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n t h e h i s t o r y of our nation’s greatest universities, for each one there was a defining moment – a moment when key accomplishments and strategic innovations reached critical mass, combining to create a catalyst that redefined the future and set a new pace for others to follow.

This is that moment for BRYANT.

“Today’s students will graduate into a world of unprecedented change and complexity, a world that increasingly calls for leaders with character and insight. Bryant must be bold and innovative as we prepare them for it.” President Ronald K. Machtley

the campaign for bryant’s bold future

president’s message F

or more than 150 years, Bryant has educated students so that they are ready to achieve success in their lives and chosen professions. Today, the University’s academic programs are consistently ranked among the best in the country and our Division I student-athletes compete at the highest level while achieving top academic standards. To define our future and set the pace for others to follow, we must be bold in advancing our mission – creating a new model for educating innovative leaders with character who will make a difference around the world. Expanding the World of Opportunity: The Campaign for Bryant’s Bold Future is the largest fundraising effort in Bryant’s history. With your support, this $75 million campaign will generate the resources for us to achieve the transformative goals of Bryant’s Vision 20 /20 strategic plan and rise to new levels of excellence and national prominence. The building blocks are in place and the stars are in alignment for Bryant’s bold future. Now is the moment to join together to ascend to our new position in the academic world. Thank you for being part of our vision! Sincerely,

Bryant University President Ronald K. Machtley


“Bryant University’s idea is truly path-breaking, and just what society needs. The Bryant experience is perfect for preparing leaders who can fulfill the highest purposes of education.” Economist Jeffrey D. Sachs, Ph. D., ’12H Director, Earth Institute, Columbia University

the campaign for bryant’s bold future


ith your philanthropic investment, the campaign will allow Bryant to make its full contribution to the future and ascend to an even higher level of prominence among the top colleges and universities in the country.





Increasing Access to a Bryant Education

Building on Teaching Excellence

Opening the Door to a World of Opportunity

Creating a Campus for Success

Scholarships to Compete for the Best Students

People and Programs to Enrich Learning

Resources to Cultivate a Global Perspective

Facilities to Inspire Excellence




increasing access to a bryant education Scholarships to Compete for the Best Students

The Campaign needs your support to raise resources to attract: • students with academic

merit and financial need • students who represent

Bryant’s commitment to diversity • students with talents

that contribute to our community


oday’s world needs leaders with the character and insight that a Bryant education delivers. Our graduates make a vital difference in organizations and communities around the world, and achieve success at rates other colleges envy.

Bryant attracts record levels of talented and diverse applicants, yet many of the best students cannot afford the high quality educational experience we offer. They need your help.

Although the University provides significant funding for financial aid and works to keep tuition at com­pet­itive levels, additional scholarship resources are urgently needed. Our goal is to enroll those students who will benefit most from the Bryant experience and ensure that no one graduates with excessive debt. To do this, we must expand our current financial aid resources to come closer to meeting the demonstrated financial need of our most highly qualified prospects.

“When you write a check for scholarships, you know your money is going to do something for the student – for his or her future – and for the world.” Bryant University Trustee Joanna Lau ’97H CEO, Lau Technologies

Aubrey Mable ’14 major:

Communication m i n o r s : Business Administration, Marketing, Psychology h o m e t o w n : Aurora, CO pat h : Working for the Colorado Rockies, then on to graduate school As a video production intern, Mable traveled to China for two documentary projects, collaborating with faculty and the production team. “My internships provided me with a variety of skill sets and confidence in knowing I can adapt and learn quickly,” she says. Mable took part in Bryant’s unique Sophomore International Experience program and studied in New Zealand for a semester. In between academics, internships, and co-curricular activities, she was captain of the varsity softball team. “I was recruited to play softball and had the opportunity to be a part of the transition from Division 2 NCAA athletics to Division 1,” she says,

“but without the scholarships that I received through the University, I don’t know if I would have been at Bryant.” Her impact and contributions to the Bryant community are reflected in distinctions including being among only 30 NCAA Senior Class Award candidates nationwide.

the campaign for bryant’s bold future

Maduka Nwanekezi ’14, ’15 MBA major:

