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May 2012 | Issue 2


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This Just In From The Bulletin! What up Key Clubbers! Whether you’re getting your Forever 21 swimsuit ready to hit the sandy beaches or pajamas for a long hibernation, it is finally SUMMERTIME! With summertime here, we’re bringing you more events to not only fit in your schedule of adventure, but to also help the community one step at a time! So better get out of that bed and make sure to get a movin’!

Patrick Tran

For the month of May, we had six different events: Paint Your Heart Out, Grandma’s House of Hope, Stanton Cinco De Mayo, Children’s Festival, WAND BBQ and the Divisional Banquet. Even though it was a hectic month for the members as they were getting perfect scores on their finals and SATs, Key Club was not short on supplying members in assisting from setting up events and rebuilding homes for a better life. This month also held the annual divisional banquet where Key Club members across the district enjoyed delicious food and announced awards to hard working and distinguished members that made a difference in our community.

2012 - 2013 Bulletin Editor

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Key Club Editorial

Hi Key Clubbers!!! I’m here again to talk about the WAND BBQ!!! I think this event has been the best so far, but that’s just me because I was able to went with my friends. We also met a lot of other key clubbers from all over the district such as Western, Oxford, Savannah, etc… At 8 am in the morning I was there alone to help set up the event by putting up tents. This is the first event that I actually learn something… YES how to put up tents!!! J After we were done setting up there was really nothing to do so we listen to the performance by Dale choir and other singing and dancing performances. A lot of stalls sell clothes and jewelry, but there was one lady that sold handmade soap… it smells so good and looks so nice! Afterwards I helped out at the front directing the traffic until the end of the day; and I enjoyed doing that, where we approach the cars and tell them that there was no more parking spaces. It was a fun event that I enjoyed. So next time you should definitely ALL GO!!!

Elementary School Dinner

By Ivy Huynh

By Phuong Vo

A key club event that includes free food? Count me in! The elementary school dinner was an event that our club helped at along with the Kiwanis members. Oxford key club was also there, making the event livelier. These types of events are my favorite because food is included… yum! The dinner did not start till 4 so we all just chilled for a bit before the Kiwanis members needed assistance. We caught up on events and gossip amongst one another so it was a good chance to bond with our members and Oxford Key club. When it was time to get busy, the members and I helped out by setting out the condiments and grilling the meat. We also had members be in charge of the drinks and the chips, which come with the dinner Kiwanis was selling. Since there were a lot of us, we took turns with shifts. I worked the first shift and my job was to refill any empty condiment containers. Pretty excited stuff, huh? After working for a good hour and a half, I switched off with Bryan, our club’s vice president and helped take pictures for our historian as she was grilling the hot dogs and burgers. They smelled really good and I even got to eat some during my break. It tasted better than it smelled. Thinking about the burgers Kiwanis served makes my mouth drool! I loaded a bunch of stuff on that burger. I even went back for a hot dog. They were too good to resist! As soon as my break was over, I was back in the line helping the customers get their food, loading on condiments, and getting their drinks. There was a LOT of customers. I guess they couldn’t resist the smell of the food either. This was by far my favorite event for this month. Probably because it was with Kiwanis and their burgers. If there’s another event just like this one, you’ll definitely see me there!

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Key Club Editorial This month, we had a Jamba Juice fundraiser. We had two flavors that were basically either strawberry or peach I think. Our wonderful treasurer, Phuong Vo, set it up. She ordered 300 cups of Jamba Juice smoothies in great hopes for our club’s success. Before lunch started, Katilyn Nguyen and I left our fourth period class early to help the Jamba Juice workers help set up and get ready for purchases. Once lunch started, customers lined up and boomed. Our caring principal even came by and purchased a smoothie for himself. The officers and I went around encouraging our friends and fellow Key Clubbers to help our club by purchasing smoothies. Katilyn and I even went up to the main office to request for another extra announcement to be put in during the lunch to remind fellow students to make a purchase. After lunch had ended, we helped the Jamba Juice workers pack up. Unfortunately, we did not sell out and for the smoothies that did not get sold, they had to go back to the store, accounted for, then disposed of…such a waste. However, now we know how much to purchase for future fundraisers and it still went well. Once it was time to go back to class, I had to go walk Miss Katilyn Nguyen back to class because apparently it is just too dangerous to walk across the quad on her own. Then I went back to class and that was that. Hopefully you guys enjoyed the fundraiser and if you have any ideas for future fundraisers let us know! (:

