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GROWTH, SUSTAINABILITY, SUCCESS The theme of this edition’s newsletter is nothing short of thought-provoking, even paradoxical, considering the daily headlines being bandied about in our newspapers or if you simply engage in conversation amongst colleagues, friends and family. These are indeed very challenging and ambiguous times we currently face, both as a country and as a business, since there is a direct and symbiotic relationship between the two. The flagrant truth is that most, if not all, of the economic factors that drive our economy are headed in the wrong direction. Having said that, we all know in our hearts that “God is a Trini” (or so we like to convince ourselves) and I guess we will only see the true reality, now that Carnival has come and gone, since it would be foolhardy to judge whether there is a recession or not based on how the spending goes around that time …… Fetes full to the brim, drinks flowing (only Johnny and Hennessey at that) and like all chaos, a recession offers a strategic shake-up. A way to analyse our existing business costs, analyse the results, and revamp accordingly. But often, a recession is little more than a perception. We can make conscious choices to not act out of scarcity, but rather out of efficiency. If we can shift our perception from one of scarcity to one of abundance, we'll be virtually unshakeable throughout these tough times. Here are a few thoughts on how we can refocus our energies and chart a course for sustainability, success and possibly even growth:

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” -Charles Darwin

Get clear on our core business priorities A recession has a wonderful cobweb-clearing effect on a business' priorities. Both as a company and as individuals, we need to continually ask ourselves, "What are our business priorities?" We need to get a clear handle on these and hold on tightly. In the midst of a recession, there are also many anchors. Recessions often introduce a panicked mode of thinking, leading business leaders to make decisions that they later regret. Instead of making wild moves in the drama of the moment, we must take stock of the most important operations of our business. Furthermore, the counterpart of knowing what our priorities are, is knowing what our priorities are not. That negative knowledge could be our saviour in a recession. It can help us pare away at the segments or business activities that matter the least. Unleash the Passion One of the biggest dangers during a recession is not that we might lose money or that our business might shrink or disappear. No. One of the biggest dangers during a recession is that people get scared. They freeze up, go into scarcity mode and try to hibernate through the financial winter. This is the wrong approach. The right approach is to passionately, relentlessly, and unstoppably engage in business strengthening activities. That's why it is imperative that we all strive to maintain the passion in our colleagues and ourselves. We can have the most experienced salespeople on the planet, but if they lose their motivation and slow down, everyone gets dragged down with them. Passion can go a long way in recession-proofing our business. In other words, we each need to become people who are impervious to discouragement and who can keep our business attitude in high gear even when the economy is in a low condition. This ties back into the very fibre of our core values and will surely be put to the test.


Minimize the cost of failure Failure resides in any entrepreneur's closest circle of friends. During a recession, we will probably face a series of mini-failures. We must be disciplined enough to view these failures for what they are - learning experiences. But we must be careful of the kind of failures we accept. A recession is not the time for huge, risk-it-all failures that could crush us. A recession is the time for modest, iterative failures that gradually push us onward. We must continue to accept failure as part of the game, learn from it and seek to minimize its impact on our business. Selectively Invest During a recession, there are still people ‌.. they are still buying and they are still open to our marketing prowess. Marketing is usually one of the first budgets to get slashed during a recession, but this can sometimes be a mistake since marketing has a relatively high ROI. Its importance is central to the success of our business and if we want our business to survive, we need not only maintain our current customer base, but to also bring more customers in, especially where our competitors may be cutting back. Strategic and careful business expenditures will grow our business in spite of a recession. Successful companies do not abandon their marketing strategies in a recession; they adapt them. Obviously a recession means hard times for a lot of people. But for persons like us at Bpi who are passionate about building a longterm business, a little savvy can go a long way toward navigating around economic straits, which will not last forever. It will be a time when we will all be required to work even smarter and to trust in our leadership ability to skilfully balance between speed and adaptability with consistency and resolve. Collectively, we must all believe in our hearts that it is possible not merely to survive a recession, but to absolutely thrive in one.

Business Development Director





The Hunger Games Golden Foods Product Launch Ready! Set! Go!

