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April 2012 | Issue 1

Key Club International / Region 3 / Division 30 South / Magnolia High School

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This Just In From The Bulletin! What up Key Clubbers! It’s a new year for Key Club, and a new year for office! It is an honor to introduce myself, Patrick Tran, as the newly selected Key Club Bulletin Editor of the 2012—2013 year. Succeeding the distinguished editor of the 2011— 2012, Bryan Tang, I am excited to take on the position and hopefully continue on the legacy of providing informative and unique newsletters for the club. This year’s April was booming with Key Club, starting off with another exciting DCON where Key Clubbers from all divisions of the CNH district gather, receive awards, and elect a new executive board. Service in the community was certainly buzzin’ with activity, with our club providing assistance for the Angel 5K Run, Stanton Cinco de Mayo, and Paint Your Heart Out.

Patrick Tran 2012 - 2013 Bulletin Editor

This month was also the month of our very first DCM of the year. Newly elected presidents from the district were introduced as well as a few executive officers. With exciting social games, Key Club members were able to meet and connect with others from different schools. Page 2

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Key Club Editorial So to start out my first article of my newly elected term, I‟ll write about how I will be passing on the fire to the next generation of Key Clubbers. If anyone of you watches an anime called Naruto, then this concept is pretty familiar to you. If not I shall explain it, to pass on the fire is poignant moment, that divide between two generations. As one departs to the next step of their life, another generation takes over inheriting the will, the passion, the strength, and the spirit to continue on the legacy left behind. It is a sacred pact among the old and the new, a pat on the back for the time of service and hard work of the old, a shake of hands for the lineage and responsibility given, and an intimate understanding of what is meant to be a Key Club officer. This is the best gift we can leave behind for you and this is the best gift that I will receive. Being a part of both the old and the new, I stand between two generations and I am honored to take on the role of Vice President as well as proud to have left behind a strong legacy. So in this article, I would like to address two people: my immediate past Vice President and my newly elected Bulletin Editor. To my IP Vice President, it was an extreme, and it has probably been the best experience of my high school years to be a part of the board and work alongside you all. We‟ve shared so many experiences with each other from the disappointments, the joy, and the hard work of running a Key Club together. It‟s tough to think that it‟s already time for everyone to depart and a new family has formed. I won‟t let you down as a Vice President and I will continue to do my very best to support my board and our members to its fullest. Now to my newly elected Bulletin Editor, I truly congratulate you for stepping up to the challenge. This job can be the easiest job if one simply throws in some stuff and put in some colors and Key Club pencils and call it a go, but it also has the potential to be the most difficult task among all the positions. And you might say, I‟m saying this with bias for I was once Bulletin Editor, but this is really true. Take my word for it. Please always know that I am here for you when you need help with anything regarding your newsletters or generally any concerns you have with your job. I will do my best to help you. To be honest, I am a little bit concern with your academic schedule and your other extracurricular activities you are committing yourself into, but I have faith that you will eventually triumph these challenges and become something great. I wish you the best of luck and I look forward to seeing the beautiful newsletters that you produce. I think I‟ve gone on long enough, so here I officially pass on the fire to you Patrick !

Passing on The Fire By Bryan Tang

Bryan Tang 2011– 2012 Bulletin Editor

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Key Club Editorial On Saturday, April the 28th of 2012,I went to Paint Your Heart Out event in Anaheim from 9:30 – 12:30 in the morning. Boy was it a lot of work. It was probably the hardest earned hours EVER!!! First I started of digging the garden. I keep digging up dirt and yet still more weed appears. The problem was… the ROOT!!! Oh my god did the roots run deep. No matter how deep I dugged I still couldn‟t get the roots out. Guessed why, because it was connected to all the other roots! Now you know why I have such a problem. I had to pull the branches between the two root s and ended up pulling and pulling most of the time. To make it worse, all the spiders and bugs lived in that area. By the time I was done, most of the insects immigrated. But until then, I was soooo terrified that these bugs would jump me. After I managed to pull out all the roots in that area (yea that „s right I won ), I went to the front of the house and … worked to pull out the roots of a dead (and huge) stump. Another girl and I shoveled all the way through the roots so that the guy could saw through the roots. BOY was that some hard work. We worked to dug out the dirt (with our hand) and pull out all the grass. Then I paint the roof of the house. Paint dripped all over me, but not as much as the other people.  Although it was a hard working day, it was worth it all after the house is repaired for people.

