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TLI software’s Trouble Ticket Tracker is an enterprise software system that tracks and manages support issues. A Web-based help desk solution for e-business support management. This system from TLI software is one of the best available in the global market today. This software integrates with the eCRM practices for an efficient helpdesk application. They can also create and manage the tickets it provides such as auto responder and self-help.

A Trouble Ticket Tracker is nothing but a system that helps the administrator manage the customer support for the organization. It follows a methodology where the management can track customer troubles and issues, submit the tickets and solve them. This helps in building a healthy relationship with the customers since the management provides a very effective service. Initially it used to be a paper-based system where technology has improved so much that it has become a web-based application.

TLI Software’s Trouble Ticket Tracker is intended for the administrators who are responsible for managing the customer support for the organization. Trouble Ticket enables to submit support tickets and enables the support team to track, route and manage issues. As a result, your customer support team will provide efficient, superior customer service, resulting in satisfied and loyal customers. This software from TLI can suit your business in the best way. It has now become a choice of various organizations all over the world.

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Allows users to add tickets Enables users to view tickets raised Facilitates editing tickets Shows current status of tickets Searches tickets by date, issue type, ticket id, and ticket status Provides admin section to create new users, add new issue status, new tickets, and new priorities  Generates ticket reports

An AnExecutive Executivereceives receives call, call,email emailor orany anyother other form formof ofaanotification notification regarding regardingan anissue issue

After Afterthe theissue issueisisfixed, fixed, ititisisentered enteredas asresolved resolved ininthe thetrouble troubleticket ticket tracker tracker

The TheExecutive Executiveverifies verifies the theproblem problemand and collects collectsall alldetails details

The TheExecutive Executivethen then enters entersthe thedetails detailsininthe the system systemand andissues issuesaa ticket ticket

The TheExecutive Executivecreates creates the theticket ticketreport report

The Thecustomer customercan canview view the thetickets ticketsraised raisedand and check checkthe thecurrent currentstatus status of ofthe theticket ticket

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Allows fast documentation of issues Enables tracking tickets, routing requests, and managing issues Improves communication and collaboration Results in better customer support Improves turn-around-time for technical and customer support

TLI software’s Trouble Ticket Tracker is used for issue tracking and project management by thousands of companies all around the globe. Click to know more about TLI Software's Trouble Ticket Tracker

Trouble Ticket Tracker Software  

TLI software’s Trouble Ticket Tracker is an enterprise software system that tracks and manages support issues.

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