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Issue 3 Jan - Aug. 2015

L’ Oréal Top Award

1 Year Older Bryden Pi cele

br es its birthday at Mat acoya office. Page 3


WHATS NEW? PURE HERBS Increase creativity, mental alertness and energy

Bpi ladies strut their stuff Emancipation Celebrations page5




Meet the team Chief Editor Salina Ali Managing Editor Jason James Layout & Design Sheena Constantine Executive Service Team Barry Tangwell Patrice Ravello- Wharton


$$$ Manage your cash flow

ersonal Financial Planning Month started on June 5th 2015, with an open day at the Macoya Head Office with various financial institutions coming in to present and do “one on one” sessions monthly to provide services to staff. with members of staff. The institutions provided on the spot advice,membership This initiative saw many staff members and special loan rates to those in attendance. take charge of their personal finances and by extension improve their future. With overwhelming response from staff Scotiabank,Guardian Life and TECU Credit Union have now partnered with Bpi to come

Director’s Letter

Accident Reporting

and Value


It’s our birthday


1Perseverance, Accountability, Structure 8 Why should you report + Legal 2 Bpi celebrates 1 year at Macoya

Norman’s 63rd birthday

Service at its best



Enhance your look - Hair colour Training Emancipation day celebrations

Whats New?

H.E.S Biomedical Team show off their work F&G’s lifeblood - Merchandisers show off their skills

Brazilian Smooth, Matte+Poreless & Pure Herbs

HR News

11 Benefits of physical activity, Cheat

4 New Ideas, New Thinking

Happiness - a way of life Cheque please -Recognition & Rewards

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5,6 Know your colleagues A Dedicated Vision

7 Who can out match our personal care team?


Health & Wellness Death

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Director’s Letter


gives me great pleasure to be able to write this today. It was indeed a fateful day in May 1995 when I received a call from Norman Tang to partner with him in business. There began an adventure which lasted decades. It has been a challenging but rewarding experience and I take pride when I see the strides that Bryden pi Limited has made.

ideas, a great vision and looked for opportunities. In 2003, we became Bryden pi Limited under the umbrella of the Brydens Group. This is when I opted to set up the Hospital Equipment & Supplies Division. I would say that the following contributed to our success: Perseverance – we never gave up. We made errors on the way, however they were not seen as failures but rather a learning experience which we used to our advantage. Accountability – All Salesmen knew their targets and they were driven by their need to achieve.

I was asked to give a brief history of my career and it is as follows: 1964 I joined Quesnel & Fernandez as Merchandiser where one of my greatest joys was building Green Giant displays 1966 I was promoted to Salesman 1968 Sales Manager at Holsum Bakery 1972 Director at Taurel 1976 Grell & Company (part of Neal & Massy Group) bought Taurel and it was renamed Grell Taurel. 1982 I was appointed the Managing Director 1991 Became the Managing Director at T Geddes Grant (T’dad) Limited 1995

Joined Norman Tang at pi Caribbean

At pi Caribbean, we focused on Pharmaceuticals and Nutritionals. Our aim was to gain the trust of the Suppliers which would help with growth. We had numerous

Flat Structure – There was no red tape and all persons were allowed to voice opinions, suggestions etc. New Ideas and New Thinking – We were not afraid to try new ideas and think outside the box It is heart-warming for me to see that the ideals and the culture we started with still exist and have been embodied in the Values, Mission and Vision of the Company. Our Value of “People Come First” is integral to the success of the team. I would encourage all of you to persevere and be the best you can be as we have excellent products and great opportunities.

our centr is itergra “people coaml evaf lue, team. l to the sucess irst” of the


Bryden pi celebrates one year anniversary. We have faced many challenges since our move to the Macoya Office but due to diligence and teamwork we were able to overcome them. Its been one year so far in our new building and we welcomed it with true Bryden pi spirit. Cake for all

Above - Managing Director Norman Tang happily serves cake for anniversary celebrations. Left - it seems Michael Bryden Kristen and Kimlan are all enjoying the heart warming speech being given.

