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Issue 5/ Jan—Aug 2016


What’s inside... FOREWORD CONSUMER



FOREWORD TEAM— Together, Everyone, Achieves, More Today as I was thinking about writing this piece on one of our core values “We win only as a TEAM”, a song from my school days popped into my head that I just could not shake. It goes like this No man is an island, No man stands alone Each man’s joy is joy to me Each man’s grief is my own We need one another So I will defend Each man as my brother It reminded me of the numerous team activities whether it was the March Past on Sports day, Netball games, music festival for our school, Calypso competition in class or your House vying for first place in academics. The success was always the result of an entire team and not just one individual. I decided to google TEAM and see what the internet had to offer. One definition was - A team is defined as two or more people working together, a group of people with a full set of complementary skills required to complete a task, job or project.

“We are stronger, happier and more committed to our cause, when we band together as united team.”

Team members (1) operate with a high degree of interdependence, (2) share authority and responsibility for self-management, (3) are accountable for the collective performance, and (4) work toward a common goal and shared reward(s). A team becomes more than just a collection of people when a strong sense of mutual commitment creates synergy, thus generating performance greater than the sum of the performance of its individual members. We see countless examples of specific teams here at work bringing their talent, energy, skill and knowledge to achieve sales, reach targets and complete projects on time. We have teams for F&G, Genethics, Professional and Personal Care, Pharma, HES and Finance, for example. Even teams within those teams, all necessary and critical to the final contribution of what we offer as one of the most passionate distributors in the country. We see the competitive sides of the teams in the Curry Duck Cookout, Warehouse Football and Cricket Matches and Hit Squad’s All Fours Competition. We love the creative ideas that are displayed by teams at Product launches like the Golden Cereals Hunger Games, the captivating Protox Campaign and our very own Inside de Pi magazine. What about the team work required in the installation of hospital equipment, organizing a medical workshop or Focus Group, getting an emergency vaccine delivery done, running a massive in-store promotion, coordinating orientation for new employees, paying salaries on time or completing a critical tender? Sometimes though I wonder with all these specialized teams given their varied but important responsibilities, do we sometimes operate in silos? Do we sometimes lose sight of BPI’s collective purpose of “Happy people enhancing lives together with a spirit to serve and exceed expectations?”


Let us ensure that TEAM BPI is the priority! When we think TEAM let’s consider it means: T- Train, teach and thank each other E-Educate, encourage and enlighten one another A-Articulate, Advise and Assist all the time M-Motivate, Mobilize and Mentor meaningfully With somewhat challenging times facing us, we are stronger, happier and more committed to our cause when we band as a united TEAM and move forward with faith, into the future.

Director—Hospital Equipment & Supplies





ALL THINGS BABY EXPO HUGGIES, ENFAGROW AND NUTRIBOM PARTICIPATES IN 1ST EXPO OF ITS KIND IN THE SAPA. On April 9th 2016, Mommy Mode hosted its first event called “All things Baby” at the Southern Academy for the Performing Arts (SAPA). It was only fitting that our top baby brands of Huggies, Enfagrow and Nutribom participated. This event had over 2000 attendees all wanting knowledge on baby care and product knowledge. The All Things Baby and Kids Expo will take to Port of Spain 22nd and 23rd of October 2016. Our brands will once again participate in this mutually beneficial venture.



Sangeeta & Nikita! Tiffany Staycation Competition! Tiffany Chocolates launched its new campaign in July 2016! To encourage staff involvement a Staycation Competition was launched by Food & Grocery Division. This promotions was lead by the Brand Manager Erin Julien and the Promotions Coordinator Maria Cabrera. All members of Bryden pi had to submit their most creative display of a work “Staycation”. Staff submitted their vote via ballot (one vote per staff member). After 2 weeks, voting closed on July 21st. The entries were counted and Sangeeta Sanasie and Nikita Mohammend came out on top with the most votes! On July 21st employees also took part in the Staycation Competition. Our “Happy People” were invited to dress and pack for the quick vacation. Boarding passes, clothing, swimwear and of course Tiffany Break Chocolates were packed. Congratulations to the winner Rebekah Adimoolah! We must say Bryden pi has the most creative employees! Looking forward to the next launch!