Elementary School Dinner

By Chau Quach

By Cindy Kim

We arrived at 3pm, but they were still only setting up the festival so we just walked around somewhere and came back at four. The festival finally started and there were kids everywhere, either running around playing a game, or playing on the attractions. At first, not many people went to go buy the food, but they started to pack the place and a line formed. There were people handing out the food, people grilling hot dogs, and people making sure all the condiments are stocked and clean. The weather was scorching hot, so we took shifts and switched around jobs. It was fun because half the time I was just dancing around trying to get people to come eat while there weren’t much people there. The highlight of the event was that in the end, we got to eat the hamburgers and hotdogs. Kiwanis hamburgers and hotdogs are the best! They’re so scrumptious and filling, especially with all the condiments. They have all of them. Everyone took turns eating so that the positions wouldn’t be unattended. I was the first one to take a lunch break because I was famished under the heat. I had a cheeseburger AND a hot dog. I know, real fatty, but they were too good to pass up on. I put pretty much all the condiments on my food. Diced onions, relish, pickles, salad, mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, the whole deal. After eating, everyone got back to work of course. I was super full and dying because I was so full. I just danced around to attract customers, cause I was feeling a bit hyper and not work mode. I soon got tired of doing that and it was good timing because the event was almost over. I just went home because I was so tired, since we went there straight from school. I really liked this event, mostly because of the free food. And I like little kids, they brought back a lot of memories from when I was in elementary and they’re so cute.

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Key Club Editorial So I was pretty excited to hear from my president that we would be working with the Kiwanis for this event, because we haven’t worked with them in a long while. So right after school, I got my awesome dad to drive me and my friends to Morris Elementary School—a bit too early though since the actual event started at 4 and we came at 3. But that aside, we got to meet up with our fellow Key Clubbers from Oxford. While we all waited for the event to start, we had a lot of fun just talking and getting to know each other. Not only that, we got a quick schedule of the new Concert on Green, a series of music concerts throughout the summer. Once the event started, we realized we brought a little more than we needed and so some of the volunteers including myself had to sit out and wait to rotate in. So in the meantime, I was the historian, taking pictures of everyone working and having fun. Luckily, Nick had to go. YES! A spot open for me J. So I quickly filled in the spot handling the bread and giving the customers their burgers or hot dogs. It was definitely a busy day as people piled up in a line, hungry for some good food. Once the event was done, the Kiwanis graciously allowed the volunteers to have some food as well. Just in time, because I was crazy hungry. Overall it was really fun being able to help the Kiwanis and bond with new faces from Oxford Key Club. I swear I’m not lying when I say this was probably one of the most fun event I’ve had in months.

By Katilyn Nguyen

Elementary School Dinner

By Bryan Tang

The Children’s Festival is a celebration of art and provides the attending children, teenagers and families, an opportunity to experience many experiences in one day. This is the seventeenth year that this festival has been active. Participants will sing and dance, paint, draw, watch, wonder, enjoy and learn! They get to experience and enjoy many activities offered. Over 50 booths will decorate Center Street Promenade from Clementine to the west, to Anaheim Blvd. on the east. The collection of booths will house a broad variety of local organizations that will bring an art project for attendees to participate in. From origami to plate painting, children and their families will be encouraged to try art, and all participants will be applauded for their efforts. Besides these activities, there are shows and food at the festival. Everyone can enjoy entertainment from singers, cheerleaders, and bands. At this event, volunteers from Magnolia Key Club interclubed with Loara Key Club to manage the chalk booth, which allows children the opportunity to show their artistic and creative abilities. Children are given a square on the ground and they draw anything they want. After they finish, judges look over them and decides who wins the best picture. Not only are children able to express their artistic abilities, they still have fun while doing it.