It was an afternoon filled with activity, when the “Hunger Games” was held at Bpi Macoya office. Teams were put to the test, with some familiar childhood and endurance games to assess fitness levels, (or the lack thereof). These activities were done to launch Golden Foods cereals™ which consists of 3 categories; Family, Fitness and Kids. The Macoya office was the first to experience the Hunger Games . Up next was Genethics followed by 402 and 401 warehouses. Although some people were bruised from the grueling (but seemingly simple fitness games), hip bones dislocated, due to intense Hula Hoopery and jaws locked, due to intense chewing from the eating race, everyone from the various Districts survived to see another day. Breakfast was also courtesy Golden Foods at each location, so staff could sample first hand the newest line of products, from Bpi to hit the market. Golden Foods Cereal, is a premium quality breakfast or snack option without a premium price, it is produced by Cereales y Pastas S.A de C.V (CEPSA) and is found in more than 17 International countries including the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, St. Kitts, and St. Lucia with the latest addition being Trinidad & Tobago. The Food & Grocery Business Unit would like to thank everyone for their participation . Looking forward to the next product launch! Together we win as a team!






Genethics Who are we and what are we up to?

Bpi Genethics Limited (BGL) is a fully owned subsidiary of Bryden pi ltd. We manufacture products that are sold to 12 markets across the Caribbean. BGL has in the past, sold to markets as far as Dubai and are currently in negotiations with one of the largest pharmacies there to begin supplies of our products. We are constantly working towards expanding the Genethics brand into new markets and have several new markets lined up for 2016. One of our greatest accomplishments for 2015 was getting our flagship brand, Salve, into the Curacao market.

Bpi Brands What have we done.. . And what are we going to do...

The Protox™ brand, which is owned by Bryden pi, has made great strides since we acquired it in 2011. One of our greatest accomplishments is doubling our market share in the four years since acquisition in a very competitive insecticide category. Protox™ is now ranked number 4 in terms of gross profit for Bryden pi amongst all the other supplier classes. Protox™ has made great advancements in terms of our formulation and can boast of higher efficacy in comparison to competing brands which is supported by independent laboratory tests. We are constantly looking to see how we can improve our product offering by working with international partners to ensure that we remain a step ahead of our competitors. You can expect to see some additions to the Protox™ range soon as we are diligently working on several new products to add to the portfolio. Remember to stock up on Protox™ to ensure you and your family are protected against the Zika virus.







CUSTOMER SERVICE IMPROVEMENT INITIATVE Two years ago, Bpi’s Executive Team recognized the need to build a sustainable business. The team took the decision to hire a Management Consultant to survey our major customers to determine what our customers expect from us, so that we can improve our service delivery. The results from our customers found that they value reliability & responsiveness. Factors such as politeness & relationships were seen as elements that must exist to do business. Emerging out of the results of the customer survey, each division created a strategy to improve its delivery to its customers. Projects that will enhance service delivery were selected & areas for improvements identified. The goal is to maximize our resources & deliver exceptional service! Throughout the year, you will be informed & may even be a part of the implementation of these projects. Let’s get involved and help Bpi achieve its objectives! After all “We win only as a team!”



“The road to success is always under construction” - Lily Tomlin


Development of a centralized customer service unit

Re-structuring of the Consumer CSR unit Creation of a standardized pricing matrix Development of CSR Scripts Training in Total Customer Service Management Training in Product Knowledge

Completed In progress Completed Completed On-going

Implementation of a New Product Development/ Introduction Plan

Creation of a Product Development Toolkit Implementation of plan

In progress In progress

Development of a Biomedical Service Plan and Management System

Software acquired (FaciliWorks) to record & manage the equipment maintenance programme Training in the use of the software


Development of a Supply Chain Management System

SKU Code conversion to numeric only Barcode generation Introduction of handhelds Establishment of Customer Improvement Meetings Warehouse Resource Planning Uploading of VAI picture catalogue

In progress In progress In progress On-going In progress In-progress

Development of a Supplier Selection & Evaluation Program

Development of Supplier Evaluation Assessment Creation of a Supplier Pre-Selection Criteria Establishment of Supplier lead times

Completed In progress In progress

In progress

These as well as other projects will be implemented during 2016. Support your division in attaining its strategic objectives


WAREHOUSE CELEBRATING OUR SUCCESS Despite the fact that all departments are integral to the business, we at the warehousing operation like to think of ourselves as the ‘engine’ of the organization! We pride ourselves on our hard work, our successful cross departmental relationships and our willingness to find solutions in times of adversity. Over the past year there have been many causes to celebrate success and also to spend time supporting colleagues. We are also into team sports and enjoy a good game of cricket and football. Our Team Supreme from the 401 warehouse were in the finals of the Inter Department Cricket Championships, where we had hoped to claim the winner’s trophy! Regular river limes and cookouts are held year round allowing both warehousing teams to interact with each other and thus creates deeper bonds. The team at 402 team, took the opportunity at the Christmas cookout, to present our Warehouse Manager, Ronald Ward, with a trophy in appreciation of his leadership and most importantly his friendship and mentoring. We team also came together to support our Hindu and Christian colleagues by bringing a dish to facilitate Divali and Christmas luncheons. Our aim is to continue to deliver a high quality service which will yield successes for both our teams and the wider organization. Here’s to celebrating many successes in 2016!