D30S April DCM

By Ivy Huynh

By Phuong Vo

Saturday, April 28th, division 30 south held their first DCM at Modjeska Park. I got a ride there with my IP LTG, Johnny Cao-Nguyen and IP president of Oxford Academy Key Club, Nick Chui. When we got there, it took a while for the DCM to officially start, but while we were all waiting for it to start, we got to reunite with all the other key club members. I also got the chance to meet other new members from other schools within my division. Soon after, DCM was called to order and Warren, our LTG, discussed all the projects that we were going to take part in like the Eliminate Project. ICON was also mentioned, which a few of our members are going to. I was a bit jealous of those members since I want to go so bad, but then again, there‟s always next year. We also had a few of our members talk about their experience at DCON so that the members that didn‟t go got a taste of what it was like. Warren also mentioned that our division got the Overall Division Excellence award, which is pretty cool if you ask me. After that, Warren got all of the new club presidents to introduce themselves, along with the new divisional board. The meeting ended after that, but since all of the members wanted to play and participate in a few ice breakers, Warren planned out 4 games for the club. A few of my favorites was one icebreaker called “Chief” and another one called “More pancakes please”. After icebreakers, the whole club huddled together to take a group picture. It was nice to see that so many members came out to the first DCM. I have a feeling that this year will be an awesome year for division 30 south! On

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Key Club Editorial

Hi Key Clubbers! I‟d like to share my experience I had with you at the Stanton Easter Egg Hunt. The event was held at the Stanton Community Park and it was lots of fun. I attended this event last year, and it was my first event as Historian last year. I remember Tom Bui, our 2010-2011 President, telling me to take 300 photos at this event, pressuring me to go overboard. Oh, good times..Anyways, at this event, there were lots of things to do. Some of the volunteers had the opportunity to help prepare the candy and set the eggs on the grass for the egg hunt for the children. While some of the other volunteers, such as I, were at the face painting and temporary tattoo booth glamming up the kids. Chau Quach and I spent hours face painting all these different children and the line seemed to never end. All these kids asked for the oddest things for us to paint on their faces. We expected requests such as Easter bunnies, Easter eggs, or anything Easter related, but they would ask for spiders, superheroes, and even snakes! I found that to be very strange. So we spent the day just fulfilling all these small children‟s requests to the best of our abilities and in my opinion, I thought we did very well. (: Hopefully more of you guys can come out to the next events and share your community service events with others.

By Chau Quach

By Cindy Kim

DCON, the biggest event of the year for Key Club, took place at the Santa Clara Convention Center on April 13-15th for the year of 2012. The theme was Beelieve in the Magic of Service. It was one of the most amazing experiences ever and it reminded me why I love Key Club so much. It started out rough, at around 5 in the morning we showed up at the pickup location to wait and get loaded on the buses. Everyone was either dead tired, or super hyper already. I was one of those that were dead tired, so I just sat on the curb and waited to get on the bus. When we got situated on the bus, most of the people just slept until it was time for our first pit stop. There was a gas station connected to a Popeye‟s and McDonalds, where a lot of people got off to either stretch or buy some snacks for the trip. Later on, we stopped again at this plaza that had a Denny‟s, Carl‟s Jr., Taco Bell, and some shopping areas. I actually bought my business heels at one of the shopping areas, which was super lucky and last minute. When we arrived at the hotels, the lobby was packed with Key Clubbers and other hotel guests, so it took a while to get into our rooms. Right when we got in, we made a mess, unpacked our clothes everywhere, and check out what the room had. We got changed and went to the first general session, out of four. Then there were workshops to attend and learn more about how to improve our Key Clubs. The next day we woke up early again, at six, to get breakfast, attend another general session, go to caucus,go to more workshops, attend the awards session, and go to the governor‟s ball. The ball was really fun, a good chance to meet new people. Everyone was tired from the dance so they just retired to their room. The last morning was the last time we got to spend there, which was super saddening. We went to the last general session and they announced the new district board. After saying our goodbyes, everyone went back to pack up and leave. The bus ride back had a strange atmosphere, since no one wanted to leave. I‟m definitely going again next year, it‟s way too fun of an experience to miss out.

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Key Club Editorial

This year, we started working with a new organization: Paint Your Heart Out. It‟s a volunteer driven non-profit organization that helps low income, senior, disabled, and veteran homeowners maintain their dignity, safety, independence, and connections to the community by painting and providing homeowners with essential repairs and upkeep to their homes. Their mission is to provide low income, seniors, disabled, and veteran homeowners maintain their dignity, safety, independence, and connections to the community. This organization serves in Anaheim, Santa Ana, Orange, Brea, and Placentia. Our Key Club had a great opportunity to work with this organization and help fix someone‟s home. This is the first time working with this organization and it was a pleasure to have found this event. Not only were we able to work with Paint Your Heart Out coordinators but also volunteers from around the city. For example, we met volunteers from Saddleback College and people in the neighborhood. At this event, we helped clean the house and prepare for the paint day coming up. This event turned out to be really successful and I can‟t wait to work with them again.

By Katilyn Nguyen

Contact Info President: Katilyn Nguyen

VP: Bryan Tang

Secretary: Eric Nguyen

Treasurer: Phuong Vo





Bulletin Ed: Patrick Tran

Historian: Cindy Kim

Historian: Chau Quach

Tech Ed: Ivy Huynh





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Magnolia Key Club April Issue Newsletter  
Magnolia Key Club April Issue Newsletter  

Our very first newsletter issue of the year 2012-2013 by Patrick. Hope you enjoy it.