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Key Club Editorial This month’s WAND BBQ event was a great event to support the WAND council. WAND is known the West Anaheim Neighborhood Development council that is a group designed to help improve the city of Anaheim. This event was WAND’s chance to continue on their journey to connect the people of Anaheim and the community. I got the chance to meet and converse with WAND members and was pleased to know of how this group brought to Anaheim the Haskett Library. The library is the most popular and successful library in all of Anaheim and their goal is to maintain that type of standard of Anaheim towards everything. With the WAND BBQ, it was planned to promote that connection with the families of Anaheim just like how the Haskett library connects the students together with reading. This family fun activity had small convenient stands in which they sold merchandise from mother’s day gifts, clothing, to marshmallow shooters. They were also able to bring in the Anaheim SWAT teams and Firefighters to demonstrate their vehicles, occupation details, and exhibits. My fellow key club members and I were able to listen to personal stories from a SWAT member and gave quite a funny yet intense story of their day-to-day activities fighting crime! The WAND BBQ had nice food courts for everyone to enjoy and as well a car show sponsored by WAND right next to it. In the BBQ, our own Magnolia High School Sentinel JROTC was able to promote their program to the Anaheim public. Not only was Magnolia High School present, but as well as the Dale Jr. High choir students. They were part of the entertainment and sang such songs like Don’t Stop Believing by Journey, and Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson. Overall, the event was a huge success and showed WAND’s ability to make incredible sacrifices to help Anaheim in any way they could. I would love to continue working with the WAND organization as they are just like Key Club, a foundation with a purpose to help their home, school and community; that to me is wonderful.

By Bryan Tang

By Eric Nguyen

If you ask me, Key Club in the summer is the most fun part of the year for me. It’s chaotic, unpredictable, and just plain packed with excitement. I’m really going to look forward to this year’s summer, despite the heaps of homework I have. Around summer is when we are the most active with the most events and with the most enthusiasm. Everyone is all pumped up with the bonding events like Mag/Oxf Bonfire, Beach Boomba, OTC, ICON, etc. On top of that, a lot of people just have a bunch of free time to volunteer and enjoy their time. Without a doubt, summer Key Club is the best part of my term last year. Everyone was excited and there was life to the board. We liked what we did and we enjoyed each other’s accompany. We planned and coordinated everything like a team and just genuinely loved our board to death. In between Christina’s hectic and dysfunctional working schedule, we managed to work things out and still have meetings. I remember our awkward board social and the awesome vision meeting. And everyone trying to get me into the circle for Ride that Pony when I said I’m not into that game. I would never trade these times for anything and I just hope that this year it’ll be the same way.

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Key Club Editorial

WAND BBQ was, in my opinion, a great success amongst the community. When I got there, I was greeted by all these people walking through booths looking at merchandise and classic enthusiasts bringing their cars to see who has the best looking ride at the car show. Of course, who can forget the BBQ? While I was helping out at the parking lot guiding people, I couldn’t help but notice the smell of freshly grilled hot dogs and burgers. All of this food was served by friendly people helping out the event just like us. Speaking of friendly people, our club was able to meet a few law enforcement members such as police officers and even SWAT members. We were able to sit and observe an entire squad car and an armored vehicle with a SWAT officer that told us various experiences and what it’s like in a day. Aside from the officers was a great live show presented by all sorts of talent across the county from bands to students from our district. It may have been a busy and hot day, but being able to work in a park with a clear sky and the fresh spring air is surely a memorable and enjoyable experience.

By Patrick Tran

Contact Info President: Katilyn Nguyen

VP: Bryan Tang

Secretary: Eric Nguyen

Treasurer: Phuong Vo





Bulletin Ed: Patrick Tran

Historian: Cindy Kim

Historian: Chau Quach

Tech Ed: Ivy Huynh





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Facebook: Magnolia Key Club 2450 W. Ball Rd. Anaheim, CA 92804

Magnolia Key Club May Newsletter  

May Issue, by Patrick Tran

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