HSE SAFETY THE #1 PRIORITY Let's take the time to remember our roles as responsible citizens of T&T.

Above 35µg/ 100ml persons are expected to display: impaired driving skills such as vision, steering, lane changing and reaction time, along with balance, speech, and hearing. Feelings of Euphoria are displayed in some. Self-control and caution are reduced. Riskier behaviours are displayed by some. Judgment, reasoning and memory suffer. As a result persons are likely to believe they are functioning better than they really are.

Established under the road traffic laws of T&T the legal breath alcohol limit is 35 micrograms (µg)/ 100 mill litters (ml) of breath.

Convictions in T&T once found over the legal limit:

Options available to avoid convictions:

1st conviction: up to $12,000.00 or 3 years imprisonment.

Don't consume alcohol once you are driving, but if you are

Above 35µg/ 100ml persons are expected to display: impaired driving skills as a result of impaired vision, steering, lane changing and reaction time, along with balance, speech and hearing. Feelings of Euphoria are displayed by some, self control and caution are reduced and riskier behaviours are displayed by some. Judgement, reasoning and memory suffer resulting in persons believing they are functioning better than they really are.

2nd conviction- up to $22,500.00 or 5 years imprisonment and a driving suspension for 3 years.

Designate a driver, hire a taxi or shuttle service.

3rd conviction- license revocation, fees not specified. NB: Refusal to have the breathalyzer administered to you is also a chargeable offence

Overnight with trusted friends and family or at a nearby hotel; and/ or Manage alcohol.




Managing your alcohol consumption: There are applications available on smart phones and online calculators which simply require specific information imputed, these include: sex, age, weight, quantity consumed, alcohol percentage and time frame consumed in. However, there is a margin of error using such calculations as they cannot compensate for an individual's metabolism, body fat percentage, medication, etc. which would affect the body's rate of absorption.






In December 2015, the HIT Squad was formed at BPI. This came about as a number of individuals expressed an interest in having more opportunities across Bpi to interact, socialize and have fun together. This initiative was spearheaded by Anthony Ward, Jason James and Navin Resal and after further consideration, it was

determined that every department be represented on this committee,

to facilitate creativity and participation across the Company. Eventually, the acronym of H.I.T. Squad was agreed on as the name for this team, which stands for Happiness, Innovation and Togetherness, and which the committee members felt embodied the purpose of the team This HIT Squad is intent on being self-sustaining, and as such, will be communicating a variety of fund raising activities on a monthly basis, along with quarterly events

The HIT Squad would like to sincerely thank all those that supported its first event - a raffle. We congratulate the winners who were announced at the End Of Year get together and Long Service Awards on December 23, 2015. Stay tuned! 20

LONG SERVICE AWARDS On December 23, 2015, we came together to celebrate our employees with tenure of 10, 15 , 20 and 30 years. They were honoured for their unrelenting service and contribution to Bryden pi. We are grateful to these stalwarts and all their hard work, courage and perseverance through the good, and not so good times.


DIVALI Celebration of the festival of lights


PHILLIP RUBAIN Forklift Driver –402 When did you start working at Bpi and what has your experience been thus far? “I originally started working here in 2006, before the system was computerized. I left and returned in 2011 and met a new system called WMS. This system made the work for warehouse and forklift drivers like myself, much easier. We at 402 also have a strong team that makes working here a delightful place to work.”

What do you plan to achieve in the next 5-10 years? “I love my current position, because I like doing manual work, but I also would like to explore other areas in my field such as Supervising, because I see myself as a teacher, but it’s hard to teach when I’m on the same level as my co-workers.”

What is the biggest challenge you face performing your duties or in life generally? “I’ll. have to say patience, because when working or just heading out, I’m a person that likes to get my job done as fast and efficient as possible, . and when going out I hate being late.” . . What do you believe are the ingredients for a successful life and career? “Not being afraid of failure, being patient and trustworthy.”

What do you enjoy doing for fun? “Relaxing with friends and family and just enjoying life.”