Accounting m i n o r : International Affairs h o m e t o w n : Milton, MA pat h : Oil and gas consultant in Nigeria Before entering Bryant’s intensive one-year MBA program, Nwanekezi had taken part in three internships at PricewaterhouseCoopers. He learned about the internships through Bryant’s Amica Center for Career Education. “Bryant provided me with the skills and confidence to do well at PwC,” he says. As defensive end for the Bulldog football team, he started every game during his four years as an undergraduate. When Nwanekezi first visited Bryant, he felt it was a place where he could become a better person academically and athletically. “More than half of the people I know had jobs lined up in September of their senior year.” As a recipient of the William E. Truehart Scholarship, he notes, “My scholarship is part

academic and part athletic. It allows me to focus on what I’m in school for.”




building on teaching excellence People and Programs to Enrich Learning

The Campaign will enrich student learning outcomes and innovative teaching through: • distinguished scholars

to serve as endowed academic chairs • faculty who are thought

leaders in their respective fields and champions for innovation • program initiatives in

our pinnacles of academic excellence


he exceptional quality of a Bryant education depends on those who deliver it. Since our founding, Bryant students have been mentored by dedicated educators who integrate real-world experience with leading academic theory. Your philanthropic investment will help to advance Bryant’s reputation and stature in the world by allowing us to recruit and retain academic leaders and faculty at the highest level of their professions.

At the core of Bryant’s future is a world-class community of scholars who champion innovation and the best in teaching. Campaign resources will support people and programs that enrich learning and build on Bryant’s tradition of academic excellence. U.S. News & World Report ranks Bryant No. 11 among more than 200 college and universities in our Master’s Regional North category; our goal is to be in the top five.

Peter J. Nigro, Ph. D., holds Bryant’s first endowed faculty chair, established in 1984 with a leadership gift from Norman Sarkisian ’53, ’88H, who served as a member of Bryant’s Board of Trustees 1982–1991.

Caitlyn Witkowski ’11, ’14 MSGES major:

Environmental Science m i n o r : Business Administration h o m e t o w n : St. James, NY pat h : Growing as a research scientist Caitlyn Witkowski’s Bryant experience included dedicated faculty who would become her mentors and open the door to a world of opportunity. As an undergraduate, she and renowned environmental scientist Dr. Charles Jack Smiley Chair Professor Hong Yang, Ph. D., were part of a team of researchers who spent a month in China and Mongolia.

“At Bryant, students work on real projects right off the bat,” says Witkowski. “Professors not only do their own research, they also share that research with students.” With encouragement from Dr. Hong Yang, Witkowski began her postgraduate studies at China University of Geosciences, the top geology school in China, where her courses were in Chinese. She returned to Bryant for the Master of Science in Global Environmental Studies (MSGES) program. “Studying at Bryant has really opened my eyes to the rest of the world,” says Witkowski.

the campaign for bryant’s bold future

Matt Roncaioli ’13 major:

Finance m i n o r : Political Science pat h : Mid-Market Account Manager at EMC Corporation Matt Roncaioli ’13 had not just one but five job offers on the table by the time he graduated. “Bryant has given me the tools that I need to succeed, by motivating me and encouraging me to get real-world experience,” he says. A wide receiver for the Bryant Bulldogs Division I football team, he notes, “Bryant also taught me how to learn and to be quick on my feet.” One of his favorite classes was “Banking Institutions” with Norman Sarkisian Chair of Business Economics Peter Nigro, Ph.D.

“Professor Nigro brought out the best in me and helped me explore my potential. I was motivated and determined to succeed in this class because my teacher pushed me.”




opening the door to a world of opportunity Resources to Cultivate a Global Perspective

The Campaign will reinforce Bryant’s position as a leader in international education by providing resources for: • tuition assistance and

travel stipends so that all students benefit from study abroad • enhanced programming

to build greater awareness of the interconnections between world cultures and economies • iconic construction to

bridge continents and create a hub for international scholars


n recent years Bryant has earned recognition as a leader in international education, and we have developed an ambitious international plan to ensure that our graduates are ready to achieve success in the global marketplace. We know that a global skill-set is a prerequisite for success. Bryant students come from more than 63 countries and they travel to learn on six continents. We are ranked 9th among U.S. colleges and universities for study abroad. The unique Sophomore International Experience gives nearly 300 students a life-changing international experience each year.