Rebekah Adimoolah collects her prize from Erin Julien—Brand Manager.



ALL THINGS HEALTHY HAIR! Your personal product guide


Are you always confused when shopping for your shampoo and conditioners? Here are some quick tips as to choosing the right shampoo for you. Build your own haircare routine and discover the healthy hair you have been waiting for! With so many options in the shampoo lane the first step is to figure out what suits your hair. WHAT’S YOUR HAIR TYPE? Is your hair texture curly or straight? Does it frizz or fall flat? Do you color it? Or is it treated with relaxers? “Different shampoos have different features and benefits, so in order to maintain the most vitality and luster, it’s important to match what your hair needs to the features and benefits that are right for you” says Nick Arrojo, owner and founder of ARROJO NYC and author of Great Hair: Secrets to Looking Fabulous and Feeling Beautiful Every Day Dry Hair –Look for shampoos with intensive moisture replenishment. Arrojo suggests scanning the ingredients for natural oils, which are absorbed by hair. Coconut oil is one of the best emollients in hair care –he says. Others are avocado oil, grapeseed oil and argon oil.

Frizzy Hair –Having frizzy hair is not a lot of fun. With today’s sleek styles, nothing puts a crimp in your look faster than frizzy hair. Need to look for a shampoo that contains natural oils and that will restore moisture to your hair.

Color-treated hair –Use products that are specially formulated for color-treated. Coloring your hair makes your hair more porous which in turn makes it absorb and release moisture more easily. Through this process color particles are released and color fades as well.

Chemically Treated Hair – Relaxers or Keratin treatments: -These treatments will weaken your hair and you will need a shampoo & conditioner that is sulphate free. Sulphates are detergents that strip your hair of natural oils and make your hair dry and break. Some of our brands we carry that are sulphate free are L’Oréal Ever and Dark & Lovely Au Naturale.

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LOOKING FINE! Image Management Session On February 18th 2016, the HR Department together with the Personal Care department hosted an Image Management session for all interested female employees. Michael Doonie kicked off the session with skin care using the Himalaya line of products. He shared with the group the importance of the 4 step regime, cleanse, tone, facial mask and moisturize for healthy skin. Janet Warren, shared her makeup tips to the group of 45 eager attendees. With Judy Pirmal and Keisha Seepersad her make-up artists for the session, the trio demonstrated an everyday work look that can be achieved using L'orĂŠal and Maybelline products. When the session was completed, attendees were given shade cards with a smorgasbord of products they can use to enhance their everyday image.

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PROTOX PROTECTION Protox Insecticide Advertising Campaign Launch

PROTECT YOUR FAMILY! It was an afternoon once again filled with activity, when Protox launched its new marketing campaign “Protect what matters most”. The evening of activity started with a viewing of the 30 second television commercial. This was followed by “Soul Man” who gave a live rendition of the “I’ll be there” original Protox song. Then the games began! The afternoon at the S Chair was full of excitement and laughter as each team portrayed their version of “Protox Protection”. Four teams gave their version, three by skit and one by video. Bryden pi truly has talented mascots, actors, and dramatists! The Food & Grocery Business Unit would like to thank everyone for their participation . Looking forward to the next product launch! Happy People working together!



Buh wait? This line is for me?

We going to start this thing or what?

I wonder if the bank will have US dollars tomorrow?

Yes partner we did it. WO later

All yuh save meh! I think I break sumtin again! Lets talk about margins!






BLOOD DONATION DRIVE The most recent blood donation drive was held at Bpi’s Macoya office on Thursday 28th April 2016. The event was considered successful with 14 of the 21 persons who attempted to donate going through with the final extraction of 1 pint of blood from each donor. We got the pictures to prove it.

Motivation & Information To new and returning donors The many benefits to donating blood Reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and ageing by regulating the iron levels in the body. Burn calories- One blood donation helps you shed approximately 650 calories, but, donations are recommended at most once every 3 months. A free slightly chilled beverage following the donation and maybe a hug if needed. Help ensure blood is on the shelf when needed – most of us may either know someone who may require or even need for ourselves. You get to be someone's hero. A free basic checkup. Sources of iron in food The two forms of iron found in foods are Heme and Nonheme. Heme: Animal sources e.g. red meats, fish and poultry. Nonheme: Plant sources e.g. green leafy vegetables, lentils and beans.