SHARMILLA SINGH Accounting Assistant—Payables When did you start working at Bpi and what has your experience ben thus far? “I started working at Bryden pi in July 2013; I’ve been here about 3 years. ‘Smiles...’ It’s a lot having been given the opportunity to work here in an accounting field, while having no prior accounting experience. It has been truly a blessing. The people at Bryden pi are amazing to work with and my experience gained here will help me a lot in my career. “ What do you plan to achieve in the next 5-10 years? “To accomplish my ACCA qualification, begin my masters in ACCA whilst utilizing my knowledge in the working environment. Also I always wanted to travel the world.” What is the biggest challenge you face performing your duties or in life generally? “Don’t have any challenges at work. When you perform at your fullest potential and you persevere, you are able to surpass any obstacles in life and in the working environment.” What do you believe are the ingredients for a successful life and career? “I love this question…laughs…hmmm having faith in God, perseverance, embracing failures as learning experience and truly believing in yourself ultimately you will achieve the best. “ What do you enjoy doing for fun? “I enjoy going to the movies and playing with my six dogs and two cats. “

KERRON FERRIS Warehouse Administrator –401 When did you start working at Bpi and what has your experience ben thus far? “From 2009-2010 I worked as a warehouse attendant, when WMS went live I re- trained as an Operations Analyst and stayed in this post until 2014. From 2014 to present I’m currently working as a Warehouse Administrator. My experience at Bryden Pi so far has been interesting, as you get to experience different fields. This allowed me to use my skills to assist others, where needed. “ What do you plan to achieve in the next 5-10 years? “Building a home for the family. “ What is the biggest challenge you face performing your duties or in life generally? “Communication at times with people! You must have patience, understanding and a good inner self discipline. “ What do you believe are the ingredients for a successful life and career? “Love what you do, be honest and show respect to others, think positive and pray. “ What do you enjoy doing for fun? “I like going to the beach, watching movies and doing road trips with the family.”






PHARMA DAY! What we are up to…. Despite the current economic uncertainty in Trinidad and Tobago surrounding oil prices, new political arenas that have come with tax and vat increases and the overflow of a global recession, The pharmaceutical division at Bryden pi lunges into 2016 with lots to look forward to. The year took off with Bryden pi’s first ever full, internal exposition of Bpi OTC Ranges. Held by the pharmaceutical division, the event was designed to re-introduce our entire Bpi team to our diverse OTC ranges. We also used the opportunity to formally launch our newly acquired Sanofi Chattem line, and recently introduced Himalaya Pure Herbs. We hope to maintain the “Pharma Day” activity as at least an annual event, as an opportunity to continue updating our team on our valued brands, ensuring that we remain primary advocates for our brands. We intend to incorporate a review presentation celebrating our annual success in activities and trade presence, empowering our team through sharing success. With the expansion of OTC ranges we look forward to great opportunity in Marketing & Advertising both in the trade and above the line. Carnival season, though short this year was very eventful for Pharma, with some of the highlighted brands being Act mouthwash, Painol, Slave Sanitizer, VP inhalers, Koflet Lozenges and Party Smart.

“It was very motivating to see everyone excitedly engaging and learning about the brands we represent. It is also empowering for staff in other divisions to get to sample and see product ranges” Vitra Jitman Divisional Manager Pharmaceutical


As we continue delivering quality without compromise, our highly customer focused trade teams continue to grow in knowledge and integrated support through every level. Our CSR’s, Merchandisers, Sales team, Pharmacy and Medical representatives, Brand managers and Sales managers all embrace the assets we have in each other and work together to ensure optimal trade presence and customer relationships. We win only as a team.





A day in the life of our Orthopaedic guys... When you think of orthopaedics, some of the things that probably come to mind are broken limbs and special types of footwear. However the Bpi's portfolio goes beyond that to uncharted areas. Bpi's orthopaedic business has expanded tremendously over the years. With our regional footprint covering Barbados, St Lucia, St Kitts-Nevis, Guyana and Suriname, our orthopaedic team of Antonio Coelho , Ramon Lares and Jerome Ragoonath

our team’s knowledge and expertise has also influenced the availability of revolutionary equipment in the theatre.

Bpi Brands

has made significant inroads in orthopaedics working side by side with the orthopaedic surgeons one knee and one hip at a time. With the emphasis at present on Hip and Knee replacement surgery, on a monthly basis, patients can resume to their normal activities compare to the restrictions and immobility they had prior to surgery. Imagine a patient who couldn’t get out of bed easily or walk to their car, now being able to walk pain free. In addition to their superb skills in the operating theatre, our team’s knowledge and expertise has also influenced the availability of revolutionary equipment in the theatre. With the recent tender awards for Orthopaedic operating tables and orthopaedic drills, these guys continue to expand the orthopaedic business. It’s not only about broken limbs and footwear, it’s about a new “walk” of life.




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