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Mannes College The New School for Music ​hey what's up everybody this is mark from Tech Talk America and today I want to talk specifically to all of you out there who have always wanted to start your own website or blog but you just didn't know how today I'm going to cover specifically how to set up your own website hosting and we're going to do it in just 15 minutes or less you're going to love how easy it actually is we're going to use a company called Bluehost and I'm going to show you how to set up not only your own hosting but also how to choose a domain name and then how to set up email addresses with that domain and then we're going to finish by installing WordPress on your new hosting so you can get rolling with your website or blog today you're going to love how easy it is so there's just two things you need to do to prepare for this class number one you need to have a credit card ready because when you set up your hosting account you're going to need to pay for the plan that you would like to use and the other thing that you need to get ready for is choosing a domain name now chances are pretty good that whatever first idea you have for a domain name is probably taken already because for example I always wanted to buy my own name Mark Collier com but unfortunately there's a couple guys ahead of me there's a famous soap opera star with that same name I found out and there's also some magician over in California somewhere that also has that name and uses my domain name that I want to buy so I had to pick some other things rather than my name and you probably will too but get that list together and we'll jump into this class because I want to show you how to set up your website hosting your domain name email addresses and get started with WordPress all in 15 minutes I'll see you on the other side so the first thing you want to do is to get two blue hosts homepage so you can start setting up your new hosting account we'd be really grateful if you would use the link in the description below the video because that's an affiliate link that Bluehost has provided us that will give us a small kickback to help us continue to make more great videos like this so when you get to the Bluehost home page you're going to see a green get started now button so click on that and you'll be taken to the page where you select the plan that you would like to purchase now there's a basic a plus and a pro plan and I think the vast majority of you will honestly only need either the basic or perhaps the plus plan I think for most of you the plus is actually going to work really well because that allows you to build multiple websites have unlimited space for your site unlimited bandwidth and that kind of thing so if you're not sure you can always start with the basic and you can upgrade later but I think the plus is going to serve you most of you the best so go ahead and click the green button that says select on the plan that you would like to start with and then you'll be taken to the sign up now page now here is where you choose the domain name that you would like to have if you already have your own domain name you can start in that box to the right and type that in and I'm not going to go over that particular direction now because I think most of you will not already have a domain name so let's just stick with a new domain box on the left so type in the domain name that you would like to use and it will let you know if that domain name is available or not chances are pretty high that some of your first choices might already be taken so you might need to be a little creative in thinking of different versions of that domain name that you can use but keep working on that until you find one that works for you and then click the blue Next button below and you'll be taken to the create your account page now this one's pretty straightforward it's self explanatory for the most part in the top section you just fill out your name and business name if applicable and your address and that kind of thing and then below that it has a package information list where you will choose the length of time that you'd like to sign up for whether it'd be 12 months or 24 months or 36 months and you can choose the one that fits your budget best if you're a first-timer which again most everybody here probably is I usually recommend choosing 12 months at first although it's a dollar more a month sometimes that's easier to swallow if you're on a limited budget but do what's best for you there because if you can afford the 24 or 36 months of course it's going to save you $1 more per month depending on the level that you choose then below that you see a couple more checkboxes like domain privacy site backup Pro search engine jumpstart and psych lock site lock security now my recommendation you can choose whatever you like they're the only one that I tend to recommend for clients is the domain privacy protection because what that does for 99 cents a month that simply hides your contact information from anybody that might be looking to see who has purchased this domain and I personally like to just not be bothered by folks trying to sell me things so for 99 cents a month it can protect your privacy on that it's up to you whether you want to do that or not site backup pro I honestly don't recommend that I would rather do a different backup solution which I can talk about in another video but again you can choose what you like there so check which boxes you'd prefer and then down at the bottom you'll have your

credit card and expiration date and cw2 code so you can do that and then click the button at the bottom to go to the next page and then at this point congratulations you are done setting up your hosting account with Bluehost now here they're going to try to sell you a couple different additional options and these might actually suit some of you perfectly well while others of you don't need them for the most part I'll just let you sort those out on your own for now because I think that most of you probably don't need these additional add-ons so just go ahead and click no thanks and then you'll be dropped on this page that says welcome to Bluehost you will have received probably three or four different emails from Bluehost at this particular point with different sets of information about your new account and you also need to choose a password for your account go ahead and click on the blue button that says create your password here you will have two different fields to fill in the password twice just to make sure you get it right so go ahead and fill in the password that you would like to use and this is for your hosting account this is not for the website that you might sign that you may set up later this is a separate password for your hosting account so make sure that you choose a good one don't use anything silly like password or one two three four five or anything like that pick a good password that is not easily guessed by somebody else and if you want to you can