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Mojave Capital Specializes In Funding ‘Quick-Close’ Loans Mojave Capital is a leading licensed commercial/private lender that specializes in providing a variety of commercial loans to real estate builders, investors, & developers. Their main aim is to provide practical & timely funding solutions that match client’s business needs and objectives. It was formed to give borrower’s greater access to capital from investors seeking to make loans secured by real property. All loans are funded by private investors.

Mojave Capital lends to borrowers who make a business of finding properties to purchase at a discount, improving these properties where needed. In addition to this, they also provide assistance to those who want to sell their properties at a profit or refinance them to hold as a cash flow rental investment.

Mojave Capital provides investors a way to diversify their retirement or investment portfolios into Trust Deeds. They use client’s self-directed IRA and yield higher returns on each property. The Managing Partner at Mojave Capital, Bryan Grantham is a licensed commercial mortgage broker who has expertise in funding of commercial private loans. He is an experienced loan originator who works with investors, mortgage agents, and real estate professionals to fund their short-term loans. He has helped fund more than $500 million worth of commercial private loans.

Mojave Capital Specializes In Funding ‘Quick-Close’ Loans