The campaign will ensure that Bryant continues to be the ideal place to gain an insightful global education. Your philanthropic investment will make a significant international experience possible for every student, so that each Bryant graduate is confident

and prepared for leadership in a global context.

“To go from a small regional school to one that’s truly international is remarkable. When you see management of the caliber at Bryant, I’m confident that my money will have an impact.” Mirghavamaddin Bozorgmir ’83 MBA President and CEO, Mutual of America Capital Management

Renee Lawlor ’15 major:

International Business (Finance and Spanish) m i n o r : Entrepreneurship h o m e t o w n : Rocky Hill, CT pat h : Starting her own company As president of Bryant’s national champion Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (CEO) chapter, Lawlor’s Bryant experience has taught her that you have to work hard to make incredible things happen. Through CEO, she’s networked with successful entrepreneurs including Chris Stevens, a founder of Keurig, and Dave Alwan of Shark Tank fame. Two internships helped Lawlor to create her path. As a district manager intern with ALDI, the international grocery juggernaut, Lawlor realized that she enjoyed a highly interactive atmosphere. And at the consulting firm Biderbost, Boscan & Rochin in Salamanca, Spain, she gained an understanding of a professional environment in a different country. “This experience

was invaluable, because after graduation I want to work internationally,” she says.

the campaign for bryant’s bold future

Rohan Vakil ’14 majors:

Management, Entrepreneurship, Economics h o m e t o w n : Norton, MA pat h : Market Analyst at GTECH If Rohan Vakil ’14 decides to visit all the friends he made during his four years at Bryant, his passport will fill quickly.

“Bryant is great because everything is concentrated on campus, and then on graduation everyone explodes outward across the world,” he says. “Friends went to China, India, France, California, and everywhere in between.” Vakil had the opportunity to meet students from diverse backgrounds because he participated in many projects at Bryant. One enduring contribution he made on campus was designing an app so students could quickly find rooms in the Unistructure that are available to study in. In addition, Vakil participated as a member of three prestigious academic honor societies, served as vice president of the Student Alumni Association, and was a mentor in the Linked Through Leadership program. Throughout his Bryant experience alumni have helped immensely, Vakil says, from assisting him in landing internships at several different companies to securing a coveted position in the Marketing Analytics department at GTECH.




creating a campus for success Facilities to Inspire Excellence

The Campaign will advance 360-degree learning with: • a landmark Academic

Innovation Center • an indoor turf practice

field and weight and conditioning center • Chace Center



rom classrooms to residence halls, the library to playing fields, every inch of Bryant works 24/7 in support of our educational mission. To create the worldclass learning environment that aligns with our ambitious goals for Bryant’s bold future, we need to enhance our academic and athletic facilities to become the best in class – with innovation as a central theme in architecture and future pedagogy. The keystone of Bryant’s campaign is the new Academic Innovation Center, which will provide flexible spaces that open the doors to innovative methods of teaching and learning.

With your investment, this groundbreaking facility will ensure that we teach in a forum conducive to teamwork and group projects, and the innovative design thinking that will provide competitive advantage for our future graduates. We will also expand and enhance our Division I athletic facilities to ensure that all Bryant athletes are ready to succeed at the highest level of NCAA Division I athletic competition.

Architect’s rendering of Bryant’s new Academic Innovation Center, to open September 2016. This facility will lead the way in innovation and innovative pedagogy, and will become a landmark on our award-winning campus.


giving and naming opportunities INCREASING ACCESS T O A B RYA N T E D U C AT I O N Endowed Scholarships

Endowed scholarships ensure that Bryant remains accessible for students whose means may be limited but whose ambitions are boundless. These extraordinary gifts are carefully managed by the University, generating permanent, steady income for a growing number of our scholarship awards. When you invest in an endowed scholarship, you are making a personal and immediate impact on the lives of Bryant students. You may specify a field of study, a geographic focus, or a special talent such as athletics, for future scholarship recipients.