Additional Iron Supplements Bpi has products which you can purchase to enhance your iron content. These include: SSS Tonic- Small (10 oz bottle) @ $59.19, Large (20 oz bottle) @ $81.59 SSS Tablets- 20 tablets @ $44.79, 40 tablets @ 67.19 Boost- Prices starting @ $12.08/ unit, $144.96/ case (12 x 12 oz) All prices VAT Exclusive Please speak with our CSRs for further info and orders. It is always advised to liaise with your respective medical practitioner when taking additional supplements .







Bpi steps out in style! 24

WALKING IN STYLE We got a new way to walk…. In keeping with Bryden Pi 's modern, youthful and vibrant company image, we have worked together with local stylists Janouras to present a uniform concept that will reflect the culture and professionalism of our Brand The ladies suit jacket is a cropped modern cut that has an inseam collar with slanted yoked shoulders with the option of long and ¾ sleeves. The ¾ sleeve jacket features a cuff detail which gives it a stylish edge. The jacket complements the colour block top and dress which is a huge

trend that continues to dominate the fashion world. Vibrant colours highlight the top and dress and both pieces can either be worn on its own or with the jacket. The colour block in the uniform style relates well with the new office decor and will give clients a great first impression when they visit the office.

Bryden Pi men have not been left out and are outfitted in Janouras' newest cuts - Corporate Slim fit Men's Shirt and Corporate Slim Fit Men's Flat Front or Pleated Pants. If the popular adage "Clothes maketh the man" then the Bpi family is definitely set to break all boundaries


Corporate Social Responsibility Kids In Need of Direction (KIND)

The first Corporate Social Responsibility project for 2016 started with the KIND project in January

KIND has a special project called "Sponsor a Child to Learn". For as little as $50.00 employees sponsored a child to learn for the year, with their contribution they ensured that the child has text books, uniforms and tutors at their disposal At the end of March $5050.00 in donations were collected and donated to KIND!


SIGNING OF LEASE We are here to stay! The Genethics business was acquired in September 2014 and after two years of searching for a viable new home, we've finally found it! In May 2106, after months of negotiating and contract-drafting, Norman finally signed off on a lease agreement and received the keys for BGL's new home in El Socorro South. Though, it's just an empty warehouse shell, plans have been drawn up to construct a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that we can be proud of. Construction is estimated to start in June and we hope to re-start production from the second week of November (fingers crossed).

Above photo— Mr. Norman Tang (Managing Director of BGL) shares a light moment after officially signing the lease agreement with Mrs. Jacqueline Elias-Hadeed (our new Landlady)."



Every day we encounter moments of truth. It is that moment when a person interacts with us and forms a lasting impression of our character and of our company. It is also that point when our actions can solve a problem or incite a confrontation. The way we handle customer complaints and problems can have a positive or negative impact on our customer relationships. Moments of truth do not apply only to our customers; it also applies to our coworkers. Do we make time to assist our fellow colleagues’ when they need help? As consumers, we all expect to be treated kindly and to have our needs met. Whether we eat at a fancy restaurant or purchase doubles at the stand, we expect good food and polite service at a reasonable price. The reality is that our customers, like us, have a choice. They can choose to do business with us or they can choose a competitor. The deciding factor is the quality of service they receive. Providing a customer with a great experience depends on all of us. It is about ensuring we met our customers’ needs, even when that means going the extra mile. Our mission at Bryden pi is to create exceptional customer experiences. We need to ask ourselves every day:

“What is our moment of truth?”


RENATA SINGH Head Office When did you start working at Bpi and what has your experience ben thus far? “11th January 2016. My experience has been great thus far. Everyone is warm, friendly and helpful . “

What do you plan to achieve in the next 5-10 years? “Growing the BSN business for HES throughout the Caribbean and building my career path as the regional manager for the brand

RAMESH Boodram What is the biggest challenge you face performing your duties or in life generally? “Finding that balance between work and personal life. It’s challenging but possible. ” What do you believe are the ingredients for a successful life and career? “Loving what you do and just finding that work life balance. To quote Confucius, the Chinese Sage, “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life “

Warehouse Supervisor –402 When did you start working at Bpi and what has your experience ben thus far? “ Started on Jan 21st 2008, as warehouse attendant, then forklift driver then warehouse assistant then Warehouse supervisor and presently Warehouse Senior Supervisor “ What do you plan to achieve in the next 5-10 years?

