Bryan Schumann

Bryan Schumann

St. Paul, United States

Bryan Schumann (June 11, 1985 - ) is a composer and performer based in St. Paul, Minnesota. He holds a B.A. Music degree from Augsburg College, where he studied music composition with Carol Barnett and Vladan Milenkovic and guitar performance with Dr. O. Nicholas Raths.

An eclectic composer, Bryan embraces an immense spectrum of music. He has written/created electroacoustic, orchestral, ambient, improvisatory, hip-hop, pop/rock/folk, as wells as classical chamber music. He practices the amalgamation of these styles, and more, and is excited by the idea of crumbling the walls of genre.

Bryan currently collaborates in writing music and performs as the guitarist with the sunshapes, The Eclectic Ensemble, and Sound Wave Hello.

Bryan's music is can be purchased at Boreal Bard Music.