choose the suggests password option and it will give you a really great randomly selected password that you could use if you like but whichever one you choose do a great password and then click Next now that you've created your password click login and then you'll be taken to what's called the control panel or cPanel and at this point you are completely done setting up your hosting so if that's all you'd like to do you are good to go to start playing with your new hosting account but I'd like to take just a couple more minutes to show you how to set up an email address and then how to install WordPress on your new hosting account so if you're interested in either one of those stick with me and we'll go through those in just a couple of minutes so if you want to set up an email account that goes with the new domain name that you just purchased it's really easy go down to the third section where it says email and click on email manager and here you'll see a link that says create an email account now so click on that from there you'll be taken to this page that's called setup new email account now in that first field as you probably guessed you'll type in the name that you would like to use for your email account you could use your first name or first name and last name you can use any combination of words that you like for example I might use mark @ or I might use hello or info or contact you can use whatever you like so just type that into the first field then it says enter name and then you'll choose a password here now remember this is not going to be the password for your hosting account this is going to be the password for your email account so again make it a good one and if you're stuck and you don't know what to use you can click the generate password button there if you'd like to see what you're typing just click that little eyeball button so you can see and you'll have to type it twice so enter password in those two fields below that the next field says default web mail clients now most of you will not hardly ever use this option but right here it gives you three different web mail clients that you can use essentially what that means is that if you ever wanted to use the internet or the web to sign in to get your email you're going to use one of these clients to do so and what you would do is you would type in your domain name like for example Mark Collier com slash webmail all one word and from there you would log into your webmail using the information that you're just setting up above with your username and your password and you could get your email through the web if you ever needed to I rarely if ever do this so you can choose whichever default webmail client you'd like and move on to the next section the next section below that says mailbox storage and this is where you choose how much space you're going to allow each email address that you create to have if you're just creating one for yourself I recommend just clicking unlimited because you don't really want to necessarily limit yourself however if you're setting up email adjust this for other people you might consider limiting them so that they just don't use up tons and tons of space for no reason so that's up to you but again if it's just for you I would click unlimited mailbox size and then click create and finish now if you'd like to set up this email address to be able to be received on one of your devices like your phone or a tablet or your computer all you do is click on the email configuration link in the left column from there you'll be shown an automatic setup where you can click on the links on the right that correspond with the particular device that you're trying to set up if for whatever reason you don't want to use those links or perhaps the device you're wanting to set up is not listed there you can also click on show manual configuration settings below and simply copy down all of that information and then use that to set up your email on whatever device you'd like now that you have your email set up let me show you one more thing it's really easy to install WordPress on your new hosting account all you do is go up to the top and click hosting and you'll be brought back to your cPanel and then the third section down you'll see a button that says install WordPress go ahead and click that and you'll be taken to a page that looks like this now you can pay Bluehost to set this up for you but honestly I don't think you need that because this is really easy to do just click the green install button at the top and then it's going to ask you where you'd like to install WordPress to in most cases since this is the first time you've set up your hosting there's only going to be one domain available there to install

it to but if you have other domains that are on this Hosting account as well you can hit the down arrow and choose which domain you'd like to install it to but of course for the vast majority of you it's just going to be the one that you just set up so simply choose the one you need and then click check domain then when it comes back it's going to give you two more options the first box says show Advanced Options and the next one says I have read the Terms & Conditions go ahead and check show Advanced Options and then it will give you an opportunity to name your site change your username and change your admin password you can change your site name or title any time whether it be here or inside your WordPress installation later so you can do it either time it's easy to do it now because it's in front of you so if you'd like to give your site a name go ahead and type it there because that's the information that shows up in the browser tab up at the top then your user name it automatically defaults to your email address but you can change your user name to anything you like just don't forget it because you'll need that to log in next you can change your admin password because once again you'll need that and then check the I have read terms and conditions and then click install now now while your installation is being completed they're going to show you different options of other things you can purchase but I recommend that you just pass on this for now and either click the no thanks at the bottom or the X in the top right-hand corner and when that progress bar is done your WordPress installation is complete now that you're done you can click on the black button at the top that says view credentials and under there it's going to show you all of the important information that you'll need to log in to your new WordPress website so that's all it takes to set up website hosting in less than 15 minutes I really hope today's class helped you if it did we'd really appreciate it if you click that like button and tell your friends about all the classes we have available at Tech Talk America we've got hundreds more classes just like this over at our website at Tech Talk America comm and you can also keep up with our classes right here on our YouTube channel thanks for watching class dismissed St. Francis College.