What do you enjoy doing for fun?

“To further my skills in management and being able to successfully start a business of my own someday “

“Trying new things, meeting new people, seeing new places, cooking and new experiences“

What is the biggest challenge you face performing your duties or in life generally? “My biggest challenge is being faced with different personalities, because something new comes along daily and dealing with each situation is unique “ What do you believe are the ingredients for a successful life and career? “Good knowledge of the job, understanding the people and patience “ What do you enjoy doing for fun? “Hiking and going over the speed limit





WINNING as a team!


HES TOGETHER WE WIN... At present when we have been faced with adversity at the Regional Health Authorities. I write to share with you the silver lining. In August 2015, we were invited to participate in one of the ERHA's tenders. The tender requested 2 operating tables. For most of us, myself included, we could not fully appreciate at the time the extent of technology that was involved in this type of equipment. Nevertheless, we embraced the opportunity, equipped ourselves with the information and submitted a bid. Fast track to December 2016, we were pleasantly advised of the successful awards of these items. As part of our proposal, we indicated that an authorized member from Eschmann will be available on site for the commissioning. After several emails back and forth,, due to unforeseen circumstances, Eschmann was not able to visit the market. At that point our Biomed team and our orthopedic guys pulled together and rose to the challenge.

Any company can have superb equipment, not every company has the human resources to deliver beyond.

Bpi Brands

In the days leading up to the delivery and commissioning, there were several support teams that became involved. Jackie made herself available to conduct the site visit and mobilized her team, together with Warehouse to facilitate a safe delivery of the equipment. Our Biomed team liaised with the ERHA's Biomed team and Operating theatre's staff to coordinate the date of delivery. As a result of the supplier, Eschmann not being available, our guys were able to assemble and demonstrate to the staff the functionality of these tables. Happily to say, the tables have been commissioned and will be used later this week in the operating theatre. The inclusion of these tables are of great significance for Bryden pi, as this was an area that was dominated by AA Laquis. With these inroads being made, the potential for new business at the other RHAs and throughout the Caribbean is real. We have made now available superb technology in the operating theatre. This success did not happen overnight. It started in August 2015, the strategy involved several key points, from the submission of the bid, to the awareness created, to the delivery and commissioning. I am particularly proud to be a part of a team, despite the bump in the road of Eschmann's unavailability to commission the equipment, we accepted the challenge to step in and forged ahead. What stands out in this project is not the equipment, but more so the people who were involved. Any company can have superb equipment, not every company has the human resources to deliver beyond

This is not only a success story for HES, but for Bpi. Congrats to everyone who contributed to this success!




ALL FOURS COMPETITION On behalf of the H.I.T Squad we would like to sincerely thank everyone for their support on our very successful 'ALL FOURS competition. The day was filled with lots of 'picong', superstitious rituals, drinks/eats and good old fashion liming.


We want to also congratulate our Winners - Barry Tangwell & Mark Ali as well as the runner up - Paul Hinds & Rabindrath Deonarine

Looking forward to participation at the next event.




CURRY DUCK COMPETITON On January 29 2016, the H.I.T. Squad hosted its first big event: the C.C.C. - Carnival, Cooler Curry Cook off at the Genethics Compound. Six teams were represented, HES - D’Wotless Crew, merchandising team north, merchandising team central, Finance - Duck Addiction, Logistics and of course, Genethics - BGL Ducktors. The teams were judged on the criteria of taste, presentation and performance of an original verse based on a Soca tune from an artiste picked days before to represent the team’s image. Judging the event were Simone Coelho, Brendan Smith and Avinash Singh. This writer must say they were thoroughly impressed by taste and the overall performance of the teams creativity. The results were close, but in the end, there could only be one winner! Congratulations to the 2016 Cook off Champions, "Duck Addiction", - from the Finance Department. Bragging rights go to them until 2017...let's see if they can keep their title!






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