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How To Prepare Your Residential AC For Summer During the hot and humid summer seasons, the air conditioning system is very important. As the season approaches quickly, you will need to be sure that your system is working properly and ready to serve you at the great hour of need. It is common for the system to remain unused during the coldest weeks of winter and this has some negative effects on the units. For this reason therefore, you should make sure that your AC unit is ready and in proper working condition before summer commences. Below are some tips to help you ensure that the air conditioning is fully functional and ready for the hot summer months ahead. Check the air filters and replace if need be! As you prepare for the summer season, you should check on the air filters within the house and make sure they are in perfect condition. In case you discover that they are clogged and aging, replacing them will be advisable so that they can function optimally. AC manufacturers and technicians normally advice users to replace the old filters are every 3 months of use and this is a factor you should consider carefully. It is however important to do this more often especially if you live in dust-prone areas or have pets in your home. People with serious allergy problems should also consider changing the filters in their AC after 1 ½ months or after 2 months. Engage the services of a trained technician when doing this and make sure the filters you purchase are of the same size as the old ones already in the unit.

Image Source: Clean the Air Conditioner’s outdoor components Outdoor components of the AC can adversely affect the performance of your system. It is important to inspect these components and ensure there are no debris that are trapped or stuck on the condenser. It is possible to find things such as glass and loose leaves sticking on the condenser and these can affect the performance of the unit if not removed.

Excess dust can also block the unit’s airflow ducts and you should have a technician look at your unit and help in the cleaning process. You can use a dry blower to remove the dirt and accumulated dust from the condenser but in case you see any leaks on the system, call an AC professional to look at the problem further. Have the evaporator coils inspected Although these components are not easily reachable, you should have a professional look at them to make sure they are not rusty or damaged. The coils should be cleaned using vacuum cleaner’s hose attachments and replaced in case the damage on them is adverse. Some homeowners can easily maintain their air conditioning Raleigh units and especially when it involves some simple procedures. However, a professional should be called in to help in the maintenance and repairs if you are not able to DIY. Regular maintenance is advisable if you want to prolong the lifespan of the unit. This will also help avoid costly repairs and accompanying stress during summer.

How To Prepare Your Residential AC For Summer