The minimum to establish a named endowed scholarship is $50,000 over five years. In addition, special awards are available at the following levels:

BUILDING ON TEACHING EXCELLENCE The world’s great universities attract and support distinguished educators by endowing academic chairs and providing support for innovative teaching and learning initiatives. Endowed chairs honor outstanding faculty members for their contributions to academia while also supporting their current work. They are also critical to attracting and retaining exceptional scholars in a wide range of academic fields.

• Black and Gold Scholarship $ 100,000

Executives-in-Residence bring real-world experience into the classroom. Scholars-inResidence ensure that Bryant is expanding the boundaries of academic thought and practice. Additional endowed and annual support will sustain and grow academic programs of strategic importance to Bryant’s reach and reputation.

Annual Scholarships


• Presidential Scholarship


• Trustee Scholarship

$ 500,000

• Deans Scholarship

$ 250,000

• Archway Scholarship

$ 100,000

Annually funded scholarships are a • Endowed Chairs in Principal crucial part of Bryant’s financial aid program. Academic Programs $1,500,000 A three-year minimum commitment • Endowed of $15,000 ($5,000 per year) is required Executives-in-Residence $1,000,000 to establish a named Partner-in-Scholarship • Endowed Award. Scholars-in-Residence $1,000,000 • Endowed Academic Innovation Fund $ 500,000 • Annually-Funded Faculty $ 100,000 and Executive Scholars

the campaign for bryant’s bold future

Academic Programs Named endowed ($50,000 minimum) or annual gifts ($5,000 minimum) may be made to any academic program at Bryant including: •F  irst-Year Gateway and IDEA Program • Academic Innovation Program •C  ollege of Business •C  ollege of Arts and Sciences

Bryant seeks to make these global experiences available to all qualified students through targeted scholarship support. •E  ndowed SIE Scholarship $50,000 minimum • Endowed  Study Abroad Scholarship $100,000 minimum • Annual Global Opportunity Scholarships

start at $5,000 per year

• Academic Center for Excellence • Center for Teaching and Learning


At a time when the world is more interconnected than ever, Bryant is helping students develop the global perspective that is a prerequisite for success. Bryant encourages all students to spend time studying abroad, either through our signature Sophomore International Experience (SIE) or by spending a full semester living and learning at a college or university outside of the U.S.

C R E AT I N G A C A M P U S FOR SUCCESS The demand for learning on a modern, wellequipped campus has never been greater. Expanding the World of Opportunity: The Campaign for Bryant’s Bold Future will invest in the design and construction of an Academic Innovation Center to enhance teaching and learning for our diverse community, and in signature athletic and training facilities to meet the health and wellness needs of student-athletes. Academic Innovation Center: • I nnovation Forum


• Tiered Classrooms

$ 500,000

•C  afé

$ 500,000

•F  lat Classrooms

$ 250,000

• Admission Center

$ 150,000

• Team Break-out Rooms

$ 75,000

Weight and Conditioning Center: •O  utdoor Viewing Area


• Eastside Training Area

$ 250,000

• Westside Training Area

$ 250,000

• Meeting Room

$ 100,000

Indoor Turf Practice Field: • Facility Name


• Turf Field


•E  ast End Zone

$ 250,000

• West End Zone

$ 250,000

• Training Room

$ 100,000

Chace Wellness Center Renovation: • Sports  Medicine and

Training Center $1,000,000 Enhancements to the Elizabeth and Malcolm Chace Wellness and Athletic Center will also include additions and renovations to the Bryant Bulldog locker rooms, and improvements to office spaces for athletic coaches.



we invite you to Expanding the World of Opportunity: The Campaign for Bryant’s Bold Future is the largest and most ambitious fundraising effort in Bryant’s history. With your support, this $75 million campaign will do exactly what its name promises: broaden the scope and enhance the quality of a Bryant education to better prepare students for a successful future. In doing so, the University will leverage its core strengths to ascend to an even higher level of prominence among the best universities in the country.

