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How to Save More with Your Residential Air Conditioning

During the hot summer seasons, having a fully functional air conditioning system can be refreshing. However, enjoying this cool and inviting atmosphere could come at a huge cost if not planned well and this is always a major source of stress for many people. But did you know that you can enjoy a welcoming atmosphere in your home without affecting your budget negatively? Yes, it is possible and this can be done by adhering to some simple guidelines such as turning the system on only if you are in the house along with these other guidelines. Make use of ceiling fans Although many homes have been installed with air conditioning systems, ceiling fans are an integral part of the cooling system. Ceiling fans are cheaper to operate compared to the main air conditioners. It will therefore be advisable to use the fans as often as possible as this way you will be able to save big on your air conditioning. It is also possible to have these fans installed in your home if you do not have them already. The cost of installation is low and this is also the case when it comes to the operation. Unless the heat is too high and unmanageable, ceiling funs will help slash down on your residential cooling system. Set the thermostat as high as possible and this way you will be able to keep away the heat.

Maintain the filters regularly The technology that helps your residential air conditioning to operate is made in such a way that sufficient air must be drawn into the house. This is made possible by the filters, which must be kept clean from dust and any other clogging that might occur during the operation. Air conditioning filters will always breakdown or work below par if there is accumulation of dust. To further make things better, instead of using paper filters, consider metal mesh filters which can be wiped easily thus saving you the cost of replacing paper filters with new ones.

Replace your thermostats with programmable ones Most air conditioning systems always come with manually adjustable thermostats. However, many people always forget to adjust the residential air conditioning temperature when leaving the house thus incurring unnecessary energy cost. This can be avoided by replacing these thermostats with programmable units which allows the home to cool down even when you are not in the house. Instead of switching off your air conditioning system, the programmable thermostat will count as a good cost saving strategy always.

Insulate your home Insulation is one of the surest ways to cut down on your residential air conditioning cost. People whose homes are properly insulated normally pay less for energy bills compared to those whose homes are not insulated. You can hire a professional insulator to do the insulation for you and this will go a long way in helping you cut on your monthly bills. For many homeowners whose houses have been insulated, getting tax rebates is possible as the administrations seek to enlighten the residents on the need for energy conservation. Although most of these steps will cost you some money in the beginning, the truth of the matter is that you will be able to save more in the process. Take the step and enjoy the results. Charles Gaines is a devoted writer who contributing articles for Bryant-Durham Services. They provide professional HVAC services and Raleigh air conditioning, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill and across NC. Their electricians and air conditioning technicians proudly offer repairs, replacements and installations for residential and commercial customers. You may find out more helpful information at

How to Save More with Your Residential Air Conditioning