Below - Lisa and Roanne sing happy birthday Norman

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NORMAN Our Managing Director Norman Tang celebrated his 63rd birthday on February23rd 2015. Roanne and Lisa Marie sang him an up-beat happy birthday song. “You are the man without whom the entire office would come to a stop, without whose guidance every agenda we would have to drop. Your presence inspires us to keep moving on no matter what. It is because of your mentorship that we have learnt a lot. We wish that you continue not just to be the best yourself, but to bring out the best in us too.�


Service at its best H.E.S- Happy, Exceptional Servicemen They are the unsung heroes of HES but, technically speaking

our department would be lost without them. They are our Technical Service team, our Biomedical EngineersJoseph Ayoung known to everyone as Gerry and Anderson Sookhai, affectionately called “stud” by the HES team. Gerry joined the pi family since 1997 and is a guru with the Lab analyzers and dialysis machines and always starts his service with a smile, a story or joke. Anderson, the master behind our radiology equipment and infusion pumps started five years ago and is passionate about delighting his customers with service. Together they ensure our 500 plus machines are in working order. In our thrust to improve our service to our customer base and make “Service” a financially viable entity. We are adding software, admin support and one more member, Roger Metivier to the TS team. So bring your broken machines because these guys can fix anything …….for a small fee of course! -Mary-Anne Julien

OUR SPARTAN WARRIORS!!!!! FOOD & GROCERY BUSINESS UNIT MERCHANDISING TRAINING We are always stating that our merchandisers are the backbone of this organization. They are our eyes on the trade and and with their diligent work performance our products leave the shelves of the supermarkets and make it into house hold brands. On Wednesday 21st Januray 2015, Food & Grocery Business Unit hosted a unique training session for its merchandising team. The training was structured to be interactive, practical and fun! The objective was to: • Develop practical merchandising skills • Team work. Promoting Bpi values “we win only as a team” • Dealing with and having solutions for the everyday sales / merchandising challenges “there is always a better way” • Promoting the best presentation

• •

of Bpi products on the trade Relationship with customers and team members Communication

This group of about 65 merchandisers were divided into teams for the entire session. Each group took part in the following • • • •

Papering and setting up of a gondola end - pop, pricing, product etc. Building floor displays Setting up of floor racks 2 skits were done - one with challenges at the stores and the other skit reflected problem solving.

The merchandisers had fun yet the message of flawless merchandising was received. -Sheena Constanine


Human Resources News New Ideas, New Thinking


e are well aware that at Bpi, new ideas are not just welcomed but encouraged. Further to this many of us have been to the ‘happiness’ training, entitled “New Thinking”. If you have not yet been exposed to it, don’t worry as the Company is working towards having all staff have an opportunity to attend.

This, along with the implementation of the Reward and Recognition Program aligned with our Values are just a few ways in which Bpi has started to really live its Core Values. We must be mindful though to always remember our purpose and our values as we grow so that we remain a close knit, family oriented company. As Grame Connell stated in our last issue “the larger companies grow, they tend to lose focus on the smaller aspects that are the foundation of the company”.

Recognition and Rewards Employee recognition can be given in many ways—through saying thank you, giving praise, providing opportunity, or showing respect. Many studies on the work place have shown that being recognized for achievements, knowing that one’s contributions matter to the organization, and the opportunity for growth and professional development have a considerable impact on employee satisfaction and commitment. At Bpi, we have embarked on our Recognition and Rewards Program.

Happiness Indicator Further to our Happiness Survey, Bpi has received an overall Employee Happiness Score of 64%. In addition almost 70% of our employee population see themselves working with Bryden pi three years from now while we still have room for improvment, this communicates that the majority of employees believe in the Company and understand that their jobs have real purpose. Bpi has a great team and we have all the right pieces of the puzzle and now it’s time to make them fit! We are aware that we have some work to do. The survey uncovered that the key areas which need to be addressed are: 1. More effective and open communication 2. Improved Manager to Employee relationships (specifically lack of trust and lack of feedback) 3. Creating a positive and motivating work environment (encouragement, incentive, appreciation) 4. Identifying promotional and growth opportunities for exceptional employees Management has committed to addressing each of these issues and have all employees actively involved in this process as we work together towards a successful future.


We have all received our very colourful chequebooks and many of us have been proudly displaying the cheques we have already received. Our program was designed with our Mantra and Values in mind to encourage all to show appreciation and gratitude to our co-workers. To quote Zig Ziglar “You never know when a moment and a few sincere words can have an impact on life.”

yeestoa o l p m e d founr our hopeosut e k s a We’vqeuestionshiem. Turndsid not few to know things we get e a few t hem. therw about t kno

IN D SPOTLIGHT POSITION: WAREHOUSE MANAGER Q: What is your favourite food? A: Local cuisine especially provision and saltfish Q: What do you enjoy doing for fun? A: Going to Tobago and relaxing. Q: What is your favourite aspect of your job? A: Everyday challenges that I face and seeing the dresults of achieving. it gives me energy when I see the smiles on my team’s faces when we have achieved our targets. Q: How has working at Bpi impacted your life?


