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Special Points of Interest The Beta Alpha Chapter received an astounding 3.29 overall GPA for the Spring 2015 semester, ranking us number 1 overall GPA out of all campus organizations, including the sororities and the All Men’s GPA of 2.98

The theme for the 107th Annual Best Ever St. Pat’s was “Pats on the High Seas”. Brother Joseph Walker worked diligently with the help of the chapter to earn our house another first place cudgel. The chapter placed 2nd overall, coming behind Beta Sigma Psi. We look forward to competing again in 2017, and will begin working on another first place cudgel in the coming months.

Along with the renovations, our house has received a new spacious mailbox, eliminating the need for our P.O. box. Please send any and all packages/mail directly to the house.

Due to high shipping and printing costs, this will be the last physical newsletter sent out from Beta Alpha. From now on, we will be sending out electronic newsletters via e-mail. . If your contact information has changed, please let the chapter know. Email our Historian, Corey Stefanic, at

Words from the I Brothers,   Onward,  upward,  higher  higher  has  been  our  mo5o  over  the  last  year.  The   chapter  is  returning  from  one  of  the  best  semesters  we  have  ever  had.  Our   house  achieved  an  outstanding  3.299  GPA,  ranking  number  one  on  campus.   We  even  beat  the  sororiEes,  which  has  not  been  accomplished  in  many  years.   We  are  working  diligently  to  conEnue  our  success  this  semester  and  striving   for  an  even  higher  GPA.      With  our  record-­‐breaking  grades,  we  have  had  an  enormous  amount  of   interest  in  rush.    Our  house  was  filled  before  July.  We  currently  have  24   potenEal  new  members,  with  4  of  them  pledging  out  of  house.  We  cut  off   rush  at  that  number  but  have  acquired  a  list  of  around  35  people  who  are  sEll   interested.  I  can  assure  you  that  our  house  will  stay  a  respectable  size  -­‐  not   much  larger  than  our  current  number  –  and  our  brotherhood  will  remain  as   strong  as  ever.         This   is  our  second  year  in  the  house   since   its  renovaEon  last  year.  We  have     situated   nicely  and  have  done  well  in       transiEon.  If  you  have  not  had  the   the     chance   to  stop  by  and  see  the     renovaEon   in  person,  we  encourage   you   to  do  so.  Homecoming  will  be  on     October   24th  this  year,  and  I  hope  to       you  there.   see       Fraternally,     Cameron  LaPresta   I  –  President   636-­‐208-­‐0096  

Philanthropy The members of the Beta Alpha chapter have continued to emphasize the importance of charity and service. While it is important to develop our chapter internally, it is also equally important to give back to the community. As a gentleman, we must not only better ourselves, but better those around us. This led us to strive for over 2000 man hours of service this past summer and spring semester, which equates to approximately 40 hours per member. Our chapter continues to diligently make larger impacts on the Rolla Community. We have continued to clean our highway through the "Adopt a Highway" program, donate blood for "Operation Crimson Gift," and donate time to the Community Partnership, a local charity to help underprivileged families. In addition, Beta Alpha will host a food drive, benefiting a local food bank here in town. As Kappa Alpha gentlemen, we strive for excellence in all things, especially our philanthropy. Respectfully, Andrew Dunn Philanthropy Chairman

MDA The Beta Alpha Chapter has had a great year in supporting our national philanthropy, the Muscular Dystrophy Association. This year marked the Beta Alpha Chapter’s 40th anniversary in support for MDA, and in order to make sure this was a special year, our chapter ended up raising a little over $1,700 through multiple fundraisers, competitions, and sales. In addition to the money that we have raised thus far, our drive does not end there. We still have a few more events planned that include fundraisers held with local businesses, a raffle or an auction held during our homecoming, t-shirt sales or possibly a tournament between other Greek organizations on campus. We have had quite the eventful year thus far and we can only hope to be successful in the events still to come. Regards, Brett Bolon MDA Chairman

112th Anniversary Homecoming Brothers, The 112th Anniversary Homecoming is just around the corner! The actives of Beta Alpha are looking forward to seeing our alumni come back for a visit. The schedule for Homecoming weekend is as follows: Friday, October 23rd: 5:30pm - “Meet and Greet” at Di Trapani’s Italian Bistro located in Benton Square Saturday, October 24th: 8:00-9:30am – BAEF meeting at the KA House 10:00am-Noon – SELF meeting at the KA House 12:00pm – Lunch to be served at the house 5:30-6:30pm – Social Hour at Matt’s Steakhouse 6:30pm: Dinner, program to follow After the dinner, please feel free to come back to the house to socialize with the chapter. We hope to see you there! Please be sure to RSVP by October 19th on our website, under the “Events” tab or by emailing our Historian with your name and number of guests at Thank you!

House Renovations

The new house has finally arrived and has surpassed all expectations! Included in the house are all new suite style rooms, a completely renovated kitchen, more garage space, and a new upstairs hallway with and 8-man suite and more rooms. The chapter room is now located on the ground floor, along with a new library and extended den. If you have yet to visit the new house, do so soon, it is a beautiful sight to see.

Library/Study Room

Dining Room


4-Man Suite



#1 Fraternity Dr.

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