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Why do we need empowerment?

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Corrects inequality Produces sustainable change Allows efficient use of sustainable resources Allows us to maximise human potential.

3 key concepts in Empowerment – Very Important

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Sharing Information Self-management though clearly defined limits Teambuilding

Sharing information

The snake is an earth crawling animal, it has bad eye sight. It cannot see very well, thus it sees every other being as a threat, and is always ready to attack. It often bites, and its bite is poisonous. The “snake” language is the language of accusation and attacking, without trying to see the other person’s needs and concerns. It is characterised by “you” messages: “You did it on purpose…, you don’t understand me…, you only think about yourself…”

Giraffe, on the other hand, is a tall animal, has a good eye sight, and can see very far. It is not a predator, but also doesn’t have predators itself. The giraffe language is the language of observation and insight into other persons needs and feelings, and trying to express oneself in the same way. It is characterised by “I” messages: I feel this way because…, it is important for me…, I would like to know what you think of it…”

Goal setting •

What does that mean?

Remember, “A good result starts off with a précis goal”

The goal’s should build on a strategic plan.

They should be SMART.

Coaching Is a powerful and necessary tool as a leader in a empowerment culture. a way of indirectly leading people to get the full potential out of people

SWG • • • •

Two groups First issue: Director Second issue: Facilitator (leader) Characteristics and useful

Ways of making people talk about themselves

Direct questions • • • • • • • •

Get everybody in the group to stand close. Pick somebody and ask this person. Where do you come from? Do you like this place? What do you like about this place? – Things the person likes Who in your family do you like the most? Which things do you like about this person? – Values Which of your close friends do you prefer the most? What about this person makes you prefer this person? – More values

The coaching circle Personal level 1. Family 2. Friends 3.

Health a)




Professional Meta-level c)

symbol of themselves

A coaching technique in 4 stages  Goal  Reality  Opportunity  Workplan

3 steps in the process of Empowerment

 Beginning with enthusiasm  Change and discourage  Implementation + further development

There are 4 ways of different leadership for 4 stages on the way to self-management.

Empowerment me  
Empowerment me  

Training about Empowerment ACOME by Bryan Steven Urrea