A: Bpi has turned me from a boy into a man. I came to Bpi from AS Bryden as a supervisore into a managerial role. The decisions that have to be made on a daily basis have made me into a tougher person and opened my eyes in terms of understanding people better. I am a stronger person because of the responsibility of the position and the culture that is promoted by our MD is personally motivating to me.

POSITION: BRAND MANAGER - HIMALAYA Q: What is your favourite food? A: Pepper Shrimp Q: What do you enjoy doing for fun? A: Going to beaches, fishing down the islands and watching cricket in the oval. Q: What is your favourite aspect of your job? A: The confidence, trustworthiness and reliablility that I get to demonstrate everyday in providing service to my team and our customers. Q: How has working at Bpi impacted your life? A: A wonderful experience so far! I have learnt so much from Norman and continue to do so everyday, more that I could have at any formal school. He is a great mentor to me and my team as I pass on his strategies in terms of getting the job done and getting it done right. Staff at Bpi are supportive and easy to work with. I am grateful for the family atmosphere and open door policy. I am a stronger person because the responsiblity of my position and the culture that is promoted by our MD is personally motivating to me.



POSITION: PRODUCTION TEAM LEADER - Bpi GENETHICS Q: What is your favourite food? A: Fried fish and red beans. Q: What do you enjoy doing for fun? A: Going to the beach and relaxing Q: What is your favourite aspect of your job? A: I enjoy almost everything about my job Q: How has working at Bpi impacted your life? A: Working at Bpi Genethics Ltd. has been a bit of a change for me. With this change I’m learning new things everyday and seeing improvements overall. MARAGRET ANTHONY

POSITION: ACTING CUSTOMER SERVICE SUPERVISOR Q: What is your favourite food? A: I don’t really have one but I do enjoy curry! Q: What do you enjoy doing for fun? A: A while back a good hike did it for me. I liked the physical challenge but lately, due to family and other constraints it has been reduced to a relaxing evenng with my girls at home or just watching movies (yeah yeah......boring) Q: What is your favourite aspect of the job? A: Helping Customers both internally and externally. I like the fact that I can readily provide the relevant information regarding a product or a service needed. It’s really fulfilling when a customer is statisfied. Q: How has working at Bpi impacted your life?


A: It might be hard to believe but I was a rather shy and reserved person. My tenure here for almost ten years ( which is the longest I have stayed in any job) has changed me quite a lot. It has bolstered my confidence in myself, in my ability to be a leader even on a very small scale, to interact with various people on various levels with various personalities and still be effective and efficient. It’s been and continues to be a rewarding experience!



Personal Care does it again

On 12th D recipient o ecember 2014, Bryd Region” byf the award for “bes en pi Ltd was the h thinking a L’ Orèal Caribe. Th t Overall Performanonoured key player nd abilities to find n e team was recognis ce in the presented in the region. Sales ew opportunities to ed for its new expectatio by the Personal Car objectives and mark become a e Business ns of L’ Or e èal. Unit surpa ting plans ssed the Our Team From left to Right: Ornella Gill, Danielle Tardieu, Sherry-Ann Ramlal and Marc Pontifex


ACCIDENT REPORTING WHY SHOULD YOU REPORT There are various reasons for the timely reporting of an accident/ incident. These are explained below. 1. Legal Requirements OSH Act 2004 (Amended 2006), Section 46 A., ‘Where an accident causes injury to a person at a work place where by the person is unable to perform his usual work or requires medical attention, and such occurrence does not cause death or critical injury leading to disability, the employer shall give notice in the prescribed form within 4 days of the occurrence, to the Chief Inspector, containing information and particulars of the accident.’ The reporting timeframe changes to 48 hours for accidents which result in a fatality

2. Bpi’s Internal RequirementsAccident & Injury Reporting & Treatment Policy (Section 4- Roles & Responsibilities) Employee’s must report all accidents to the manager/supervisor before the end of the work day. If employee is unable to report accident due to unconsiouness, any witness should immediately seek medical attention for the injured via our on sight first aiders and report the incident. Managers/Surpervisors must obtain prompt medical treatment for the injured employee. Where external medical treatment is required contact the ambulance service at 811. Notify in a reasonable time frame, the HSE rep and Divisonal Head who in turn will notify the HR Manager. For critical and fatal injuries the Managing Director MUST be notified in a timely mannar. HSE Representatives must report all lost time injures to the OSH Authority in the stipulated time frames. Conduct preliminary investigations and produce final investigation reports with the input of an appointed investigation teams specific to each accident. Review all accidents for trends and implementation of corrective action defined in the final investigation report.

