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Catamaran For Sale

Important Information to Know Before Purchasing a Sailing Catamaran One of the greatest experiences a individual can have is being out on the sea on a sturdy vessel and enjoying a beautiful day watching the birds and dolphins without a stress on earth! It's really very good at helping someone decompress and that is one of the big reasons many people are searching for the perfect vessel to retire and travel the world. Some people aren't even seeking to travel anywhere; they just want a live aboard vessel that has sufficient space and luxurious they could enjoy in the comfort of their local marina. A fantastic choice for a lot of people is that a sailing catamaran, which can offer a wide beam and secure platform on the water.

There are many distinct types of catamaran for sale out there, and it's suggested that you attend as many vessel shows as possible to find a good feel for what is available. The larger boat shows such as the Miami International Boat Show will usually have the best choice to look at, and a few will also have a certain place or display that specializes in luxury sailing catamarans such as the Strictly Sail Boat Show.

These ships will be exhibited at a marina where the boat show is located, and you're going to be in a position to board the various ships and check out each aspect and function of the vessel.

They are normally much bigger and roomier than other forms of catamarans, and they tend to be on the side. They have a nickname, known as "Condo Cats" because of how roomy and big the salon, cabins, and galley are! They've organized a "pavilion" of those South African Catamarans at the Miami International Boat Show in past years, and they sail lately completed vessels over for delivery to customers in the U.S. or even the Caribbean. Before shipping, they will showcase them at major boat shows to attempt to earn more buyers.

One South African company, Royal Cape Catamarans, is really the best of this series in my view. The hulls have as much living room down below that they really bow rather than getting thinner, sleeker lines like other sailing catamarans. This just has a little reduction in overall speed, and you likely would not even know it. The catamaran can travel 200 kilometers or more per day, and it's so secure you could decide on a champagne glass on the table while at sea and it would not tip over! It is a 50 ft long boat with an optional extra 3 feet at the stern for diving or fishing, and this is a most popular add on. The width or column is almost 30 feet, which is huge! It is said that the most secure place to get a sailing catamaran is upside down on the surface of the water, but the most secure position for a mono-hull is in the bottom of the ocean! That means you will feel much safer sailing throughout the sea on a catamaran than on any other boat.

Royal Cape Catamarans also can have up to 6 cottages, or a single great option is having one whole hull converted into a "owner's cabin", in which the owners can have a large number of private living space for additional hanging closets and two heads. The sleeping area is a very pleasant and luxurious queen size bed, and there is even an option with a tub!

There's plenty of space in the forward deck storage space for any water toys you may want to bring along. In my view, it's really the best in class for the South African Sailing Catamarans I saw at the show.

So if you're seriously thinking about selling your house when you retire and purchasing a live aboard boat, there are many really great choices out there there. Spend a year or two going to as many significant boat shows as possible to get some thoughts for exactly what you want and so that you can go on board the boat and be able to get it and envision yourself as proprietor. Good luck!

Catamaran for sale  

2004 Lagoon 380 catamaran for sale by owner - full cockpit enclosure, heating and air, many extras!!

Catamaran for sale  

2004 Lagoon 380 catamaran for sale by owner - full cockpit enclosure, heating and air, many extras!!