University of Virginia plus supplemental enrichment experiences. It is awarded to only a handful of students each year. Corse decided to apply for the Jefferson Scholarship with the goal of studying journalism, a passion that she developed at Bryn Mawr. “It really encourages each individual student to follow what they’re passionate about, and it also gives you a really awesome base of support and advising,” Corse says about the Jefferson program. After a lengthy college process, Corse narrowed her choices down to two schools: UVA and Stanford

University. She felt confident that she would be able to delve deeply into her interest in national security journalism at either school. After going through the extensive interview process for the Jefferson, which culminated with a selection weekend in Charlottesville, Corse learned that she had been named a recipient. “It was a huge honor,” she says. Ultimately, however, Corse chose to go to Stanford because of an experience she had on her second visit to the school. “I met up with Alexa Philippou [’14], and she invited me to lunch with her pre-major advisor,” Corse says. “It happens that that advisor is an expert in journalism and national security, which are my interests.” That experience made her confident that Stanford was the right fit. “I knew I would have teachers who were always encouraging me and pushing me to do more, like I have at Bryn Mawr.”

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ALEXA CORSE Stanford University Prospective Major: Journalism Hear Alexa’s story >

In total, 11 members of the Class of 2015 will be playing sports at their chosen schools. They are: Maddie Stuzin, lacrosse, Columbia University; Hadley Brown, lacrosse, Vanderbilt University; Alex Argo, lacrosse, Princeton University; Julie Blaze, lacrosse, Vanderbilt University; Julia Feiss, lacrosse, University of Denver; Quichey Johnson, field hockey, Goucher College; Maya Lamson, track, Cornell College; Sabrina Illiano, track, New York University; Sarah Herman, crew, University of Wisconsin – Madison; Carly Rizzuto, squash, Dartmouth College; and Catherine Pollack, swimming, Middlebury College.

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Mawrginalia, May/June 2015  

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Mawrginalia, May/June 2015  

The online news magazine of The Bryn Mawr School.