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Visual Organisation.

Bryce Tayleur



This Gestalt principle is about capturing content that allows the viewer to create form within the contents of the picture. It is about the composition of various elements working together to create unintended forms in physical space. Often this principle requires the viewer to fill in the gaps to create familiar shapes, in turn making them a participant of the image at hand. To me, closure was about creating shapes within my images. I sought to create interesting shapes from environment around me. I have provided examples that explore the relations between positive and negative spaces, and pieces I personally found to represent this principle most effectively.


This principle is about capturing an image that evokes the viewer’s interests to follow a path or direction. It is effectively like the viewer is reading a storying, picking up crucial elements that lead them to a destination. Even if gaps occur, the viewer should be able to make the connection between elements to transition through the frame. I have chosen a range of images that allowed my vision to travel through the picture at hand. I have also chosen to provide both natural and urban settings, contrasting the method of movement within the image.


This principle occurs when forms, colours, sizes or objects look enough alike to be perceived as a group or pattern in the viewer’s mind. All these different elements, working together give a sense of rhythm and will exude harmony. To me, similarity was about recognising key elements that could make up an image. I have chosen images that most represent this experience of the viewer organising groups or patterns in relation to a combination of forms, colours, sizes and objects.

Similarity - Image 2


This element is about creating relationships between subjects in the foreground and subjects in the background. Ideally, these subjects will be brought together by various methods such as balancing or intersecting one another, suggesting a completely new reality in the image than the one that exists in the real world.

I found this principle the hardest to grasp and utilise. In particular, I found it difficult to find both foreground and background subjects with possible relationships to one another easily. I have provided a few examples of my more successful attempts.

Visual Organisation  
Visual Organisation  

Exploration of Gestalt principles for photography asignment