“Your gift to Bryant propels a legacy of excellence into a very bright future.” Campaign Co-Chairs William J. Conaty ’67, Senior Vice President for Human Resources, General Electric (Retired) Michael E. Fisher ’67, Managing Director Barclays Global Investors (Retired)

support the vision How to Give There are a number of ways to contribute to Expanding the World of Opportunity: The Campaign for Bryant’s Bold Future. Here are some of the many opportunities.

NAMED GIFTS Facilities, endowed scholarships and faculty positions, and academic or student life programs can be named in honor of the donor or a member of his or her family. MULTI-YEAR PLEDGES Multi-year pledges enable donors to make particularly ambitious investments in Bryant and spread their payments over time.

PLANNED GIFTS Bequests, charitable gift annuities, and other planned gifts support Bryant while also meeting the donor’s estate-planning needs. They can be structured to provide income to the donor or family members.

ANNUAL GIFTS Annual gifts to the Bryant Fund provide direct and immediate support each year to students for scholarships, innovative learning experiences, international study, and other vital purposes.

To learn more about how you can support the campaign, contact:

DESIGNATED GIFTS Designated gifts are earmarked toward a priority of particular interest to the donor, such as scholarships, academic programs and centers, and athletics.

CORPORATE MATCHING GIFTS Many companies match gifts their employees make to universities. A 1:1 dollar match is common, but some companies donate two or even three dollars for each dollar an employee contributes.

Make a gift online:

James Damron Vice President for University Advancement 877-353-5667 (toll free) 401-232-6261

Bryant University Office of University Advancement 1150 Douglas Pike Box 40 Smithfield, Rhode Island 02917


44,000 alumni Bryant’s powerful network of more than 44,000 alumni is one of the University’s greatest resources. Bryant graduates are leaders in businesses and organizations around the world. More than 500 Bryant alumni are employed by the Big Four, the largest accounting firms in the world, and nearly 10% of all Bryant alumni in the workplace today hold the title of CEO, COO, and/or CFO. $244 Million Campus Investment In the past 18 years, Bryant has invested $244 million in stunning new campus facilities and architectural enhancements. Since 2001, Bryant has added 267,000square-feet of new facilities.

Meridian Printing 14-ADM-985

In only the second year of full Division I eligibility, Bryant student-athletes shattered records while earning high academic marks. The University has 22 NCAA DI varsity sports teams and in 2014, Bryant became the first school in NCAA history to win six spring championships. Go Bulldogs!

printing :

100% of students complete both a major and a minor Bryant’s nationally recognized curriculum allows students to create their path by integrating disciplines from the College of Business and College of Arts and Sciences while developing real-world credentials that provide competitive advantage.

Top-ranked • Among the Top 10 business programs in the United States, College Factual, U.S.A. Today • 11th in our peer group and among select “up and coming” universities in our region, U.S. News & World Report • 16th in the country for International Business, Bloomberg Businessweek • #9 in our category for undergraduate participation in study abroad, Open Doors

NCAA Titletown NCAA single season record

Gilbert Design Associates

98% of class of 2013 employed or enrolled within 6 months For Bryant’s classes of 2005–2013, 96–98.5% were employed or enrolled in graduate school within six months of graduation. The average first-year salary for 2013 graduates was $53,000.

43% of students study abroad Recognized as a leader in international education, Bryant is ranked 21st in the country for study abroad. The Univer­ sity provides students with abundant opportunities to develop a global perspective. Students enjoy study abroad programs, including Bryant’s innovative Sophomore International Experience, in more than 50 countries around the world.

design :

1  50-year tradition Since its founding in 1863, Bryant has earned a distinguished reputation for preparing students with the knowledge, skills, and qualities of character to succeed in an interconnected world of unlimited global opportunity.


r ya n t h a s come so far in the past 150 years, moving ahead at a pace that only continues to accelerate.

By 2020, we will have successfully achieved the ambitious goals of our Vision 20/20 strategic plan – positioning the University among the most prestigious schools in the country. Bryant’s bold future is propelled by support from our community. The success of this campaign will come from your investment. Please share our vision. Participate – as alumni, parents, friends, faculty, staff, students, foundations, corporations, and others who share our belief that the best is yet to come.

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