3 Prevention of future occureences.

“Lost time injury (LTI) any work related injury or illness, which prevents an emplooyee from resuming work on the next working day following the related accident”

The timely reporting of an accident/ incident can highlight an unsafe condition and prevent similar occurrences in the future. Corrective measures can then be implemented in a timely manner. 4. Confirming the legitimacy of a work related accident. Once an employee leaves their respective place of work without reporting an accident, where it can be investigated by the supervisor/manager, it then becomes questionable if an injury sustained is in fact work related. - Jackie Gittiens

General Emergency contact numbers. TTPS


Fire & Ambulance


EHS Ambulance

811 or 624 4343


511 640-1285


Enchance, Highlight, Vivid shades L’ Orèal “Leh we color” Hair color training.

The Personal Care & Food & Grocery Business Units joined together to participate in the L’ Orèal Caribe Hair Color Training which was conducted by L’ Orèal representative Maria Rivera (Lizzy). A wonderful time was had by all at this learning experience. Some participants were charmingly inept and this writer is terrified to let them near her hair! However, all learnt from the programme and they were able to develop new strategies for the marketing and sales of the L’ Orèal Brand of - Salina Ali hair color.


Above - Shelly Ann Veris and Michelle Kipps Below - (From left) Rhoda Guevara, Grace Cruickshank, Maria Cabrera, Shelly Ann Veris, Michelle Kipps, Kimlan Sorias and Susan Gibson

Our Winner - Grace Cruickshank


Whats New? Get that Brazilian Smooth look. Garnier Fructis Brazilian Smooth “Overworking your hair to get a straight look? Intensely nourish in the shower for hair that’s up to 10x smoother, stronger & faster to flatiron. America’s #1 Sleek Expert brings you our most intense smoothing care to help straighten & strengthen the most demanding hair, starting in the shower. Formula with Brazilian Murumuru Butter melts into surface of strands to replenish & seal in silky smoothness. Get up to 10x SMOOTHER & STRONGER HAIR Reduce Flatiron Time.”

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harma launches it’s new line of Himalaya items “Pure Herbs”. Pure Herbs, are herbs, either single or in combination made into well defined dosage form with fixed strenght. The word “Pure” in Pure Herbs is used to signify the strigent quality control techniques used to guarantee the purity of herbs used. Use Pure Herbs as a preventive, promotive, curative, palliative and for supportive well-being.



BENEFITS OF PHYSICAL ACTIVITY he benefits of exercise extend far beyound weight management. Research shows that regular physical activity can help reduce your risk of several diseases and health conditions and improve your overall quality of life. Regular physical activity can help protect you from the following health problems:

Heart Disease and Stroke. Daily physical activity can help prevent heart disease and stroke by strengthening your heart muscle, lowering your blood pressure, raising your highdensity lipoprotein (HDL) levels (good cholesterol) and lowering low-density lipoprotein (LDL) levels (bad cholesterol), improving blood flow, and increasing your heart’s working capacity. High Blood Pressure.

Physical activity reduces body fat, which is associated with high blood pressure.



By reducing body fat, physical activity can help to prevent and control this type of diabetes.


When physical activity is combined with proper nutrition, it can help control weight and prevent obesity, a major risk factor for many diseases.

B a c k P a i n By increasing muscle strength and endurance and improving f lexibility and posture, regular exercise helps to prevent back pain. Osteoporosis

Regular weight-bearing exercise promotes bone formation and may prevent many forms of bone loss associated with aging.

Self Esteem & Stress Management Studies on the psychological effects of exercise have found that regular physical activity can improve your mood and the way you feel about yourself.


Running and aerobic exercise have been shown to postpone the development of disability in older adults. Ke e p t h e s e h e a lt h deciding whether SOURCE:


b e n e f it s i n m i n d w h e n or not to exercise!!!

h t t p : / / w w w. m e d i c i n e n e t . c o m /


n keeping with the five keys to happiness Journaling, Meditation, Exercise, Random Acts of Kindness and Gratitude. August became our month of Meditation and Exercise.

Every Wednesday and Friday from 4:30-5:30 pm in the Training Room we had various exercise programs from yoga to cardio and also cross-fit. We are hoping that future classes will have even greater attendence as staff begins to take their health seriously. Remember exercise helps to produce more dopamine in the brain. C l a s s e s w e r e f a c i l i t at e d b y S a f i y a L e w i s , Jade Campbell and Kheenan Parks




• People Come First

We are happy people committed to:

• We win only as a team

• Enhancing lives

• There is always a better way

• With a spirit to serve &

• We always do the right thing

• Exceed Expectations

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